23: Bull's eye

"I can't believe I agreed to this shit," Shego muttered while smoothing out one of her favorite forest green shirts. The top flattered her form, but not as much as many of her other shirts. She was standing in the bedroom, staring into the closet, trying to figure out what pants or skirt to put on with her top.

Kim and Bonnie were in the room too. They were all getting ready to go out and they all in various stages of dress. Cali was sitting on the bed, watching them with sorrowful eyes, very aware that she was not going with them.

"Babe, it's already done," Kim pointed out. She was standing in front of their full-length mirror to check out her outfit…for the fourth time. She was currently wearing a form-fitting white shirt with golden trim and cream-colored pants that hugged her slim hips. She was contemplating changing the pants.

"So, stop whining about it," Bonnie added. She was the least dressed out of all of them—not counting Cali. She was just wearing a slip and sitting at the vanity, applying her makeup. She knew what she was wearing, which was more than she could say about her girlfriends.

"Shut the hell up and get dressed," Shego replied with some snap in her tone. She knew it was not the best comeback since she was not dressed, but she would be damned if she was going to let her girlfriends have the last word.

"I am," Kim replied smugly, even though she was very close to taking off her pants to find new ones.

"Let's not kid ourselves, Princess. You're five seconds away from changing that outfit, hoping to find something more fancy to meet my idiot brother in," Shego stated, sounding just as smug as Kim.

"I want to look my best!" Kim argued, turning to glare that the older woman for a moment. It was not every day that she met Shego's big brother and his girlfriend, after all.

The trio was headed out to meet up with Hadrian, also know as Hego, and his girlfriend. They were all supposed to have dinner together. It was a way for the siblings to try to mend bridges and heal old wounds while letting each other into their lives. Kim was very much in favor of going while Bonnie seemed much more subdued and Shego wished that she never agreed to "bond" in the first place.

"We should just skip this and go to the movies or something," Shego muttered while pulling out a pair of black pants. She put them back barely two seconds after the fact. She wanted something that was nice and very comfortable, but also did not appear too nice. God forbid someone thought that she cared about this encounter.

"I like the sound of that," Bonnie agreed. Cali jumped up, as if wanting to be let in on that plan.

"No, we're not ditching your brother, Shego," Kim said, causing pouts from all of the other females in the room—including Cali.

"Why not? He's a total flake anyway!" Shego argued, keeping her attention in their huge walk-in closet; it was almost the size of another room.

"No, no, no. You're the one that set this up and I know you did because you secretly like your brother," Kim countered, but was cut off before she could finish.

"Like hell I do!" the pale woman bellowed, turning and looking as if she had been shot by the words. She wanted to make sure her girlfriends saw how indignant she was, so they would never make the mistake of her caring about her idiot of a big brother. Bonnie only glanced at her from the mirror and Kim rolled her eyes.

"You do, love, you do. Your mommy ratted you out," the redhead stated, feeling that would end it all there. Her olive-eyes sparkled, knowing that she just won the battle while Shego's mouth dropped open in disbelief.

"Ah!" Shego pulled at her own hair. "That traitorous cow!" The words escaped her mouth before she had time to think them out. She did not even realize that she confirmed suspicions since she did not call her mother rotten liar or something along those lines.

Kim chuckled a bit, happy to have spoken to Shego's parents after finding out about the dinner arrangement. They set her straight about things that she had suspected anyway. She was aware that Shego was not as antagonistic toward her brothers as she pretended and she knew that they mattered to the older woman, but she did not know how much. Isabel and Kane had been able to tell her stories and their opinions all day that led her to believe this meeting with Hego was critical.

Bonnie was of a different mindset, but refused to share what was going on in her mind. The storm brewing behind the focused turquoise eyes swirled just enough for her lovers to notice. They saw it throughout the night, but were not sure what to make of it. They thought that it could be nervousness on Bonnie's part with meeting more of Shego's family, but they could not be sure since Bonnie was denying that it was there in the first place.

"Baby, don't you think you should put on your dress now," Kim suggested as she turned to Bonnie. She silently decided to give up the search for the "perfect" outfit because she realized that she was only adding to Shego's stalling. She was going to get Shego to that dinner even if it killed Shego!

"I'm fine. Shego's not ready yet," Bonnie pointed out, pointing behind her with her thumb. She could see in the vanity mirror that Shego was still sans pants.

"Fine, Shego put whatever pants on. They're all nice and they're all black," Kim commanded. She could not understand why Shego was acting like she had such a wide choice when all of her clothes were some shade of green or black.

"Don't rush me," Shego snorted, scanning her vast wardrobe.

Kim glanced back and forth between her girlfriends. She had a feeling that they were both stalling for each other. Well, she was not going to let them get away with that. Shego needed to see her brother and he needed to see her. Kim was going to do everything in her power to make that happen.

"Baby," Kim said while walking over to Bonnie. She leaned down so that her face was on level with the tanned attorney and she looked at Bonnie through the mirror instead of in the eye. "You look perfect. Anything more would be too much, so please put your dress on so we can leave." She caressed Bonnie's bare shoulders lightly, enough to make the lawyer crave more.

