Year 2075 and the world seems to get worse as everyday passes. Of course, many people have either forgotten how their lives became like this or merely don't care. The goal is to just stay alive.

I always thought the world officially ended back in 2044 when a deadly virus spread all over the world killing almost most of the human race. However, it didn't take long to realize that those who lived through the virus, were the ones who released it. They call themselves Organization XIII. Of course, many dropped out of the Organization once they realized the dangers of the virus and immediately had their memories erased.

That was the end of the world, because it was the end of opinions, and the end of concern for others. Everyone was on their own and only cared for themselves and making sure they didn't die. Everyday was a battle to survive. The few thousand that did survived were young doctors and nurses that were to scared to help their patients and only gave vaccines to themselves and their families.

I don't believe there is one person in this world that has a backbone since then.

The survivors of the virus were sent to live in a man-made city that the Organization made themselves, since the virus became uncontrollable. Nowhere was safe until they made Twilight Town. I don't even think you can even call it a real city. It is a very small town with buildings no taller than 5 stories and the sky seems to always reflect on the sun. Well, now that I think about it, there really is no sky. The 'town' is in a huge dome and the 'sky' is merely lighting from the ceiling to make it look real to the people. But what I hate the most about the dome are the giant black orbs that hang from the ceiling with cameras, which watch them.

Everyday they are watched. When they eat, play, sleep, and work, they are watched and heard. Why? To make sure they are not forming any type of rebellion or speaking negatively about the Organization. I always figured there would have to be a few members that probably use the system to their advantage and become peeping Tom's though.

The Organizations leader, Xemnas, is basically in control of the people of Twilight Town, but I think he is not the best mayor.

He's the one who thought about the orbs and the cameras because he wanted to be in control of a stupid Utopia that he made up. And the rules are so idiotic. He also has the people under a curfew, all programs and schools are lead by his standards and teachings and, most importantly, no is allowed to cross the Organization. Every now and then, they get a prostitute or someone who was just trying to make a little more money on the side since they always raise taxes. I don't know why, since there is nowhere to spend it but here. But, the Organizations officers get them and when someone gets arrested, there is no mercy.

Though, the thing that ticks me off the most is that when people are arrested and taken away, they are never heard of again, and no one bothers to question. Even families. I remember I once saw a mother out past 10 and rushing home, since she was working 2 jobs and they got her. Her husband and children never questioned her disappearance. What I hate the most is that, it's not a rule to be fearful but everyone is to scared to express their opinions about the Organization at all.

Through it all, I always laugh at them in the end because they made a horrible mistake in their attempt to rule over. In their making of the dome and creating the virus, that is everywhere outside the dome, the Organization themselves have become prisoners as well. They can't have rain, or snow or see an ocean again. Of coarse the people don't care or worry about these things. They had their memories about those fine days erased when they entered Twilight Town, so you can't miss what you never had. But the Organization does. And they miss it. So, they created a machine. A machine to control their dreams when they sleep so they can enjoy a decent winter season again or summer day on a beach. But these aren't just regular dreams, because in these dreams they can feel the water and taste the cold air and feel the heat.

But they decided to not make this a mere machine, but a human. Me.

My job for Organization XIII is simple: have whoever calls for me, I can have them dream whatever they want. Which makes me stay up all night so I sleep during the daytime.

I was never born. Merely cloned with special abilities to make people have illusions in their sleep. If I had to say I had a father, I would say it was Sarabi, the Organizations best engineer. He's not bad but he sometimes I think he belongs in an asylum when he talks about his new inventions like a hovercraft office building or something.

All his inventions were huge successes, including his other clones of animals like dogs and cats for the citizens to enjoy. But the downside to his inventions is that they all die quickly. All his clones normally die within a 19-year period, this includes me.

I wasn't the first dream giver of Organization XIII. There were many more before me for about 40 years now and we all looked the same. Straight blond hair, blue eyes and very fair skin. All acted sweet, obedient, caring, smart, and all full-filled their job to the Organization.

I was 'born' when my other clones were 13 and 7. The 13 year old died 4 years later on our 'birthday'. Can you even imagine watching yourself... twice?

Anyway, it's a pretty lonely job to just be created to only please others but I get proper treatment. I have my own room, my own maids, and I can basically have anything I want if I ask for it. But I still hate the feeling of serving Xemnas, something my previous others didn't.

We all have minds of our own but Sarabi did say something was different about my process. See, all the others liked to sing and dance, I like to paint. They were strong and athletic; I'm am terribly weak. They all worshiped the ground Xemnas walked on and I hate him with all my might and only have till the end of summer to do something about him.

My white room overlooks Twilight Town and I watch the people go on with their families, friends and business everyday. I also watch, in terror, when the Organizations officers pick up innocent people off the street for breaking one of Xemnas' rules and then watch no one around care or pretend to notice. It breaks my heart. I know this is not the way to live and it has to stop.

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