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The man in front of his cell smirks and adjusts his dark shaded glasses.

"I'm free…"

The man's smirk widens as he looks down at the boy and then to his watch.

"Why are you doing this?"

Never knowing his cousin to be generous in any way he looks down, letting his shoulders slump.

"Oh I see, a lie."

"You got it right mutt."

The prisoner did not move for he knew this cruel treatment to be normal for his sociopath of a cousin. He paid no attention to the crescendo of footsteps coming his way; his cousin was always thorough with his barbs. It was a wonder why he was put on his security detail. His interest is sparked when he hears catcalls coming from the other jailed inmates.

"Orion," spoke a sing-song voice.

'Oh no, damn it' were his thoughts.

Turning to the cell bars he looks at the questionable expression on her face.

"What are you doing here?"

"Ever heard of conjugal visits?" She says while tracing one of the bars with her fingers.

He winces when she says that, also noticing the seductive tone in her voice.

"You shouldn't be here." He states with his voice defrocked of any emotion or tenderness.

Orion walks toward the cell bars with a mask of indifference. It crumbles to pieces as soon as she says something to perturb him.

"I was worried."

His brown hair casts a shadow over his eyes while he grabs the cell bars.

"Shut up, shut up, don't you understand?"


"I almost…"

"I don't care."

He turns around facing the back of his cell, frustrated at the level of her stupidity. His fist clenches drawing blood from both of his palms. A surprising wave of nausea floods him as he feels her hands encircle him through the bars. The burning feeling soon engulfs his neck as her lips trace the back of his neck.

"Stop it," is his weak reply, though that does not deter her.


"You know what this does to me, right?"

"Please just let me have this," she replies.

"Our AT fields…"


"You were always so selfish," he states while he lets out an amused laugh and moves further into his cell effectively cutting off their brief entanglement.

He turns around looking expectantly at the frustrated girl in front of his cell with a smile on his face. She looks dumbstruck at him for awhile that is until his point is made clear.

"Well you were here for a visit."

Her eyes widen as the bars in front of her widen enough to allow entry into his cell. Once she had stepped forward through the small space she sees his left hand clench into a fist causing the metal bars to merge into one another and seal off any view from the outside.

"To become of one mind, and one body."

Holding Cell 34546
Block C
Wyvern's Detainment Facilities.


"I didn't want…"

You almost rap…

"Shut up, shut up, shut up," came the prisoner's mantra.

Sunken eyes marked his face with malnutrition as did the loss of muscle on his body. His attire composed of the same sweat soaked jersey that they had abducted him with. His eyes held a kind of rabidity look to them, dazed and always twitching in every direction. His lingering gaze on his cell wall perturbed the guards as they made their rounds.

Your friend betrayed you….

"No, Shinji…"

Almost killed you twice…

"I almost did something horrible," cried the boy aloud.

How could something so horrible be so pleasurable?

"Stop it I know what you're doing; I'm not going to…"

She begged and pleaded but you couldn't care less…

Shinji the hero, came and saved her…

"Shut the fuck up," bawled the boy.

What would your little sister say if she saw how much of a monster you've become?

"I said shut up."

Don't you want to make this better?

The boy grabbed his head falling to the ground on his prosthesis bending the metal and sending a jarring sensation of pain throughout his body.

He put you here with these horrible people.

"No, stop it."

It's his fault you're here.

"Please," begged the boy.

It hurts doesn't it?

I can make it go away.


Just give me something and it will all disappear, your pain and your sadness.


Your hatred.

You'll be able to get your revenge on them.

It's easy, just do it.

You'll be able to kill them.

For betraying you…

Give into your hatred.

The more hatred the better, child.

"Anything, I'll do anything just tell me."

Very well then, It all begins now, your new life.

The boy looks up at the ceiling to see black tar seeping down onto his body and for a moment of clarity his eyes freeze in their sockets and he becomes short of breath.

"This is.." A flash of Eva-03 enters his mind as the black tar bubbles all over his skin.

"You're an Angel?" he yells.

Heavens no, I'm much more forgiving.


Since this is all taking place in your head right now I can't show you my devilish beard and pitchfork, but I can give you the tools to escape this prison...

The Steel bars bend and snap as soon as the voice says prison.

...and ultimately give you the one thing you crave above all else.


Just call me Satan, not Lucifer mind you, just an old accuser.