Bonnie was still going to object, but Kim was not done yet. She leaned over and planted soft, tender kisses to Bonnie's neck and behind her ear. The darker female could not help purring from the attention, which caused Cali to turn to them. Alpha Kimmie had struck again; Cali could not figure out how they managed to co-exist the way the group dynamics changed constantly, sometimes minute-by-minute.

"You really think I look perfect?" Bonnie asked in a low tone.

Kim placed one more kiss to Bonnie's throat before responding. "You're always perfect to me, but right now, I know that when you put that dress on, all I'm going to want to do is take you out of it."

"Will you?" Bonnie inquired with some hope. She missed when Kim took total control of her, back before they were a trio.

"Promise, but we have to go to dinner first," Kim whispered.

And Bonnie was done with that. She stood up and quickly stepped into her sleek black dress that fit as if it was painted on Bonnie. The soft material hugged her in ways that made her lovers want to seriously rethink their plans for the night. Dinner was not too important and Shego could reconnect with her brother some other night…right?

"Zip me," Bonnie requested in a low voice, knowing just what she was doing to the martial artists.

Kim was closer, so she got to Bonnie first; Shego glared at the redhead from across the room. Kim smiled, showing that her lovers' personalities were rubbing off on her because the expression was teasing and directed right at Shego. Kim maintained eye-contact with the older woman as she stood behind Bonnie and slowly secured the dress in place with the zipper and clasp. She then pressed herself against Bonnie's back, resting her hands against the lawyer's ass.

"Oh, you feel so good," Kim murmured, burying her face in the nape of her lover's neck.

"Are you sure we can't skip dinner?" Bonnie asked, starting to pant a little bit from the closeness of their bodies and the heat from Kim's body and soul.

"Dinner first. Right, Shego?" the redhead inquired.

Shego's mind had checked out of the conversation, in favor of focusing all of her attention on Bonnie's dress. It was not the best dress that Bonnie owned and it was not even the one that looked that best on her, but for some reason, it was looking a lot better than either of her girlfriends remembered it. Bonnie smiled, pleased with the dazed look on Shego's face.

"Shego, get ready! You're holding us up!" Kim proclaimed while marching away from Bonnie over to the awe-struck former thief.

Shego shook herself out of her stupor while wondering where the hell it even came from. She blinked hard as she now noticed that Kim was in her face, trying to give her a pair of pants. She accepted the pants just because she did not know what was going on. She did know that she was not in as bad a mood as she had been in a minute ago and it was because of one simple thought—her girlfriends were hot.

The pale martial artist realized that she had two very attractive girlfriends, who were deeply in love with her and she was the same with them. She had their support through whatever might happen with her brother; and there were never a shortage of things that could happen when Hego was involved. But, she did not have to worry about anything because they would be there for her and they would not judge her in regards to what might happen or what had happened between her and her brother.

"Let's go," Shego declared as she slid her pants on.

Kim smiled as the trio walked to the bedroom door. Cali jumped down off the bed and followed them. She stood with them when they went to get their jackets from the hall closet and she even went with them to the door. It was by that time that they realized their pet was trying to leave with them.

"No, we talked about this Cali. You can't come with us," Bonnie said in a firm voice, staring down at the feline.

Cali was trying her best to look very pathetic and pitiful, even though it rarely worked on her humans. She wanted to go because she knew that dinner meant food and she wanted some food. She liked eating with her humans best of all, so she wanted to go out and dine with them, even though they told her about a hundred times that she could not go with them.

"Stop looking like that. Nobody cares," Shego pointed out. Cali knew it was the truth, but she continued to pout.

"Hey, we'll bring you back some good fish and mashed potatoes," Kim promised while leaning down to scratch behind Cali's ear—one of her favorite spots. The feline purred, approving the idea.

"Don't try to open any cans while we're gone," Bonnie warned the cat while leaning down to pet her as a goodbye also.

Cali nodded, showing that she understood that order quite well. Recently, the trio came home to find all of their canned goods decapitated. Now, they knew it was their fault for all coming in late and not leaving Cali enough food to make it through the day, but there was just something about the sight of the kitchen covered in everything from tuna to beans that left them angry enough to not accept fault. The scolding was enough for Cali to never want to see another can, so she decided to forget even trying to open one.

After giving the cat just a little more attention than they thought necessary, the trio departed for dinner. They had to waste some time with Bonnie and Shego arguing over whose car they were taking and then who was driving. Kim volunteered to drive, hoping to be the peacemaker, but that only got her girlfriends into it even more because they had to debate why Kim would volunteer, if it was a good idea, and why it would be better for Kim to drive their car if it was such a good idea.

"I'm taking the bus," Kim decided and she started walking off.

"Hey! No princess of mine is taking the fucking bus!" Shego declared. There was no way in hell that she was going to let her girlfriend take the bus, especially to go to dinner with her brother.

"Look, if we're all going to the same place at the same time, does it really matter how we get there?" Kim inquired with a baffled look on her face.

"But…my car is bigger," Shego argued weakly, looking like a small child. If this were any other time, Kim and Bonnie would have tackled her for looking so damned adorable.

"My car has satellite radio," Bonnie countered just as weakly. She looked rather cute in her own right, but none of that was registering for any of them at the moment.

