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Three Simple Words

By Flarie Hanami


Three simple words. That's all they were. They never held any importance nor were they ever meant to mean anything. They were only the spoken words of a spur of emotion in what seemed like and endless fantasy world. He was caught in the moment and even then, as much as I needed to wake up to reality…those 3 simple words. I was lured into my own sense of insecurity he had become to know so well.

I laid there in wet, dewed grass looking back up at him as he hovered over me, his wild, spiky brown hair embracing me in his shadow. He was sitting in the grass along side of me, directly in the sun's warmth and even though his back was against the pouring rays of light that shined down from the sun, his chocolate brown eyes miraculously sparkled as he gazed back down on me intentionally.

Nearby, had laid a wet and muddy soccer ball but Taichi Yagami, red soccer uniform covered in it's own cake of mud, was no longer interested in it. He had fallen into his own hole of conceiving and allowed his foolish, undeveloped feelings to possess him. Silently and mischievously, he smiled as he gently stroked my cheek with his warm, muddy hand. My heart raced at the stirring feel of his cold, wet fingers being exposed to my warm, tingling skin and instantaneously, I couldn't help but release an uncomfortable shiver.

Taichi must have noticed I was becoming uneasy with him touching me in such an affectionate way because as soon as I opened my mouth to murmur his notorious name, I felt his warm touch leave my presence and return back to the ground from which it had descended from.

"Taichi-kun…" I murmured in his shadow. "What about practice?"

Taichi continued to smile, his trademark slanted grin.

"Sora-chan…"He spoke softly, not breaking eye contact with me for an instance.


Taichi dipped his head down inward close to mine and I could feel his warm breath kiss my neck.

"I love you." He whispered.

Everything freeze-framed and I felt the world around me slowly come to a pause. 'I love you.' It was the only three words needed to describe the feelings that were being absorbed between the two of us at that moment and even if they didn't mean anything to him, they meant EVERYTHING to me. It was foolish for him to show off such a display of emotions because ultimately, we were only 12 and hadn't yet understood the full concepts of what was true love or commitment.

"Yagami! Takenouchi! Break's over, now get back to practice!" A familiar raspy voice hollered out from across the other side of the wet soccer field.

It was our coach.

As if nothing ever happened, nothing had ever occurred between either of us, Taichi got up from where he was sitting next to me and ran after the mud engulfed soccer ball, giving it a powerful kick as he met up with it. We never spoke of the bizarre incident again and from then on, in his own little exciting world, I ceased to exist to him.

I wish he had never forgotten those three simple words

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