Chapter 12:


Eriol lied in the bed sleeping soundly as Tomoyo sat by his side and watched him with painful tears falling down her cheeks. She had ruined everything and hurt people she loved and cared about. The guilt burned inside her. Eriol's chamber doors opened revealing Clow Reed walking into the room. Tomoyo stood and bowed. "Has he awaken yet?" Clow asked. Tomoyo shook her head as she stood up straight "He just seems to be sleeping." She said. Clow walked over to his son's bed side and touched his forehead and mutter something in Latin.

"Miss Tomoyo, I am amazed you know such old magic as to sharing life forces, yours and his life force is restoring and healing." He said in a firm voice. "I only know small healing magic's." Tomoyo confessed. "I have no real magic's as you do."

"That may be so, but you performed the spell nonetheless." He said looking to Tomoyo who looked away. "You know the law." He said. Tomoyo nodded. "But since I control the marriage law you may live, you saved his life and I thank you." He said. Tomoyo bowed deeply with her long silky raven hair falling over her shoulders. "Then I shall leave, please don't tell Eriol where I'm going." Tomoyo said walking away to the door.

"Miss Tomoyo?" Clow said as Tomoyo's hand touched the door knob. "You love him don't you?" He said. Tomoyo sighed feeling more tears falling down her cheeks once more. Tomoyo turned to Clow and nodded. "With all my heart and soul." She said and left the room. Clow nodded to himself and turned back to his son who stirred in his sleep. "Tomoyo?" He said. Clow smoothed his son's hair back. "Rest easy my son." He said and put Eriol's blanket closer to him.

Syaoran was at his family shrine once more praying for Eriol's recovery and for the lost souls of the people from the village and for any other things he had been praying for one hour. Sakura opened the door seeing Syaoran praying still and the incense that was burning was almost out. Sakura walked over to Syaoran and then bowed showing her respect. She kneeled to Syaoran's level and touched his back. Syaoran gasped and looked up.

"Syaoran?" Sakura said. Syaoran blinked and looked to Sakura's emerald green eyes feeling his heart racing. "You've been praying for a long time, I think you should have a break." Sakura suggested and Syaoran bowed once more and stood. "Fine." He said. "Come join me for tea in the garden." She said. Syaoran nodded and Sakura left. Syaoran turned and watched her leave the room. All his thoughts went back to when he first met her and how cruel he was toward her and then he remembered talking with her and feeling like he was alive and whole.

Like he could be himself not matter what, and what scared him the most besides his feelings toward Sakura, what would the letter from his sisters' would say? Syaoran bowed once more and slowly walked out the room seeing Tomoyo walked the other way holding a bag. "Tomoyo!" Syaoran called and ran toward her. Tomoyo stopped and bowed. "Prince Li, I'm sorry, but I have a carriage waiting for me, I must go." She said.

"Your leaving?"

Tomoyo nodded and looked away. "I have been spared. But I won't stay to cause anymore pain."

"Your causing Eriol pain, he'll be heartbroken to know that you have left." He said. Tomoyo nodded. "I know, that's way I must leave, I can't do this anymore, you don't understand. It is the law and I shan't break it once more." She said and walked away. Syaoran followed Tomoyo as she walked away. "But you love him." He said forcefully. "Please, leave me be. I must leave." She said and Syaoran stopped watching her walked down the stairs to the main hall.

As wonderful as being loved is, it was also painful for Eriol and Tomoyo, as for Syaoran it only confused him. Syaoran made his way to the garden. As he opened the doors to the garden he watched Sakura as she gracefully prepared the tea. Sakura turned her head slowly seeing Syaoran watching her.

"Care to join me?" She asked. Syaoran walked over to the small table and sat down. "Thank you." He said as Sakura reached him some tea. "I have been meaning to speak with you." She began. Syaoran sipped his tea and then set it down listening to Sakura. "I well be leaving tomorrow," She paused. Syaoran felt his heart sink. "I see." He said looking away from Sakura so not to show his disappointment. "And I was wondering to addition to my leave is, why you didn't tell me of Eriol's secret romance with Tomoyo Daidoji?" Sakura asked.

