After Roxas and Namine finished Vexen, the next place that they needed to get to was downstairs where the gummi ships were. But on the way, the adrenaline in their bodies wore off and their cuts and bruises began to really become a pain in their sides. After a while, both found it hurtful to even walk and knew they needed to treat their wounds in order to continue.

They quickly stole some bandages and wraps from Vexen's lab then made their way downstairs and found a quiet and abandoned hallway around the lab area. As they both sat down on the ground, Roxas took off his cloak to reveal numerous bruises and cuts from the glasses back in his previous fight. Some were even on his face. Namine on the other hand still had her arms wrapped up from when she was cut from the broken liquor bottle and knew her ankle was twisted since it began to swell.

"Is that the same ankle that got swollen before?" Roxas smiled and shook off pieces of glass that were jabbed in his cloak.

"No. Thank goodness." Namine replied and got out an ice pack and wrapped it tightly around her ankle.

"Good thing I showed you how to do that"

"I have a lot of stuff to thank you for" she smiled to him and got out a bottle of alcohol.

"What are you going to do with that?" he asked as if nervous.

"You have cuts all over your arms and face. We have to clean them"

"Can't you use hydrogen peroxide?"

"I'm not a pharmacy Roxas! Now stop complaining and give me your arm!"

Roxas groaned and slowly lifted his arm in pain towards her.

"I just hate the BURN!" he yelled out as she poured the liquid onto his bloody skin.

"You can take a hit to the head but you whine when it comes to a little sting of alcohol" she giggled and began to clean his wounds.

"Nobody enjoys the burn you know" he explained and took the bottle and poured it onto his other arm.

He flinched as it stung his skin but took it in. Namine smiled at him again and applied bandages to his cuts. Once his arms, face, and chest were clear and clean, they noticed his body was almost fully covered with bandages.

"That was a lot of glass that fell on you" she told him and tried to stand up.

"Don't hurt yourself Namine" he told her and made her lean on him.

Once they were ready to leave, he went to put on his cloak, but then all the lights in the building went off and a loud siren rang throughout the halls. Red lights scattered throughout the hallways and blinked on and off and in a distance, they could both hear the sound of people running in their direction.

"This is not good" Roxas thought out loud and put on his cloak.


"Miss Larxene! Miss Larxene!" a servant girl cried out as she banged on the council members door.

"What the hell is going on!?" Larxene yelled out as she opened the door and faced the young lady.

In the hallway she saw other maids scatter towards Namine's room as red lights blinked on and off.

"Miss Larxene!" the young maid continued "Namine and the young Namie's…!"

Larxene didn't have time to listen and shoved the girl aside and pushed everyone to get to Namine's room. Inside she saw dry blood all over the fall and the two young Namies on a thick white sheet on the table. The event made her grind her teeth as she turned to another servant.

"Where is Marluxia!?" she yelled to him.

"He was found locked in the battle chamber. Also dead. For about a few hours as well. No DNA could be taken from his body."

"And what about Vexen? Where is he? Did he leave yet?!"

The servant began to get nervous since she did not know the answer, however a security officer then ran into the room out of breath.

"Vexen is dead!" he shouted into the room.

Everyone in the room began to panic and worry. All Larxene could do was get more upset and angry as static began to travel through her body and spark between her hair.

"Where are Namine and Roxas?" she asked slowly, as if trying to be calm but everyone she was ready to pop a blood vessel.

All the servants and officers began to get scared and whispered among themselves. Did not take long till one can up to her, shaking in his shoes.

"No one knows Miss Larxene" he told her.

"FUCK!" she yelled in aggravation and threw a ball of electricity across the room and created a giant hole in the wall.

"I want all security personal to the basement not now but RIGHT NOW!" she then hollered

Immediately, half of the people in the room raced out of the room leaving only the humble maids.

"As for you guys." She continued "I'm placing you all responsible for Namine's escape for not guarding this God damn door properly and leaving the three of them unsupervised!"

All of the maids shivered while some began to cry as Larxene exited the room and ran up to her room. At her desk she logged into a computer to get a hold of Xemnas. Once she connected to him, he appeared on her screen and was able to talk back to her.

"What happened?" Xemnas asked already angry.

