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In the Middle

1: Heart of the matter

Tension set into Bonnie's jaw as she stood by the patio door and her turquoise eyes locked onto her lover. "I hate when she's like this. I told her not to go, but then again, I always tell her not to go. Hell, I used to actually beg her not to go. Not that she listens to me in this regard," she muttered in a rough voice, shaking her head as she watched her lover carefully.

Yes, she, Bonnie Rockwaller, used to beg. She was almost always close to getting down on her hands and knees and imploring her not to go, but she always held off. She needed to have some respect and dignity. Besides, she did not want to end up making her lover choose. After all, what if she chose to leave?

Bonnie's heart clenched at the very thought. "I'd die if she left me. I'd wither away and die, just fade from existence and no one would ever know or even miss me," she murmured with a tremble in her voice unable to look away from her lover. The air around her seemed to get heavier, lowering her shoulders. "And, god, I do love her so very much. Why do I have to love this girl, though? This girl of all girls?"

It was not something she would trade for the world, these feelings of love and being loved, but why did it have to be her? Someone who was so kind and giving was also someone hurting her just by looking the way she did. Someone who hurt her just by going out and not doing something. Why did it have to be her?

Sometimes, she wondered if her lover would feel better if she did go out, be deceitful, and get what she so desired. Maybe if her lover felt better, she would feel better, too, regardless of what it was that would bring her lover happiness. I wouldn't have to suffer through this anymore and she wouldn't have to suffer it either.

"Would I be able to take it if she went out and just did it? I almost feel like I would be relieved as long as she comes back like she used to be, before all of this started. Thinking about her doing that hurts, though. Do I want her to just go out and do it if it means she'll be better?" Bonnie asked herself, folding her arms across her chest as if to shield herself. She rubbed her sweater covered elbows, which did not help her feel any better.

It was not like Bonnie was being cheated on, not in any way that could be helped anyway. Maybe she was being cheated on spiritually or emotionally in someway, she considered. Her lover could not feel the same way about her as she did about her lover, she was sure of that.

"It's impossible for her to feel the same way about me. I mean, if she did, she'd be going out and she'd never come back in, looking like this, acting like this. It would never happen," Bonnie whispered, shaking her head. She sniffled and swallowed down her pain, knowing it would be replaced soon enough with more, unless her beloved came in.

Bonnie looked over at her lover, who still held a pose that would have been erotic in any other situation. Kim Possible, the love of Bonnie's life, stood on their deck outside in the backyard with her leg in the air, above her head. She had been standing like that for nearly an hour, not moving, not flinching, and hardly breathing.

"Why does it always have to be this way?" Bonnie wondered, her voice trembling. There was another sniffle and she was not sure if she would be able to keep the sorrow away now.

It was a normal drill after Kim came in from her weekly practice. The hero would come in as silent as the grave and go right to their deck. A grim, but determined glint in her usually lively olive eyes and a tightness set in her face. Most of the time, she did not even acknowledge Bonnie's existence, even if Bonnie tried to get her attention; and Bonnie did try. She would do all sorts of katas and then hold a series of poses. She would be out there for hours in any weather and Bonnie knew it was not really for practicing.

"It's about the stress. It's about her…" Bonnie growled and then swallowed down the pain and animosity that rushed through her.

Kim was attempting to calm herself down after her weekly outside practice. She was more than likely frustrated; that was what her body language said, anyway. It was rigid and almost curt. She never spoke to Bonnie until she was done with her routine and, even then, she never said much. It was like she was drowning out the world, looking to stop her own undoubted torment and causing Bonnie to ache in the process.

"Why do things have to be this way? Why can't she see only me? Why is it that sometimes she can't even see me?" Bonnie sniffled and rubbed her eyes, feeling tears burning just behind her eyelids. Her stomach rolled. "I know she's not aware of what she's doing. I mean, this is Kim for crying aloud. If Kim knew just how much this hurt me, she'd change. She loves me and I know she'd never knowingly hurt me, but this is getting to be too much. I know she loves me, but…"

Kim often and openly declared her affection and love for Bonnie. She went out of her way to prove Bonnie was special to her. She promised she would always protect Bonnie and most of her actions backed that vow up. She held Bonnie as if Bonnie were made of glass and the most precious thing on Earth. It was amazing to feel.

"So, I know for a fact, if Kim knew she was hurting me like this, if she knew she was causing me this awful pain, she'd make moves to change the situation somehow and end all of this suffering. At the very least, she'd try hide her own torment instead of just having it out in the open and plain as day. If she knew I worried this much about her, she'd do something to change everything," Bonnie assured herself, moving her right hand to massage the center of her chest. There was a dull pain banging against her ribs. "Kim hates when I worry about her. She's so selfless. I love that about her… I love her."

Times like now, Bonnie wished she was still the way she had been in high school, if only to make Kim feel how she felt. But, that did not even matter because she knew Kim was in agony, too. At least back then, she would have been able to pretend to be all right, just like she had pretended with everything else back then. She had hid her attraction so well back then, but now, she was so obviously, hopelessly in love with Kim that it was impossible to do anything else than what she was doing now, watching Kim like a hawk and hurting.

Shaking her head, Bonnie retreated from her spot by the door. She thought some space might help. She sat on the sofa and continued to wonder why she was not good enough for Kim.

"Kim is my everything. My everything. She's all I need right now and all I will ever need, so why can't I be that to her? Why?" Bonnie begged anyone listening for answers. Of course, no one was listening.

It was not fair. She sometimes told herself it could not be helped. If Kim could love her the same way, then she would because this was Kim. Kim, who always did the right thing and treated people the best, so it obviously could not be helped. But, she did not believe that all of time.

"I know for a fact Kim would give this up if she could. She'd never do this if she could simply quit," Bonnie insisted, saying it out loud as if that made it truer. "But, she wants it this way. I can see it in her eyes that she wants things this way. She needs things like this, wants this pain more than wanting to be without it. She doesn't care that she's tearing herself apart or pushing her control to its limits. She wants this pain. She wants this pain to make the even greater agony go away."

No sane person enjoyed such utter suffering and distress. But then again, Kim could not actually be totally sane considering how she lived her life. Right now, though, the pain served a purpose, something like breaking one's finger to forget about a gaping wound in one's stomach.

Bonnie glanced at the love of her life again. Her love. "My love, how I wish I could take away this awful sting that seems to stay with you." It was things like that that let her know that she truly did love Kim. The fact that she wanted to help the redhead in someway, wanted to take on Kim's demons for her, rather than just go about her life told her that loved Kim more than she had any other person in her life.

"What's that saying again? Oh, right, 'if you love something, let it go.' Do I need to do that? Would that rid Kimmie of the pain in her eyes, in her body, in her movements? I can't let her go, though. It'd hurt so much. I don't think I'd be able to recover or survive… but, at least my baby would feel better," Bonnie muttered, hugging her knees to her chest. "I guess there's nothing to really think about then..."

The tanned woman took a deep breath as her body started shaking. She tried to hold herself together, literally. It did not help.

She was about to release her entire world and she would be left all alone. She was about to let go of the person who encouraged her to follow her own path rather than try to be like her siblings. She was about to let go of the person who made her believe she could be anything, including a lawyer, which she was. She was about to let go of the person who pushed her to work hard and be everything that she could be. She was about to let go of the one person on the planet who believed in her. She was about to let go of the only person who made her a better person. But, she owed it to Kim to do what she was going to do.

"Kim's been nothing, but good to me and for me. She's always pushed me forward, even when we were rivals in cheerleading and I didn't realize it. She gave me someone to be like, a reason to improve myself. I owe her for everything I am today," Bonnie reminded herself.

When they became a couple, Kim was the one who made sure she did not give up on anything she really wanted. She would have been so lost without the eccentric redhead, drowning in a misery she would have created for herself trying to be like others to make people like her. Kim was the reason she was everything that she was today, so she needed to give Kim something back. It was the least she could do.

"It is the very least I can do. If you love something…" the blue-eyed woman swallowed down the rest of the phrase, along with the feeling that her insides were decaying. She choked on it before it settled into her belly, fortifying her.

Bonnie walked out onto the deck and noticed how cold it. Had she known the temperature, she would not have said anything to Kim when the hero went out because Kim would not listen to reason anyway. The most Bonnie would have done was gone to the closet and removed a jacket, which she would have placed on Kim's shoulders. The redhead would not have noticed until she was about to come in because that was what always happened. The gesture would have earned Bonnie a gentle kiss as thanks, though.

"Kim," Bonnie said, as if the simple name was hard to pronounce. Her voice sounded foreign to her own ears and she could not stop her hands from trembling, even as she pressed them together. I need to do this while I have the courage to do it. It needs to be done. Taking another deep breath, she found she could not steady any part of her. Her heart pounded in her chest, her lungs burned, her stomach flipped, and her body quivered.

The martial artist opened her eyes and turned her attention to her girlfriend. For a moment, she would not have thought anything of Bonnie's presence. Briefly, she considered her lover just wanted to tell her that dinner was ready or something else that felt inconsequential at the moment. But, she almost immediately noticed her girlfriend was trembling and she doubted it was from the weather since Bonnie was standing in the doorway, so she was still getting warmth from inside the house.

"Is something wrong?" Kim asked, soft concern coming from her mouth like a kind prayer. She remained in her stance, though.

Biting her lip, Bonnie opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Her insides felt like they were tumbling and grinding against each other, liquefying and ready to exit through her mouth. Swallowing again, she opened her mouth, ready to say what needed to be said. God, this hurts a thousand times more than what she went through with watching Kim out on the deck. She needed courage to say what she wanted to and it seemed that she lacked that virtue when in the presence of her lover.

