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Everyone always wondered why Tom Riddle never liked Albus Dumbledore. No one realized that the main reason was one Minerva McGonagall. Tom and Minnie (yes she actually went by Minnie) were close friends all throughout their Hogwarts education. It was odd for a Gryffindor and a Slytherin to be friends but not these two. You see they both spent an inordinate amount of time in the library. Minerva had natural talent in transfiguration and DADA and Tom had it in charms and dark arts (actual dark arts as they only stopped teaching them once Dumbledore was headmaster). They often teamed up as study partners since no one else in their year was intelligent enough to challenge them.

It was at the end of their 6th year that things began to change in their friendship. They began to see each other more, often finding any possible excuse to spend time together. It was only when a Slytherin girl asked Tom out and he watched Minerva hex her that they realized they liked each other romantically. They kept their relationship a secret, the other Slytherins would not appreciate their soon to be head boy involved with a Gryffindor.

The summer before 7th year Minerva was offered an assistantship with the transfiguration professor, Albus Dumbledore. She would help him teach the 1st through 3rd year classes and the time would count towards an apprenticeship with him after she finished university. Tom and Albus did not get along. Tom thought Dumbledore was too friendly with Minnie and Albus thought there was something shifty about Tom. Tom was very upset to find that Minerva would be working so closely with Dumbledore; he didn't trust the other man, especially not around his girlfriend. Minerva was ecstatic about her assistantship as she loved transfiguration and hoped to teach it one day.

Tom and Minerva's relationship progressed quickly over the summer. She even invited him to stay with her for part of the summer since she knew how much he hated the orphanage. By the time they returned for their 7th year as head boy and girl, they were head over heals in love with each other, even if no one else knew it. The year progressed and after Tom opened the chamber of secrets the school went into panic. He realized that he and Minerva could never be together if he wanted to follow in Salazar Slytherin's footsteps. She was too much a Gryffindor and didn't have the same beliefs that he did. After framing Hagrid and closing the chamber back up, Tom started to distance himself from Minerva.

This confused her and she ended up spending more time than ever with Dumbledore, which in turn caused Tom to push her away more. Eventually he told her that they could not be together and they ended not only their romantic relationship but also their friendship shortly before Graduation.

As the years went on, Minerva studied and received her Masters in transfiguration and Tom slowly morphed into the Dark Lord Voldemort and began gathering followers. It was almost 30 years before they saw each other again. By then Minerva was the transfiguration professor and Gryffindor head of house at Hogwarts due to Dumbledore being named Headmaster. Tom had begun his first reign of terror and Minerva was a member of the original Order of the Phoenix.

Minerva was on an information gathering mission for the Order when she was kidnapped along with James and Lilly Potter. She was terrified but James was determined that he could get them out alive, again. This was the third time that he and Lily had been captured by Death Eaters. Minerva was taken from the dungeon where they were being kept and placed in the Dark Lord's bed chamber. She was terrified of what her once best friend and boyfriend had become.

While incarcerated by the Death Eaters she spent her time as Voldemort's play thing. She had given up hope of rescue and resigned herself to life as the Dark Lord's concubine when the Potters escaped. Tom was furious and took it out on his death eaters for being incompetent and then on her for being associated with them. When one of his death eaters offered to kill Minerva for him, Tom realized that although he may despise everything she stood for; he still loved her and could not bear to see her killed. He released her back to Dumbledore and his Order of the Chicken before one of his followers harmed her by mistake.

A month or so later Minerva realized that she was pregnant. As the only man she had been with was Tom, she knew her child was the spawn of the Dark Lord. Albus was furious, mostly because he had been trying to move his relationship with Minerva past platonic for years and secondly because she refused to terminate the child. Albus convinced her to hide the pregnancy and then give up the child so that Tom would never learn that he has an heir. He was terrified of how powerful and intelligent a child of those two could be. Minerva was sent away at the end of the school year when she began to show her condition and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on September 19, 1979. Albus took the baby girl and switched it with a muggle baby that had been stillborn and modified the doctors' memories. He thought she would be safe being raised by parents who thought her their own instead of growing up knowing she was adopted. A little over a year later he made the mistake he was trying to avoid with Minerva's child when he placed little Harry Potter with his abusive relatives.

