This is the first Digimon fic I've written in a few years so bare with me, I've been in a Digimon mood the last going on a month so that is why the sudden burst of fics and song fics. Thanks. Please Review. And just to clarify this is set three or four years after season two. And thanks for the spell checking.

Chapter Two

"Hello. Yes, I guess it has been quite awhile now since we've asked for your help, but we are now. The digiworld is reverting back to the way it was when you eight first came. We don't have much time. The portal will open soon, hurry. Since everything is reverting back to what it was, even your physical appearance can be important to maintaining the fragile balance of the digiworld." Gennai instructed.

The e-mail ended.

"Let's meet back here in a few hours." Tai took charge once again.

T.K. leaned over and pulled the goggles off of Davis' head, tossing them to Tai.

"Hey!" Davis yelped.

"Hey, Gennai said that our physical appearance would be vital." T.K. shrugged, heading to the door with the others.

They arrived shortly at their respective homes and began packing.

Tai and Kari rummaged around in their storage closet. Kari found hers quickly, and went in search for her discarded whistle and pink string.

Matt and T.K. ransacked their old closet at their dad's, searching for their old clothes, hat, gloves and back.

Sora pulled out an old chest from under her bed, opening it to reveal her old clothes and almost forgotten helmet.

Mimi always took her old cowgirl outfit with her on trips. Hat and all.

Izzy dug through his closet searching for the old clothes and back pack.

Joe, still as organized as ever, opened his closet, reached into the back and pulled out his clothes, plastic cover and all. He reached farther back and pulled out a side messenger bag that had a bright red cross on it.

Ken said his goodbyes and prepared for a long stay in the digiworld.

Davis bit his tongue as June chewed him out for being late and went to his room to get ready to leave.

Yolei said her goodbyes, before she went into her room and packed her clothes and electronics.

Cody rapped his arms around his mom as he walked in, explained to her what he had to do and went to his room and began to pack with her.

Joe went to each of their houses and gathered any medicine they might need or first aid supplies that he could get. As the two hour mark struck, the twelve returned to the dorm.

Tai's computer screen began to glow, revealing the portal.

"Let's go." Matt said, shouldering his bag.

The original eight nodded, used to Matt's leadership.

Tai took a deep breath, and took out his digivice. Soon he was sucked into the computer, proving the way it had to be done.

The digidestend landed in a forest that looked familiar to the seven of the original eight.

T.K. groaned as he sat up, Patamon rolled off of him.

"Patamon!" T.K. cheered. Patamon blinked away the sleepiness, trying to figure out who was hugging him.

"T.K.!" Patamon cheered as he realized who it was.

"T.K.!" Kari called from within the forest.

"We're in here, Kari!" T.K. held on to Patamon as he ran to find the other digidestend.

"T.K.!" Matt yelled his voice seemed younger.

"Matt!" T.K. called, his voice cracked to a younger sound.

"Guys!" Tai called his voice seemed young, too.

The digidestend met in the clearing that Tai's voice came from.

The new digidestend seemed shocked at the sight of the eight.

"Uh…" Davis started.

"You guys…" Yolei went on.

"Got little." Cody finished.

"What?" Mimi asked, looking herself over. The other seven did the same, realizing that the digiworld was indeed reverting back to the way it once was.

"No…" Kari started.

"You said it." T.K. said, his voice settling, finally, on his young voice.

The eight digidestends stood in the clearing, their clothes either falling off of them or swallowing them whole.

"So that's why we needed to bring the clothes." Sora noted. The twelve Digimon exchanged glances.

"We should change now." Joe suggested.

The three girls went off one way while the five guys went off another.

When they came back they looked better.

"Wow, this'll be odd." Davis put in.

T.K. rolled his eyes, as did Matt.

"What now?" Ken asked as they looked around.

"We could--." Kari started as the ground shook and a dark laugh followed.

"No!" T.K. yelped. He hugged onto Patamon tightly.

"T.K. your…ugh…squeezing my too…ugh, tight." Patamon squirmed.

"Run!" Mimi screamed as a large shadowed Digimon moved toward them.

Everyone, minus T.K., didn't have to be told twice. T.K. stood, rooted to his spot. He was hiding his face in Patamon.

"T.K.!" Matt yelled, getting ready to run after him when, as before, Tai ran and did the job first.

Tears ran down T.K.'s face as he and Tai reached the others, who were hiding in a nearby hiding tree.

"Shh…T.K. it's ok." Tai tried to calm him down. Sora took over once they saw that that wasn't working.

"T.K. what's wrong?" Yolei asked.

"Devamon." T.K, whispered, releasing Patamon and moving away from Sora, looking very disheveled.