"Bonnie, you okay?" the slender redhead asked in that beautiful concerned tone that she had, like all she wanted in this world was for Bonnie to feel better again.

Tears gathered in turquoise eyes. Oh, god, it's beyond a special to have the Kim Possible personally worry about someone like me. She always recognized how great her girlfriend was and how lucky she was to have Kim. Now, if only it did not all have to come to an end.

Taking a deep breath, Bonnie wiped her eyes before her tears got out of control. "Kim… you know… you can be with her if you want to," she finally managed to choke out.

"Huh?" Kim's face twisted into a rather bemused expression, eyebrows curled up and mouth set in a slight frown. Noticing the tears, she dropped her leg, feeling like this needed her complete attention.

"You can be with her if you want. You don't have to stay with me," the aqua-eyed woman explained, sorrow dripping from her tone like the tears in her eyes.

"I can be with her?" Kim echoed, arching an eyebrow.

The tanned female sniffled, hoping it would keep the tears from pouring out as her heart shattered in her chest. "I know you love her and I won't hold you back anymore. You can be with her like you want to. You don't have to stay with me anymore if you don't love me," she practically blurted out.

The hero looked utterly bewildered by her lover's words. From the look on her face, Bonnie would have thought Kim did not speak English. For some reason, the perplexed expression only hurt her more. Tears flooded her eyes and one slid down her cheek.

"Bonnie," Kim sighed and shook her head. "What makes you think I don't love you? Where are you getting such crazy ideas?" She reached out, but Bonnie stepped back, avoiding her.

An angry frown took over Bonnie's face and she pointed a shaking finger at the petite hero. "Don't lie. Don't try to act all noble. You're not doing us any favors. You know you love her. Go be with her," she seemed to order. It definitely would have sounded more like the command she wanted it to be if only her voice was quivering and her eyes were focused on the floor instead of Kim.

"Are you going to force me to go be with her?" Kim asked curiously because of the tone.

"Don't play around. You know you love her and you don't love me. Go be with her and stop torturing yourself like you are," Bonnie stated as water welled up even more in her turquoise eyes, causing them to glimmer with unending sadness. It hurt so much to say those words, but she wanted Kim to be happy and she knew that being with her was not going to do it.

"Bonnie, baby, where are you getting this stuff from?" Kim sighed again. "What makes you think I love someone else? What makes you think you're doing me or even us a favor by ordering me to leave? What makes you think I want to leave?" she inquired, her face somewhat begging and confused at the same time.

"Go," Bonnie commanded, as the tears finally poured down her face.

"Baby," Kim said when she saw the tears, hand moving out as if reaching for Bonnie once more.

The redhead marched over to Bonnie. She embraced Bonnie with those strong, reassuring arms of hers and held Bonnie with all the care that one would hold an egg to avoid breaking it. She placed gentle, loving kisses on Bonnie's cheek and neck.

"No, just go," Bonnie ordered, struggling in vain to get out of her girlfriend's iron grip.

"Why are you acting this way?" Kim begged to know, pressing Bonnie to her, wanting Bonnie to feel how much she loved her.

Sniffles came before a genuine response in a broken voice. "Because I know you love her. I've known for a while now. Just go be with her. Go!" she replied as her simple tears turned to gut-wrenching sobs. She broke down in Kim's arms, still trying to force Kim away from her. "Go…" she whimpered through the anguished wails.

"Bonnie," the slim hero sighed, caressing her lover's back in an attempt to calm her down.

"Don't try to lie to me either, Possible. Just go! I want you to be happy, so go!" she bawled. There was silence for a moment and she felt Kim take a deep breath.

"I won't lie to you, Bonnie. I do love her," Kim admitted in a low voice and Bonnie sobbed louder at the confession. Kim tightened her embrace, trying to be reassuring with her hold. "But, I love you, too, and that's why I can't go."

"No, you don't. No, you don't. No, you don't," Bonnie muttered in complete despair as she shook her head in Kim's shoulder.

The redhead's embrace tightened while her shirt was soaked. "Yes, I do. I love you, too, and I'm not going anywhere," she vowed in the strongest tone her lover had heard from her.

"No…" Bonnie mumbled, continuing to shake her head.

Kim felt her own insides squeezing against each other as Bonnie wept on her shoulder. She could not believe her lover tried to push her away. And so seriously!

She decided not to argue. She could not remember the last time she won a serious argument against Bonnie and she was not about to try her luck at such an important time. She lifted her aqua-eyed lover into her arms with some ease and carried her back into the house. Bonnie continued crying into her shoulder, which she did not mind.

"Bonnie, baby, I love you so much. I wish you weren't hurting so much. I don't like seeing you like. I'm so sorry," the redhead whispered.

Kim wished she had hid her emotions better. She wished she never let Bonnie see she loved someone else. But, it was like she said, she still loved Bonnie, too. Somehow, she still loved Bonnie with all of her heart, just like always, and she was not going anywhere.

The redhead eased her lover down onto the sofa and laid her on her back. Bonnie turned away, ashamed that she was actually crying like some rejected teenager. Kim leaned down and gently turned Bonnie's face back to her. She then placed a tender, but passionate kiss on Bonnie's lips. Bonnie cried out into the kiss as more tears streamed down her face, but Kim only deepened the kiss. Tasting the love of her life made Bonnie's heart pound heavy with both fear and love. She was going to lose this, she thought. I can't take this, Bonnie believed.

"Who loves you?" Kim inquired in a whisper as she broke the kiss, which lasted almost a half-minute.

Bonnie did not respond, only crying more and closing her eyes tightly. Kim repeated her actions, going in for another kiss. Her tongue caressed Bonnie's mouth, taking command of it almost as if she was taking command of Bonnie's entire being. As the kiss continued, she reached out, stroking Bonnie's thigh with just enough of pressure for Bonnie to feel her. She then she repeated her question.

"Who loves you?" the redhead asked again in the same tone, but more forcefully.

Bonnie still did not respond. Kim kissed her again, much longer than before. Her hand caressing Bonnie's thigh went from the outside to the inside of the area. Her tongue stroked Bonnie's with more passion, causing all sorts of delightful bolts to go through the tanned woman. Bonnie's heart pounded more than ever before, paining her chest, as Kim's hand came closer to her most intimate area.

"Who loves you?" Kim now demanded to know in a hiss.

"You do," Bonnie answered in a breath, still not opening her eyes.

"You know I do," Kim stated. "Now, look at me and tell me who loves you," she ordered.

There was some hesitation, but slowly blue-green eyes opened and found olive orbs staring intensely down at her. The sight of those beautiful green eyes brought more tears. She could see love there and just did not understand how Kim could still love her.

"You love me… But, it doesn't make any sense," Bonnie replied.

"It doesn't? I love you, baby. I will always love you," Kim promised. She knew this to be the plain and simple truth. She needed Bonnie to know it now, just like she used to know it before everything started.

The hero leaned down for another heated kiss, which Bonnie returned with familiar passion. Tanned arms wrapped themselves around Kim's neck, pulling her closer, wanting to feel more of her. Kim was of like mind in that regard. Her hands began to work Bonnie out of her clothes to help remind her just how much she was loved. The kiss paused only as Bonnie was freed from her shirt and one of Kim's hands gently wandered her torso while the other moved to Bonnie's pants. Her body responded immediately to Kim's touch, filling her with fire and making her claw at Kim's back. Eventually, the need for air broke the kiss.

"Who loves you?" she asked again, just to make sure that Bonnie knew.

"You do," Bonnie hissed as she arched into Kim's touch as her pants were removed; she had been dressed in her house clothes of plain sweatpants and a t-shirt.

"You know I do. And I always will. Remember that and never question it," Kim ordered, her tone was strong, but still somehow loving.

Surprisingly enough, Kim was the more dominate one in the relationship. Sure, she often lost arguments to Bonnie, but most of the time, when she wanted something done, Bonnie would do it. Bonnie enjoyed doing things for her, which would probably surprise damn near everyone that went to high school with them. Bonnie was like that because she wanted to make sure Kim understood she loved her, even if she was always so antagonistic when they were outside. She wanted Kim to know she loved her and she wanted them to be together always and forever.

"But, you said you love her, too," Bonnie pointed out, her voice cracking as she brought up the horrible subject again. The thought cooled off some of the fire in her, but the flame did not go all the way out, could not go all of the way out. Kim ignited a fervor in her that could never truly go away.

"I know. I love both of you," Kim replied, finger slowly circling around the center of one of Bonnie's breasts as if to soften the impact of her words.

Tears began building again. "How can you love both of us?" The question was almost a squeak because Bonnie's voice just would not allow her to seem unfazed by what was happening.

"Because I can do anything." As confident as the phrase was said, olive eyes simmered with clear sadness.

Bonnie only nodded, finally understanding what her lover was going through. It was not that she was not loved, but that Kim was in love with two women and she did not know how to deal with it. How could she take that pain away then? Would Kim ache forever?

Kim did not want to think on the matter, only wanting Bonnie to understand that she was definitely still very much in love with the fiery brunette. While Bonnie was lost in her thoughts, Kim managed to get her pants off. She then distracted her girlfriend.

"Kim!" Bonnie hissed as the redhead began stroking her. She lost her train of thought and could only focus on the pleasure that Kim was giving her.


Kim watched her stretch, as she did every time they met in a lot underneath an old, decaying bridge. She looked as good as always, maybe even better recently. Recently meaning the past year or so. Maybe she was better now than she was back then because she got more practice at things.

"You see something you like, Possible?" Shego asked in her usual teasing tone, which snapped Kim out of her daze.

"I see something I'd like to knock down a few pegs like I did last week," Kim replied with a cocky smirk, doing her own stretches.