The summer before Hermione's 7th year her mother got very sick and needed a blood transfusion. Both Hermione and her father offered their blood but neither was compatible. When Hermione realized what her parents' blood types were as well as what her own was she realized that she could not be their biological child. She asked her dad about it while they waited for a match for her mother's blood. Her father tried to tell her about her birth and realized that things were very hazy, like someone had blotted out some of his memories and all he could see were shadows. He told her how happy they were that she was alive and healthy since her mother had many problems during the pregnancy and the doctor's had only given her a 50 chance of having a live birth.

Hermione realized that her parents must have had their memories altered and she was switched at birth with their real child who must have died. It was a good explanation, but it didn't explain why someone would want to do that and who her real parents were. Was she really a pureblood? Could she not really be a muggle born like she thought? She kept the information to herself since she didn't want to alarm her parents and since she didn't want to stir up a commotion with her friends. They had a lot more to worry about with the war than who her real parents might be.

Chapter 1

"Will you two ever grow up?" Hermione grumbled at Ron and Harry as they attempted to put their trunks in the compartment they were going to share for their last train ride to Hogwarts. They were beginning their 7th year and Hermione was head girl and annoyed with her friends' immaturity.

"I've given up all hope of that ever happening," Ginny told her from the doorway where she saw the mess the two boys were making. "Honestly you two, you've been able to use magic all summer and you forget you can once we get back on the train to school!" The boys had the grace to look sheepish. "You can't imagine how trying it was being around the two of them for a whole month!" Ginny told Hermione while shaking her head. Harry had gone to stay at the Burrow when he turned 17.

"Did you enjoy staying at the Burrow this summer Harry?" Hermione asked as she arranged herself next to Ginny in the compartment.

"It was brilliant," Harry told her with a huge smile. "The whole family was there this summer, well minus Percy the Prat and we got to play Quidditch almost every day."

"Oh, tell her what you did to the Dursley's before you left!" Ron told him with a laugh.

"Harry please tell me you didn't use magic on muggles. You know you can get expelled for that!" Hermione moaned, when would they ever learn?

"Don't worry Moine; I made sure to read the law on this one. As long as the muggles are already aware of magic there is nothing preventing me from performing it in front of them and as long as the magic itself is not performed directly on the muggles in question, there is no harm done." He told her with a grin worthy of his marauder heritage.

"What did you do to them then?" She asked, secretly pleased that he found a loophole to punish his horrible relatives.

"I just charmed almost everything in the house. I charmed the fridge to oink at Dudley and not to open for him along with the pantry. I charmed all the furniture to moan and insult anyone heavy who sits on it. And I charmed all of Aunt Petunia's favorite china to shriek and run away if she attempted to clean them. I did some other small things as well, but those were the best. Oh wait; I also charmed Dudley's Smeltings stick to shock him every time he hits someone with it!" He told her with a grin.

"Very original Harry," She told him with a raised eyebrow. "I was unaware you were able to perform all those charms."

"Yeah, well for the first part of the summer the only thing I had to entertain myself were my school books, so I flipped through them all and made notes on which ones could help me in the war as well as a list that would help in pranking." He told her with a grin. "I intend to make sure the school knows that I am the son of a marauder!"

"Well, leave me out of it. I don't want to loose my head girl privileges because you were acting like a child." She told him.

"What's so great about being head girl anyway?" Ron asked her with a frown.

"Well for starters I get my own room. I also don't have a curfew, have unlimited access to the restricted section and I can assign detentions and take points." She told them with a huff, making their eyes bulge out.

"Wow, I am so going to try for head girl next year!" Ginny laughed.

"You'll be able to raid the kitchens for us whenever we need!" Ron told her in greedy awe. "No more avoiding Snape while sneaking food up to the tower!"

"Sorry boys, but I will have much more important things to do this year than sneak you food. A small thing called studying for my NEWTs! Don't think you two will be getting out of studying either." She scolded them before grabbing a book and settling in for the long ride.

Draco Malfoy was fuming at not having been made head boy. Ever since his father was sent to prison at the end of his 5th year things had not been going his way. The headmaster was no longer able to be controlled by his father strong arming the Board of Governors and it was becoming tiresome. He was accustomed to having his way all the time and didn't like having to work for things that he could easily have handed to him. He was even more upset that the bushy haired little mudblood Granger had gotten head girl. He couldn't believe that a mudblood had a higher place in the school than he did! He was going to make that uppity know-it-all pay for upstaging him.