"I promised not to tell a soul, it is forbidden you're a maid and royal to court." He said sadly. "And yet you let him go through with this." Sakura said slightly angry. "I wasn't about to hurt him. He loves her even more then life itself, I wasn't going to take that away from him. He is my best friend." Syaoran said firmly. Sakura looked away.

"What is to become of her?"

"She left. Clow Reed spared her life. He controls the laws of marriage and he won't change then because of his only child."

"But he loves her, isn't that enough!"

Syaoran shook his head. "I know how you feel Sakura, but us fighting about it won't help, fate will see this through." He said. Sakura sighed and slouched and began fiddling with her pink shell necklace. "Damn." She said out loud and looked to Syaoran hoping he didn't hear her unladylike speech. "Damn?" Syaoran said raising an eyebrow as Sakura sat up. "Excuse me." She said. "Sakura, you are not the lady you claim to be, so you shouldn't have to act." Syaoran said sipping his tea finding it amusing.

Sakura sighed. "Good, I didn't think I could stand another minute in these little shoes." Sakura announced cheerfully as she took off her shoes and wiggled her toes. Syaoran choked on his tea trying not to laugh. "Are you all right?" Sakura asked standing up. Syaoran nodded as he reached for his napkin. "Well, since you have joined me for some tea, how about we shoot some arrows, I think I'm ready." She smiled. "You'll freeze to death without your shoes." Syaoran said standing up. Sakura sighed. "So, it's better then blistered feet." She said and sprinted off with Syaoran after her.

Syaoran and Sakura got on there horses and raced all the way to the flower fields. Syaoran half expected to see the flowers trampled and burned from Pravada's demons, but they weren't, it was just as they were before. Syaoran and Sakura dismounted their horses and stood ready. Syaoran took the bow and arrow and aimed to the target that was several yards away and when he fired it, it hit the center mark perfectly.

"Show off." Sakura scoffed and Syaoran chuckled and handed her the bow and arrow. Syaoran went behind Sakura as she got into position. "Good, now when your ready release the arrow." He whispered to her. Sakura nodded and aimed as best as she could. Sakura waited another minute and released the arrow and it hit right on Syaoran's arrow. Sakura grinned and turned to Syaoran who appalled lightly. "Not bad." He said. "Not bad? I might say I did as well as you." She said proudly. Syaoran actually laughed at what Sakura said. "Yes, might, but you'll never be as good as me." He mocked. Sakura pouted cutely and handed Syaoran the bow and another arrow. Syaoran smirked at Sakura and took three and fired then. Sakura gaped. "Care to try?" Syaoran teased. Sakura blushed feeling defeated.

"Fine, have your victory but sooner or later, mark my words." She said darkly. "Oh, I'm so scared." He rolled his eyes. Sakura shook her head and smiled and she sat down along with Syaoran as the cool wind blew. "Few more days until winter arrives." Sakura said looking to the flowers that were oddly untouched by the cold air. "This place truly is magical." Sakura said touching the flowers pedals.

"Mother told me it was because of my ancestors, she said that they turned into a flower to protect each member of the Li family. But she never explained the power these flower have deep inside." He exclaimed. Sakura looked to Syaoran and reached toward and took his hand. Syaoran looked to Sakura feeling his heart racing in his chest. "I am glad to have met you Syaoran." She said kindly looking into his brown eyes. "And I hope that we will meet again, but for now I would like to stay a while with you before I leave." She smiled softly.

Syaoran couldn't think of anything to say to Sakura, his mind was spinning with emotions he didn't completely understand, so he simply nodded.

Meanwhile at the castle Eriol was waking from him deep slumber, his magic had restored and his mind was ready. Eriol turned on his back and as he opened his eyes he felt Tomoyo's hand in his and the image of her beautiful face flashed in his mind. Eriol sat up and put on his glasses looking to his empty hand. "Tomoyo?" He said looking around.

"She isn't here."

Eriol turned seeing his Father looking out the large window to Eriol's right. "Where is she?" Eriol asked sitting on the side of the bed and looking around the room. "She saved your life you now both shared a life forces that is your owns and that belongs to each other." Clow said shutting the curtains and looking to his son. "How is that possible?" Eriol whispered. "It is old magic and I've never seen it performed, she's very powerful." He continued. "Where is she now? I must speak with her." Eriol said standing up.

