Summary: Sam has a special destiny, but is it for good or for evil? Dean may be the deciding factor.

Slash, non-con, violence, pseudo Wincest (Sam/ShifterDean), eventual Wincest (Sam/Dean). Nothing in this chapter, though.

Author's note: I am a fairly recent Supernatural convert, and I have not yet seen the episode "Skin." I finally got the first season on DVD, so I hope to get it watched this weekend. I've already sketched out the story, though, so I don't plan to change my characterization of the shifter. If there are any canon errors about its origin, abilities, etc., please consider them to be part of the AU.

The Bringer – Chapter 1

"Are you sure, Missouri? I mean, are you absolutely certain?"

"I would never put you and your children on this path if I weren't 100 percent, John Winchester. I know good and well what this will do to the boys, especially Dean, but it's necessary."

John sighed and closed his eyes. His head thumped onto the side of the grimy phone booth. He hated shit like this - the proverbial rock and a hard place. If he ignored Missouri's warnings, as he had once before with painful results, Sam would be gone. If he carried out this crazy plan, Sam would still pay a heavy price, and Dean…God, Dean would be devastated. Better devastated than dead, though. Because John had no doubt that if Sammy were truly lost to them, Dean wouldn't be long for this world.

"They're going to come for him, John. Dean's protection will only go so far. He can't keep the stronger ones from noticing Sam's power, from wanting that power for their own. Something has to be done."



John straightened his shoulders and growled, "Can you be a little more specific? I need a timeline."

"I wish I could give you one. I can't get a good read on the boys. Something's blocking me."

John's ears perked at the confusion in Missouri's voice and the implicit message in her words.


Missouri pursed hers lips and furrowed her brow. She hadn't been able to feel Sam's energy clearly for the last two weeks. Dean, now, she was reading him loud and clear. He was furious and afraid in equal measures, but Sam? Muted. Like seeing a flashlight through a blanket. You could still see the light but it wasn't as bright or as defined.

When she first felt the shift in what she called Sam's spiritual signature, she wondered if perhaps the boys had figured out how to camouflage Sam on their own. However, with the onslaught of Dean's rage, she knew differently.

"Missouri? Are my boys all right?"

Snap out of it, woman. You've got a terrified father on the line.

"They're…all right. Sam's upset, and Dean is angry. I get the feeling they aren't traveling together."

John sighed. Again. His little warrior had obviously pissed off his little dreamer. Again.

"Do I need to call them? Get them to work it out?"

Missouri felt a spike in the anger/fear/hate radiating from John's eldest child. It felt like he was on a hunt.

"Hold off for a bit. You have things to take care of before you call the boys to you."

Before John could respond, he heard the soft click as the psychic severed their connection. John hung up, stepped from the booth, and made his way to his waiting truck. Missouri was right. He did have things to do, lots of things, before he sold his baby into slavery and ripped the soul from his firstborn.