I wanna heal

I wanna heal

I wanna feel

What I thought was never real

I wanna let go of the thing I've felt so long

I wanna heal

I wanna feel

Like I'm close to something real

I wanna find something

I've wanted all along

Some where I belong

'With some one I belong'

Linkin Park

"Some Where I Belong"

Sakura stared down Orochimaru as if hell hath no more fury to lend her. Her long pink tresses clung wet and sweaty to her smooth skin. She inhaled and exhaled heavily, she needed much energy to do the simple task. Her lungs screamed in agony, and her face contorted in distress. She could smell the heat of battle all around her. The blood , the hot sparks of clashing metal, and of course the hatred emanating from her opponent. Her wrist was swollen and inflamed. It stung with great intensity. She balled up her fists, with cruel intentions in mind. She couldn't yet assist her combating lover. She knew that if she did, she ran the risk of putting him in danger. She cut a look at Orochimaru.

His blooded face and wide eyes were truly morbid to look at. His hair hung loose and gritty over his shoulders and down to his back. Despite his previous ass kicking session, he was still in better condition than she was. He wasn't as exhausted as she was. He hadn't been fighting for the same duration of time. He hissed at her. He replayed her death over, and over in his twisted little mind. His flesh was a sickly white pasty color. He was the embodiment of horrible. Despite his previous ass kicking session, he was still in better condition than she was. He wasn't as exhausted as she was. He hadn't been fighting for the same duration of time. He was her distress. Not to mention, Sakura's object of hatred.

Sakura: I can't fight him like this. I have little to no chakra, a broken wrist and my respiratory system is shutting down. If I don't hurry up, I'll stop breathing, and Gaara won't get the help he needs.

Inner Sakura: You can inhale and exhale all you want, but eventually you're going to stop breathing. You have to make every last breath count.

Sakura: I don't want my breaths to be wasted.

Inner Sakura: Fight for your happy ending Sakura. I'll pull from our last chakra reserves.

Sakura: Why didn't you just offer that! That would have been way easier!

Inner Sakura: Because…it could kill you.

Sakura: What! Why would it…

Inner Sakura: This last and final chakra reserve is your Root chakra. This red Chakra is found at the very base of your spine, this is what grounds you to the physical world. The very essence of your soul is being used up. If all of it is gone and finished, so is your life.

Sakura: ………….

Inner Sakura: Is it a chance you're willing to take.

Sakura: I'm willing to do anything to protect the ones I love. If we loose this battle, that means the death of hope. The whole entire leaf village will burn. I can't and I won't let it happen.

Inner Sakura: OK. …….. Let's do this!

In unison: Cha!

Orochimaru charged at her, his face set in pure evil rage. His nostrils flared like a bull in the heat of a fire, attacking blindly and on an impulse. Sakura took a deep labored breath and closed her eyes. Her chest was in anguish.

She felt the base of her spine grow hot. She arched her back in pain, it stung so much. Pure agony. She silently screamed. Then, the smoldering white pain traveled up her spine, and through every limb and vein in her body. From her finger tips to every tendril of hair, it spread. It expanded across her chest and on her cheeks. Sakura clutched her abdomen, digging her nails into her skin as she fell to the ground. She twisted and jerked unnaturally. Her pink hair became cluttered with dirt as she felt the sands tendrils brush against her skin. She could taste the grainy particles, and soon she became, all feeling. Her whole body exploded with incredible heat, but, she no longer burned.

Orochimaru grabbed her by the hair in a tight grip and lifted her forcefully from the ground. She stayed motionless. He pulled her body close to him, crushing her mockingly against his chest. His entire body was as solid as a rock, but he felt slimy and moldy. He smelled rotten, and sweaty. Putrid was to his breath like brightness was to the sun.

Sakura couldn't move. The heat was still traveling through her body, her muscles hardened, and she felt her chakra come back slowly. It pulsed and rushed through her veins. She was filled with hope for a moment. Soon she would have her time to fight. She would have her power back. Despite her newly raised mental bravado, she was still trapped against the perverted snake bastard, paralyzed and helpless.