Clow walked slowly around the other side of the bed facing his son. "She left." He said. "What?" Eriol said not believing with he was hearing. He once again lost her. "How could you let her go!" Eriol shouted looking to his Father furiously. "I let her go because I spared her!" Clow shouted back. Eriol sat back on the bed feeling weak once more.

"I let her go because she broke the law but she saved your life." He said harshly. "You know the law."

Eriol stood up to his Father. "Damn the law, you rather have your son alive then seeing him truly happy!" Eriol shouted. "Don't talk to me in that tone, Eriol." Clow warned. "How dare you! you try to control me Father, just as they tried to control Mother. I won't stand for it!" Eriol shouted. "Eriol." Clow warned again. "I love her Father and there's nothing you can do to stop me from following her, I won't be controlled by the most foolish of laws!" Eriol continued to shout.

Clow then slapped Eriol in the face for the first time silencing him. Eriol turned and touched his cheek. "Don't speak of your Mother, I loved you Mother with all that I am and I will not have you use her as an excuse." He said harshly. A few tears of rage slipped from Eriol's eyes. "You can love her all you will, but you will not disgrace your family."

"No, Father. It is you who disgraces this family, by limiting love and people. I wish I would have died with Mother and this why I wouldn't have to feel like I was dying, you forgot to love Father and you won't let me love because of that, your afraid." Eriol said and left the room slamming the door. Clow sighed and rubbed his temple regretting what he had done.

Eriol ran down the hall and ran out the castle and ran through the village and stopped at the flower fields seeing Syaoran and Sakura on there horses heading back to the castle. Eriol had never seen that looked in Syaoran's eyes as he looked to Sakura. Eriol turned into the forest and ran and ran. He didn't know how long he had been running but when he finally stopped he was looking to the stream that turned into a river down the valley. Eriol sat down panting and looked to the water.

He was so confused nothing was what he hoped it would be and he felt lost and along like he did before he met Tomoyo all those years ago. Eriol's back laid against a tree as he brought his knees to his chest and hugged them and letting his head rest on his knees as he wished in his mind the he was in another time or dead with his Mother since the only thing that made his truly happy was gone.

Syaoran stopped his horse and looked to the forest. "Syaoran?" Sakura said looking to him and then the forest. "Something wrong?" Sakura asked looking back to Syaoran. "It's nothing." He said and they continued forward to the castle.

Tomoyo was let out the carriage into the next town where she began walking. She kept looking back feeling like she was making a bad decision but she broke the law and didn't want to go back or else she could exile Eriol and kill herself. Tomoyo continued to walk trying not to think of Eriol knowing that his heart must be breaking knowing that she had left. Tomoyo stopped and looked back once more and the wind blew her forward. Tomoyo clutched her cloak and took a step and then stopped and the wind blew even harder pushing Tomoyo forward once more. Tomoyo looked back and saw four girls in white and then they all disappeared

Tomoyo smiled and then began to run back to the castle.

Clow was in the throne room with Xiao Lang and Yelan talking with them as he use to when he was a child. "I can't stop him." Clow said sitting down. "Clow why would you make a law like that?" Yelan asked. "Because, I didn't want my son getting hurt as I did." Clow answered truthfully. "But he is already hurting. His waited all this life for someone like Miss Tomoyo." Yelan said. "His hurting now." Xiao Lang said.

Clow nodded. "All this is my doing, I should have foreseen this."

"Even we couldn't have seen this."

Yelan gasped seeing her four daughters standing in front of her. Xiao Lang gaped. "Hello Mother, Father." The four sisters said at once smiling. "Impossible." Clow gasped. "Quiet possible actually, Clow you have made a terrible decision now it is up to you to make it right. Eriol may love Tomoyo but he loves you too, and he is right, your fear of love since your wife was taken away from you and she watches you everyday in the shadow hoping that the fear will fade, but Eriol falling in love didn't help. Please let him have Tomoyo, they were meant to be, we know you don't believe in coincidences." The sisters said together.

