AN: This already dark series just got a whole lot darker. Enjoy.

The Krark Clan enjoys pulling them apart just to watch them reassemble one another.

Magic the Gathering; Fifth Dawn; Flavor text from Myr Servitor

The Myr fell in a ruined heap beside its freshly repaired companion. It sparked and convulsed on the ground amidst the jeers and laughs of their tormenters. The other one righted itself, staring up at the goblins that ringed them with expressionless eyes, before approaching its fallen companion. A quick evaluation of the damage, before it got to work. There was a very good reason for why they always traveled in groups of two or more.

The cackling laughter became louder as the Myr labored over its companion, carefully reattaching limbs and repairing torn wiring. It kept its wedge-shaped head bent over its work, seemingly ignoring the taunting goblins above them. A crooked bit of plating lifted from the chassis and straightened out. The dangling eye gently finagled back into its socket. But then it suddenly paused in its work; a piece was missing, one of the feet.

Glancing up from its companion, the Myr scanned the area around them, staring blankly at each goblin in turn. The jeers became even louder still when its gaze finally settled on one in particular, the one who held the component tauntingly. The goblin grinned widely as he tossed the part up and down in his hand, daring the little Myr to take it from him. However, in spite of all the noise and cruelty, its expression never changed as its head followed the movements of the hunk of mangled metal.

Undeterred by the goading, the Myr cautiously approached the goblin, making him grin even more. He held the little foot high, pinched between two fingers, dangling it tauntingly above them both. The little robot eyed him cautiously, before rearing up and reaching out. Not close enough, and the goblins laughed all the harder.

Seeing an opportunity for more fun, the Myr's tormenter jiggled the foot briefly, before tossing it to another goblin across the circle. He caught it clumsily, but managed to hold on as the little robot leapt after it. More laughter, and then another toss, but this goblin failed to catch it, and the chunk of metal fell to the ground. The much put-upon Myr wasted no time pouncing on it.

For a moment the jeering was focused on the one who dropped the ball, and in that moment the little robot worked to add the final repairs to its fallen companion. A little force had the foot back in its normal shape, and a few twists had it back on its leg. With every piece back in its proper place, the Myr sat back and watched as its companion twitched itself back to life.

But it didn't get a chance to see its comrade stand again, the gnarly hands of several goblins snatching it up and raising it high above their heads. More cackles, and the Myr was brutally ripped to pieces. And the cycle began anew.