Okay, so if you read my Author's Note that I added on to My Finest Hour, then you would know that this is the sequel to MFH. It just came to me yesterday during my Current World Issues class and I jotted down the prologue as soon as I got to my study hall!
So, I hope you like it!

R&R and please, no flames.

Yes, I realize this is super short, but it's just the prologue, the chapters will be longer, I assure you.

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His first words to her were sarcastic.

Her first words to him were an accusation (or as she may have stated, "a question") about a stolen DVD player.

They first hugged when he got a C on a test.

They first kissed in a van in a ravine, where she was faced with millions of regrets.

They first fought when she revealed a secret to his girlfriend that was completely confidential.

They first broke up when he said a foul thing to her at his locker.

They reunited at a dance.

They broke up again.

Well…then got back together-again.

And now, well, now its college.

And when cheating, lies, exams, jobs, friends, homework, temptation, and seduction get involved, this couple may just reach their breaking point-for good.


That was just the prologue! A super short prologue, but a prologue nonetheless.

The first chapter will be posted as soon as I'm completed with it. And I'll probably be exceedingly bored and trying to avoid my Algebra homework like the plague tomorrow, so I'll add more then and it should be up by early next week at the latest!

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