Syaoran opened the door to the throne room and stopped seeing his sisters standing before him. Sakura gasped. "Syao-kun!" They all squealed and ran over to him and hugged him. Syaoran thought he was dreaming because he could feel his sisters warmth once more. "How-? wha-? " Syaoran couldn't speak as he held his sisters hand. "You sent us free baby brother, thank you." The sisters leaned toward there brother and kissed his cheeks and whispered into his ear.

Syaoran gasped feeling tears going down his cheek and they looked to him and he simply nodded whipping the tears away. The four sister turned and looked to Sakura. "Thank you for showing him to the light." They said then vanished in a white sparkly mist.

Yelan held her husbands hand and the looked to each other fondly. "Well, I know what I must do, excuse me." Clow said and vanished from the room himself.

"They were your sisters." Sakura said and Syaoran smiled and nodded and walked over to his parents. "Why did they come back?" Syaoran asked. The King and Queen looked to each other and smiled as if they were sharing a secret. "Just to say hello." Syaoran's Father answered. Syaoran looked to this parents puzzled and then looked to Sakura who shrugged.

"Where is Eriol?" Syaoran asked. "I believe his in the forest." Yelan answered. "The forest? What is he doing all the way out there?" Syaoran asked and left the throne room. "Do you want my company?" Sakura asked as they made there way down the hall. Syaoran shook his head. "I have to do this along." He said. Sakura nodded as Syaoran walked down the stairs heading back to the stables from his horse.

Meanwhile Tomoyo kept running she wasn't tried all her energy was being ran on Eriol and getting to him. Tomoyo panted as she ran down the country side faster and faster as if she were flying. She had to get to Eriol. She loved him and she wasn't going to leave him.

Syaoran got to the forest about twenty minutes later and began looking for Eriol. "Eriol!" He called and walked along the stream. "Eriol, where are you?" He called once more. Syaoran turned feeling Eriol's small aura that seemed to be slipping away. Syaoran turned and looked seeing Eriol still curled in a tight ball. Syaoran walked over to him and looked down. "Eriol?" He said lightly. Syaoran kneeled down to Eriol's level and touched his shoulder. Eriol lifted his head and looked to Syaoran.

"How did you find me?" Eriol asked. Syaoran sat next to his best friend and shook his head. "Why are you out here? you'll catch a death." He said. "Better death then a life of misery." Eriol muttered. "Eriol, you shouldn't do this to yourself." Syaoran said. "I can't do it, Syaoran. I can't not love her, I can't not think about her, I can't." Eriol said looking to Syaoran. "Father doesn't understand, he so afraid of letting me, you should hear him. He spared her life because she saved me." Eriol exclaimed coldly.

"Maybe he did it for a reason" Syaoran said. Eriol scoffed. "My Father loves order and control, he'll never understand." Eriol said slowly letting his head fall back to his knees. Syaoran looked away from Eriol and looked to the soft sparkling stream ahead. "I saw my sisters." Syaoran said with a smile. Eriol looked up to Syaoran surprised. "Impossible." He said. Syaoran nodded. "But I saw them, I felt them, it was like they were alive but not really, they said something to Clow and then they told me to open the letter they gave me, I don't think I can." Syaoran said looking back to Eriol who was listening with interest.


"I'm afraid what I might find out. I don't know why, but I am."

"Do you love her?"

Syaoran looked to Eriol and looked down to his hand. "I don't know. But every time I see her I-I . . . oh I don't know, Eriol. This is all so confusing to me." Syaoran sighed and ran his hand threw his hair. Eriol nodded. The two boys were silent for a moment, it wasn't awkward but it seemed right. Eriol sighed and looked to Syaoran. "Come on, Father will be wondering where I went and I don't want to hear your Mother wailing how worried she was." Eriol teased standing up. Syaoran laughed at that and they both walked to the horse.

Tomoyo was still running she had past the forest and got to the village smiling that she was almost there she could see the palace walls. Tomoyo ran and ran and ran until she stopped outside the gate. Tomoyo clutched the metal and panted. A few guards saw Tomoyo and approached her. "Miss, do you need something?" The first guard asked. Tomoyo nodded and waved her hands. "Open . . . the . . . gates." She panted. "I'm sorry Miss but we can't it won't be allowed for commoners." He said. Tomoyo finally caught her breath and looked to the guards furiously with a glazing stare.

