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Katsuragi's Apartment

Shinji had just woken up to sound of his S-DAT crashing into the wall just missing his face by mere centimeters. Apparently his roommate was mad at him for some reason. "Baka!" cried Asuka. "Are you listening to me you, you dope you're always listening to that piece of crap you call music. Why can't you get anything better than that outdated piece of pre-impact crap. You're always taking that out in public, that makes me so embarrassed I did you a favor in destroying it," screeched Asuka. "Pervert," stated Asuka. Shinji had enough of her constant rambling about how he was a pervert. If there was a pervert in the house it ought to be Asuka, for a fact Shinji knew Asuka was a pervert. Eight days prior to the incident but after the third impact was prevented. Shinji was taking a shower and heard the door cracked open and wondered who it could have been. Misato was at the vet getting Pen-Pen some vaccinations, and Asuka was suppose to be at Hikari's having a sleep over, or so he assumed. Then he started to hear voices, 'Asuka' and 'Hikari,' then the whisperings got louder. "Asuka what are we doing, this is Shinji for crying out loud," whispered Hikari. "SSShhh he might hear you," piped out Asuka. Little did they know Shinji heard every word of it. He didn't know what to do, so he turned of the water thinking the voices were part of his imagination. That's when he heard rustling in the hall and the front door slam. Shinji blinked a couple of times before he could comprehend his now useless S-DAT. 'She had no right to break it.' 'It was a gift (from a teacher who just wanted the boy to stop rambling on about his bastard of a father).' 'Breaking my S-DAT was the last straw.' "Hey are you listening baka?" yelled out Asuka. "Asuka, like you should talk, I know it was you and Hikari who opened the restroom door while I was taking a shower," replied shinji in a lifeless monotone one that would've matched Rei's. Despite the blush on Asuka's face she managed to yell "I'm going to kill you," "Asuka, Asuka, Asuka, your meaningless threats don't phase me anymore, and another thing I'm fed up with your crap and I'm not going to be your doormat anymore," replied Shinji in the same lifeless monotone. "Wow, so the Pervert has a backbone," stated Asuka. "You're going to pay for that," stated Shinji. Asuka started to get scare; and all because of the once acclaimed weakling. She didn't know if he was talking about the S-DAT or the recent comment, and quite frankly that scared her and made her feel admiration for the now limitless Shinji standing right in front of her. "You're also going to be making your own lunches for the rest of your insane life," yelled Shinji. "Y-y-yes," said the now scared and surprised Asuka. Shinji was even surprised with himself he felt sorry for the now teary-eyed girl in front of him. "W-wait Asuka I didn't m...," was all that Shinji could say before Asuka rushed to her room in tears. 'What have I done, I didn't want to hurt her, but she crossed the line,' was all Shinji could think of. Shinji just wanted to get away from everything, so he grabbed a jacket and headed outside of the tiny apartment with no inclination of where to go.

Meanwhile outside the Horaki's residence

"Touji I really had a nice time," thanked Hikari. The happy couple had just gotten back from the movies and Touji walked Hikari to the front door. There was something on Hikari's mind concerning Touji. 'Why is he acting so anxious,' 'that glint in his eye,' 'he doesn't seem to be same Touji I knew.' "Bye Touji," said Hikari shuffling with her keys. Apparently being a class representative had its disadvantages. Hikari was wondering what Touji was still doing at her apartment. Finally managing to find her house keys she reached for the door to only be grabbed by her wrist by a lust yearning Touji. "Touji whats wrong, let go you're hurting me," cried Hikari in panic. "Not yet Class Rep, don't you wanna make this date a little better?" asked Touji in a lustful way. What was Hikari going to do now that her sisters weren't home and her dad was probably working the late-shift? "KODAMA...NOZOMI...DAD," yelled Hikari in vain. "Go ahead Rep, by the look of things it looks like nobody's home." yelled back a now ticked of Touji. With that said Tougi pinned Hikari against a tree in Hikari's front yard and started forcing his tongue into the brown haired girl's mouth and started to grope her in places she wouldn't want to speak of in public or anywhere for the matter. 'Where am I,' 'I guess I deserve being lost, for making Asuka cry like that,' 'Huh, isn't that the Class Rep's house,' 'Wait, is that Touji and Hikari making out,' 'humph at least someone is having a good day,' 'Wait, why is she crying,' "Touji not like this, please stop before you regret it," pleaded Hikari with her life. SLAP "Don't you threaten me,"yelled Touji with anger. Hikari was really scared, she didn't want to be raped by the same person she had a crush on. Finally something caught her attention, a boy standing with his fists curled, but she couldn't see the person because his eyes were shadowed by his hair 'Shinji.' Touji was in the process of stripping Hikari's dress. Shinji didn't know what to do, he wanted to run away but not have what Touji did to Hikari on his conscience. "STOP," demanded Shinji. "Sssh..inji," stuttered a scared and bruised Hikari. "SHINJI, GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE I BEAT YOU UP LIKE LAST TIME," yelled Touji. Suddenly a stream of memories flooded into his mind. He was confronted by Touji saying it was Shinji's fault his sister was hurt during the third angel attack. 'No, I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away, I MUSTN'T RUN AWAY. "NO, y-y-you l-leave her alone." yelled Shinji with a slight squeak in his voice. Honestly Touji was surprised but quickly recovered to say "I'm serious Shinji, I don't wanna have to hurt you," "Huh, just like you didn't hurt Hikari, now get off of her y-you bastard," yelled an angry Shinji with a slight squeak in his voice. Hikari was nervous not for her sake but for Shinji's, she didn't want to get him involved in this. Suddenly a pissed-off Touji got off of Hikari and started walking toward a brave Shinji with intent to scare him off, but as soon as he reached him he was met with a throbbing pain in his stomach. He was suddenly feeling himself faint into unconscious state. "Ssshinji y-you punched me ughhh," stated a Touji before slipping into an unconscious state. With that said, Touji hit the ground with a loud thud. Hikari couldn't believe her eyes so with her last breath before she slipped into an unconscious state due to her weariness of evading Touji's onslaught she said, "T-t-thank you S-s-shinji-kun."

