"So, Zack…how many valentines did you get?" Max asked as she opened their locker they shared to put her math book in.

"Nope. You gotta guess." Zack queried coyly.





"Less? Knowing you, I'd thought the whole female population of our school would of written to you."

"Yes, well…" Zack thought for a moment. Had his popularity gone down the tubes lately? No, that couldn't be it, he thought. They were just too shy to write to him. Yes, that was it. "well, how many did you get?" Zack quickly finished. Good save.

"Me?" Max laughed. "Zack, any guy that gives me a valentine has some seriously rethinking to do."

"Oh, Well, um…I guess I'll see you later then…" Zack finished while grabbing his crinkled homework from the locker

"Alright, hey, isn't there that valentine dinner/dance thing tonight at the hotel?"

"Oh yeah, I totally forgot" Zack remembered "Hey, come over around six and bring Bob and Tapeworm."

"Bob and Tapeworm? They can't dance!"

"Yeah, but we're a little low on budget" Zack smiled "And we might need some free entertainment."

"Ha! Nice, very nice." Max said while Hi-fiveing Zack. Just then, Cody rounded the corner and ran strait into Zack, causing an array of papers to fly everywhere.

"Dude!" Zack complained as he flew backwards into the locker, causing Cody to knock over Max, and in end knocking everyone to the ground. Papers everywhere.

"Oh, umm sorry, just…been busy" Cody apologized while grabbing his papers.

"Gee, and with your twin telepathy and all, I would of thought you two saw that coming." Max sneered jokingly.

"Ha ha" Zack and Cody stated in unison while picking up there papers to get to class on time…well, Cody was in hurry. Each grabbed there papers and went separate ways.

Cody walked to Math class, hoping that he'd be on time. Right before he went into the class room he checked his pocket for the note that had been burning a hole in his pocket ever since he got it this morning. But instead, he grabbed an old crinkled piece of paper with scribbled handwriting.

"Oh, no…" Cody yelped.

In his hurry, he had grabbed Zack's English homework.


Zack slipped into his English class about five minutes after class started, he started to look for his homework, acting like he'd been there the whole time, but the teacher was soon at his side.

"Zack Martin." Mr. Gallium spat " I presume that your homework has once again vanished from the face of the earth? Or has your dog eaten it this time. Which excuse is it now?"

"No. I actually did it, see" Zack beamed as he placed the paper into Mr. Gallium's hands.

"Well" Mr. Gilliam said shockingly "It looks like after all you can…wait a second. This isn't the homework."

"What? What are you saying? I mean, I'm not perfect…but"

"Next time, Mr. Martin, don't use flattery as an excuse." Mr. Gilliam informed while pushing the paper back into Zack's hands.

"What?" Zack stated while looking at the paper "But I…wait, this isn't my paper."

Zack inspected the paper more closely. It read.

I've admired you from afar,

We are great friends so it seems,

But I want something more,

From your soul and from my dreams.

I utter each word softly,

As I say what I feel is true,

You are my only hope,

I love you, and I hope you love me too.

"How'd I get this stupid sappy love note?" Zack complained while shoving it into his pants pocket and forgetting about for the moment. Zack quickly looked for his homework by inspecting his entire backpack. After a minutes work (Which is a lot for Zack, think about it) Zack slumped against his chair and sunk down low.

"Aw man." He companied. "And this was the only time I've ever done my homework."


So…you like? Don't worry, this is just the beginning…This note will get misplaced quite a few times…which will cause many emotions to stir…especially at the Tipton. Will sparks start to fly? --It'll seem like firecrackers. R&R