"You had better open the gates or I'll hurt you." She growled. The guards looked to each other and then laughed. Tomoyo blushed with fury and sighed. "Fine." She said and jump up giving a spinning kick to the first guard and to the second and third guard she punched them in the face.

"Oww!" Tomoyo hissed rubbing her knuckles. Tomoyo took the key to the gate and opened it and dropped the key and ran in passing the guards and pushing open the front door of the Li palace.

Meanwhile, Eriol and Syaoran trotted in on the horse with the people greeting them and thanking them. Eriol rode in the back and Syaoran controlled the reins. "I think I want something sweet today." Eriol thought about making an apple strudel. "I feel like chocolate." Syaoran said back. Eriol sighed. "You always feel like chocolate." He said. Syaoran chuckled.

As Eriol and Syaoran got to the gates they saw the fallen guards getting up. Syaoran looked down at them seriously. "What happened?" He said firmly. "Some crazy woman ran threw here fighting and she's inside the palace." The guard groaned. "You were beaten down by a woman?" Eriol asked. Syaoran sighed. "Looks like I'm going to have to train these so called warriors." He muttered. Eriol and Syaoran dismounted and walked to the stables and from there they entered the castle.

"Do you reckon it was Meling?" Eriol asked. Syaoran shook his head. "She'd be in the library, she finishing her studies finally, she had been behind because she was training for some odd reason, her Uncle let her fight." Syaoran exclaimed as they headed to the Throne room slowly.

Tomoyo opened the Throne room doors panting. Xiao Lang and Yelan looked to Tomoyo surprised. "Miss Tomoyo, what are you doing here?" Yelan asked. Tomoyo was panting and then bowed. "Your majesties, forgive me but I cannot leave without seeing Eriol." She panted and paused for a moment to breath.

"I know it is forbidden," She continued. "But I love him and I've never loved anyone like Eriol, he means everything to me. I couldn't leave without seeing him one last time."

Xiao Lang looked to Tomoyo firmly. "Your coming back might have you executed, you do know this, correct?" He said. Tomoyo nodded. "I am willing to die for him." Tomoyo answered firmly. Clow Reed appeared back into the throne room holding a rather large scroll. "Miss Tomoyo?" He said baffled. Tomoyo turned to him and bowed deeply.

The throne room doors opened once more and Sakura came in holding a book. "Miss Tomoyo?" Sakura said surprised but happy. Tomoyo turned and bowed once more. "Please you must let me speak to him." Tomoyo begged bowing even lower to Yelan and Xiao Lang.

The throne room doors opened again revealing Syaoran and Eriol. The boys looked ahead seeing Tomoyo. "Tomoyo?" They both said. Tomoyo turned and smiled dreamily as she looked to Eriol relieved. "You may Miss Tomoyo." Xiao Lang said waving his hand. Tomoyo smiled to Xiao Lang and bowed. Eriol thought he was dreaming for a moment but Syaoran pushed him forward. Eriol quickly walked over to her and embraced her. Tomoyo felt like she was whole once more. Eriol inhale her scent and sighed. They broke away from a moment but still held each other closely.

"I thought you left." Eriol whispered to her caressing her cheek. "I did." Tomoyo smiled. "But I couldn't without seeing you." Eriol kissed Tomoyo and smiled although he was angry. "You stupid woman you could die." He hissed under his breath. Tomoyo nodded and embraced him. "I don't care, I just had to see you, I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry." She cried. Eriol whipped her tears away.

Words have been spoken my heart has been broken
But maybe not this time
Not with you and me
Levels understanding has always been nowhere to be seen
But maybe not this time

Eriol hands went to Tomoyo small waist as he hugged her once more as if not to let her go. Clow looked to his son fondly seeing how happy he was. Sakura was standing next to Syaoran and She looked up to him and smiled. Syaoran looked down to her and blushed slightly. Eriol finally broke away from Tomoyo and took her hand. "I'll be just a moment." He said and they both walked out the room to the hall.