"That damn idiot Marluxia brought Roxas to the mansion instead of sending him with Axel and now him, Vexen and both of the Namies are dead"

Xemnas could then only rub his temples in frustration and looked back at Larxene.

"Can their DNA be preserved?" he asked

"No. They have all been dead for a while. All their cells are dead and dried up"

"And Roxas and Namine?"

"As far as I'm concerned, still in the building. All the gummi ships are accounted for. But I knew that weirdos plan was going to back fire!"

"Silence Larxene! What about Sora?"

Larxene typed into her computer to get information about Sora and saw everything remained unchanged.

"He is still untouched" she told him.

Xemnas thought a while and finally nodded to her.

"Kill them both." he demanded


"Ow!" Namine cried and leaned on to a wall.

"Damn that ankle!" Roxas exclaimed and put her on his back and continued running.

From behind, there was no one chasing after them, but he knew if they stopped or slowed down they would get them soon enough. After running for a while, they reached the end of the hallway and approached a pair of elevators. Roxas instantly pressed from one going down. As they waited for an elevator to come, the running from behind began to get louder and they knew they were coming closer by the second.

"Hurry up!" Roxas yelled at the machine.

Then, when it finally came, it opened to expose ten security officers inside.

"Oh shit" Roxas told himself.

"Get them!" an officer yelled and pointed.

Roxas quickly dropped Namine and got out his Keyblade and Oathkeeper just in time to block bullets. The officers came at him fast in all directions but with his Keyblade he was able to block their attacks while the Oathkeeper brought them down.

He couldn't believe how fast he was able to swing his blades and how affective his movements were as some went down with just one hit. At one point he got to the floor and was able to break some kneecaps off of them. After awhile, he saw himself in success, but what he didn't expect was for one of them to come from behind and get him in a headlock and point a gun to the back of his head.

"Got ya!" the officer yelled in success.

Roxas dropped his blades in surprise as he closed his eyes and heard a gunshot go off. Then he felt a body slide down his back. He opened his eyes to see he was not dead and turned to see the officer on the floor with all the others but with a huge bullet hole in his head and in a pool of blood. In the corner of the hallway, he saw Namine and with a gun in hand.

"Did I get him?" she asked and lowered the gun.

"Um… yes." He answered a bit surprised by her actions.

"Oh good. I was trying to aim for his heart"

"His heart?! If you would have done that you would have killed me as well!"

"Oh…" she replied a bit shocked "I did not think of that"

Roxas then got a bit nervous himself and slowly went to take the gun away from her.

"You know what." He began and took the gun from her hands "Thank you for the help but no more guns for you."

Roxas then threw the gun to the floor with the bodies and the two got in an elevator going down.

It was not even a minute later that another elevator came down and out came Larxene.

She grumbled to herself as she looked at the pile of deadbeat soldiers and went back into the elevator.

"Damn it all" she told herself.


"Wait a minute Roxas!" Namine shouted and stopped the elevator at a certain floor.

The doors then opened and Namine came out into another dark hallway. The walls were metal and pipes ran down the walls and lead to another part of the mansion.

"Namine?" Roxas questioned "This is not our floor"

"I know" she told him and hurried down the dark hallway and followed the pipes. "But I think I have been here before"

In the distance, she could see a light. She followed the light and ran into a huge network of computers. All on and fully working. Each different from the previous and completing a different task. Once Roxas caught up he also saw the computer and analyzed it. The look of it got him upset for some reason and uncomfortable.

"Namine I think we should go" he told her and turned to see her facing a window where the light was coming from.

She was staring at the window in amazement and placed a hand on the thick glass.

"Namine let's get out of here" Roxas told her and turned to look at the window himself.

His eyes immediately widened in surprise as he stared into a huge white room and in the middle of it was a lonely probe that had a person in it.

"No… no…" Roxas told himself and turned away.

"Oh Sora" Namine whispered to herself.

A tear came down her cheek as she stared at Sora's frozen body. She was so close to him, yet so far away. What she wouldn't give to save him, and release him, and kiss him again.

'What?' she thought to herself and looked down 'No you just want to save him. Not kiss him. You have Roxas!'