Shego only laughed. She hopped to her feet once she was done stretching and she watched Kim finish up her stretches. It was time for their weekly routine. They would fight each other until one of them dropped, as they always did. It always took a few hours, some days more than others. It was the only time that they saw each other now.

A little over a year ago, an incident happened that changed everything. Drakken had been working on a new dooms' day device, hoping to get the world to bow to him. He must have made a critical mistake because the machine exploded and blew the entire lair to kingdom come, Drakken included. Shego heard that the only thing that they found of him were a few fingers. The thought still made her cringe. Sure, Doctor D had gotten on her nerves, but no one deserved to die like that.

She had been lucky only because she had her powers and she had not been near the machine. She had been injured badly in the blast, enough to where she was so pissed that if Drakken had not died in the damn meltdown, she would have killed him. It was that day she vowed to never be around such a reckless, crazy genius again.

So, she pretty much quit being a mercenary and that was made easier by the whole world assuming she died with Drakken. A large pool of her blood had been found and used to identify her. Since they only found a few of Drakken's fingers, they figured a pool of blood was as good as any indicator that she was dead. There was also the assumption that no one could survive the amount of blood she lost. Thankfully, not too many people understood the extent of her healing ability.

Shego now made her money as a street fighter for the most part. She participated in a lot of underground tournaments. To hide her identity, she often wore a mask of some kind and covered her whole body while fighting. She liked the idea of being dead to the world; it got people to leave her alone and after nearly being killed, all she wanted was to be left alone. She even stopped stealing things because she did not want anyone to recognize her style and it just seemed like too much trouble at the moment.

All she really wanted out of life now, aside from not being bothered, was her weekly fight with Kim. It was a frustrating thing for the both of them, but they so looked forward to it. It was a strange thing to be hurt by the one thing that they enjoyed—battling each other. Maybe they were both being nostalgic, they considered, longing for simpler times, but they knew that was not the case.

They yearned for things that only they could provide for each other and they seemed to get that best when their minds were in sync with their bodies to the highest degree and their bodies were moving together in their violent, yet graceful dance. It was then that they connected spiritually and somehow the whole world ceased to exist. There was only them and their wordless communication, telling each other everything that they needed to know.

"You know, you talk a lot of shit for someone that lost last week," Shego commented with her usual haughty smirk.

"Stop living in the past," Kim replied, waving the remark off.

"You're about to be living on the ground," the pale woman quipped.

"Bring on it." The challenge was issued with Kim's typical confidence.

The former villainess smirked and did not hesitate to go at Kim. It was like back when she was the bad guy and Kim was out to save the world. Of course, Kim was still out to save the world, just not from her. She supposed that out of everything on the planet, only Kim would remain the same until the day that she died.

"I'm taking you down just like I always did, Princess," Shego proclaimed.

"I think I won every time back then," Kim retorted.

Shego went after Kim with some slash moves; she still had her clawed gloves. Kim avoided the strikes by flipping backwards. She then countered with a kick, which Shego blocked with her forearm.

"You use the same moves all the time," the redheaded hero taunted her opponent.

"Because these are the moves that kick your ass, just like they did last week," Shego replied with another smirk.

Kim was always glad for the friendly match with Shego, even though she could not say it out loud or Shego would never let her live it down. She remembered back when she thought Shego died and the odd way that it made her feel. She felt sad, of course, but it was much deeper than that. It felt like she had lost part of herself and then one day, Shego just showed up in front of her. She had acted impulsively and hugged the pale woman the moment she recognized her, which had surprised Shego to say the least.

Out of all of the people on the planet, Shego had to see Kim. She missed the little redhead for some reason that she had not been able to explain. It was just that not being able to see Kim or interact with the petite hero made everything seem off. It was like she might as well have died that day if she could not go back and forth with Kim. Kim had been the highlight of her villain career because Kim offered an actual challenge to her that she had not had in her life. Meeting Kim made going evil worth it… not that she would ever say that aloud. Kim would not take it the right way anyway, she was sure of that.

The pale woman went at the hero with a series of hand strikes. All of which Kim agilely slipped by, but she was losing her ground. She had to counter if she wanted to regain control, which she did. She ducked down and went into a spin of sweep kicks, hoping to take Shego's legs out from under her, but the raven-haired woman backed away from all of the kicks.

"You should just give up, Princess. You already know the outcome," Shego boasted as she got away.

"I know, which is why I won't give up," Kim replied.

The older woman smirked more so than before. She guessed it was going to be another long day, not that she minded. She looked forward to days where she and Kim just went at it from noon to night; Kim was the same. Shego thought those were perfect days.

The pair went back and forth with each other. Attacking, mostly for Shego, and counterattacking, mostly for Kim. They dodged kicks and punches and tried to come up with new ways to defeat each other. The winner of their matches was always the one that came up with the most surprises. They never won in one big move. It was always a series of moves that wore the other one down that won the match. That was one of the reasons they enjoyed battling each other.

They constantly forced each other to think on their feet and they kept their minds sharp. They always had to see things from new angles, which made them better martial artists and it also helped them in fights against other people. Against each other, they learned what worked and what did not work without the threat of being critically injured or killed.

They worked against each other for hours, as usual. They did not care about the weather; it was cold now, enough for most people to not even think about going outside, but they would be there no matter how cold it was. It was dark with barely any light from the quarter moon out and the neighborhood was far from safe, which of course did not matter. They went at each other no matter what outside was like. It could be raining, snowing, hailing, or burning hot with bullets flying all over the place from some crime and they would still meet each other to do battle. The weather disappeared once they got started as far as they were concerned. The world disappeared as far as they were concerned.

Shego eventually pinned Kim against a wall. Their bodies pressed against each other and Shego stared into Kim's olive eyes. She got lost in those leaf-colored pools and then leaned down. Kim knew what was coming and did nothing about it. Shego kissed her and she kissed back.

The kiss was almost like a fight to them. It was sensual, but soul searing at the same time. It was beautiful, but rough. It wanted to be more than it was, though.

"Sorry," Shego apologized most insincerely as she pulled away for much needed air. If she were truly sorry, she would not have done it for the umpteenth time.

"It's all right," Kim replied in a low voice.

"It's all right?" the green-skinned echoed with an arched eyebrow. That was new. Usually, she got silence for her false apology, knowing guilt ate away at Kim. She hated to make Kim feel that way, but she had to kiss the younger woman or she was sure she would go mad each and every time it happened. She did not usually get such a great response from the redhead when she kissed her, though.

"At least, I think it's all right," Kim answered, her forehead wrinkling as she thought on the subject. Bonnie had said she wanted the olive-eyed hero to be happy, even if that meant being with Shego. She believed she would be happy if she could be with Shego.

Kim knew every week she would get to see a woman that she loved, but was not allowed to express that in any way because she was in a relationship. She knew very clearly she loved Shego because of what went through her when she thought that Shego died. There had been a void inside of her when Shego was gone, always throbbing and hurting. She did not know when she came to love Shego, but she knew that she did. But, she also loved Bonnie, just as she said she did. She loved them both, but she could only have one. Or that was what she thought.

Bonnie had given her permission to be with Shego. But, she was not sure if Bonnie meant that. It might have been something said just to make Kim feel better since it seemed she was always noticeable miserable after she returned from her day with Shego. She was always so down because she was reminded every week that she loved someone she could not have beyond the sparring match that they had, not that Shego seemed to follow that much since she occasionally kissed Kim.

Shego could not help herself. She was attracted to Kim, incredibly so. The small hero made her feel alive. Kim confirmed her existence for her. It was an amazing feeling and that was why she had to see Kim after the world thought she died. She needed to know she was alive and seeing Kim did that for her.

"Shego," Kim said, before taking a deep breath because she needed to gather her thoughts and courage for her next words.

"What, Princess?" Shego inquired, looking just a bit bemused because she could sense a change in her opponent. Something was fundamentally different about Kim all of a sudden.

"Will you come home with me?" the redhead requested as if it was the most natural thing in the world to say. Internally, she felt a little lightheaded and had to give herself a little pep talk to make sure she did not faint once she got the question out, though. Her heart raced and if she had not already gone through such anxiety with Bonnie, she definitely would not have thought it was possible to feel like her heart would burst out of her chest.

"What about the little woman?" the former villainess asked curiously, forcing out an amused smirk. This was the only way she could deal with the idea.

"I think it's okay," Kim answered.

"But, you don't know. Aren't you taking a big risk?" Shego asked with concern she never would have guessed she had. Once upon a time, she had a selfish streak that could rival her brother Mego's, but now she found herself caring about the welfare of others, Kim in particular.

"Isn't that what life is all about?" Kim countered with a small smile and Shego could not argue that point. But, the pale woman did think that there was a difference between taking a chance and putting a loaded gun to her head, which she thought that Kim was doing if she showed up at her house with another woman, even though she loved Bonnie.

Shego knew Kim loved Bonnie. They had gone through it the first few times she had kissed Kim. In fact, the first time she kissed Kim, the younger woman had actually sank to the ground and wept about how much she loved Bonnie. Shego took it more as Kim reminding herself than anything else and at first it had annoyed her.

She supposed she had come to accept Kim loving Bonnie somewhat, which was due to the fact that she knew some part of Kim Possible exclusively belonged to her. There was a reason that Kim always showed up for their weekly appointments and stayed until Shego decided that it was time for them to leave. A part of Kim was made only for her, so she would always have Kim.


"Bonnie," Kim called as she opened the door to their house.

"Yeah?" Bonnie asked as she poked her head out of the kitchen, showing a rather puzzled expression. She was stunned Kim was speaking to her after her weekly workout. It was a first time thing.