Don't hurt my heart
Don't try too hard to be big and strong
Just sweetly release me

Tomoyo sighed. "Tomoyo why are you doing this?" Eriol asked furious and happy at the same time. "Something told me I was making a mistake." She said looked down. "You have, your coming back, you'll be killed." Eriol said. Tomoyo nodded and took Eriol's hands in hers. "I just wanted to see you." She said softly calming Eriol.

No rough hands can satisfy me
Baby I bruise easily
So feel it from the heart
And when you love me
Love me tenderly
Fell it from the heart
And when you love me
Love me tenderly

"I love you so much Eriol, I couldn't leave without seeing you once more." She said. Eriol wrapped Tomoyo arms around his neck and he stepped slowly to her and his hands went to her small waist. "I love you more then life itself." He whispered. Tomoyo sighed and touched his cheek and then lips softly touched in a sweet kiss. Tomoyo sighed and touched Eriol's hair and there kiss deepened.

Loving has hurt me
Deceived and spurned me
But maybe not this time
'Cos that was in the past
How I've been scared
To put my trust in something good that may not last
But baby not this time

I know you won't hurt my heart
You won't try too hard to be big and strong
Just sweetly make love to me

Eriol and Tomoyo broke there kiss into sweet small ones. Each time Eriol kissed Tomoyo he got goose bumps all over. Tomoyo smiled and hugged him once more. Eriol sighed and looked to her face. "If there was another time, I would have you all to myself, I would have made you my wife." He whispered to her holding her still to him. "I would have been honored." She smiled and kissed him softly once more.

No rough hands can satisfy me
Baby I bruise easily
So feel it from the heart
And when you love me
Love me tenderly
Fell it from the heart
And when you love me
Love me tenderly

Eriol broke away and took Tomoyo hand and kissed her softly looking to her. "If I leave the Li kingdom alive I'll thank you everyday for loving me as you do." Tomoyo said softly. Eriol nodded and took her other hand. "And I'll do the same for you." He said. Tomoyo and Eriol shared one last kiss and then went back to the throne room. Sakura was beaming for some reason. Eriol let go of Tomoyo's hand and bowed to Yelan, Xiao Lang, and his Father. Syaoran sat behind his Father in his princely throne with his arms folded as if he were satisfied.

"Father?" Eriol said looking to him. Clow sighed and looked to his son proudly. "Eriol, I can't tell you how proud of you I am, you have completed your manhood, you are now a man wiser then his Father and stronger then his own kingdoms, and a master of magic's, and has fallen in love, but I admit that I have been selfish, controlling, and . . . afraid," Clow paused. Eriol had a puzzled look on his face.

"And Syaoran's sisters have made a perfect statement about the nobility of blood and people, so from this day forth," Clow's confidence soared as he spoke, "The royals of Asia may marry those who they deem worthy of them." He finished.

Eriol looked to his Father surprised he gaped. "Wha-?" He couldn't finish his sentence. Syaoran smirked to Eriol. Eriol looked to his Father who nodded and then to Yelan and Xiao Lang and the throne room doors opened. "Oh, I didn't hear anything about a conference." Meling said holding a larger stack of paper and putting it on the nearest table. Eriol turned to Tomoyo who was smiling. Eriol ran over to Tomoyo and lifted her by her waist and spun her around in the arm laughing. Sakura whipped a tear from her face. It was just like the romantic novels she read.

Eriol brought Tomoyo down and they kissed each other. "Oh, Eriol come now, be modest." Syaoran said putting his hand up to his eyes. Eriol didn't hear Syaoran, he was so happy, he just held and kissed Tomoyo. Yelan and Xiao Lang smiled fondly to the reunited couple. Eriol and Tomoyo finally stopped kissing and hugged each other. Eriol smiled and spun her around. Eriol took Tomoyo hand and they both walked over to Clow who was smiling.

Clow took Tomoyo's hand and Eriol's hand. "Together." He said and placed Tomoyo's hand and Eriol's. They looked to each other and smiled as they gripped each others hand.

