Cursed are the Peacemakers

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'Who the fuck are you?' Dean demanded spinning around he faced the creature making sure that he stood between it and Sam.

'I am your Master, kneel before me.' The demon laughed, 'ah it feels so good to be free again.'

'What do you ... you set those spirits up didn't you.' Dean accused as the realisation hit him, 'you had them sacrificing innocents to you on the promise of resurrection and immortality.'

'Ah you are not as stupid as those I see, perhaps mankind has gained intelligence since the days I walked this earth.'

'Those days are long gone, Darky time to go back to where you belong.'

'Ha, you puny human, you think that you can tell me where I belong?' The Master demon laughed and waved his hand at Dean sending him flying against the far wall and then the creature glided across the width of the room to inspect Sam. 'So you are the one they used to breed with their females for me.' He said casting a yellow stained stare across Sam's body, lifting his finger the demon caused the robe to split open and fall away from Sam.

Gasping with the sudden chill and confusion Sam tried to move away from the new threat but stumbled dizzily and fell to his knees. The Dark Master ran his clawed fingers through Sam's hair and then grasped it tightly and yanked his head backwards straining his neck. 'You have a scent about you ... you are stained aren't you ... a creature amongst humans, you see things.' The demon hissed and dropped Sam's head in disgust, 'I can still feel your taint on me and they were going to use you to create my children?' the demon raised his hand and made a slashing movement, blood spurted from Sam's chest as he lifted Sam into the air, 'come on freak fight me, use your gifts to fight me.' The demon taunted Sam as he suspended the young man in the air.

Dean rose slowly shaking his head and immediately regretting the action sat back on his haunches and tried to focus on his surroundings. With his sight still blurry he managed to make out the demon's shape blinking a few more times his sight cleared enough to see that he had Sam suspended above him, his brother's frail body jerking with each invisible blow, now if he could manage just to see one demon and one brother he would be right. Staggering drunkenly he bit back the pain coming from the back of his head and neck and launched himself at the creature.

Startled by the brazen attack the demon lost his concentration and Sam crumpled lifelessly to the floor. as Dean ran headlong into the demon he pulled out his short-bladed knife and a small bottle of holy water, splashing the blessed fluid on the blade he wrapped both hands on the shaft and as he leapt up and moved with the momentum of the run up. 'This is for Sammy.' He snarled as he pushed the blade into the demon's chest through to the hilt.

Dropping to the floor he sat panting and watched as the demon staggered back and roared in fury, blood spurted from Dean's nose and ears as its scream turned into a blood-curdling screech. 'Sammy?' Dean whispered as he crawled over to his fallen brother, 'Sammy come on Bro talk to me.'

Dean sat cradling Sam's lifeless body heedless of the time he just sat rocking his baby brother, tears ran unnoticed down his face, as he absently brushed back Sam's hair. His skin cool to the touch now, and the blood no longer poured from the life-taking wounds.

'Ah my boys you survived the feast, I was detained otherwise...' Jonas rambled as he appeared and hurried over to the Winchesters, 'Dean my lad what is it?'

Dean turned his tear-stained face at Jonas and snarled, 'don't touch him, don't you dare touch him.'

'Dean what happened to Sam?'

'He's, he's just asleep.' Dean looked back down at Sam's face and ran his fingers through his brother's dark brown hair, working out the matted dried blood, 'he's exhausted.'

'Dean son, I need you to...'

'Get away from him, no one's touching him.' Dean wept cradling Sam even closer he started rocking again. 'He's exhausted that's all.'

Jonas squatted down in front of Dean and put his hand on his arm, 'son I can help.' He said softly.

'How? Why? He's asleep that's all.' Dean said but his voice sounded broken and lost.

'Dean I can help him but we're running out of time, how long has he been ... asleep?'

'Not sure, he's so cold Jonas I need to warm him up, he hates being cold.'

