He left her to think about what he meant. Could it be that Sora had defeated all the other followers? Had he really gotten this far? Maybe he would rescue her and she could restore his memories? She would have to wait until after the last battle.

Chapter nine:

Marluxia drew his scythe and challenged the small boy. The boy accepted the challenge and lunged forward, he hit Marluxia strait across the face with his Key blade. Marluxia fell. Naminé couldn't watch anymore, she knew how it was going to end.

"Please come soon, please come soon." She repeated in a whisper. She didn't care about Marluxia or any other Organization member. No, she cared about Demyx, but she knew his fate, he was doomed to fade…just like all nobodies.

Demyx was going to have to fight Sora, he was going to lose, he was going to die. Naminé had stopped caring about Demyx; she was focused on saving Sora, on escaping. She checked in on the fight, Marluxia was fading and Sora continued up the stairs, up to her.

Sora opened the door to see Naminé, sitting and drawing. She had to confess to him, about his false memories. 'Well, no time like the present' she thought

"Sora, I need to tell you something. I was the one taking apart your memories, and piecing new one's together."

"Huh?" Sora processed

"I can restore your old memories or you could stay here and remember what I linked."

"I choose to remember."

"Okay." She sighed and drew a quick sketch of Sora in a pod. Sora soon fell asleep in the chamber. Naminé began to restore his memories.

Someone walked in her room. Xemnas

Naminé gasped.

"Oh, I forgot." Xemnas snapped his fingers and black smoke surrounded him. When the smoke cleared a man stood there, no longer Xemnas, but rather a curious figure. He refused to show his face by wrapping it up in a dark red cloth.

"Stop." He said in a deep voice. She set down her book in her lap and listened. "You're saving Sora; you must be relocated, for your safety, for his safety."

"First who are you?"

"Name's DIZ, it's a name good as any other. Naminé, we must hurry."

"Okay." She said. And with that she followed the stranger through a portal into a strange mansion.

"I moved Sora and his friends into the basement, away from harm." DIZ said.

"Thank you." Naminé said and went to the basement to finish her job.

The room Sora was in was all white; the pod was in the center of the circular room. She sat in a chair next the pod and began to link his memories. DIZ walked in and stood next to her.

"Naminé, why were you at Castle Oblivion? You have a heart do you not?"

"Marluxia captured me; he made me unlink Sora's memories for his own personal gain. And I didn't always have a heart, I'm Kairi's nobody. But all those feelings must have created a heart for me." Naminé explained.

"I see," DIZ smiled, holding some secret.