Hikari's Dream State

Hikari woke to find a Touji staring intently at her. "Where's S-shinji?" questioned Hikari. "Oh him, he's over there,"barked Touji with malice pointing to a bloody impression next to the tree (looked pretty much like when Scar separated the kamara from FMA). "Aahhh," screamed a horrified Hikari. "That's not nearly as much as what I'm going to do to you," barked a deranged Touji. Suddenly Touji started to form into the angel that EVA unit one ate its core. Just as Touji was going to strike Hikari, a giant dark figure larger than angel grabbed the Touji/angel from behind and slammed it into an oncoming car which then exploded along with the angel. She then looked at the dark figure only to see it come out of the shadows as Evangelion Unit One with a menacingly look on its face. It was about to reach for Hikari, so Hikari just winced expecting the worse just to feel it caressing her cheek and then suddenly wake up from her dream state to see Shinji in her room patting a moist towel on her cheek and slowly moving it to her forehead.

Hikari's P.O.V

"H-h-hello Shinji," I said hoping to get a response and an explanation as to what happened when I blacked out. Apparently this startled him and he jumped back and tripped over a light blanket that had me tucked in, so I fell along with him onto his lap and felt a strange warmth circle me. I never felt like this around Touji, 'That bastard,' finally he was about to help me get up until I grabbed his arm and said "Please It hurts to much to move." "O-okay," was the only response I got from him. ' I'm just glad Touji's fake leg slowed him down enough for Shinji to come rescue me.' "Where am I?" I said half exhausted. "You're in your room, I had to get you somewhere to stop the bleeding, oh and the keys where already in the keyhole so I just...sorry...I just had to stop bleeding," blurted Shinji. "Bleeding!" I yelled 'so Touji did succeed in doing that.' "When you fainted you kinda hit your head and scraped your forehead," stated Shinji. 'I was so relieved.' Then the memories of what just happen hit me like a truck. "Thank you Shinji-kun," I said to a now blushing Shinji sitting across from me. It was kind of fun to tease Shinji. Even though I didn't want to move from the spot I was in I just had to ask, "Shinji-kun where is Touji?" Shinji then suddenly got up and said, "Umm he ran off after he woke up," "Thank you again," I said hugging him tightly in the position I was in. Shinji just got redder if that was even possible. I finally wanted to see if Shinji could get any redder, so I leaned towards Shinji and kissed him on the cheek, as expected his cheek took on a darker shade of red. Suddenly looking at Shinji made me feel as if my stomach was performing a back-flip. 'Could I be falling for Shinji, after all he did just save my life.' "Well I'll be leaving, oh and here are your keys, I'll lock the door on my way out I promise, well bye," stated Shinji after turning to leave. Just as he was about to leave, something just came over me. Just as Shinji was about to leave, Hikari grabbed his arm and pulled him a little to close which made Shinji fall on her lap. 'For a guy he sure is light.' Just then their wandering gazes caught each other at a point when their blushes equally matched each other. Hikari kept holding on to his arm through the whole incident which was kind of getting awkward at the moment. Everything went deathly silent until Hikari spoke out "Shinji."

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