Trip to Hawaii

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the story.

It was a typical day for the Titan's: wake up, eat breakfast, stop crime, go home, stop another crime, go back home, then stop another crime. Basically, they spent the whole day saving people without getting one little break. Right now, with the exception of Robin and Starfire, the others were just lying around, enjoying what relaxation time they were getting.

Beast Boy- "I'm so tired of having to spend every minute of the day trying to stop a bad guy. We seriously need a vacation."

Raven- "I'm not usually one to complain, but I will break that alarm if it goes off again. Beast Boy's right. We need a vacation."

Cyborg- "Where's Robin and Starfire?"

As if on cue, the perky alien and their leader walked into the room. Star had a huge smile on her face. Robin appeared to be holding five small pieces of paper that had the shape of a ticket. This made the other three ponder at what they were, hoping that it would be something good.

Starfire- "Friends, Robin has something that will be most enjoyable for all of us!"

BB, Rae, Cy- "What is it? What is it!"

Robin- "Titans, pack your bags. We're going to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii!"

Everyone, including Raven, became excited. Suddenly, a light bulb blew up.

Raven- "Sorry."

Beast Boy- "This is so awesome! When do we leave?"

Robin- "First thing tomorrow morning, so get a good night's sleep. We need to get up at 5:00 am sharp."

Beast Boy's expression turned dull. There was one little problem that he wanted fixed.

Beast Boy- "Wait a minute. I'm not going to Hawaii wearing my superhero uniform. It totally clashes with the surroundings. People might think we're there on business or something."

Robin knew he was right, which was very rare. From the looks everyone else was giving, they didn't want to travel to Hawaii in their uniforms either.

Robin- "Alright, we'll go shopping then."

Raven- "I just want to buy a few things, and that's IT."

Starfire- "But friend, we should buy other things while we are at the mall of shopping. It is so much fun."

Raven- "Star, what you consider fun and what I consider fun are completely different things."

Starfire's face fell into a state of depression. Robin, having a huge crush on the alien, decided to cheer her up.

Robin- "I'll tell you what, Star. When we get to Hawaii, I'll take you on a shopping spree."

Starfire finally learned what a shopping spree meant, so it was no surprise that she started crushing Robin in a hug.

Starfire- "THANK YOU, ROBIN!"

Robin- "Star….I…can't…breathe!"