Orochimaru leaned into Sakura, lowering his head so that he could whisper in her ear. " I am death Sakura. I am torture. I'll make you remember what I can do.", his voice was calm and playfully smooth. It was deep, but scratchy, as if abraded by time. He smiled against her skin. He moved his head now so that he nuzzled the crook of her neck. He inhaled her scent.

"You smell very nice my dear.", he let out a sickly laugh as he spoke, brushing his face slowly against her skin, " And my, you are so very soft.", he stopped moving. Sakura was filled with an eerie sensation. Orochimaru slid his hand into his pants pocket and took out a kunai.

Sakura could feel her heat pounding out of her chest. She could hear it in her ears as the blood and adrenalin spread through out her. She attempted to calm her nerves, know that panic only made situations worse. If she could some how endure the pain for a few more moments, she would have her strength back.

We all probably know what she'll do when her power returns. (Insert twitch here)

Inner Sakura: Hold in there girl! It's coming, once it intertwines with your throat chakra, you'll be able to kick his sadistic little ass.

Sakura: I'm trying.

Inner Sakura: Remember what we're fighting for.

Sakura: How could I forget, it's what I'm dying for.

He pressed the kunai against the exposed skin on Sakuras arm.

"I am Death.", he said, slicing into Sakura's skin. Her breath hitched in her throat, but she could not move. Orochimaru had a hand around her mid section, supporting her weight. He fingered the exposed skin of her back.

"I am pain", he whispered. He cut her again.

He slashed the knife over her arm, carving meaningless lines. He hummed to himself.

"Who am I Sakura? Tell me…."

A bright white light swept over them.

Sakura opened her eyes.

Her strength was back.


"Dessert Goddess Jutsu!", Gaara's voice erupted from deep within him. Within moments of initiating this all too familiar jutsu, Gaara felt his limbs begin to grow. His arms twisted, and his bones broke painfully, as they expanded past their limit. His clothing began to rip as sand gripped at his body, twisting and swirling and covering every inch of him. His Hair crew wilder, longer, and thicker. He closed his eyes in concentration. His face was thoughtful and calm, almost peaceful. His neck snapped back wards and it twisted. His body stretched to 40 feet tall, and twenty feet wide. The sand wrapped around him and engulfing him with its mighty strength.

Sasuke watched on with an expression of pure horror and disbelief. He backed up from his opponent, his feet moving rapidly. His hair wisped around echoing his frantic heart. His eyes began to tear from the pain of his retinas being forced to close so suddenly. He raised his arm to shield himself as he continued to watch Gaara's expanding body.

What' s going on here? What Jutsu is this?

Gaara's large thick arms spread outward flexing and bending, connecting the disconnected joints and muscles. He checked to make sure everything was in place, and that everything would work when he again fought. His hair was a tangle of long crimson strands reaching his lower back. He was the sand now. Like the ocean, he was mighty. His entire body was the same exact sand color beside his gold, and emerald eyes. He smirked and looked down at the small inferior creature that was Sasuke Uchiha. He let out a large laugh that rumbled and shook the earth.

Sasuke was knocked off of his feet by the incredible force. He landed hard on his back, and stayed there.

Gaara was well aware that Sakura was very close to his large form. If he hit too hard, he could crumble the entire stadium to dust. He had great power at his disposal. He smirk, then he grinned, then he showed the word a malicious smile. His sharp teeth sparkled shined dully in the setting sun, and a breeze moved particles of sand around in the air.

"It's time to win this bet and collect on my wager Uchiha", his loud monstrous voice bolstered.

"I won' t be the one to die Gaara. Like you, I have my own sinister jutsu", he yelled up into the air, his voice carries onto Gaara's ears. It annoyed him to no end that this loser thought he could still win.

Shukaku: He's swimming in denial.

Gaara: Pitiful.

Gaara's face twisted in anger. He lifted his heavy building sized sand covered arm , and aim ed for the small blue speck on the ground.

Sasuke saw this, and instantly , his hands went into motion, he rapidly formed hand sighs. His face was solemn as he heard the whistle and cracking of the air.