"Okay, frankly, none of us are bigger than a street sign and we should be talking to each other, so there's no need for the radio. How about we just go with whatever one is closer and I'm driving?" Kim proposed.

Her girlfriends were smart enough to smile and nod. Shego's car was closest, parked directly in front of their building. Kim got in on the driver's side while Shego rode shotgun and Bonnie had to settle for the back…a place that she thoroughly detested. The backseat brought up a lot of horrible memories for Bonnie and usually Kim was more than willing to take that spot, but right now, Kim just wanted to get where they needed to go.

"Duchess, don't kick my chair," Shego said two minutes into the fifteen-minute trip.

"I didn't kick your chair," Bonnie huffed.

"You did. Could you not kick my chair again?" Shego requested through gritted teeth. She was trying to keep her minimum amount of patience with her lover, but Bonnie was making that damned hard.

Kim groaned loudly. "Are you two kidding me?! This is not some road trip and you're not five years old. Bonnie, can you just cool out, please? I know you hate being back there and everything, but please, baby, for me?"

Bonnie sighed. "Sorry, love."

"What's the deal with the backseat, Duchess?" Shego inquired with concern and curiosity.

Bonnie snorted. "My brothers and sisters used to torment the shit out of me in the car. They'd always squeeze me in the middle, purposely trying to hurt my ribs. Hell, more than once I'm sure they bruised my damn ribs. Sometimes they would push me on the floor, rest their feet on if they were nice, but usually they'd just grind their feet on…"

"Bastards!" the pale woman hissed, making a fist.

"Are you really surprised about the shit I tell you that my brothers and sisters did to me when I was younger?" Bonnie asked, quite seriously. Her backseat trauma was some of the milder things that the Rockweller crew did to her.

"Well…no, but they still piss me off. I should've kicked their asses when I had the chance!" Shego proclaimed, squeezing her fist even tighter. If she ever saw one of those Rockwaller bastards again, she silently vowed to beat the living shit out of them! Stupid asses don't know how to be older siblings.

"Um…was Hego like that…with you?" Bonnie asked while staring down at her feet. She was bit embarrassed to ask that because of how close Shego seemed with most of her family, even though Shego tried her best to make it seem like she hated everyone that ever populated the globe.

Shego was silent for a moment, catching her girlfriends' attention. "Hego wasn't a terror to me like your siblings were to you, especially not physically. We even tolerate each other pretty well now. I know now that he wasn't being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole…most of the time. He was confused and he allowed someone close to him to manipulate his thoughts. Still, that doesn't excuse a lot of the things that he said to me and the fact that he often purposely hurt me," she admitted, shaking her head toward the end.

"How did he hurt you, love?" Kim asked quietly while reaching over to take one of Shego's hands in her own.

Shego shook her head, trying her best to shake it off. For the longest time, she had told herself that Hadrian never hurt her, that she did not care enough for him to hurt her, and she never spoke about what happened aloud. That way, it never seemed like reality and she could keep feeding herself lies. But, deep down, she knew. She knew just what her brother had done, how much it hurt, and exactly what parts of her he killed with his attitude.

"It's all right, sweetheart," Bonnie said, putting her hand on Shego's shoulder. This is why she did not want to do go to this dinner or meet Hego. She did not want to have to deal with another sibling that had no regard for feelings. She wished that Shego could just put Hego out of her mind. He had not been around for over a year as far as she knew and she wished that things remained that way to avoid hurting their beloved anymore.

"You know, when I was little, I followed him around like a puppy. I was…well, I was Shego, his sidekick. We were practically always together. But, things started to change after a while. It turns out, the guy Hego swore was his father was feeding him a bunch of bullshit, making Hego feel like a fucking pariah or whatever the hell. Hego…he took it out on all of us, but he really shunned me. I used to wonder what the hell was wrong with me with the way he was treating me…" Shego explained, sniffling a little. The hands on her squeezed, silently reminding her that there were people there for her, people that would not judge her, people that loved her wholeheartedly.

"It's all right, sweetheart. It's all right," Bonnie promised in a low voice. She held her tongue from asking if Hego did have a different father from the others. It would explain why he was the asshole of the bunch, she thought.

Shego did not respond for a moment. She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. She rarely felt such a rush of raw emotion, unless it was rage of course. But, it was in the protective orb of their relationship that she felt able to open up. She doubted that she had ever bared her soul more than what she was doing right now, so yet again she was reminded of just how special her girlfriends were to her.

"He was my hero…" Shego admitted.

"But he just threw you away," Bonnie filled in.

"Like garbage. Now, I understand that his so-called father filled his head with all kinds of shit, but there is still part of me that just isn't understanding."

"You're still that hurt little girl whose big brother let her down."

Shego nodded. "I am, but I don't want to be anymore. But, it's that little girl that's scared that her big brother isn't going to come through, yet again."

"You have to have some faith, honey. Your parents said that Hego really changed and he does want to make things right with you," Kim pointed out. She was happy to contribute to the conversation, feeling just a little left out since she was the oldest out of three in her own family. She quietly hoped that she had not screwed up her brothers or let them down the way her lovers' siblings had done to them.

"I'm going to give him a try," Shego vowed. She doubted that they would ever be able to recapture the magic they had when they were kids, but they might be able to go beyond just tolerating each other. It would make family gatherings a little less weird.