"Sora!" she exclaimed and turned to Roxas.

He got surprised at how she called him and got upset.

"Sora?" she said again "Why did I say that?"

"Because you obviously want him" he told her in an angry tone and began to walk away.

"How can you say that?" she yelled to him and pulled him back "I want you!"

"Then why did you call me 'Sora'!"

"I don't know! Why did you call me 'Kairi' before!?"

Roxas got surprised at her question and looked away.

"That was different. I didn't even remember you then" he defended.

"You forget that I AM half of Kairi! And you are half of Sora!"

"No!" Roxas yelled to her "My heart belongs to me!"

"We have to get him out Roxas!"

"Why!? There is nothing he can do that I can't do"

"This is not a time to start being independent! We need help. And you need to realize that he needs to get out! He needs to free Kairi!"

Without thinking, Roxas turned to punch the computer but instead hit it with the Keyblade.

"Roxas!" Namine cried out and grabbed his arm.

"There you guys are" another female voice called out from the darkness.

They both turned to the dark hallway and saw Larxene appear out of the darkness. Smiling an evil smile as usual.

"If you would have gone to the gummi ships, you might have just made it" she told them "But you had to come here instead"

With that she got out her eight lightning knives as electricity began to surround her. Roxas then got out his two weapons and got in front of Namine.

"You can't kill us" Roxas told her "We are important parts to this Organization"

"Should have thought of that before you killed two council members you traitor!"

With that she jumped to him to stab him but he blocked her with his blades and pushed her off to her original standing position. She then aimed a bolt of lightning to him. He was quick to duck and miss it but it grabbed on to the Keyblade and shocked him. He then dropped it and let it disappear. With one weapon gone, Larxene saw an opportunity and jumped to him again. This time she jumped in front of him and back to have a small fencing battle. Even though Roxas only had the Oathkeeper, he was still able to block her attacks and even push her back down the hallway.

Namine tried to stand back and stay out of the way as their battle continued. She then thought of trying to escape back to the elevators or finding some stairs but she felt something calling out to her.


She stopped in her tracks and turned back to Sora. His eyes remained closed as she stared at him again. He looked so peaceful in sleep, but she knew he could not stay here. She then looked at Roxas and saw that he was in trouble with Larxene.

"Of course." She said to herself and turned to the computer "Sora can help us"

With Vexen's knowledge still in her mind, she got anxious and began the process to wake up Sora. First was to warm up the cold room. Then rid of all of the sleeping gases. Afterwards, she had to induce ammonia that would help him regain consciousness and last was to open the probe and wait for him to wake up.

Larxene continued to battle it out with Roxas trying to find an outlet to strike him with a bolt but his blocks were to fast and didn't give her time to attack. Then, from the corner of her eye, she saw Namine messing with the computers and she knew what was going to happen if she did.

"Get away from there!" she yelled out

Namine was close to finishing as she turned to Larxene and saw her shoot a bolt of lightning toward her. The light came closer and closer and for a moment time stood still and all she could hear was Roxas crying out her name.

The attack hit her chest hard and pierced her skin as it pushed her against the metal wall with a lot of force. It hurt so much that all she could do was open her mouth and let in one more gasp for air as the shock sucked the life out of her. Tears came out as the static went through her body until she finally hit the cold metal floor.

Larxene laughed as Roxas got angrier and began to attack harder. That was when she stomped her foot and let electricity crawl across the metal floor and attack Namine's motionless body.

"There" she told him "Now she is dead!"

Roxas' eyes fueled with anger and he pushed Larxene away and was able to regain his Keyblade back. Once he was able to obtain his two weapons again, he jumped up and knocked her across the face and into her stomach. The hit sent Larxene into a pair of metal pipes on the wall and fall to the ground. Seeing that it bought him some time, Roxas ran back to Namine with sadness.

Her body was lying down so he went to her side and lifted her onto his lap. That was when he really started to cry. Larxene's lightning bolt zapped Namine right in the heart. It hit her so hard that it burnt a hole through her dress and cut into her skin. Blood slowly came out of the hole in Namine's chest and all Roxas could do was drop to her dead body on the floor and let out his tears of agony. She was struck right in the heart. There was nothing he could do for her.

