Notes: I was watching the third Doctor arc Terror of the Autons and I just found myself laughing at the Doctor's complaining about how he never had enough proper equipment to work with. And then this popped into my mind.

Because, come on, all that time stranded on Earth, he HAD to have stuff from UNIT.


Martha gaped in amazement as she looked around the room, filled to the brim with technological doohickies and instruments. "So…this is your laboratory?"

"Yes Martha."

"Very impressive."

"Thank you."

"And what is it you're doing now?" Martha peered over the Doctor's shoulder curiously.

The Doctor sighed and straightened his shoulders, sliding the glass plate in place and turning on the microscope light. His glasses, perched on top of his head, were maneuvered down onto his nose as he focused the lenses, peering through the eyepiece. "I'm busy identifying the unidentifiable gunk we found in the plastic vats. There's something familiar here I just can't put my finger on."

"Oh." Martha shifted slightly, glancing around once more. "Will it take long?"

"Mmm. Longer if I'm not allowed to concentrate, so please hush."


A sigh of exasperation left his direction. "Yes Martha?"

"How come most of this stuff is stamped with the letters U-N-I-T?"

The Doctor coughed nervously and hopped off his chair, ushering her out of the lab hurriedly and shutting the door tight behind him. "No reason at all, Martha. Come along, we'd best do a bit of legwork, all this sitting and researching is ho-hum stuffy boredom. Asking questions, finding witnesses, that's what it's all about!" He gave her a manic smile and headed for the console room. Martha followed with a smug smirk and a bewildered expression.

She never did get her answer.