"We'll be there with you all the way, love," Bonnie promised and Kim nodded.

Shego smiled and wished that she could kiss her girlfriends senseless at that moment. She figured that she would just have to save those kisses and more for when the night was over. They might need those kisses later on anyway, especially if Hadrian proved to be the jerk that she knew he could be.

The rest of the ride was spent in a comfortable silence. Kim kept Shego's hand in hers and Bonnie kept her hand on Shego's shoulder. After the car was turned over to a valet, the trio walked in arm-in-arm…well, Kim's arm was locked around Shego's and Bonnie's arm was locked with Shego's other arm. Shego considered herself the luckiest woman in the world-class restaurant.

"Reservations for Go," Shego said as they stepped over to the hostess.

"Ah, yes, the other members of your party have already arrived," the young woman informed the trio.

"Of course, because the world would stop spinning if Hadrian was even thirty seconds late," Shego muttered under her breath.

The trio was led to their table by a young waiter, who was eager to serve if his smile meant anything. Hego was easy enough to spot from a distance, especially since he looked ready to burst out of his dark blue suit. He was messing with his tie and the woman next to him—the trio assumed she was the girlfriend—was trying to get him to stop touching the tie by hitting his hands.

None of the women said it, but they did think that Hego's girlfriend was beautiful. Glamorous really, but not the type of woman that they would go for. She had a mop of golden blonde curls that fell just beyond her shoulders and shined beautifully when the light hit it at the right angle. Her skin was creamy and on display thanks to her powder blue dress with thin, spaghetti straps. Her lips where shiny and pink, but did not seem to be hers; and lips were not the only thing that did not appear to be what God gave her, but the trio decided that they would not say anything. She was not their girlfriend, after all.

"I can see why Mommy wouldn't tell me about her when I asked…" Shego muttered. Her mother and her father had not said much on Hadrian's girlfriend when she asked about her. She just hoped that it was not as bad a sign as she was taking it as.

"You know, I didn't think anyone in your family went for this look," Kim commented while they were still far enough away to not be heard.

"Maybe Mego," Shego remarked with a smile. She could see Mego walking around with a woman that had so much plastic surgery that she looked like a doll, but he was the only one that she could picture that happening to. And she also knew Mego would not keep such a girl around for long since in Mego's mind everything was all about him; he needed a girlfriend that would agree.

"Sis!" Hego grinned as he noticed the trio approaching.

Shego did not say anything and looked a bit awkward when Hego grabbed her into a hug. She did not hug him back, which caused him to laugh awkwardly when he noticed. He pulled away and then turned his attention to the ladies that flanked his sister.

"Kim, it's good to see you again," Hego said while reaching down to shake her hand. He did not want to risk another awkward hug.

"It is," Kim agreed and she did shake his hand.

"And you must be Bonnie," Hego said while turning to the lawyer and shaking her hand. Bonnie forced herself not to look disgusted as he touched her. He did not seem to notice, smiling broadly while speaking to her. "My mother sings both of your praises daily. My dad is happy that you're taking care of Shona."

Shego frowned a bit because of the use of her nickname, something that he used to use to mock her when they were teens and something that he had not called her in many years. It bothered her that he was acting so familiar with her already, even though he was her big brother and he did help save her from making a total ass out of herself with Bonnie. Still, one good deed did not wash away years of anguish and rejection. Her nickname was supposed to only be used by those that were very close to her and he lost that years ago.

"This is my girlfriend Tiffany," Hego said, motioning to the blonde by him. He took her hand and helped her to her feet.

The trio all managed to keep their comments to themselves, but they had a feeling that they were thinking the same thing. The woman certainly looked like a "Tiffany." They just hoped that they would not be able to hear the wind as it passed through one ear and came out of the other with her.

"Good to meet you. I'm Hego's sister Shego," the pale woman said while extending her hand politely.

"Shego? Hadrian told me that your name was Sheshona, but that Shego was a name you used when you were playing pretend games as a child," Tiffany said in a voice that did not scream "airhead" but rather shouted "haughty." The trio considered that they were going to have to dip into their insult bags if she was going to try speaking down to them for the entire dinner.

"Yeah, well, I guess one of us didn't grow up," Shego remarked before cutting a glance at her brother. He had the decency to look down, knowing that she was glaring at him because she only told those closest to her what her real name was nowadays.

"Sorry about that. I mix names a lot," Hadrian tried to explain.

"It's fine," Shego waved it off, mostly because her brother looked rather embarrassed, as if he did not expect Tiffany to say what she said.

"Let's all sit down," Hego suggested and they all did take their seats. He then turned his attention to his girlfriend, figuring that he would finish the introductions. "Tiffany, this is Shego's girlfriend, Kim Possible. She saves the world on a regular basis."

Kim laughed. "Well, not so regular anymore with the school and everything. Plus, people have gotten a little more competent in fighting crime, so I'm not as busy as I used to be," she said with the humbleness her lovers and Hego expected of her. Tiffany appeared rather unimpressed.

"I can't imagine you make much money in saving the world," Tiffany countered. Her chin was slightly elevated as she regarded Kim, literally looking down on her face.