"Darkened Goddess Jutsu!"

Impact, was nonexistent. The air from the punch completely disappointed as the cocky expression on Gaara's face completely drained to a look of cold surprise. An equally large black hand grabbed his fist. Gaara stared into the black eyes of a heatless monster.

Green venom dripped from Sasuke's fangs onto his scaly dark blue skin. His entire body emanated darkness. His hair was short but potently spiky. On his back was a pair of purple wing, the flapped slowly, stirring the dust and debris. His face was set in a somber expression. Gaara glared into his eyes, completely and totally serious.

"How did you…", Gaara began with poison in his voice. His eyes turned to puny slits as he began as he swung his hand around in an attempt to slam it into Sasuke's jaw.

Sasuke caught it in his fierce grip.

" Sharingan… Remember", he said with his patented feline grin on his face

They gripped each other hands, squeezing ad cracking each others large bones. Gaara was careful to direct his blows in the opposite direction of Sakura. He jumped and threw a kick at Sasuke head, once again aiming specifically for the Jaw. Sasuke grabbed his grainy leg and flipped him in mid air, while flinging him upward into the sky. Sasuke braced against the ground, and flew up ward toward the red sand demons direction.

Gaara's breath halted when he was suddenly jolted upward. The cold atmosphere sent shivers down his broken spin. He closed his eyes thinking of some way to get out of the situation.

Gaara: What the hell do I do now!

Shukaku: Fly Damn it!

Gaara: What!

Shukaku: Use the Sand!

Sasuke approached Gaara in the air quickly, his hand balled in a fist, prepared to deal a vital blow. He stretched out his arm in front of him. Just as he prepared to make contact with the back of the red hair monster, sand blinded him. It shot down at him vigorously, and Gaara moved higher.

Seemingly out of no where, a legs drop kicked Sasuke and he plummeted to the ground. He winced in pain, but had no time to think for the earth was approaching rapidly. In the blink o fan eye, Sasuke's body stopped fall, and his wings went into work. Their broad purple sticky feathers pulsed and slowed him. He pushed of against the earth once more, and met Gaara face to face.

This time Gaara was the one with the remarkable smirk.

"How did you…………..", sasuke began to say.

What Gaara would have said if he wasn't Gaara.

1) " How did you…" He began

"I'm Sexy …………..Remember.", he smirked.

2) "How did you…", he gasped

"I'm a God Sasuke, fear me.", he grinned

3) "How did you"

" Flame on! Fantastic four!"

Sasuke stares with no comment.

4) " How did you"

"I drank some Red Bull, it gave me wings."

5) "How did you", his eyes opened in shock.

" What? Do you think Gravity pulled me up here."

But Since Gaara is Gaara

He simply flashed a smirk, and their battle continued.


The flash of disappeared as quickly as it began and Orochimaru's hands were trusted away from Sakura's body with incredible force. The ground shook beneath them. Sakura looked Orochimaru in the eyes and a glint of mischief crossed them before she smiled. His face was frozen in horror.

Sakura swiftly grabbed the kunai from him, the metal was drenched in her blood, but, she was over the pain, her body was numb to the world as the charka's killing ability instantly took place. She could sense her body fading away with every breath she took. Nothing could stop her now.

She delved the kunai deep into his gut. He let out a putrid scream. She was not sadistic like he was, so she could not bring herself smile at his pain. But, she was Satisfied. She felt his weight sulk down ward, and she felt almost sorry for him.


"Your dead Orochimaru, that's what you are", she yelled! Her now dark blue hair blowing fiercely over her face.

"Never ever mess with a Kunoichi who was forced into a blind date by an annoying dancing blond girl, found true love , was threatened by some bitch and then had her hair cut off, and now is hanging between life and has to now go fight to save a village!", she finished removing the dagger.

"It's a terrible mistake", Sakura watched him fall to the ground and remain still. She said a silent prayer for his poor little soul, bowing her head, and closing her eyes.

Inner Sakura: Cha!