And then Bonnie caught sight of who was with her lover. Kim stood next to Shego. Bonnie felt and looked both wounded and infuriated at the same time. Her eyes ignited in the strangest mix of fury and sorrow that Kim had ever witnessed.

"What is she doing here?" Bonnie demanded, sneering in Shego's direction. And it seems Kimmie shot herself with the loaded gun, Shego mentally commented.

"Baby, calm down," Kim implored softly as she marched over to Bonnie.

She quickly backed Bonnie into the kitchen, out of view, before matters got out of hand. Shego did not mind much. She shut the front door and then looked around to see what kind of place Kim had going for her.

"What's she doing here?" Bonnie inquired once again; it was like venom was dripping from her words. Her eyes darted to the walkway outside of the kitchen, trying to catch some sight of Shego and destroy her with her heated gaze.

"You said it was okay," the olive-eyed female pointed out in a somewhat pleading tone. She appeared ready to burst into tears, eyes squinting and filling with water. She searched Bonnie's face, partially confused as to what was going on, even though she started the whole thing. She said it was okay. She wouldn't lie to me.

"I said it was okay for you to be with her, not bring your whore into our home," Bonnie hissed, baring her teeth at her lover.

Those words snapped Kim to attention. Olive eyes refocused and her body became a little more rigid. "Hey, Shego's not mine or anyone else's whore. She's not a whore at all, so don't talk about her like that," she ordered in a stern voice, holding up a finger.

"Oh, excuse the fuck out of me," Bonnie huffed, scowling as she folded her arms across her chest, almost as if to protect herself. She could not believe she was scolded because she had insulted her lover's… whatever the hell Shego was.

Kim could see the hurt and feel the sense of betrayal radiating from her girlfriend. She took a moment to calm herself down, not wanting things to get any more out of hand. She just wanted to be happy. She wanted them all to be happy.

"Baby, you said I could be with her. I just wanted to see if you meant it or if that was just words. If you didn't mean it, I'll tell her to go and that I'll see her next week like always. We can go back to how everything was before," the redhead promised in a soft, soothing tone, reaching out to caress her lover. Not surprisingly, the brunette dodged the contact.

A tan face turned away, chin trembling and eyes blinking to keep tears at bay. Bonnie wanted so badly to tell Kim that she wanted Shego to go. She did not want to look at that woman. She wished Shego did not exist and she would love nothing more than to pretend Shego did not exist. But, that would only mean she lied to Kim and she really did not want Kim to be happy in life. It seemed so harsh. How could I not want my baby to be happy? How horrible is that? Bonnie could not believe she wanted Kim to be miserable as long as Kim stayed with her.

"Why am I not good enough?" Bonnie asked in a low, sorrowful tone. Her voice shook because she could not keep her chin from quivering. Her arms moved from being folded in front of her just to wipe away tears and then went back into their defensive position across her chest. Her eyes remained looking off to the left.

She both hated and enjoyed that she got to be pathetic in Kim's presence. It was a nice break than having to be the strong, super, extra go-hard bitch that she was to everyone else, but one day, she feared Kim might grow tired of the pitiful act. Not that Kim ever seemed to mind. In fact, she seemed to like being able to cuddle and cradle Bonnie.

"Don't talk like that, honey. You are good enough. You're always good enough and you always will be," Kim replied in a soothing voice, leaning in a little to test the waters. She hoped she would not get punched for it considering how upset Bonnie was.

"Why can't you only love me, like I only love you?" the turquoise-eyed woman inquired, motioning between them with one hand.

Kim sighed and ran her hand through her hair. "I didn't mean for this to happen. I can't help it. But, it doesn't make me love you any less. It doesn't make me feel any differently toward you and it doesn't make me want to leave you. You know I love you and I want to always be with you. My sweet Bonnie, how I love you," she insisted sincerely.

Bonnie nodded and swallowed a lump in her throat as she turned to face Kim. "I know you do, but I still feel so awful inside, Kim. I know you didn't mean for this to happen, but I feel so useless. What does Shego give you that I don't? Why can she make you happy and I can't? It's not fair, baby. I want you to be happy, but I also want to be the only thing you need. You're the only thing I need." Sniffling, she wiped her eyes.

The redhead leaned in closer, pressing herself gently into her girlfriend. "Baby, it's not like that. I wish I could explain this better, but it's not that she can only make me happy. She can't. I love you and I love her. There's nothing wrong with you, Bonnie. You're perfect. I love you more and more each day and I'm extremely thankful for you, but I love her, too. I can't explain it anymore than that. I don't know how this happened, how I'm capable of loving the both of you as I do, but I do. I need you both," she explained, hoping it was enough this time.

"Kimmie, I know this is hard for you and it's hard for me, too, but I want you to be happy," Bonnie whispered, scared to say it any louder than that because she knew what those words truly meant.

"Do you want her to leave?" the hero asked to be certain.

"How long will she be here?" Bonnie countered, her voice still low and weak.

Kim shrugged and scratched her head. "I don't know. Shego's the type that comes and goes as she pleases."

There was a slow nod. "She's not going to be living here, right?"

Kim shrugged again because she did not know. "Honestly, we didn't talk about that. Technically, Shego's homeless. She stays in a bunch hotels because she doesn't want someone to find her on purpose or by accident. But, she didn't say anything about living her when we spoke. She didn't even hint at that. But, I really don't know what the plan is. This was very spur-of-the-moment."

"Kim," Bonnie said in a stern tone because she did not like that response. If Shego's going to be living with us, does that mean Kim will be sleeping with Shego, too? What does any of this mean?

"I just told her to come here. We didn't talk about if she'd live here or something like that. I wouldn't just bring someone home to stay without talking about it with you. I'm not that inconsiderate, am I?" Kim inquired curiously. The whole idea of bringing Shego home was starting to make her think she was actually rather inconsiderate from the way her girlfriend reacted. Maybe she did horrible things all of the time and just never realized it.

"No," the brunette woman answered.

"Look, Bonnie, really, if you're not comfortable with this, I'll tell Shego I made a mistake and she'll leave," the redhead promised. "She already thinks I'm an idiot for even asking her, so she's already ready to leave."

Bonnie bit her lip. She was not very comfortable with any of what was happening. She wanted to be in a somewhat normal relationship, just her and Kim. They were a couple and that was normal, but now Kim was bringing Shego into the mix and throwing things off. She did not want to turn Kim down, though because she knew it would bring terrible agony to the hero.

"I'll try," Bonnie whispered.

"You will?" Kim asked. Her eyes lit up with hope.

Swallowing down any bitter or harsh feelings, the brunette nodded. "Yeah, I'll try."

Kim smiled and she leaned in to give Bonnie an appreciative kiss. Bonnie could tell from the feel of the kiss she had done the best thing for her lover. She could not believe it, but she was about to feed and entertain the other love of her girlfriend. I must be all types of crazy, she concluded. Looking into those glimmering green eyes, she knew she was crazy—crazy in love.

"Thank you so much, baby. This means a lot to me," the redhead said and because of her kiss all Bonnie could do was nod.

Kim exited the kitchen and returned to Shego to let her know it was all right for her to stay. The pale woman shrugged, as if she did not care, but she was secretly pleased she was somewhat welcomed. Now, she could see what was so special about Bonnie and why her Princess stayed with that woman instead of running away with her. She liked to think if she figured Bonnie out and what she did for Kim, Shego could then do it and Kim would come with her, not needing Bonnie anymore.

"I guess we can eat," Bonnie announced, sticking her head out of the kitchen again.

"Bonnie's a great cook," Kim informed Shego, pride in her sweetheart oozing off of her.

"I'll bet I'm better," the ex-villainess bragged, folding her arms across her chest and looking rather smug.

"Be nice," Kim ordered, shaking her finger at the raven-haired woman.

"I didn't agree to that," Shego replied with a naughty gleam in her eyes.

"Shego, please, be nice. This is really tough on Bonnie, but she promised to try. I want you to try too. Please," Kim implored the pale woman.

Emerald eyes rolled and Shego sucked her teeth. "Fine, Princess. I'll try," she vowed in a flippant tone that would have alarmed anyone that knew her, but Kim knew Shego's word was good enough when it came to her.

Kim led her guest to the dining room and they sat down at the small, dark wooden table. Bonnie served dinner and it was clear from her body movement that she was not very pleased with what was going on, especially when she saw that Shego had taken her seat at the head of the table, which was also right next to Kim. The glare from those turquoise eyes might have killed a lesser soul when they locked on Shego. Shego smirked a little, admiring the moxie Bonnie clearly had.

Their table was set up where the seat at the head of the table and the one to the right side were very close. It was like that so Bonnie and Kim could be close to each other while having meals and they could touch each other if the urge overcame them, which it often did. Bonnie liked being able to put her hand on Kim's knee, assuring herself that Kim was there for her.

Bonnie was not deterred, even if Shego was in her seat. Who the hell sits at someone else's table and takes the chair at the head of the table? The nerve of this woman! While Bonnie silently fumed, she took another chair and moved it to the right side of the table. She sat down at Kim's side. She gave Shego a look that claimed Kim and ordered Shego to back the hell off. The moss-hued former thief only smirked.

"So, what do you two crazy kids do for fun around here?" Shego asked to make small talk as she looked down at the meal. It does look good, she silently admitted. It was baked chicken with yellow rice and broccoli. When she tasted it, she had to concede Bonnie could cook her ass off, but she would never admit it out loud.

"Nothing you're interesting in," Bonnie replied curtly, hoping it would help get the green-skinned woman out of her home sooner.

"You'd be surprised what interests me," Shego commented as if she was teasing the chef.

"I'm sure I wouldn't," the tanned female said flatly, continuing to glare at the older woman.