"No, but it does ensure that we have some place to wake up tomorrow without worrying about whose slaves we are," Shego chimed in. "What the hell kind of world would we live in if people only worried about the bottom line?" The question got smiles from her girlfriends and her big brother.

"And this is also Shego's girlfriend, Bonnie Rockwaller. An up and coming fierce attorney, if I am correct," Hego said, motioning to Bonnie now.

"You are correct, sir," Bonnie quipped with a smile. She decided that he was not so bad so far, but she was still going to keep him in his "monster brother" box because of what he did to Shego mentally.

"So, what are you, the sugar momma?" Tiffany inquired, speaking to Bonnie.

Bonnie smiled, looking much like the devilish lawyer most people got to witness. "I can get these two to turn a few tricks," she joked.

"Right now for the right price," Shego added in, hoping to mortify Tiffany with that debauchery.

"I figured as much. I mean, how perverted can you three be?" Tiffany came right out and asked. She did not looked offended while Hego looked like he wished that he could melt into a puddle and slide out of the door.

"Very for the right price," Shego carried on with a devilish grin. She went so far as to leer at the blonde across from them.

"Excuse me, but what right do you have to call our relationship perverted? I can almost guarantee that our relationship is just as good or better than heterosexual couples. So, I think you're way out of line," Kim stated, her protective streak coming out full force. She glared at Tiffany in a way that would have made a wiser soul back up and run for her life.

"Oh, please, you're what, ten? Not only is the whole thing disgusting since you're all gay, but you're together and apparently Shona is a pedophile," Tiffany said with a smug look on her face.

"Whoa, you're beyond out of line now, bitch," Shego snapped harshly. "Hego, I thought you were going to prepare her for this, so she wouldn't come across as the cunt Mommy and Daddy suspect her of being."

Hadrian, Bonnie, and Kim all flinched. While they all knew that Shego had a "potty mouth," there were certain words that she did not use unless she was trying to make a real point. "Cunt" was definitely on that list. It would seem that little sister did not like big brother's playmate.

"Tiffany, you said you'd behave," Hego growled, glaring at Tiffany in a manner that let them know he actually was related to Shego and Isabel.

"I thought I would, but seeing this..." Tiffany motioned to the trio roughly with both of her hands. "It just shows that you're the only normal one in your family. Your sister is a bigger pervert than your father."

"Hego, I really hope you didn't plan on marrying this surgery-enhanced bitch because I'm about to fry her," Shego snarled as she held up her hands. It was one thing to insult her, but it was another thing to insult their father and to claim that Hego was the normal one out of their family.

"Shego, wait, I agree that you have all the reason to be angry, but this is my fight," Hadrian stated before turning his eyes to his girlfriend.

He regarded her with a deep seriousness that was so clear in his sapphire eyes a blind man would have seen it. Tiffany tried to ignore it and continue looking so outraged, but on the inside she was withering. Hadrian had never looked at her in such a way, so she did not know what to do.

"Tiffany, I'm thoroughly embarrassed by your behavior. I was trying to let you into my life and hope that you would be comfortable about my family, so that we could build something together. It's obvious that's not going to work. You've been nothing but rude since you met my mother and father. You've made fun of me for loving them and for them loving me. Now, you're acting out against my sister, which just shows how much of an asshole you are since I told you how much she means to me and I wanted us all to build a relationship. You've got no respect for anything in my life and I think it would be best if you just leave," he said soundly.

Tiffany's mouth dropped open; Bonnie suspected it landed somewhere in her lap while Kim thought that her chin had made it all the way to China. Shego was imitating a fish out of water because she could not believe her brother was standing up for her. For a moment, she considered that this might all be a trick, but she could tell when Hadrian was being sincere and she could tell that he was doing that right now.

"Wha-what're you saying?" Tiffany stuttered, eyes darting back and forth as if they were trying to understand the situation.

"I'm saying that I'm done with you. You've done nothing but mock my family since you've met them. Obviously, you're not the right girl for me if you can't understand how important they are to me. I can't stay with you if you're going to stand in the way of me making things right with my family," Hego said in a deadly serious tone.

"Hadrian, you can't mean that. You know how I feel about you," Tiffany replied, her voice shaking and her eyes watering. The ladies knew that if she started crying it would look like her face was melting.

"You can't feel anything about me if you're going to treat my family this way. I love them and you're treating them like shit. I've told you over and over how important Shona's opinion means to me and you're calling her a pervert and a pedophile within minutes of fucking meeting her. I just can't deal with that," Hego informed her with a sigh. He shook his head and stared at the table for a moment, sapphire eyes glazed over with sorrow.

"Hadrian, think about everything we've gone through…" Tiffany begged.

"We haven't been through things like I have with my family. I'm sorry, Tiffany, but this just isn't going to work. I can't let you tear my family down. It's just not going to work," the large male stated with a certainty that could cut steel.

Suddenly, Tiffany's sadness was gone. Replacing her unshed tears was a burning fire. It looked like her insides were set ablaze from the way that she glared at Hadrian. She flew out of her seat, calling attention to the whole table. Her tablemates, all used to being in a scene, were not moved.

"You'll regret this, Hadrian. You're nothing without me," Tiffany snarled, pointing a threatening, well-manicured finger in his face.