Draco spent the first week of school planning his revenge on the mudblood. His professors noticed he seemed distracted but didn't mention anything. The only one who knew he was up to something was Snape who mentioned to the headmaster that they should keep a close eye on the boy.

Draco had finally figured out how to embarrass the head girl. There were spells that were only activated by certain types of blood. His house had a large array of anti-muggle and anti-muggle born curses on it. He just modified one of those curses so it was no longer deadly. He may want the bookworm to suffer but there was no way he was risking expulsion by killing her, she just wasn't worth that risk.

The curse would activate when a muggle born walked through the scanning point. The person who set it off would then be hung from their feet in the air, stripped of clothing and a 'No Muggles Welcome' sign would hang from their neck. Draco thought it fitting since Granger seemed such a goody-goody prude as well. He had overheard Ron and her fighting the year before about how she wouldn't let him get past 1st base. The whole school knew that the Weasel had dumped her a day later for a Hufflepuff who would put out. Draco still chuckled at the mysterious hex that Weasel got hit with that made him flaccid for two months after that. It was a shame they never caught Granger or she never would have made head girl.

Draco finished setting up the muggle curse seconds before potions class and slipped in the door just as the bell was ringing. As Granger was the only mudblood in their advanced potions class he didn't have to worry about someone else setting his trap off. He was smug all throughout Potions class and Snape was on high alert. When at the end of class nothing bad had happened, Severus wondered what exactly had Malfoy so excited. He followed the students out of the classroom to try and prevent whatever it was that Malfoy had done. He could see the residual magic of the curse in the hallway but was not in time before the students started walking through its path. As he inspected it, wondering why it was not harming the students, he realized it was triggered by muggle blood. He yelled for Miss Granger to stop but it was too late. He watched as she walked a foot past the magical scanners, but nothing happened. She turned around to question him as he hurried towards her. Draco was staring in shock as the mudblood stood in the middle of his anti-mudblood trap and was perfectly fine! He was livid and trying to figure out what he had done wrong.

"Never mind Miss Granger," Snape told her with a sneer. "It seems to be your lucky day." He watched her walk off and wondered why the trap didn't spring and turned on Draco to demand him to dismantle it. Before he had the chance to make his demands Colin Creevy came rushing up to him and the trap sprang. Colin was hanging from the ceiling of the hall, completely nude and the 'No Muggles Welcome' sign swayed around his neck as the poor boy looked around terrified. Snape didn't know what to think, obviously the trap worked but why did it not effect Granger?

Draco was thinking the same thing. He had obviously set the trap up properly as Creevy was proof, but why didn't Granger set it off? He would have to ask his father; maybe he missed some aspect of the ward that scanned the blood.

Professor Snape let down the terrified Gryffindor boy and conjured him a robe. "What were you doing barreling down my hallway in the first place Mr. Creevy?"

"The headmaster wants to see you in his office before lunch," the small boy was able to stutter out before dashing of towards Gryffindor tower to get into new robes.

"We will discuss your punishment later Mr. Malfoy," Snape sneered at him. "For now I must go inform the headmaster of what has taken place. I would be careful in transfiguration this afternoon, I doubt Professor McGonagall will appreciate knowing one of her precious Gryffindors was hanging from the ceiling."

"I don't understand it Albus," Snape told his mentor later that night after dinner. "The curse was set up perfectly yet Granger walked right through."

"I am sure you are mistaken Severus, the curse must have needed multiple muggle born signatures to set off and Miss Granger was just the first one through." Albus told him, upset that Hermione's parentage may come into question. If it got out who she really was it could be very bad news for the light side.

"Could the Grangers perhaps be squibs?" Severus asked. "If they are from magical parents that would explain why the curse didn't affect her. Even if just one of her parents was a squib it could explain it."

"Perhaps Severus, but it could also be that young Malfoy did not set the curse properly. Either way I expect you to punish him appropriately. I believe a week's detention with either Minerva or Argus will cure him of his need to belittle muggle born students." Albus told him before dismissing him when his Dark Mark flared to life.

"I must go Albus, he calls." Severus said and hurried out past the apparition wards and to the Dark Lord's side. He bowed low and took his place in the circle.