Shego only smirked. Well, she could see a little as to why her Princess was with Bonnie. She seemed to be a strong-willed female that did not want to be pushed around and did not take any mess. At least her Princess had halfway decent taste in women.

Bonnie and Shego continued trying to gauge the other through out dinner. Kim knew better than to get in the way. She actually felt that the more they went back and forth, the better things would be. They were women that fed off of argument and conflict, after all. All of them were like that, so if they were being hostile toward each other, the redhead took that as getting along the only way they knew how.

Bonnie was trying to figure out what Shego offered her beloved that she could not provide. The only thing she could come up with was the fact that Shego was someone for Kim to physically fight with. Was that such a big deal? Did martial arts mean so much to Kim?

Shego, on the other hand, could not figure out why Kim would love and stay with Bonnie rather than run around with her. She supposed there were parts of Kim that she ignored liked being domestic and stable. The slender adventurer more than likely enjoyed coming in from a hard day of doing God-only-knows-what to find dinner being prepared for her, someone to watch a movie with, and things of that nature. Was that such a grand feeling that Kim would stay with Bonnie? Was that what she could not measure up to?

Neither of them could understand why they could not measure up individually or why Kim claimed to love them both. It was something that needed to be further investigated because they were certain that the first one to figure Kim out would be the one that could win her complete affection. It made sense to those two, anyway.


"Yo," Shego said, somewhat a mock-greeting to Bonnie as she stepped into the house. "Kimmie around?" the older woman inquired as green eyes scanned the house. She would not put it past Bonnie to lie to her, even if it might get Bonnie in trouble with Kim.

"No, she's out," Bonnie answered in a short tone, glaring at Shego, trying to force the woman out of the door with her gaze.

Shego ignored the look and went into the living room, making herself comfortable. Bonnie followed, gaping incredulously at what was happening. It was one thing to halfway steal her girlfriend, but now to be trying to steal her home! The nerve of this freaking woman!

"Kimmie's not here, so you might as well leave," Bonnie ordered.

"I'll wait. I might even tell Kim how rude you've been to me," the pale woman commented, smirking to let it be known that she was well aware that she was making a threat.

A low growl escaped Bonnie, but all of her protests died at that moment. She stormed out of the living room, not wanting to look at Shego until it was necessary to do so. She was going to have to learn to put up with that.

Shego began coming around the house daily and Bonnie never objected to it, but she was never happy to see the former villain. They constantly argued with each other and Kim made sure to stay out of things whenever she was around. In fact, Kim's most frequently used gesture when all three of them were in the house was to hold her hands up in defeat to show that she was neutral.

Kim was able to avoid arguments between them by staying silent, but she could not avoid the arguments altogether. Bonnie liked to clutch onto her the moment she entered the house. Kim did not really mind. She knew it was Bonnie's way to help her deal with Shego being around, but it also was not very far from Bonnie's usual behavior from when they were in the house anyway. Bonnie always said being close to Kim settled her, so she stayed close in the house to unwind from work.


"Ready for your butt-kicking?" Shego asked Kim as they stepped out into the backyard of Kim's house. The birds chirped in the morning air and sun beamed down on the duo in tank tops and shorts.

"You have the strangest fantasies, Shego," Kim remarked, moving to one end of the yard as Shego went to the other.

"I don't know, you tied to the bed isn't a strange one," the older woman quipped with a smirk as she settled into her fighting stance.

"That one will definitely remain a fantasy," the hero replied, dropping into her own stance. For the briefest of moments, they stared at each other before rushing each other and meeting with their fists. The smiles on their faces were clearer than the blue sky.

With Shego coming by everyday, she and Kim got to spar a lot more. They usually worked out when Bonnie was at work, not because they did not want Bonnie to see them getting along, but because they did not have anything to do in the morning. Sparring was their favorite way to kill time.

"Kimmie, I'm surprised a woman such as yourself doesn't have a million and one things to do this morning," Shego commented. She had always expected Kim to get some high-power, high-class career once she entered the adult world because of her need to be perfect and her competitive nature, but she had been way off with that guess.

"You know I'm a freelance photographer and I typically take pictures when I'm on missions. I get the most unique shots then, not just of scenes, but people and places too. This isn't the best distraction you've ever come up with," Kim replied, dodging a palm strike from her opponent.

"I try my best. You still a hot commodity with magazines, galleries, museums, and everything else because of your 'unique shots'?"

"Again, not a good distraction."

"Oh, no?" Shego acted as if she was surprised and then she tackled Kim.

They both landed in the grass with a soft thud. Before Kim could comprehend what was happening, Shego's lips were upon hers, trying to take command of her. Of course, she responded in kind. By the time they parted, their mouths tingled with affection while their lungs burned for air.

"How's that for a distraction?" Shego replied with a smirk.

"Predictable," Kim scoffed, jumping up to get back to the fight.

Kim and Shego often got caught in romantic moments while sparring. Shego often stole kisses while they were going back and forth because it was hard for her to get any when Bonnie was around. The aqua-eyed female was often on Kim like a vice when she was in the house, trying to keep the Big-bad Shego away from her little Kimmie. It would have been amusing if it were not so frustrating for Shego.


"Baby, I'm home," Bonnie called as she entered the house. When she was not immediately acknowledged, she frowned. Her eyes instantly went to the backyard, looking for some sign of her lover. She hated coming home and finding the emerald-eyed ex-thief there, going at it with Kim in the backyard.

They were not in the backyard from what she could tell and then she heard a loud explosion in the living room. It was clearly from the television. Marching to the living room, she found the pair where they occasionally were. They were cuddled up on the couch, watching a movie. The sight caused a deeper scowl to settle on Bonnie's face. How dare they sit there like I don't exist? How dare Shego act like Kim was solely hers!

"Hey, baby," Bonnie said, getting Kim's attention.

"Oh, welcome home, sweetheart," Kim replied, smiling brightly at the sight of the tanned woman.

Shego frowned as Bonnie leaned down, planting a deep, passionate kiss to Kim's lips. It was a typical greeting and always drew that reaction from the former thief. Bonnie pulled away slowly, savoring her lover's lips and then looked smugly at Shego. Her eyes screamed at Shego; you see that, bitch? Kim's mine!

Shego glared back and was tempted to ask Bonnie if Kim tasted like her, but doubted Kim would find that cute. She glanced at Kim and noticed she was in a bit of a daze. The sight got a low growl out of her and the haughty look from Bonnie was not helping. She doubted she would ever get use to the couple doing such things either.

"That's how you kiss a woman," Bonnie told Shego.

"Oh, really?" Shego inquired, feeling that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Grabbing Kim by the arm, she spun the hero to her and started a kiss that could only be called scandalous, her tongue visibly caressing and stroking Kim's own as her lips glided against Kim's mouth. Once Kim was again dazed, Shego pulled away and gave Bonnie an extremely proud smile.

Bonnie scowled now. "You don't kiss the woman you love in a way that would make a whore blush."

Shego scoffed and rolled her eyes, but thus started a tradition. Whenever Bonnie came home, she would greet Kim with a deep kiss, right in front of Shego's face. Every now and then Shego would retaliate.

An unwritten rule in the house since Shego started showing up was that Kim could not initiate any intimate or romantic actions when all three of them were in the house. She could not cuddle, hug, heavily defend, and damn sure could not kiss either of the ladies. Bonnie and Shego could do damn near anything they wanted to Kim, short of screwing her right in front of the other. As crazy as it all sounded, it seemed to work for them for the moment.


"Shego, why don't you get off of your lazy ass and do something for once?" Bonnie barked at the green-skinned female, who was lounging on the couch.

"Because I'm not your fucking maid," Shego replied as if it was obvious.

The two were home alone. Kim had gone out to set up a showing of some of her photos in a gallery and she implored Shego to not kill Bonnie while she was gone. She then begged Bonnie to not call the cops on Shego. They both agreed in dismissive tones, but Kim knew that was good enough; it was also the best she would get out of them.

They had spent the afternoon going back and forth with each other. Bonnie always started things. Shego would have been happy to sit on the sofa and wait for her Princess to return while watching monster movies, but Bonnie could not let Shego be happy. It just was not in the cards because, weeks later, Bonnie still resented Shego being there.

"Why don't you go home?" the brown-haired female huffed. "And stop eating in the fucking living room," she added because Shego was eating popcorn that Bonnie knew she would have to vacuum up later since Shego was a slob at the best of times.

"Shut the fuck up. Do you have an 'off' switch or something?" the pale woman remarked, keeping her eyes focused on the television with the hope that Bonnie would leave her alone.

"I will not shut up. You're in my fucking house. Why don't you go the fuck home?" Bonnie repeated with a snarl. God, Kim's not around, so Shego should just get the fuck out!

"Why don't you get out of my ass? I'm sitting here, not bothering anybody. Are you always this bitchy or am I just this lucky to receive special treatment?" the former villainess inquired, waving the irksome woman away.

"You're just this damn annoying," Bonnie retorted.

"How am I annoying? I'm not doing shit." Shego motioned around herself to the couch, drawing attention that she was just sitting there. She then pointed to the television, showing that she was just trying to enjoy the program.

"You're breathing my fucking air, that's enough in my book."

"Then go the fuck outside," Shego quipped, jabbing her thumb in the direction of the door.

"Just get the hell out. You don't do anything around here, but mooch off of us. You're like the most useless human being on the face of the Earth. You're just a fucking pest," Bonnie declared.

Shego rolled her eyes. "Look who's talking. What do you want a fucking medal for actually keeping your house clean?"

"No, I want you to get the hell out, though, so I can continue to keep my house clean." Bonnie pointed in the direction of the door.