"I'm pretty sure that I'll live," Hego deadpanned. Wow, he is definitely Shego's brother, Kim and Bonnie thought because of his expression and tone.

"Fuck you and your freakish family," Tiffany stated before storming away. She glanced back, thinking that Hego might chase after her. He did not move and just watched her leave the restaurant. He then turned his attention to his sister.

"Cute girl, if you don't like a person that's biodegradable," Shego remarked.

"I'm so sorry, sis. She promised that she would behave," Hego said.

"Hego, where the hell did you find that Barbie doll? You couldn't have seriously thought that she would be cool with this," Shego declared, thinking that she might have been set up. She would never forgive her brother if he knowingly put her lovers in a place to be hurt.

"She wasn't always like this. When we first met last year, she was a lot of fun and mellow. I don't know what's gotten into her lately," Hego sighed.

"Your money maybe?" Shego proposed in a tone that implied she thought that her brother was a moron.

Hego sighed again and shook his head. "I guess so. I thought that introducing her to my family would prove if she was the one for me. Obviously, she's not the one for me. I told her how important this damned dinner was and she comes out making a fool out of herself and me."

"It's okay, Hego. We're still here, so you can still talk to us," Kim pointed out with a smile.

The bulky giant smiled, enjoying Kim's optimism. "You're right about that. I'm glad you're still here. Sis, I really want to reconnect with you and I'm not going to let anyone stand in my way, not even Tiffany."

"Were you serious in considering marrying her?" Shego inquired, glancing away at the path at Tiffany fled before turning her attention completely to her big brother.

"I was…at first…a while ago. I'm getting older, Shego. It's about time for me to settle down," Hego answered in low tone.

"That's not a very good reason to get engaged," Shego pointed out.

"Oh, that's easy for you to say. You've got two younger girlfriends that are ready to stand by you through all types of shit. I don't have that and I would like it," Hego informed her with a raw honesty that let her know he was reaching out to her.

"Hadrian, that's bullshit. You don't have to rush it. I didn't get Kim and Bonnie by rushing into a relationship with them because I'm getting older. Things grew between us. We had a lot of bumps in the road and I'm sure we'll have more. You have to find someone that's going to stand with you through all the shit. Not just anyone," Shego argued.

"She's right," Bonnie chimed in. "You have to click with someone. We just happen to click with two someones."

"Hego, you're not that old and since you're a guy you'll always be able to reproduce, so don't rush things. And try not to bring girls around our family if they're not ready for it. I don't want to have to send your next girlfriend to the hospital with third degree burns," Shego remarked with a teasing smile.

Hego nodded. "You're right, you're right. I just feel like I should be leading the way with you guys, but instead I'm always behind. I'm always the last one of us to do something. I'm supposed to be the example."

"Hego, you're the only one that thinks that. We've all grown up and we're living our lives. We're not competing or even copying each other. I've got my life, Mego has his, and the twins are probably dead in a ditch in some jungle, but the point is, we're all our own people now. You don't have to blaze a trail because we're all on our own paths now," Shego reported.

"You always sound so wise, sis. You remind me of Mommy in that sense," Hego commented with a playful smirk.

"Hey, fuck you. I'm nothing like that heartless bitch," Shego replied, holding back a little laugh.

"I think it's funny that you've spent your life barking at Mommy and seeming like you really wanted to take Daddy from her only to turn out to be a lesbian. A therapist would have a field day with you," the giant commented.

"Oh, please, like one wouldn't have a field day with you. In fact, I think everybody at this table is more than screwed up enough for a therapist to be able to write a book on," the pale green woman countered and she cut Kim a glance, knowing the redhead was going to speak up.

"Baby, don't even," Bonnie warned the hero.

"But—" Kim started.

"Let's see, extreme type-A personality, god-complex, adrenaline junkie. Need I continue?" Shego asked with a smart-ass smile on her face.

"I do not have a god-complex," Kim objected.

"Sure, you don't, Pumpkin," Shego teased. She smiled more when Bonnie started laughing.

"So, how about you tell me about the tournament you're hosting, sis?" Hego requested. He wanted to show that he was interested and he wanted Shego to believe that he wanted to be informed about matters going on in her life.

"Well, that's really Kimmie's brainchild, so you have to direct all questions to her. I'm just there to judge and hand out medals, certificates, and belts," Shego answered.

Hego nodded. "Okay." He turned his attention to the redhead. "So, Kim, what's this about a tournament?"

Kim grinned widely. "It's a weekend event. Our students are so excited! They got their families and friends involved. Everybody's going to have a blast. First, we've got demonstrations lined up, everybody showing their skills and what they've learned. They're mostly going after getting new belts, so we're going to be judging those. On Sunday is a real tournament. The students were hyped for that. They're going to love it."

"It sounds like it's going to be fun. I can't wait to see it," Hego declared and then he turned back to Shego. "Sis, I'm happy you're doing so well. I just wish I hadn't screwed things up and have been there for you before."

Shego waved it off. "Stop living in the past." She could see that he was trying, which was good enough for her as far as starts went. Continuing to bring up the past and their bad blood was only serving to remind her why she did not like bothering with him, though.

Hego nodded and the conversation pressed on. The group got along pretty well, especially since Tiffany never made a return. The ladies were a little surprised that Hego did not bring up his girlfriend's departure, but they suspected it was not the first time she left him in a restaurant.

