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The Random Adventures of a NoFace

Chapter 4 -- NoFace vs. The Voices In His Head -- Round One


Today, NoFace took a wander beyond Swamp Bottom. He knew not where fate would lead him. Unfortunately, it lead him to the place he dreaded most.

The Bathhouse loomed before him.

He gazed up at it, aglow in the night. A cheerful crowd hustled-and-bustled to and from it; customers. Their gleeful chatter drowned out all other noise.

It was so tempting. Did he dare approach?

'Go ahead,' a little voice in his head spoke softly to him, 'You have every right to go in. You're a customer, reputation or not. It's what you deserve after helping Sen.'

'No, don't,' another voice cried in his head, 'Remember what happened before? You'll only be thrown out and cursed at again. Is it really worth it to you?'

'Don't be ridiculous!' the other voice spoke. It's voice was smoother than the other; it was more calming, reassuring. 'You wouldn't be recognized if you transform. Use the talents Zeniba lent you. It's been so long, would they even remember you? I highly doubt it. Besides, you look nothing like you do now when you transform.'

'He does have a point,' NoFace thought, 'But I'm not so sure.'

'Of course I have a point,' the smooth voice said, triumphantly. 'What's there to be sure about? The bathhouse is there. You're here. You transform and Bingo-Was-His-Name-O, we're in.'

NoFace sweatdropped. 'Bingo-Was-His-Name-O?'

'Yeah, don't you remember?' The other voice who'd told him not to go began to sing. 'There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name--OW! You hit me!'

'Stop singing such idiotic songs, then,' the smooth voice said, aggitated.

'Don't tell me what to do, you libertine!' the singing voice exclaimed, 'I'll sing if I wanna sing!'

'Both of you, please, shut up!' NoFace growled, retreating back into the shadows and rubbing his temples. 'I think I'm going insane.'

'You spent too much time around that fox demon, whats-her-name, that now you're hearing voices in your head. How pathetic.'

'You wanna know something MORE pathetic?' NoFace asked.


'YOU'RE the voices in my head, so that makes you equally pathetic!'

'Hey,' the voice that had been singing whined, 'I didn't do anything to you, I'm giving you GOOD advice! Why am I pathetic?'

'Because you're a wuss, that's why,' the other voice said, smirking.

'No, I'm not,' the other voice whined.

'Quit it, both of you,' NoFace said, 'You're giving me a headache.'

'I still blame the fox demon.'

'Somebody call me?' Kitsune's voice rang in his head.

'What's she doing in your head?'

'Uh . . .'

'I'm confused.'

'She's ALWAYS confused.'

'Hey, Fox Lady, are you sending a telepathic message?'

'No. Hey NoFace, you're sexy.'

'So, you hear her voice in your head, too?'

'Now, THAT'S pathetic.'

'Shut up.'

'And you make her say anything you want to . . . You must be desperate.'

'Stop picking on my NoFace,'

'Stop cheating!'

'I'm not!'

'Yes you are!'

'Why is nobody talking to me?'

'Because you're the wussy one.'

'Stop picking on the Good Voice!'

'I like chickens!'

'Oy ve . . .'

'Woah! Back it up!'

'Whoever's touching my breast, stop now before I pummel you,'

'We can touch each other in his head? I never knew that.'

'You didn't? What the Hell did you think when I punched you for singing?!'

'I said stop . . .'

'Bad Voice, stop touching Inner Kitsune's breast!'

'How about some gold, Foxy? You like gold?'

'Only if it's from NoFace. Stop touching me!'

'Hey, that's sexual harrassment,'

'Actually, since it's in one person, I believe it's mastur--'

'Stop that thought right there!'

'Bad Voice is a pervert and I can't even see him. Are you Inner Jeremy?'

'ALL OF YOU STOP TALKING!!' NoFace screamed in his head. His body slumped against a wall, his consciousness wavering. He fell asleep listening to the voices bicker and argue.

'It is too sexual harrassment!'


'NoFace, sweetheart, are you okay?'

'Stop interrupting me!'

'You're still touching me . . .'


'Now that serves you right for touching a girl inappropriately!'

'Oh, shut up.'

'Good night, NoFace . . .'


Kitsune -- Wow, that was chaotic.

Jeremy -- And perverted! You're learning.

Kitsune -- You want sexual, Jeremy, check out chapter 4 of Tears That Reflect The Moon, a fanfic on my other name, NJ Pickle Fiend.

Jeremy -- Oooh! A lemon?

Kitsune -- Rape, not full-blown sex, but a rape scene. There's a difference. And I used metaphor so that it's not as graphic as typing in all the details, but graphic enough to know what you're talking about. Wow, I confused myself.

Jeremy -- You're ALWAYS confused.

Kitsune -- This wasn't meant to get perverted, it just came out that way. Review please!!