"No?!" he cried out "Why did it have to happen to you!? Why did it have to happen at all!?"

Roxas' tears blurred his vision and began to sting his eyes. That's when he remembered that day so long ago when Namine died before in his arms and he had to jump out of her window.

"I love you Namine!" he shouted out "I LOVED YOU!"

Roxas leaned over her dead body and let tears pour onto her as he continued to let out his snobs and even punched the ground. Her eyes were closed and her face looked angelic as ever. It seemed as if she died with no pain, as if she was sleeping. But he knew that was not the case. He knew she was dead, and this time there was no way that he could be with her again. He didn't tell her he loved her in the past and even now, he still failed. But worst of all, there really was no future for him without Namine. She was the one and only for him, and she was gone.

"Damn it all" he told himself "Damn it…"

Once again, Roxas' eyes widen in shock, but this time, not because of seeing something, but rather feeling. And what he was feeling was a knife in his chest. Roxas slowly looked down and saw that Larxene snuck up behind him and reached in front of him to stab him in the chest with out of her lightning knives.

"Sorry" she told him in his ear. "I don't stab people in the back unlike some people"

She then backed away and spat out blood that was pouring out of her mouth since Roxas busted her lip.

Roxas then stopped crying and just stared at the knife in his chest.

'I'm not dead' he told himself

"Get up Roxas!" he heard a male voice tell him. It almost sounded like himself, but he knew it wasn't "Hurry and fight her!"

Roxas let more tears out and looked down at Namine.

'Namine.' He thought 'Why did you leave me?'

"Don't ever forget." He heard a familiar female voice say "Wherever you go, I'm always with you"

But it was not Namine. Yet it made him get up. And it made him turn to Larxene. She looked shocked and back away, as if scared.

"What the hell!?" she yelled out. "How can you be standing?"

Roxas ignored her question and pulled the knife out of his chest and with all of his strength he ran up to Larxene and stabbed her quickly in her abdomen. It all happened so fast for Larxene. She didn't know what hit her until she started to cough out blood. Roxas tried to call on his Keyblade but nothing came. He could feel it but it would not come. Larxene saw his attempts and began to laugh a little.

"Looks like I'm not the only person that is going to die here." She told him and backed into a wall behind her.

Her comment got him more upset and he was finally able to get the Oathkeeper and with one quick swing, he was able to take out Larxene for good.

"Oh…" he moaned in pain as he leaned against the computer.

Roxas hugged his chest but the more he touched it, the more blood came out. He was beginning to lose consciousness as more blood came out, as well as motion in his arms and legs.

"To die here" he told himself and looked over at Namine "At least I'll be with you Namine"

"Don't give up yet Roxas!" he heard the voice say again.

The voice from his dreams. Sora.

Roxas looked at Sora and noticed that Namine already set everything up for Sora to be released. All that he needed to do was open Sora's probe and wait for him to wake up.

With that thought of, Roxas opened the vault to where Sora was and stepped into the chilly room. In pain, and in a limp, he slowly walked across the room to release Sora, leaving a bloody trail behind. He lifted the hatch and the door to Sora's prison opened. With success, Roxas smiled to himself and made his way back to Namine and sat next to her.

Death was coming and he wanted to be with her. He ran his fingers through her hair as he laid next to her body and closed his eyes. Then all he could see was darkness.

"Hey Roxas!" he could hear Namine's sweet voice say "Nobodies, like us, are only half a person. But we won't disappear. We'll be whole"

"I'll… disappear?" Roxas questioned

"No. You won't disappear. You'll be whole."

"Namine… why can't I see you? I want to see you"

"Don't fade into the darkness Roxas. Come into the light. We will meet again. I may not know it's you and you may not know it's me. But we will meet again. Someday soon. I promise"

Light shined on him and soon all of his pain went away and he could see himself. But not himself. But Sora. Kneeling down in front of him, in his blurred vision. He took Roxas by the shoulders and tried to speak to him as Roxas saw his month forming words but couldn't hear anything come out.

"Sora." Roxas faintly told him "When you find Kairi, tell Namine that 'I love her'"

After that, he blanked out and could only see a bright shining light in front of him. It was their only future.

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