"Severus, I was informed today that Potter's mudblood friend may not be a mudblood after all." Voldemort hissed at him. After Snape told him the story from his own perspective he told him what Albus had said about it as well as his questioning if her parents could be squibs. "All the possibilities are intriguing Severus. Test her blood, find out. If she is pure we will begin recruiting her, she is a very talented witch and if she has purity of blood she would make a nice addition to our ranks."

"Yes my lord," he said bowing. "I will begin the potions needed to test her blood immediately. Is she to have knowledge that I have her blood?"

"Only if it will not get back to that old fool. Convince the chit you need it for something or force it from her, just get her tested immediately."

"Yes my lord, thank you my lord," Snape said and dissapperated.

The next day Severus approached Hermione while she studied alone in the library. "Miss Granger I require an ingredient for a potion that I am hoping you will be able to willingly supply me."

"Which ingredient do you need Professor?" She asked him politely, wondering why he would ask her and not one of his Slytherins.

"I need blood of a virgin willingly given," he told her and studied her face. "The older the girl the more potent and I am afraid that none of my upper year Slytherins qualify to donate."

"I am able to supply that ingredient sir," she said with a blush and not meeting his eyes, therefore missing his triumphant smirk. They headed to his office and he retrieved three small vials of her blood before forcing her to eat healing chocolate before going back to studying.

Severus added the required drops of blood to the pureblood potion. The potion changed colors depending upon the purity of blood added. It will turn yellow for a complete muggle with no magic, orange for a muggleborn, red for a child of a muggleborn or squib and a muggle (1/4 magic), purple for a half-blood, blue for ¾ blood, and green for a pureblood. After adding Granger's blood the potion turned blue and Snape's eyes bulged, she was more pure of blood than both he and the dark lord!

After finding that she was indeed not muggle born he added a vial of her blood to the paternity potion he had brewed in anticipation. He knew his lord would want to know why she was hidden among muggles. He could not believe the results of the potion and brewed another batch to confirm the test. Hermione Jane Granger was the daughter of Minerva McGonagall and Tom Marvolo Riddle. Severus could not wrap his mind around the fact that first she was the daughter of the dark lord, who to his knowledge did not know he had a child and secondly, when was Minerva ever pregnant?

Before Severus had time to go to Albus with this new information he was called back to the Dark Lord's side. He knew he must reveal the information or loose his position as a spy but was not looking forward to Albus' reaction. "What results do you have for me Severus?" Voldemort hissed at him.

"My lord," Severus bowed shaking, hoping he would not be killed for what he was about to say. "The results of the purity test revealed the Granger girl to score blue which means she is the daughter of at least a pureblood and a half-blood. I went on to test her paternity once I received the results of the first test. I performed the paternity test twice my lord to verify that the results were in fact accurate. There is no mistake my lord."

"Who does this child belong to?" Voldemort hissed, sensing Severus' hesitance and fear of being reprimanded for giving the answer.

"Her mother is Minerva McGonagall my lord," Severus started with the easier of the two parents. He saw Voldemort tense at hearing that and hurriedly continued before he was cursed or worse killed. "It seems that you are the child's father my lord, though I do not know how."

Tom remained absolutely silent as he processed the information. He has a child and heir and with the woman he once loved. She had hidden the fact that she was pregnant well or his spies would have found out back then. He knew when she became with his child, for he often thought of the days she spent in his bedchambers as his captive. She was the only woman he had slept with since before he took the name Voldemort. He could remember the night that she finally stopped fighting him and accepted she was his captive. She had screamed his name in passion that night, captive or not he knew how to please a woman. He wondered if that was the night his daughter was conceived. He wondered how she would respond to knowing he was her father.

"Tell me more about the girl," Tom told Severus and sat down on his throne, listening to everything Severus could remember about his daughter. He could handle that she was a Gryffindor, he could handle that she was raised muggle, what he had problems with was the fact that she was so close to Potter. He also did not like hearing how close she had been to the Weasley boy, that family may be pure but not good enough for his daughter. "Tell me how you got her blood." He demanded, for Severus' sake she better not have been harmed.

"I told her I needed Virgin's blood for a potion I was brewing and she willingly offered it to me," Severus told him glad he had taken that option and not harmed her.

Tom was relieved to hear that his daughter was still pure; he would have had to kill the Weasley boy for deflowering his daughter. "Return to the school, make sure she is treated with the respect she deserves." Tom said before calling the rest of his death eaters and issuing the command that Hermione Granger was not to be harmed per pain of death.