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It was mid morning in the warm village of Konoha. The streets were busy as ever. Merchants sold gods in the plaza's, and you could hear the sounds of horses in the roads accompanied by the sounds of small but useful cars. The golden sun happened to climb in through the window of the small, but homely apartment of Sakura Haruno. Small pillows were strewn across the bed room as two girl fused over beauty products, in a rare ritual of getting ready to go some where.

"Ino , please explain to me again why I'm doing this", Sakura sighed in front of the mirror while attacking her less than soft strands of hair with a sorry looking brush. Everything else on her body was fine beside her Afro sized clump.

Her body was draped in a subtle lilac kimono; white birds were etched across the bottom and the tips of the sleeves. It hugged her middle just so, allowing for a curved appearance. Even though Sakura knew she was flat as a board, it was ok, the kimono worked for her. Her obi was also white, but if one were to look close enough , they would see gentle cream Sakura petals in the folds. A borrowed crystal choker was clasped around her neck, and medium length swirling earring were in her ears.

Her make up was natural. Cream blush, caramel, lips, strawberry eye shadow.

She really did applaud Ino for picking her outfit.

"Sakura, Sakura , Sakura, You know why you have to do this." , she simply stated, looking Sakura over and deciding the use of a curling iron would be necessary. "Tsunade wouldn't just have you do something like this for no reason."

Even though it was my Idea…….

"This date is more than just your personal torture you know.", setting down her own comb, Ino took a straightened to Sakura's head.

"I don't even know which diplomat I'm supposed to meet up with dating", she whined, " What if he's a dirty old pervert with bladder problems! I'm so nervous! What if he turns out to be a really nice guy, and I go an say something stupid and make him hate me.", she gave Ino a disdained grimace, "I could accidentally start a war!" , Sakura began to hyperventilate.

"Calm down Sakura! One date won't get anyone killed", Sakura's blatant over reaction wasn't any surprise. Seeing as Sakura hadn't dated anyone , ever , it was natural for her pink haired friend to go crazy over it.

It was just her nature.

"Don't worry about who your date will be, I picked a good one for you!!", Ino said coyly, as she worked Sakura's hair in to an elegant bun, with a few framing strands. Her eyes crinkled as she gave here friend an odd smile.

"What are you talking about?", silence filled the room.

"I know who you date is."

"You picked my date!", her eyes grew to saucer sized proportions, " You knew all along and didn't tell me."

"Do you want to know?" , Ino asked Sarcastically , already knowing the answer.

A small voice replied, " No, not really.", she looked down at her clasped hands, an innocent expression painted across her smooth face.

"Well to bad! You going with!"

"LALALALALALAL I'm not listening!", Sakura covered her ear for dear life.

"He's from Suna!", she boomed in her imitation of an announcer voice

"Ino no! ", she screamed.

"You've met him before!"

"Wait a minute, you can't be serious it can't be….", foreboding dawned on her like a heavy show. The color drained from her face, and her hands tightened on here ear. Her heart sputtered to a stop in her chest.

Please don't let it be him. Please don't let it be him.

Ino interjected with no warning, and no restraints, " You're going to be dating , the Kazekage Himself!"

"Gaara of The Dessert"


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