Sakura turned around to face the battle field. The desolate waste land of sand looked as if a couple of hurricanes and been playing tag in it. However, she could have sworn that she aged ten years when she saw two huge ass monsters ascending into the sky at lightning speed. Two huge things fighting in the pink hues of a setting sky , disturbing earths tender peace. Thier mightily wings thrusting air around as if the earth was their play ground.

There was a loud crash, and a few more crunch's being heard, then, a gust of wind blew through the arena. The long evacuated stadium whistled loudly, and echoed every single sound that was happening in the sky. She heard grunts, profanities, and choking noises alike.

She looked up and saw the exchange of harsh blows.

Inner Sakura: The huge dark one has to be Sasuke.

Sakura: That means that the other one is Gaara.

A pang of worry surged through her. She couldn't see much through the all concealing clouds, but, it was a touch battle, and she knew deep down in her heart that Sasuke didn't play fair. Her face was blank with contemplation. She knew that she was more than half way an Uchiha. Unfamiliar images raced through her head of people she never knew. They all had raven hair, and many adorned the Sharingan.

These were Sasuke's memories. She could only hope that he didn't see hers.

There was a loud bang in the sky, both creatures punched each other simultaneously, and they both were sent plummeting toward the Earth.

Panic was every where. Panic was the air, the setting sun, the blood and most o fall, it was her heart.

Inner Sakura: Que a Hacemos!

Sakura: Yo no se!

Inner Sakura: Why are we speaking in Spanish!?

Sakura: I don't know!

"Ahhh!!", Sakura screamed. Her lungs gave out. She began to gasp for air. She was now taken what she firmly believed to be her final breaths. However, before there was any contact with the fragile earth, both bodies stripped their layers of temporary skin and began to shrink.

Sasuke landed in a heap across the entire arena in a pool of darkened feathers.

Gaara hit right into Sakura, sending them both flat on there backs in the sand.

Sakura felt Gaara get up beside her, he was tired, and could barely hold him self up. His gold eye was swollen shut, and his jaw looked equally as unpleasant. He looked at her from the corner of his good eyes. Horror played across his feature. He looked like a battle scarred worrier.

Sakura could imagine how she looked at the moment. Unreasonably bloody, and wheezing her life away. Her hair blue and sticky with sweat, that rolled down her scratched face and arms .

"Sakura…" He began to speak. Their eyes met, and their souls connected hungrily for each other. An intense gave silence the pain for one moment. He turned towards her slightly, but, he was forced to his knees by a pain that exploded in his chest. Connection broken, but not shattered.

"Your hair…is the jutsu…" , he spoke to her worry dripping in his voice. He clutched his broken arm, and closed his eyes in agony. She had him laying on her lap, her hand pouring the rest of her chakra into his damaged body.

"No", she rushed to his side , the kunai still in her hand, " I'm still me. What about…"

"Sakura! If I can't have you then nobody can!", A psychotic voice sounded from the other side of the arena.

Both figures looked at him in surprise. His face was contorted into a maniac smile, his teeth were over bared and his eyes wide and blood shot. Their eyes opened wide as they heard the lightening crackle of the Chidori . They could see the white orb grow and grow as sharp spikes erupted from its core. Gaara looked up into Sakura smooth face, and engraved it into his memory one last time.

Shukaku and Inner Sakura: Why is the bastard still alive?"

"He's going to kill us both." , Sakura whispered in disbelief and astonishment. She had to stop it, no longer could this man be allowed to hurt others. Orochimaru was gone, but, Sasuke was still a threat. He was going to kill Gaara, no one could kill Gaara.

She wouldn't let it happen.

Time is ticking

Every Moment counts

The hands never lay still

They will forever move forward.

"Gaara." , Sakura looked down at him. She took in his entire face ; his smooth nose that felt so soft against her skin, his love Kanji, so beautiful, uniqueness was his element. Her smiling and wary eyes moved to his one visible orb of green, looking at her with question. His lips………

"How much do you love me?", she asked him seriously, her face smooth and emotionless, tears coming to her eyes. She stroked his hair softly. He was utterly and completely shock. A sense of foreboding welled up within him. Sakura could see his eyes go passive for a moment. She knew that he had a hint of what she was going to ask him to do.