'Dean son you have to listen to me, I can help Sam wake up but I need you to trust me.'

'Can you wake him up?'

'Will you let me?'

'Don't, don't hurt him please.' Dean asked his stare naked of his ego and confidence. 'H-h-he is hurt already I don't want him to feel anymore pain.'

'I won't hurt him I promise, but son if you don't let me help him soon it will be too late.'

Dean brushed a soft kiss on Sam's forehead before settling him down on the floor and moved away slightly to give Jonas room. 'Please make him warm, he hates being cold.'

Jonas smiled and nodded at Dean before kneeling next to Sam, bending his head he sat for a moment with his eyes closed and breathed deeply and then he slowly lifted his hands, placing one over Sam's heart and the other over his forehead.

'It's time to come home Samuel Winchester, you have to listen to me and follow my voice.' A golden halo spread over the older man and slowly engulfed all three of them, as it intensified and grew the more Jonas appeared to concentrate.

Wide-eyed Dean watched holding his breath as he kept his gaze focused on Sam's face, he was so pale, so innocent looking, so young.

Jonas' body stiffened as it absorbed the halo, his skin shining with the golden hues, his hair now snow white and his eyes the palest blue Dean had ever seen, he no longer looked like the elderly Peacemaker. Now, now he looked young, healthy and ethereal.

Confused Dean opened his mouth to speak when he saw Sam's fingers twitch, and then a slight movement in his chest, a sharp intake of air trying to fill the emptied lungs.

'Sam?' Dean breathed as he started to hyperventilate slightly.

Sam's eyes opened slowly, lazily he smiled at Dean and then let out a small sigh, 'what happened?'

Dean rolled his eyes up to where Jonas was standing but the older man was gone as were all of the bodies and any sign of the demon.

'Dean are you alright?'

'Yeah Sammy I'm fine, what about you?'

'Ah, my chest hurts and thirsty but ... what – what is it Dean?'

'Nothing Dude nothing.' Dean blinked back the tears and grinned down at his brother, 'glad you finally decided to wake up.'


'Dude, Sammy leave your stitches alone.' Dean scolded his brother as they drove down the highway.

'They itch.' Sam whined as he scratched his chest again.

'That's coz they are getting better, now leave them alone.' Dean leant over and swatted at Sam's fingers. 'Geeze do I have to tie your hands together?'

'Dean – Dean what happened back there, I mean I know you told me some of it but...'

'But what Dude?' Dean suddenly decided to concentrate on the road and his driving dreading Sam's question.

'I ah have been having these nightmares.'

'The usual ones?' Dean shot him a quick worried look.

'No, well yes and, but these are different.'

'Different how, spit it out Sammy.'

'I – I was tied to a bed naked and there were these...' Sam stopped himself and stared out the window, his long frame shaking slightly.

Dean glanced over and realising that Sam was remembering what the crazies did to him chewed his lower lip and made a decision, 'Sam do you realise that you did actually die?'

'Ah yeah I guess.'

'Well are you gonna tell me? Was there a bright light? St Peter at the pearly gates? Come on Sammy details.'

'Dean ... you're incorrigible.' Sam gave a small laugh and sighed heavily, 'they did do that to me didn't they?'

'Yeah they did Dude I'm sorry.'

'Hey Dean please don't ... the guilt is supposed to be my department isn't it.'

'So Sammy where to now?' Dean asked flashing a grin, 'we're only a couple of states away from the beach Dude, sun surf ... girls.'

'Ah Dean I umm think that I may have had enough...' Sam stopped as Dean's mobile phone beeped a text message. Grabbing it he gave a relieved sigh and opened the message.

'What is it Sammy?'

'First it is not Sammy it is Sam, secondly co-ordinates looks like Dad strikes again.' Sam sighed.

'Well, what we are doing hanging around here?' Dean grinned, turned the volume up on his ACDC tape and started singing along to Highway to Hell. Yes it was going to be a good day after all.