The group had a fairly good time, mostly thanks to Kim. Kim refused to let there be a lull in the conversation. She kept pushing the siblings to talk to each other, which Hego appreciated and Kim suspected Shego appreciated. Bonnie took her hints from Shego and conversed with Hego whenever Shego was in a comfort zone.

"I had a very good time with you ladies," Hego said as they all prepared to leave. The check was placed on the table and he reached for it at the same time as his sister did. "How about you leave this one for me, Shego? Consider it a goodwill gesture after the bad start to the evening," he said.

"I don't need you to pay for me or my girls," Shego argued.

"Love, just let the man pick up the check," Kim stated firmly. She was not about to let Shego ruin what turned out to be a very good evening.

The older woman frowned, but she left things as they were. The trio left Hego after the check was all paid. They decided on the same seating arrangement as before, even though Bonnie hated the backseat. They had just silently decided that they would not argue about anything so as not to spoil the night.

"So, that went well, right?" Kim asked Shego as she drove home.

"Yeah, that went pretty well," Shego answered with a nod.

"So…are you going to start hanging out with your brother or something?" Bonnie asked curiously.

"Hell no. It's never going to be the same between him and me. It just can't. This was cool and everything and maybe we'll make it to a point where I can be in the same room with him and only want to kick his ass rather than kill him, but we're not quite there yet," Shego replied.

"We'll be there, love, and support you in whatever you want your relationship to be," Kim promised.

"Yes, we will," Bonnie chimed in. If she could help Shego, she would. She just would also keep an eye on Hego to make sure he did not hurt her lover again.

Shego only smiled; she could not believe how good they made her feel inside. Her girlfriends made her feel light and good. She hoped that she gave them the same feeling. She knew that if she did, they would be together for a good and long time.

The trio entered their home to find the place quiet. They guessed that Cali was either exploring or asleep. Either way, Kim went to the kitchen and set out the meal that they brought the feline at the restaurant. Cali would eat it when she was ready, not caring if it was cold by the time that she got to it. With that out of the way, they all went to their bedroom to slip into something more comfortable to relax for a couple of hours.

"Oh, Kimmie," Bonnie purred as she turned to the redhead with a sexy smile on her face. "I do believe you said something about taking me out of this dress."

Kim grinned and turned away from her pajama drawer. "How could I forget? Let me get that for you." She rushed over to Bonnie. Instead of making a fuss, Shego decided to just watch the two for a while; she would get in on the action later.

-----(New day)

"I'm so excited about this!" Yori declared while bouncing on her heels. She was standing with Ron, Kim, Shego, and Bonnie in the empty hall that would soon be filled with their students and other people interested in the tournament. They were in the foyer, looking to greet their guests and students as they came in.

"Yeah, we hadn't noticed," Shego remarked sarcastically. "You hop up and down a little more and you're going to fly off into orbit."

"I can't help it!" Yori had never felt such pride in her life. There was just something about putting something together with just her boyfriend and good friend that struck a chord in her. Seeing how excited her students were about the weekend-event only added to the emotions already bubbling up in her, which were now all boiling over because they would be able to see the fruits of their hard work.

"Yori, I've never seen you like this," Ron commented with a smile. He was happy to see that something broke through Yori's calm demeanor. He knew working with Shego and Kim had opened Yori up a little and he was happy for that. It seemed like she was living life just a little bit more since starting her job.

Yori started to contain herself as people began arriving. Students showed up with family and friends. They all had a look around the massive hall, which was set up with bleachers and mats in the center. There were displays around for people to occupy their time before things began as well as vendors to buy food and small souvenirs. It was going to be a big event as far as they were all concerned and the setup helped prove that.

Things were running smoothly until Shego sensed a disturbance. She was not sure what it was, but chills ran down her spine for a moment. She stared into the small flow of people coming in and saw exactly what was troubling her.

"Grandma, what the hell are you doing here?!" Shego inquired with a deeply shocked expression on her face. If she opened her eyes any wider, they would have fallen out of her skull.

The word "grandma" leaving Shego lips made the others turn to see what had her attention. They could easily spot Shego's grandmother, even though they had never seen her before. Shego's grandmother looked just like Isabel, except with blue eyes and a few more wrinkles on her face. Her tall frame was slouched over slightly due to age, but other than that, she looked very good for her age…whatever it was. Shego was never told her grandmother's age and the others would not even venture a guess.

"I heard about this tournament shit and figured I'd see what the hell you were teaching and trying to call martial arts," Shego's grandmother remarked as she came up to the former thief. She glanced at the group with her granddaughter. "So, out of this riff-raff, which are the two crazy enough to date you?"

Shego laughed a little. "Grandma, meet my girlfriends, Kim Possible and Bonnie Rockwaller," she said while putting her arms around her lovers. "Loves, meet my grandmother Isabella Han."

Kim and Bonnie were gracious and shook Isabella's hand, but they did not get to say anything. As soon as the name reached Yori's brain, she had to jump in.

"Wait a minute, your last name is Han?" the ninja asked Shego and then she turned to Shego's grandmother. "And you are Isabella Han?" She looked ready to explode at that very moment. All she needed was one word of confirmation and she would be totally gone.