They would have kept on in that manner, but they heard the door open. They looked at each other and then made a dash toward the door as if they were both four years old. Bonnie shoved Shego into the wall when it seemed like Shego would make it to the door first. Bonnie threw herself into Kim's arms before the redhead even got the chance to shut the door.

"Baby," Bonnie practically purred and then she leaned in for a deep, long, passionate kiss.

Shego looked on as she climbed to her feet. If Bonnie was anyone else, even Kim… maybe especially Kim, Shego would kicked her feet out from under her for such a move. But, since Bonnie was who she was, namely Kim's beloved, she was saved. The only thing Shego could take from the situation was that Bonnie was a sneaky little thing and things like that were all right by her. She was still pissed, though.

After spending so much time around Bonnie, especially when Kim occasionally left them alone, Shego was pretty sure she hated the tanned bitch. Bonnie was always on her case about something, speaking to her as if she was some bratty child. Most of the time, she really wished Bonnie would just shut the fuck up. It was terribly vexing since she had to put up with it or see Kim less. Seeing Kim less was not an option.

"All right, all right. Break it up, you two," Shego said to be annoying and she actually went and separated the couple.

"Hey!" Bonnie barked, glaring at the older woman for her audacity.

"My turn," Shego commented and she leaned down to top Bonnie's pathetic kiss… well, it was pathetic in Shego's opinion. She kissed the redhead for almost a minute.

Kim had to be careful when she received affection from Bonnie or Shego with the other around. One moan and the argument would be hours long. One involuntarily movement, like wrapping her arms around one of them, and World War III could start. It was a bit nerve wrecking, but she really enjoyed being around both her loved ones despite the rules and control that she had to show.

"Okay, enough of that!" Bonnie hollered and she tried to pull Shego and Kim apart.

The pale woman tried her best not to budge, but the redhead stepped out of her grip. Kim was not looking to upset Bonnie by seeming to give Shego more attention. The green-skinned woman frowned since the kiss was ended and Bonnie attached herself to Kim's arm, as she tended to do when they were all in the house.

Kim smiled at both women, looking like some sort of happy sprite. There was a somewhat bright look in her eyes that had taken residency there and never left since the three of them had been under the same roof. Oddly enough, it was this look that made everything all right for Bonnie and Shego.

"Glad to see you two didn't kill each other and the house is still standing. You're going really good," the hero commented.

Both Bonnie and Shego noticed that Kim was happy with the situation, even though it was rather bizarre. Kim never had those sullen moments that Bonnie still remembered vividly where Kim ignored Bonnie's existence. The redhead no longer had those silent, melancholic times that used to kill Bonnie as she watched her lover go through all of her martial arts katas and practice stances. The redhead smiled a lot more, too.

Bonnie was not upset or jealous over the fact that Kim smiled so much more now that Shego was around. It was because the smiles were not just for Shego. The smiles were for Bonnie as well and for the situation altogether. Kim was just content with life now, which made Bonnie and Shego content in return, but that did not mean that they had to get along.

"So, what happened at the gallery?" Bonnie inquired, speaking to the petite redhead.

"Everything's set up and my pictures are there to be looked at. He wanted to have an opening gala, but I'm not sure I can do it. He thinks it'll help the pictures sell if there's a time when people can come and meet the artist, 'the great Kim Possible.' His words, not mine. I promised to try, but I'm not sure when I'll have the time," Kim replied.

"That's great," Bonnie said, smiling brightly, which caused Shego to roll her eyes.

"Snapping pictures is easy, Princess. Any schmuck with a disposable camera can take a picture. You need to make a living off of something that makes you actually feel alive. You should be in a ring somewhere, kicking someone's ass," Shego declared.

Bonnie glared at the older woman. "Excuse me, one, photography takes talent, which my baby has by the metric ton. Two, photography pays the bills much better than your martial arts do, especially considering your situation. Lastly, photography doesn't send my baby home with bruises and sore muscles or worse," she retorted.

"Also, going there, I get to find out that I sold a photo, so I can take you two out for dinner," Kim announced, dodging an argument that could go on for hours if she did not step in.

"How about you take me and we drop her in a lake on the way?" Shego suggested with a taunting smirk, jabbing her thumb in Bonnie's direction.

"Shego," Kim scolded the pale female, shaking an index finger at her.

"It's just a thought," Shego replied with a shrug.

"Here's a better thought, why don't you go home?" Bonnie huffed. God, I'm not even going to be able to enjoy a rare night out with my baby because Shego's going to have to come and ruin everything!

"This just tells me you should stop thinking," Shego quipped.

"Both of you, cut it out and go get ready," Kim gently ordered with a smile.

Kim was proud of herself to be able to take both Bonnie and Shego out. Being a freelance photographer made good money sporadic more often than not. She liked being able to treat them to something considering everything they did for her, like cooking or sparring. Just being there for her and tolerating each other for her made her wish she could do so much more for them.

The trio went out to a decent restaurant. Bonnie and Shego got along somewhat, namely they did not argue very loudly. Kim only watched them as they went back and forth with each other over single thing they could. Sometimes, the petite hero thought they even forgot that she was there when they argued with each other. They thrived off of conflict like plants off of sunlight. They liked going at each other verbally, even if they did not want to believe it.

Shego offered Bonnie something that Kim just could not come up with and that was a real argument. Every time Bonnie had a snap, Shego was able to bite back. Their arguments were eternal because of that and they both enjoyed it, even if they liked to pretend it bothered them. They were not pretending very well in their lover's opinion.

In return, Bonnie came up with something for Shego that Kim could not, which was also a real argument. Shego and Kim teased and taunted each other. They were playful with each other. Their arguments were like fights with water guns while Shego's arguments with Bonnie were like fights with laser cannons and bazookas. They enjoyed that and that was why they always went at each other, why they could not ignore each other.

Kim really did not mind that sometimes her lovers focused on each other more than they did on her. She wanted them to be comfortable around each other. She wanted them to get along the best way that they could because she wanted them all to stay together. So far, it seemed to be working out.


"Hey, where's my Princess?" Shego inquired as she entered the house. Bonnie had answered the door, even though she knew who knocked. She told herself that she answered because if she did not do so, Shego would just break in, which was true.

"My baby got called out for a mission," the aqua-eyed female replied in her usual snippy fashion.

"Aw, now that's no fun. It means I gotta spend my time with you until she gets back. When'd she leave?" the pale woman asked.

"This morning."

"Ah, she should be back soon then," Shego commented with a shrug and she strolled into the living room.

"So, why don't you come back?" Bonnie suggested in a huffy tone.

"I couldn't be here getting on your nerves if I do that, doy," Shego replied with a typical smirk.

Bonnie frowned and the ex-thief went to the sofa. She flopped down and started watching television. She and Bonnie got into their usual arguments until Bonnie suddenly withdrew. Shego did not think anything of it until she noticed that it was dark outside. She looked at the time.

"Where is little Kimmie?" Shego wondered aloud, feeling a little unfamiliar ping in her stomach. It was worry.

The pale woman pondered the location of her Princess for a while and then she wondered what happened to Bonnie. She got up from the sofa and wandered into the dining room where she located Bonnie going through the liquor cabinet.

"What are you doing, hothead?" An arched ebony eyebrow accompanied the question.

"Are you that stupid or blind? What does it look like I'm doing?" Bonnie replied with a sneer, not bothering to look at her unwanted guest. "Where the hell is the coconut rum?" she muttered with a growl, moving bottles around.

Titling her head to the side a little, Shego took in what she considered a peculiar sight. "You're serious, huh?"

"Look, I don't need you bugging me right now." Her eyes would not look at Shego, only seeking out the only comfort she had at times like these.

"What's wrong? You've had enough of your own shit?" the former villainess teased.

"Leave me the fuck alone!" Bonnie hollered, causing Shego to step back in surprise. Her raw voice was new.

"What's the matter? You worried about Kimmie? Don't worry about her. She can do anything, after all," Shego said, not just for Bonnie, but to remind herself, too. Hey, she had been in the house for twelve hours and they had not heard from Kim.

"I'll worry all I want," Bonnie huffed as she finally found her prize. "You want a drink?" she offered.

Shego glanced at the clock. "Yeah," she agreed with a dejected sigh as her shoulders slumped.

Bonnie mixed them both a drink in glasses that were taller than they should have been, but Shego did not say anything. They sat down at the table and wasted no time downing the liquor. The brown-haired female made them some more drinks and they downed those, too. The tanned woman then just fixed them a third each.

"Shego…" Bonnie said in a low tone, bottom lip quivering.

"Yeah?" the raven-haired woman replied, focusing on her half-empty glass.

"Do you love her?" Bonnie inquired, voice still low, but the question was clear.

"Who?" Shego asked, glancing up at the younger woman. Apparently, the liquor was starting to get to her since it was obvious whom it was that Bonnie meant, but her brain could not work it out.

"Kim. Do you love her?"

There was a small laugh and a very happy smile. "'Course I do. That's my Princess and she has been for a long time now. She's been my Princess before I even knew she was."

"Do you love her more than I do?" Bonnie asked curiously. Obviously, the liquor began to hit her, too, with the questions that she was allowing to leave her mouth.

The pale woman eyed Bonnie for a moment as if she was pondering the answer to that question. It was hard to think about how she would answer it because of the alcohol buzzing through her mind. Do I love Kim more than Bonnie? She would like to believe that she did.

"Kim doesn't think so," the green-skinned female answered, spinning her glass a little.

"Yeah. She's great, isn't she?" Bonnie commented with a slightly dopey smile. Her eyes closed halfway.

"Yeah," Shego agreed in a lazy drawl.