Though time may never stop.

It will however slow

For those that require it

Their wish will be granted

Sasuke rushed at them, sand flew behind him, maniac expression still in place. His mind was blank, his soul was black, and the blood within him ran cold. He was not human. He was nothing.

Time is ticking

"I need you to stab me.", she whispered to him, her tears fell onto his shocked face. He couldn't hear any hint of fear in her voice. His breath had left his lungs, and his thoughts had been erased.

"I'll never hurt you", his raspy voice whispered. Mimicking the same hushed tone.

Second after second

Moment by moment

Time consumes all

"Gaara listen to me", her voice became urgent but still soft, almost pliable. Her body felt numb.

" If he kills us, the entire leaf village is destroyed, my home, my life." ,she pleaded with him. His hard expression showed no resolve. She knew he wouldn't do it. Not yet.

"I'm dying any way. My lungs are failing; it's more and more complicated to speak by the second.", as if to prove her point, she began to wheeze. Not extremely, but, her lips parted more to take in air. She slid her hand from his head to her chest, and held it there. She was using so much strength just to speak. She wanted her last breaths to be for him.

"Since Sasuke and I are connected, if you stab me, it stabs him. His body can't take any more." She grew still, and inhaled a sharp breath. Gaara's eyes traveled across her face. He saw no regret there. Only sadness. She shouldn't have to do this. His inner turmoil, began to show on his face. He looked into her hardened Jade eyes, they looked just like his did. Tired, but still fighting. She was silent. He wanted to shout at her, scream at her.

Turn back time.

Sakura pushed the kunai into his hand.

"Do it for me." She said almost happily to him. She kissed him on the forehead, and gave him a smile.

It didn't reach her eyes.

Time is ever so young

Restless and Impatient

Never waiting longer

Than it feels it has to

Sasuke approached, ten yard away, the Chidori blazes like white fire. No thoughts in his head. No air in his lungs, but a single word whispered in his heart. Sorry.

Move quickly

Before time passes you by.

"But Sakura", he began to say, pain gripping his heart. He mask was melting, and his face was turning red. Gaara was going to cry. The sand around them shifted in agony. Kill Sakura? Or, let her die? Why couldn't there be some other option.

"Sh", she whispered softly, placing a weak and slender finger on his lips.

There was silence.

"It's ok, you can do it."

Gaara: What do I do.

Shukaku: Do it!

Gaara: But……

Shukaku: Do it!

He was brought out of his thoughts by lips lightly brushing against his.

"It's ok.", She said, "I love you"

He looked into her eyes with sadness, His face was miserable as well. He removed her hand from her chest and held it lightly. It felt so frail. She wheezing louder, but she was still beautiful.

Tick tock tick tock

Sasuke was ten steps away, but he was still disconnected.

It's time

It's time

It's time

It's time

The roar of the Chidori was filled his ears, and Sakura became a silhouette. It could all end soon.

Everything went white, and roar like one thousand birds filled his ears. Torn, and afraid for the first time ever Gaara lifted the dagger and thrust it forward. All was white.

A light body felt forward against him, his hand on the hilt of the kunai. The dagger went through her skin and deep within her torso.

He cried.

"I love you too"

Sakura's mind was like a dull buzz. She held on to her last strand of life. Gaara lay beneath her, with all that was left in her, she moved her hand to meet his on the dagger. They both feel into unconsciousness.

There hands intertwined.

Just like their destiny.


From the shadows, a dark onyx eyed figure peered at the scene. The only Sharingan left in the world observed the intertwined bodies.

"Not yet", the smooth voice whispered.

He walk slowly over to them, as if strolling, place his hand on Sakuras blood stained back. She began to glow blue for an instant. Her cold cheeks bean to get a little bit warmed, and her labored breath eased some what.

He stopped suddenly.

"Sakura! Gaara! Sasuke!", he heard the Kyuubi scream in disdain. He moved with intense ease over to the body of the fallen Orochimaru. He picked up the snake mans body and they disappeared in a cloud of smoke.


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