Three Simple Words

Chapter 5

By Flarie Hanami

The resonance of dripping water echoed throughout the vast, cold, empty room. No doubt there was a leak located somewhere high up in the ceiling's rafters, and the room seemed to discharge this eerie, sort of "off-limits" kind of aurora. There was no doubt in my mind that this was the boy's locker room. After all, the room was not at all tidy. In one corner, a pair of obliviously worn checkered boxer shorts randomly laid on one of the many black benches, while across from where I was solemnly standing, I could identify a great deal of dents and graffiti all throughout the black lockers before me. The place astounded me really but… whatever twisted person dragged me in…Wait a second!

"WHO in the freaking, twisted hell decided there just going to grab ME and drag ME in here!?"

"That would be me." A male's low voice unexpectedly responded from somewhere behind me and just out of the corner of my eye I become aware of a dark shadow slowly shifting toward me. Drops of sweat accumulated around my beating forehead as I felt a warm breath travel down the back of my neck, making the auburn hairs on my neckline stand on the end. No doubt…the shadow annoyingly breathing on me like some kind of a sicko…

…Is a boy.

"Sora…" The shadow whispered down my tingling neck.

I'm sorry, but there is NO way I'm just going to just let some guy drag me into the boy's locker room and breath down my neck!

Swiftly, I turned around to face my "kidnapper" and curled my fingers into a fist. Raising my arm in the air, I threw a fitting blow at whom I thought would be just a disgusting pervert's face and made impact with his nose. On collision, the boy yelped in revelation but held his ground, only loosing his poise slightly due to loss of footing. Raising his hand to his discolored nose, he softly caressed it and grunted.

"Geeze…" He looked back up at me, thick brown bangs cascading downward and past his eyes, those familiar melted chocolate orbs burning right into my own. "Sora…"

He certainly didn't look very pleased as he searched my emotionless expression for some sort of answer on why I just hit him.

It wasn't even until I heard the sound of something dripping that I noticed there were streams of shimmering red blood trickling down the boy's swollen right cheek, drizzling and dripping onto his sweaty soccer uniform. Oh my gosh! Did I do that to him? I couldn't have possibly punched him that hard could I? And I punched his nose not his cheek!

The boy continued to just stand there silently staring at me. He parted his lips and playfully slid his tongue out between them, mischievously licking a drop of delicious blood that had made it's way to the corner of his slightly bruised lips.

"Taichi…" I whispered under my breath and lowered my head in guilt.

Taichi blinked. Looking me over once more and then nodding his head, a small faint smile crept to his lips. "Relax." Taichi responded calmly.

"Huh?" I stared at him quizzically. I definitely didn't see any reason to relax. Here I was in the boy's locker room and Taichi's face was bleeding. Nope! Nothing to relax about! Taichi calmly wiped a bit of blood away with his hand as if it was nothing.

"You didn't cause this injury if that's what your thinking. I just got into a fight is all."

A fight? When did he get into a fight? On the way to the locker room? Was there even time to get into a fight?

"With who? One of the teachers?"

Taichi shook his head left and right hastily as if he was irritated. "That's none of your business anyway." He grunted. There was a glint of annoyance in his voice as he swiftly jerked his gaze away from me and resettled it on a row of damaged lockers. Very suspicious…Well he was certainly being very touchy. You'd have thought that after having dragged me in here he could at least be a little nicer. Hold on a second! Why did he even pull me in here in the first place? I glared back at the mop-haired boy who continued to ignore me and was still intentionally staring at his lovely, vandalized lockers. What was his deal?

"Why?" I asked after a moment of awkward silence and crossing arms.

"Why what?" He huffed as if I had just asked him the most stupid question in the world.

"Don't' play stupid with me! Why the hell did you snatch me and yank me in here!? I'm a GIRL baka! If someone finds out that I'm in here…I…I could be…"


"NO! I'm not going to just CHILL!" On the word chill, I mimicked the sound of his voice. Taichi pouted at this and crossed his arms, sinking a low growl in the bottom of his throat.

"SO WHAT? I SAVE your ass and all I get is YELLED at and a PUNCH to the FACE?" Tension was now rising in his voice as he balled his fingers into a fist, the tips of his fingertips turning white and contrasting with the rest of his dark tanned hands. Nonetheless, I wasn't going to back down from him. It was normal for Taichi to have a short temper and besides, I've seen him MUCH angrier before. And what's with all this saving my ass mess? I didn't ask to be saved! He was the one to get me into this mess anyway!