Bonnie smiled a bit more. "Kim has to be great if we're willing to do this for her. Hell, we're actually willing to share her. She has to be seriously great."

There was a slow nod. "It's crazy we're both willing to let her be with another woman as long as she's with us at the same time… if that makes sense. It's just intense," she commented, sending up a flare from her finger. "Intenser than burning plasma," she added.

"That was almost poetic," Bonnie said and then there was a long moment of silence. "Shego, did you have sex with Kim before you came here?" she asked.

The moss-hued female laughed a bit, as if the question was a real joke. "I haven't had sex with her yet," she admitted.

Bonnie almost fell off of her chair and it had nothing to do with the fact that she was drunk. She was stunned, even through her tipsy state of mind. Shego hasn't had sex with Kim yet? It was unbelievable.

"The way you kiss her… I've always thought that you two were fucking like animals whenever I'm not here or whenever you were alone together before you started coming here. I never wanted to ask her, though. I was too scared," the tanned woman confessed. She was not sure how she would have taken Kim confirming she was having sex with Shego, but she knew it would have hurt immensely.

"She thinks you're not ready for that," Shego replied in a low tone.

Turquoise eyes blinked hard. "Wow… Kim actually held off having sex with you because of what it would do to me? She's really great. That's so considerate," she said and she meant that. It did not even cross her mind that Kim's feelings were the reason she was sitting with Shego right now. "I hope she's all right. It's been over twelve hours and she hasn't called either of us or anything…" A sigh escaped her throat.

"She'll be all right," Shego said, even though it was hard to believe her when she had had as many drinks as Bonnie. She seemed to be holding it better, still sitting up straight and everything, but she was still tipsy.

"I'm a little amazed that you're still around, even if Kim isn't sleeping with you. I've had you figured for a person that needs sex often. You really do care about Kim, huh? It's not just a physical attraction?"

Shego shook her head. "I don't know what it is. I just know it's so strong that not only can I not escape it, but I don't want to. No matter what."

There was a nod. "I truly understand."

"She really loves you," Shego muttered, emerald eyes back on her glass.

"She loves you, too, though," Bonnie said in a strong tone, almost as if to reassure the woman that should be her rival.

"She loves you more. She cares about what you think more. She has to care about you more because she holds off on things with me because of how you might feel about things. It never matters how I feel. It's always Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie," the pale woman retorted, a tear sliding down her cheek as she sneered at her glass.

"No, she loves you more. It hurts her so much to not be able to be with you completely. It was like she was dying whenever she came home and you weren't here. Her eyes always cried for you, even if she never shed any tears in front of me and there was never anything I could do about it," the tanned female objected.

They got into a drunken argument about who Kim loved more. When it was all said and done, though, the most they could figure out was that Kim cared about both of them. They were not sure if she favored one above the other, so they would not mind taking her word on it that she just loved them. It was not more or less. It was just love, eternal and vast.

"You know, I can see why she loves you. You're just what she needs. Someone stable and willing to look after her to make sure she doesn't get too caught up in doing anything and everything," Shego observed. It might be worth mentioning that she was on her fifth drink then and Bonnie made them strong in those tall glasses.

"I can see why she loves you. You're pretty much just like her. Wild and free. You can do all of that crazy stuff with her. I mean, I can't keep her company by doing martial arts or if she wants to go bungee jumping or something crazy like that, but you can. You can keep her life interesting and she likes that," Bonnie noted. She was also on her fifth drink and since she was lighter in weight compared to Shego, it was hitting her much harder. She would not last much longer at this rate.

"But, she needs someone like you. Someone that can civilize the wild child that I like being around."

"I guess. I miss her. I want her to come home. Do you think she's okay?"

"Yeah, she's fine. That's my Princess, after all," Shego said, proudly putting her chin up in the air.

"My baby," Bonnie sort of corrected. She sounded more like she was adding to what Shego said and not countering it.

Shego only held up her glass and nodded to that. Maybe she was agreeing or maybe she was conceding. She was not too sure and neither was Bonnie.


Kim came into the house, holding her left shoulder. Easing the door shut, she quietly moved through the house. She did not want to wake Bonnie up if she was asleep. She knew sometimes Bonnie tried to wait up for her. She planned to stroll to the kitchen to fill her empty belly, but as she passed through the dining room, she noticed both of her lovers knocked out at the table.

Olive eyes blinked several times, thinking they were malfunctioning because it was stunning to see Shego and Bonnie sleeping so close to each other at the table. She smiled a bit as she turned around, going to the linen closet. She grabbed two blankets and limped back to the dining room. A blanket was placed over each resting body before she went to the kitchen. She began fixing a sandwich and she tried to be as quiet as possible, but the small noises caught Shego's attention.

The pale woman groaned a bit as she stirred. Her head was killing her, but she ignored that. She focused on the noise that disturbed her and then noticed the blanket over her. She glanced at Bonnie and saw that she was knocked out and also covered with a blanket. She added that to the noises that she was hearing and concluded one thing.

"Kimmie," Shego breathed and she climbed to her feet.

The green-skinned woman took the blanket off of her and draped it over the chair. She stumbled into the kitchen, her mind hazy from alcohol and sleep. She spotted Kim by the kitchen counter and then she noticed the redhead's appearance. Kim looked like she had been in a gladiatorial battle.

"Princess, are you all right?" Shego inquired as she marched up to the slender hero and collected her in her arms. Kim hissed in pain.

"I'm fine," Kim replied, sounding as if she was telling the absolute truth despite her appearance.

An onyx eyebrow craned. "You look like crap. Are you really all right?"

A small smile was accompanied by a nod. "I'm all right. I just got kicked around a little more than usual and fell down a mountain. I did win, though."

"How are you feeling?"

"Just a little hungry," Kim answered, rubbing her stomach.

Shego nodded and she walked out of the kitchen. She went back to the dining room and shoved Bonnie. The tanned female shot up, awake.

"What the hell?" Bonnie said in a groggy tone. Her eyes were bloodshot and her head hurt, but she was as alert as she could be tonight.

"Kimmie's back. I think she's hurt up some. Look, I'll take a look at her wounds and you make some breakfast since she's hungry," Shego proposed.

"Huh? Okay," Bonnie agreed with a yawn, rubbing her eye with her palm.

The raven-haired female went back to the kitchen and grabbed Kim, who had been about to bite into her sandwich. She let out a whine as she dropped the sandwich and Shego carried her to the living room. She even reached out for her sandwich, but the ex-sidekick continued taking her away from the food. Shego gently placed Kim down on the sofa.

"What are you doing?" Kim demanded, glaring at the older woman. "I said I was hungry and you're keeping me from eating."

"Take off your shirt and show me everything," Shego ordered, motioning to her girlfriend's top.

"Isn't too early for this?" the olive-eyed female remarked with a half-smile to make light of her appearance.

"I'm going to work on your wounds, you mook," Shego explained. She was not looking to play around in case her Princess was seriously injured, even if she did not want to admit it.

Kim did not put up much of an argument, just enough to get Shego heated. The green-skinned woman took care of Kim's wounds, which did need some looking at, even though the battered hero tried to insist otherwise. She was not hurt too badly, but she had some cuts deep enough that they needed attention and there were several large bruises that needed balm.

As soon as Shego was done with things, Bonnie announced that breakfast was ready. Shego was a little impressed that Bonnie worked through her obvious hangover to make breakfast and made a good one. They all sat down at the table and had a relatively quiet breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and toast. They all actually retired to bed afterwards. All three of them shared the queen-sized bed, but when they woke up, it was back to business as usual.

Shego and Bonnie went back to getting on each other's nerves and arguing, even though they could not be as loud as they usually were because they were still feeling the affects of their drinking. They remembered their conversation from last night, but they decided to ignore what they had said. It was not like they bonded and they were not friends.

Yet, every time Kim had a mission and was out too late in their opinions, the pair found themselves back at that table with drinks in their hands. They would discuss Kim and their relationships with her. Every now and then they would let it slip that they were worried about her. Rarely, they even admitted they sort of liked each other, which Kim had guessed long ago.

When the olive-eyed hero came in from missions, Shego and Bonnie took turns as to who would care for Kim and who would handle breakfast or dinner depending on the time. Those breakfasts or dinners were always the calmest meals they had together and then they always retired to the bed together. Fireworks never happened until they were all well rested.


Kim slept on her side with Bonnie at her back and Shego at her front. It was a position that they seemed to fall into whenever they shared the bed and it took a little getting used to for Kim to be boxed in the way she was. Bonnie had an arm around Kim and Shego had an arm around Kim. Their arms touched because they both were on Kim's waist.

Shego stirred first and smiled a bit at the sight she got to wake up to. Her life the past couple of months with Kim and Bonnie had actually been as good as she could remember for a long time, even with Bonnie's constant bitching. Despite the fact that Bonnie got on her nerves, the tanned female always fed her when she cooked, Bonnie never made any real move to throw her out of the house, even though she yelled about it all of the time, and Bonnie tolerated her presence despite the fact that she was Kim's other girlfriend. Bonnie's a lot cooler than she acts.

The pale woman moved her hand that she had around Kim and noticed how close it was to Bonnie's arm. She curiously ran a finger down the tanned limb. Bonnie's skin was soft, softer than Kim's, which Shego had not thought was possible. She feels good, not as good as Kim, but good.

Shego moved her hand to Kim's face and she caressed Kim's cheek. "This is crazy. I'm sharing my Princess and I honestly don't give a damn. I mean, I hadn't minded before, but… It's just different now. It's something beyond before. I'm content with my life, including Bonnie," she quietly realized.

Her eyes drifted to Bonnie again. The younger woman was tucked in close to Kim, breathing even. It was hard to believe someone like Bonnie could look so peaceful when she was sleeping. It was hard to believe that Bonnie slept.

