Opening: Yay! I'm finally finishing all those one shots I started like 3 months ago. Everyone needs an ice-cream fic, right?

Warning: Yaoi. Sexual taunting with Ice-cream. SasuNaru.

Disclaimer: Do you see Manxman on Naruto? I didn't think so. (Meaning that I don't own the characters)



"It's so damn hot!" Naruto's complaining voice drifted through the air.

"Shut up, Naruto." Sakura protested to the cries of anguish for a moment and then fluttered back to praising Sasuke for his undying hotness.

Naruto scoffed indignantly which earned another glare from Sakura. He involuntarily shivered and glanced around.

"Hey guys! Look at that!" He shouted pointing at an ice cream cart with a mildly short line. "Let's get some ice cream." He finished with pride in his tone.

"Hn." Was the ever intelligent answer from Uchiha and whatever Sasuke did, Sakura did with the same if not more energy than Naruto.

After getting their purchases, Naruto Vanilla, Sakura Strawberry, and Sasuke Chocolate (Much to his distaste, they didn't have green tea flavored so he took the lesser of the three evils.) sat down under a tree in the park.

"Ha." A content sigh left Naruto's mouth as they basked in shaded paradise. "Even if it's hot out, it's nothing shade and ice cream can't fix."

"Yeah." Sakura agreed relaxing her silhouette to the odd curves in the tree. "Right, Sasuke?"

"Hn." He was focusing on his melting ice cream at that point in time.

"Well? Let's dig in." Naruto shouted with glee, not even waiting for a reply from his teammates.

Sasuke glanced over at Naruto for a moment and brought his gaze back to his ice cream, then did a double take.

Naruto lapped up the falling drops and swirled his tongue around the sides. He dragged his tongue along the underside of the ice cream and shivered as the frozen treat snaked down his throat. He made an odd sensual noise that made Sasuke grab his nose at the thought of other things that mouth could be doing. As to not look conspicuous at holding his nose in fear of a nose bleed and brought his hand in front of his mouth and coughed slightly.

"Teme, you should eat that before it falls off." Naruto eyed the ice cream that threatened to fall right into Sasuke's lap.

"Hn. Whatever." He licked the falling droplets.

Naruto shrugged and went back to raping his ice cream, as Sasuke so cleverly named it. He obviously had no idea how this was effecting our poor Uchiha as he tried desperately to control his thoughts that were connected to another part of his anatomy that he did NOT want to come into view. Naruto, however, not noticing Sasuke's reaction continued to lap up the neglected parts of his ice cream.

Naruto moaned quietly sucking on the bottom of the cone to stop the drops from flowing. Sasuke's pants were becoming restricted. Lick. Twitch. Longer lick. Tighten. Bite. Wince. Swallow. Sweat. Hard suck on the bottom again. Tighten. .Bite. The cone. Naruto sighed in content. Snap.

"What the hell Sasuke!" Naruto growled at the other boy as he was lifted over the Uchiha's shoulder.

"Shut up, Dobe." He ordered and slapped Naruto's ass.

"T-teme! Put me down! Where are we going!" He demanded.

"To eat my ice-cream." He stated simply.