"SAVED ME!? YOU GOT ME INTO THIS MESS DUMB ASS!! Right now, there are some demonic, hellish women after me who want to tear my bleeding flesh apart from my shattered bones and burn my rotting corpse over a blazing bonfire! "

Taichi sighed and pouted again. "Me thinks your over exaggerating." He wagged his finger at me as if to scold me.

"Me thinks you better help me get out of here before somebody finds me in…or...hey!" There was sound of shuffling fabric and Taichi yawning. "What are you doing?" Rather annoyed, I curiously watched Taichi as he crossed his arms downward and grabbed the hem of his dirty soccer jersey. Grunting, the boy then proceeded to gradually tug the shirt over his head, only to reveal a tanned slightly built chest beneath all that sweaty fabric. I'll admit that while he didn't have a six-pack, he definitely had some muscle on him.

Unconsciously, I was beginning to drool at his "hotness".

The mop-haired boy just perked one of his dark eyebrows and stared back at me like I was some kind of drooling idiot.

"What?" He gruffed and dabbed his bloody face with the disheveled, perspiring jersey, blotching it with stains of dried red blood.

"Mmmm…nothing!" I jerked my head away from his perplexed stare. A flash of red staining my cheeks quickly and then disappearing before he could even notice.

"Whatever…I don't care!" Taichi scowled and lifted his arms behind his head to stretch them. Wuh? What did he just say? Did he just say what I think he just said?

"What do you mean "I don't care"!? I yelled back to him, rather taken aback.

"I don't care what you say. Hell! I can do what I want!" He barked.

This made me angry. Swiftly, I turned to him and glared at him with an evil eye.

"NO YOU CAN"T!! You can't just go around and do whatever you want! Not if it costs other people to stumble into trouble!"

Taichi looked around the room as if he was looking for something…or someone. He shrugged when he found nothing and looked back at me annoyed.

"Like who?" Taichi huffed.

Steam was beginning to boil inside of me and I could feel searing heat radiate out of my ears as I slowly clenched my fists tightly and narrowed my eyes on Taichi. A demon was slowly beginning to control me…

Was he really this stupid? Was he really that much of an idiot?

"MEE!! IDIOT!!!" Outraged and without even thinking, I swung my palm at the petulant boy's face and slapped his already bleeding cheek, forcefully jerking his head to the side on blow.

Now it was Taichi's turn to narrow his eyes on me. He growled, ignoring the vicious burn on his already wounded cheek

"Whatever! I don't care!" He barked back at me again.

Don't' care? DON"T CARE!!?? I could just…rrrrrrr… Had he forgotten? What happened to us being best childhood friends?

Did he not even care about me anymore? Did he EVER care about me?




"I love you."



Taichi flinched and halted from wiping his bloody face. He stared at me wide eyed, his pupils shaking in a strange fashion left and right.

Had I got his attention? Did I hit a nerve?


There was silence between the two us until little by little, very gradually, I heard a crowd of muffled laughter come from somewhere outside the locker room's doorway, getting louder and louder as they seemed to be getting closer and closer toward the door. One of the voices in particular (it was definitely a male's voice) seemed to be practically yelling at the top of his lungs over all the laughter. Shouting out random things like "WHAM!" and "Knocked down!".

"Shit!" Taichi cursed under his breath.

Needless to say, I was very confused on what was going on. Taichi on the other hand seemed to know EXACTLY what was going on. He turned to me promptly and roughly placed his hands on my shoulders.

He stared into my crimson eyes and a bead of sweat skimmed down his forehead.

"What's going on?" I whispered to him, feeling something was definitely out of place. Taichi's once angry dark orbs had transformed into ones of seriousness…and something else. I could see fear.


Taichi was afraid?

"Taichi?" I started to speak again but was punctually halted when I heard the locker room's main door handle begin to creak and turn. Hastily, Taichi squeezed my shoulders and began to forcibly thrust me toward some door in the back of the room and without hesitation, the boy literally threw me through it just as he managed to open it, sending my overwhelmed body crashing to the hard cold floor once I was on the other side. The other main door opened and a group of loud laughing males entered into the locker room.

I watched Taichi huff and take in a deep breath just as the door I had just entered through close on me. There was a slam.


Maybe he did care…

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