Shego smiled a little to herself. "Who am I kidding? I suppose I like Bonnie. There's something to her. She's like a shark or something and she's bitten her way under my skin, like Kimmie. Well, except she's torn off chunks of flesh more figuratively than Kim has. She gets my blood boiling like Kim does and I guess I like her for it." It seemed to be the best way to be endearing toward her.

Shego was pulled from her thoughts as Kim began to wake up. The hero leaned into Shego's hand, which was still caressing her cheek. The older female leaned down and placed a small kiss on Kim's lips, which made her open her olive eyes.

"Good morning," the petite adventurer muttered as Shego pulled back just enough to let the redhead talk.

"Yeah, it will be if your banshee stays asleep and I get to have my way with you," Shego commented.

"You're so bad," Kim teased with a small smile.

"You're such a tease," Shego countered and leaned in for another kiss, deeper than the first. The caress of Kim's tongue made Shego's body buzz and she felt like she had waited long enough.

Shego tried pulling Kim closer to her, but she did not want to wake Bonnie or they would have to get into their morning routine. As much as she enjoyed tearing into Bonnie verbally, right now she just wanted to enjoy Kim. She reached down and pulled Kim's leg over her hip and ran her fingers along the underside of Kim's barely clothed leg; the redhead was wearing cut-off sweat shorts. The curious fingers made their way from the leg to the inside of the shorts.

"Shego," Kim hissed quietly, hips surging forward before she could stop them. Taking a deep breath, she got her body back under control. She wanted Shego, had wanted her for a long time, but she could not hurt Bonnie any more than she already. So, until she was certain Bonnie could deal with this, she needed to keep herself in check.

"I want you like she gets to have you," Shego whispered, stroking Kim's thigh.

"I know."

"If this is all fair and equal, I should get to have you like this," the pale woman reasoned.

Kim agreed with that, but it was hard to argue that fact with Bonnie. She doubted things would go over well if Bonnie woke up to find where Shego's fingers were. The fingers that refused to be still were clouding the redhead's mind. It might be even worse because Kim was subconsciously rolling her hips into those intrusive fingers.

Kim then froze as she felt Bonnie moving against her back. Bonnie cuddled up to her shoulder blade and tightened her arm around Kim's waist. The hero stopped breathing, thinking Bonnie might be aware of what was going on.

"Kim," Bonnie whispered and her hand began drifting. Kim could guess where that hand was going and she could only wonder what the hell were the odds of both of her lovers waking up in amorous moods.

"Oh, god," Kim gasped as Bonnie's hand disappeared into her shorts.

"What the hell?" Shego growled as she noticed what Bonnie was doing. "Damn it, can I have my damn moment?" She reached over and shoved Bonnie, which woke the tanned woman up completely.

"What the hell?" Bonnie demanded, automatically glaring at the other brunette in the bed.

"Hey, I was here first," Shego stated, glaring right back.

"What?" Bonnie inquired, forehead wrinkling from her confusion.

"Move your fucking hand. I was here first," Shego ordered with a sneer.

"What the hell? You better not be touching my baby," Bonnie warned the former thief.

"I am touching my Princess and I was here first, so move your fucking hand," Shego commanded.

Kim sighed as the argument raged on. It would seem she was not going to get any attention from either of them, so she removed both of their hands and then sat up. They stopped yelling immediately as they watched Kim crawl out of bed.

"Princess, where are you going?" Shego demanded.

"I'm going to take a shower," Kim answered as if it was obvious.

"No, you're not," Shego said.

The pale woman shot out of the bed, grabbing the retreating redhead before she could get any farther. Carrying Kim back to the bed, she dropped Kim onto the mattress and crawled on top of the smaller female. She pinned Kim to the area by straddling her waist.

"What are you doing?" Bonnie now demanded to know, speaking to Shego.

"It's only fair for me to have her in the same way that you do. Now, excuse me while I screw Kimmie's brains out," the green-skinned female replied with a grin that bordered on maniacal.

"No!" Bonnie objected, moving over to the pair as if to stop Shego.

"Yes. Look, with the way this is worked out, this is only fair. You can't have more of her than I do. It's an equal deal, so stop being such a baby about things. Do you think I throw a fucking tantrum when you sleep with her?" Shego inquired.

"Shego," Kim said.

"No, no, no. Let's just get straight because she needs to get over this. I'm here to stay, she's here to stay, and you're here to stay. Deal with it, Bonnie," Shego huffed.

Bonnie seemed speechless for a moment. Shego had a lot of good points. This was pretty much what she agreed to. She had silently yielded she and Shego would share Kim because it would make Kim happy and it did do that. Bonnie frowned as she came to that conclusion.

The tanned female was not upset with the idea of Shego sleeping with Kim, which she thought she should be. She was actually upset that Shego had beaten her in an argument. The pale woman infuriated her because of her ability to keep arguing and sometimes win. But, it was entertaining, too. If Shego were not around, more often than not, Bonnie would be bored. She would waste her time watching television. She would probably drink more when Kim was out on missions if it was not for Shego because the older woman offered up conversation in between drinks.

Since Bonnie was quiet, Shego decided to get what she thought was owed to her. She leaned down and kissed Kim, who returned the kiss, but watched Bonnie for a reaction. From what Kim could tell Bonnie was not furious with what was happening, so she focused her attention more on the kiss.

Shego was only egged on as Kim returned the kiss with as much heat as she dished out. Shego reached down and lifted off Kim's lilac-colored camisole. They halted the kiss just enough time to be rid of the top. As the kiss was resumed, hotter than ever, Shego began to explore the sea of skin that had once been forbidden to her.

Kim let out small mewing sounds as amatory fingers lightly danced across her torso, spreading the flames of desire as they moved. They started out teasing, taunting, almost punishing, as if to reprimand her for not letting them touch her sooner. They gradually became more lustful and Shego moved on from kissing Kim's mouth to her neck. She would work her way down and savor every little bit of Kim.

Bonnie could not believe this everything was happening while she still sat on the bed. She was hardly inches away from the scene and all she could do was watch. All she wanted to do was watch. She realized almost instantly that she was a voyeur and she did not give a damn. There was something amazing about watching, even if it was her girlfriend. It seemed that because it was her girlfriend that made things better.

Bonnie's heart sped up and her body throbbed with desire. She could not help herself, so she began touching her breasts as she watched Shego pay homage to Kim's own breasts with her mouth and hands. Bonnie throbbed even more as Kim mewed and moaned as Shego's teeth and tongue played with her breasts and taut nipples. The redhead reached up and began to return the favor, massaging Shego's breasts. Soon everyone in the room was making some kind of noise because of the pleasure.

"Harder," Shego begged before tugging at Kim's nipple with her lips.

Kim moaned loudly and tried to oblige. It was difficult to give Shego what she wanted because she was still in her shirt. The tight top restricted Kim's movement, but she did not want to move, not wanting to miss a moment of Shego's wonderful mouth. But, it was a necessary evil.

Kim eventually worked Shego out of the black t-shirt that she wore. Shego then went to remove the redhead's troublesome shorts and her own shorts. Kim loudly moaned as Shego rolled her hips forward. The sound made Bonnie moan, too.

Bonnie handled herself while Shego and Kim were together for the first time. Bonnie was unused to watching Kim writhe on the bottom and it was oddly fascinating. She was accustomed to seeing Kim in control, setting pace and rhythm.

Shego slid her fingers into Kim, causing them both to moan. Kim's back arched as she spread her legs for Shego, who moved to straddle Kim's thigh. With each movement of Shego's fingers, Kim cried out and she clutched or caressed some part of the former villain. Shego rode Kim long and hard, which was expected. They worked up a thin layer of sweat, kissing, licking, and touching everywhere they could. When Shego climaxed, it was clear she had been anticipating this moment for a long time, crying out loudly and collapsing onto Kim.

"It's okay," Kim whispered, giving Shego a light kiss. Shego returned the kiss and seemed to be reenergized from it. Sitting back up, she rubbed herself along Kim's thigh again. Kim gripped her hips, pulling Shego along to another crest.

When it was all said and done, everyone was panting and sweating. Kim turned her attention to Bonnie, who eyed her hungrily. Kim turned the look and then glanced at Shego.

"Go ahead," Shego sighed, smiling despite the fact that she tried to sound annoyed.

Kim grabbed for Bonnie and pulled her down for a kiss. It seemed that everything was not said and done. Kim reached out to caress the tanned female and began crawling out from underneath Shego, which seemed to bother the green-skinned female. Of course, Shego could not be left out of the action and she needed to feel Kim again. Kim took care of Bonnie while Shego took care of Kim again. And then Kim took care of Shego while Bonnie handled Kim.


Shego lounged on the sofa and for once she was not getting her ear chewed off about it. Bonnie was sleeping and that was why Shego was not getting her daily dose of bitchery. As much as she liked going back and forth with Bonnie, she was glad for a quiet moment to enjoy a movie.

Shego was not the only one on the sofa. Kim was lying on her chest, using her as a pillow. Bonnie was using Kim in pretty much the same fashion. It seemed that they had both had a tough day. Kim was embracing Bonnie in her sleep and Bonnie was doing the same and also touching Shego because of that. The pale female did not mind Bonnie touching her and glanced down at them every now and then while caressing some part of Kim.

"This seems like it might actually work," Shego muttered. Or so she hoped that it would work anyway. Things seemed to work between the three of them and they all did actually like the way things were. Surely, if they worked hard, they could all stay together.


Next time: Shego finds herself in serious trouble. Kim and Bonnie get some help from an unexpected ally in aiding Shego.