The next morning Sakura was ready to leave and Syaoran stood at his dresser looking to the unopened envelope. Eriol sat on his bed waiting. "It's just paper, there's something demonic about paper." Eriol said. "Well, unless you put a curse or some-" Eriol stopped as Syaoran finally picked up the envelope. Syaoran walked backward and sat on his bed and Eriol sighed. "Well, open it." He said. Syaoran turned it around looking at the Li seal.

"Syaoran?" Eriol becoming annoyed. Syaoran closed his eyes and sighed and broke the seal and took the paper out:

Dearest little brother Syaoran,

We knew you could do it, our souls are finally free and so are you, we couldn't be more proud of you. We know this is a confusing time and your feeling all these emotion toward someone but you don't know what it is. Does your heart beat rapidly when you see her? do you feel like your cheek would blush red any moment? does her touched make you feel something so magical that you thought you were dreaming? do you feel at ease talking with her?

Card Mistress Princess Sakura Kinomoto is it? Don't be surprised. You met her before in a dream long ago. But you love her don't you? Soon she will be leaving and if you don't go after her you'll regret it. The dream you have was a white cherry blossom pedal, she was the light that was to guide you.

Go after her.

With all our love.

Syaoran started remembering the light she saw when he was cursed and how he felt around Sakura. Was he really in love? Syaoran set the letter down and headed out the chamber and with Kimari and Eriol following him. "Syaoran what did they say?" Eriol asked trying to keep up with Syaoran. "It's her, Eriol," Syaoran stopped looking to him. "She was the light, she was the one." Syaoran said happily. "What?" Eriol said as Syaoran ran down the stairs.

Sakura was in the main hall saying her good-byes to Yelan and Xiao Lang. She and Tomoyo were great friends and She finally got on Meling's good side. Syaoran looked down seeing Sakura walked to the door waving. "Sakura!" Syaoran called and ran down the stairs and the front doors opened revealing the carriage and Naruku waiting outside smiling. Sakura turned at the threshold of the door looking to Syaoran as he ran to her.

Syaoran panted and stopped standing in front of her. "Syaoran, I'm glad I get to see you once more, thank you for showing me an . . . interesting time in your kingdom." Sakura said smiling. Syaoran took Sakura's hand making her blush. "Syaoran?" She said looking to him. "It would be even more interesting if you stayed a while longer." He said softly to Sakura. Sakura blushed as hearing Syaoran speaking to her like that.

"I can't possible stay much longer, I have to see my family, that might have other suitors." She said almost in a stutter of panic. "Why?" Syaoran asked looking into Sakura's emerald green eyes. He couldn't see how he would have let her go when she was so wonderful. "I-I-I-I-I-I suppose, I-uh." Sakura stopped looking to Syaoran who was about to laugh. Sakura frown and pouted cutely. "Well, I don't know." She said finally in a huff. Syaoran smirked and pulled Sakura to him. "Syaoran, I can't possible-" Sakura stopped and Syaoran kissed her.

Meling and Tomoyo sighed and Eriol smirked taking Tomoyo's hand. "Well, I guess we have another wedding to plan." Xiao Lang sighed looking to his wife who was squealing silently like a little girl. Sakura and Syaoran broke there kiss and looked to each other. "So will you stay?" He whispered to Sakura who's hand was on his arm and the other around his neck. Sakura blushed. "You really want me to stay?" Sakura asked still a little dazed from the kiss. "If I say that I love you, would you?" Syaoran said back. Sakura looked down blushing even more and bit her lip softly and smiled to Syaoran. "All right." She smiled. Syaoran smiled back and kissed her once more.

As time went past Syaoran, Sakura, Eriol, and Tomoyo were married

Pravada was never seen or heard from agin

Sakura got her romantic noval ending

Syaoran got a wonderful woman by his side and his Family

Eriol and Tomoyo were finally together and were as happy as ever...

and so they all lived happily ever after.


tear I have to say this is was one of my favorite fantasy based story even though I love fantasy based stories anyway, but to the point, I hope everyone enjoyed reading this story I really working hard on it and sorry if I had some spelling errors, I'm trying my best I'm not perfect and thank you to everyone who stuck with me in this story and reviews, hearing from you guys was the best part about this story because at first I wasn't so sure about it, but thank you all and I hope you all have a Happy New Year!