Cursed are the Peacemakers


Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don't own Supernatural or Sam, Dean and John, coz if I did well ... anyway I can only play with them and then send em home.

Author's note: Kind of sequel to Alternate Life, Real Life?



Sam stretched lazily and stared over at Dean who still slept soundly as they travelled throughout the day. He put on a tape of Metallica chuckling at the thought of Dean's caustic remarks about how he is influencing Sam's music tastes.

Blinking at the sign just ahead Sam decided to pull off and wake Dean to take over, he doesn't mind driving but since he left the hospital in Trinity, he tired very easily. It was still another couple of hours before they reached the next town and that was just a little too long for Sam to drive what he considered safely.

'Huh? What?' Dean mumbled as he felt the car stop, slowly he opened his eyes and blinked owlishly up at Sam, 'what's goin' on?'

'Change driver time, gotta get some sleep Dean I'm whacked.'

'Hang on ... you are wanting to go to sleep? You sure you're feeling okay?'

'Jerk!' Sam laughed, 'and yes I'm fine I just need a nap that's all.'

'Well Sammy glad to hear it.' Dean grinned as he got out of the car, stretched and ran his hair through his short light brown hair, 'where are we exactly?'

'About two hours from somewhere.' Sam yawned already sliding into the passenger seat, 'just about right for a nap.'

'Laugh it up geek boy, coz soon I aint gonna be so forgiving when you are completely well again.'

'Hey, I'm trying ... it's not every day I get poisoned and treated like a lab rat, and forced to remember things that never happened and ...'

'Okay. Okay.' Dean held his hands up in mock surrender, 'but Dude, remember the rules, shotgun keeps his cakehole shut and gets some much needed sleep while the ever so handsome driver picks the music ... hang on this is Metallica anything you want to confess Sammy?'

Sam grinned, and then smothered a yawn before he curled his long frame up and immediately fell into a deep natural sleep. 'Sleep well Sammy boy, sleep well.' Dean stifled a lingering yawn and settled in to the last leg of their trip for the day.

Slowing down Dean glanced over at Sam who still slept with no nightmare in sight, sighing happily he turned his attention back to the road, 'what the?' He ground out. A strange looking man stood in the middle of the road, he seemed to be unaware of the big black classic car careening towards him. Dean desperately tried to slow down in time so he wouldn't hit him; at the last moment, he wrenched the wheel and skidded in loose gravel.

'Sam?' Dean asked lifting his head slowly, wincing with pain, he raised a shaking head and felt the cut on his temple, the stickiness of his blood trickling down the side of his face. Sam still sat curled in the same position as before but this time he had blood running down his face and his shoulder looked like it was already starting to swell after its dislocation. 'Come on Sammy wakey, wakey.'

A little girl's voice rang softly through the car although no distinct words could be heard, more just a light tinkle of laughter. Dean turned his head sharply in the direction of where the voice came from; blearily he stared at a tiny blond girl with thick plaits and wearing a cotton cap and a very plain dress and apron. She stared at him with solemn brown eyes, neither welcoming or condemning, and then she was gone.


Two hours later Dean woke with a fright, lying in a warm soft bed; the room sunny and painted in a soft white with lots of lace around, definitely a girl's room he decided. Groaning softly he went to sit up and then holding his head fell back against the large pillows. 'Fuck!' He muttered.

'Oh you said a bad word.' A little girl gasped in shock and ran from the room calling for her Papa.

'Good one Dean.' He muttered as he stared at the open door, then he realised that he was alone, Sam was nowhere in sight.

Just then, he heard Sam's clear laughter ringing through the building, 'he's laughing?' Dean wondered, slowly he stood up, waited for the room to stop spinning and then padded out barefoot following the sound of Sam's voice and laughter.

'Hey Dean good to see you finally awake.' Sam grinned as he looked up at his older brother. Sam sat at a long wooden table, the remains of his breakfast still in front of him as well as a glass of frothy milk.

'Sam ... where are we?'

'You are in the Motherhouse.' A young woman said walking towards the table carrying a plate laden with food, 'sit please I have breakfast for you.'

'Thanks, okay Sam did we end up in the twilight zone or something?'

'Rebekkah is a Peacemaker.' Sam said smiling up at the young woman, 'it was her father who found us and brought us back here.'

'Okay ... ah Peacemakers?'

'Kinda like the Amish by the sound of it.' Sam whispered as Rebekkah went back to the kitchen to get him a glass of milk. 'Dude no coffee?' he asked dismayed at the thought of no morning coffee.

'Um well, they do drink something like coffee but ...'

'Oh Dude.' Dean shook his head mournfully, 'what about the car?'

'They towed it into the barn, only a bit of a dent but the front tyre is shot.'

'There he is Grand-Papa he said the bad word.' The little girl returned dragging an older man with a grey beard and twinkle in his eye with her.

'Now, now Trinia it is rude to point.' He chastised the little girl gently, 'ah I see that the both of you are well.'

'Yes thank you Sir.' Sam said smiling at Trinia, 'don't mind Dean he's always grumpy in the mornings.'

'Am not.' Dean shot back sulkily, 'just need coffee.'

'Ah you need some brough-brew.' The old man laughed and called for Rebekkah, 'I think our guests would prefer something stronger Bekkah.' He grinned, 'three brews please Child.'

'Sam and this is my brother Dean, ah thanks again for your help Sir we really appreciate it.' Sam said giving Dean a small kick under the table.

'Ah yeah thanks.' Dean mumbled, holding his aching head, 'you wouldn't have something for a killer headache?'

'Bekkah has an herbal remedy that will help.' The old man smiled at Dean, 'I am Joseph, and I am the High Elder here.'

'My Papa and me found you.' Trinia said glowering over at Dean, 'you crashed into the tree.'

'Yeah well some old Dude stood in the road and I didn't want to hit him.' Dean said still sulking as he sniffed the coffee substitute. 'So where's the closest town from here?'

'There is a town about two miles north from here.' Joseph said with a disapproving air, 'we don't go to town but if you must...'

'Car parts.' Sam said quickly knowing the kind of answer Dean was about to shoot off, 'we need to get parts to fix our car.'

'Já, well then tomorrow we will take you, today you rest.' Joseph said as he stood up, 'good brew Bekkah.'

'Thank ya Grand-Papa.' Bekkah smiled shyly as she watched Dean move the food around on his plate. 'Is there something else I can get you?'

'No, sorry just not very hungry this morning.' Dean pushed himself up and swayed unsteadily for a moment.

'Dean?' Sam asked shooting up he was at his brother's side in seconds. 'You okay?'

'Just this headache that's all.' Dean muttered, 'might go lie down for a while.'

Sam smiled at the young woman and then shadowed his brother back to the bedroom, 'Dude spill what's wrong?' He asked his voice heavy with concern.

'Nothing just got a headache that's all.' Dean grumbled, 'geeze get a life and leave me alone.'


'Ah Sammy I'm sorry ... it's just this headache that's all.' Dean slurred his words and he was sound asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Worried Sam settled himself in a comfortable chair under the window and watched his brother, until he fell asleep, the sunlight bathing him in a golden glow, giving him an ethereal almost angelic look.