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Only a few weeks before had she begun to notice his mail. He seemed to get a lot of mail from the same man who was at the party, Friedrich. Friedrich was not the type of man she wanted anything to do with. He didn't care for anyone but himself, he was greedy and conceited. Even her brother, who used to call this man a friend, no longer considered him on friendly terms. But she had to check first, perhaps it was only harmless letters nothing more than small talk.

First she thought it was be a simple question, no harm done, so she took a direct approah. While they were eating she brought it up in casul conversation.

"So...Count, I noticed you get a lot of mail from a man named Friedrich,"She stated casually yet questioningly. Dracula only raised an eyebrow looking only slightly unhappy, "I would like to keep my mail to myself, thank you."

She shrugged this moment off, externally. Internally however it was still bothering her, she wanted to know why anyone would keep in constant contact with such a person. After a few days Dracula was still receiving much mail from Friedrich. Andrea was worried more than angry.

Jocelyn, the servant that helped Andrea to dress, was there in the morning. So she resulted to asking her.


"Yes miss?"

"Do you know anything about the counts mail?"

"Very little. But ill do my best to tell you what I know, miss,"

"Thank you ever so kindly Jocelyn. What I was wondering is about the mail he receives from a man named Friedrich."

"Oh, i'm sorry to say it miss but I know nothing of those letters. He goes into his personal study to read any mail from that man." Jocelyn said pulling the corset tight and tying it.

"Thank you any way Jocelyn." She sighed sadly, and slightly aggravated at herself.

As soon as she was done dressing Andrea closed the door and started thinking.

What on Earth could be in those letters that he doesn't want me to see? This couldn't mean anything good. This surely means he is hiding something. And whatever it is, it can't mean anything good for anyone here, because Friedrich is a truly awful man. I have got to get my hands on those letter! If they're not open and harmless, then it means he is up to no good. I cant stand Friedrich!

She got up and started pacing about her room, puzzled.

How am I going to get those letters? He won't talk about them, and no one else around here notices these things. What am I to do?

She layed down in her bed and it dawned on her, his private study! So she pulled out her diary to make her plans.

I've figured it out! If I can get to his private study, I think I can. He probably has them all hidden away in a locked drawer. But i'll find it, i'll find it or bust! I must know what all this secret business is about. I can't stand not knowing! And I can't stand Friedrich! So I must know the importance of these letters. I must get to his private study and get those letters.

"The last time I saw Friedrich I was only sixteen." She said recalling the memory.

Her brother was having a stay at Friedrichs house and he didn't trust her to stay on her own at their house. He had been her gaurdian for a long time since their parents had died. So while Friedrich and Adrian were upstairs talking she was in a guest room downstairs. She left her door open to let the extra light from the halls in to her room. She was very into the book she was reading, she didn't even notice Friedrich standing in the doorway, shirtless, "Reading?" he asked.

Andrea jumped, "Yes it's something civilized people do." She retorted covering herself with the blanket.

He raised an eyebrow at her, "Oh really?" he said mockingly, she only glared daggers at him, "Fiesty, just how I like my women."

"Glad i'm not one of your women." She said as he smirked and sat next to her on the bed.

"Oh but you could be."


"Never say never, my dear" He said kissing her on the lips. She pushed him off, "You disgust me!" He smiled looking at her covered body, almost undressing her with his eyes and walked out of the room.

And that was the last she had seen anything of Friedrich, and she had planned on keeping it that way forever more. So she got up and checked outside her room to make sure that the coast was clear, and as soon as it was she left her room to find his private study. She got lost on the way, but thankfully a servant walked by about the same time, "Excuse me? Where is your masters private study?" She asked the woman. The servant pointed to the door behind Andrea and continued on her way.

Andrea wanted to laugh at herself but being in the situation she was in she didn't.

Just as she was walking into his private study, he was walking into her room to find nothing but her diary laying there on her bed. So he picked it up hoping to find some information in there about Friedrich, maybe something he did not know. Maybe even how the two of them came to know eachother. So he started to read the latest diary entry, and then started walking to his study.

During that time Andrea had managed to find the stack of letters from Friedrich and was utterly abhored at what she was reading

Dear Count,

I have given you plenty of time by now. I expect to have Andrea as my bride VERY soon. The three brides I have promised to give you in return are waiting on your response, and so am I.


Dracula was standing in the doorway,

"I told you I wanted to keep those letters personal." He said calmly, but throwing the diary at her angrily.

"I can't believe you read my personal diary!" She said, astonished and enraged at the fact he read her diary, dropping the letter in her hands.

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