Shego palmed her face. "Yori, don't make a thing out of this. It doesn't mean shit. Besides, my grandmother isn't even the Han you like," she said without really thinking that out.

"But, her name…" Yori trailed off and her eyes widened as realization dawned on her. It was like she just figured out the secrets of the universe. "Oh, you are her mother! I have heard of you!" And then even more realization as she turned to Shego. "Then that means…!"

"No, I'm not related to her at all," Shego lied, knowing that Yori had figured the whole thing out. Yori arched a skeptical eyebrow and glared at the green-skinned woman, not planning to accept that response.

"I'm not sure what's going on here and I don't really want to know," Isabella said with a bluntness that Shego expected and that did not surprise the others. "Your aunt and your cousin are coming with your mother. Tell them to find me or else," she instructed Shego.

"Yes, Grandma," Shego said with a nod and Isabella walked off to go find the perfect seat.

"Shego…how old is your grandmother?" Kim asked curiously. Isabella looked much younger than her own grandmother, who was somewhere in her seventies as far as Kim knew.

Shego shrugged. "Fuck if I know. There were certain things we didn't ask my grandmother growing up. 'How old are you, Grandma' was definitely on the list because she'd probably tell us it was none of our fucking business before throwing water balloons at us. Besides, we didn't give a shit anyway. To us, Grandma's old. Simple as that."

The group chuckled a bit. Before they could say anything else, mostly wondering about Shego's family, the rest of Shego's family suddenly showed up. It was easy to know they were coming; they were loud and profane. Four sets of eyes glanced at Shego, who just watched the lobby, waiting for the Go crew to arrive.

"The fuck, man! We could totally beat the shit outta anybody in your school!" Shego knew that was one of the twins and she suspected that they were speaking to their cousin.

"Highly improbable, cousin." Shego knew that was the smooth, always-calm voice of younger cousin.

"Dude, our mom can fuck up your whole school! She's proved it time and time again and she taught us!" one of the twins replied.

Shego saw that she was right in her assumptions as her baby brothers and younger cousin came into view before the rest of her family. The sight of her family got another reaction from Yori. The ninja could not believe her eyes as the three young men approached Shego. She was not alone in this one, though. Bonnie and Kim looked like their eyes were about to fall out of their heads too.

"Hirotaka, what're you doing here?" Bonnie managed to ask. She almost stammered, but she was able to control herself. She could not fix her face from her shock, though.

"You know Hirotaka?" Shego asked curiously. She arched an eyebrow, not enjoying the stunned look that both of her lovers were sporting.

"Bonnie," Hirotaka said with a charming smile that earned a very scary growl from Shego, who moved in front of Bonnie.

"You know Bonnie?" Shego demanded to know, glaring at the handsome ninja.

"Cuz, Bonnie is one of Shego's girlfriends," Wes whispered into Hirotaka's ear, hoping to avoid getting his cousin splattered against the wall.

The Japanese male gulped. "Um…I met Bonnie and Kim a very long time ago…" he replied while silently praying to anyone listening for Shego to spare him a plasma strike.

Emerald green eyes narrowed to dangerous slits. "Met how?" she pressed.

"Shego, calm down. It was a long time ago," Bonnie said, grabbing Shego by the hand and caressing her knuckles. She did not want Shego to start a fight when they had such a big event about to go down.

"Hiro, I will beat your ass if you fucked one of my girls," Shego vowed in a hard tone.

"No! I swear it didn't go that far!" Hirotaka promised, hands up in a gesture of surrender. He knew that would not work, but it was the first thing to came to mind considering how pissed off Shego was.

"No, but you probably strung them along with the hope that it would go that far, you ass. I should fuck you up just for that shit!" Shego declared, pointing at her cousin. A suspicious green smoke charged out of her finger for a brief moment.

"Shona, you better not be tormenting my baby, you big bully!"

Shego tore her eyes from Hirotaka to look up at the owner of the voice. Her aunt was approaching with the rest of her family. Her aunt was a petite blonde and glaring at her in a way that she knew was learned from Isabella. It did have the desired effect, pausing Shego for just a moment and Hirotaka relaxed, as if his mother was going to come to his rescue.

"Auntie, I'm going to shove your baby's head up his ass if he touched my girlfriends with his grubby hands at any point in his history," Shego announced.

"I didn't!" Hirotaka declared while raising his hands in surrender once again.

"Like I believe a womanizing bastard like you!" Shego huffed.

"Why do I have to be womanizing?" Hirotaka muttered while folding his arms across his chest. Why was it never a pleasant day when he and his cousins got together?

"Um…Shego, what's going on here?" Kim asked the question on everyone's minds.

"That's the question I should be asking. Why the hell do you two know my idiot slut of a cousin?" Shego countered while motioning to Hirotaka.

"Hirotaka is your cousin? Talk about a small world," Bonnie muttered. Boy, was she ever thankful that she had not slept with him way back when! Of course, she had been thankful for that before since she knew it would have been a mistake since she was a lesbian and attracted to Kim—not that she knew those things then—but, now she was even more thankful.

"Yes, Hirotaka is my cousin. That's his mother, right there." Shego motioned to her short, blonde aunt. "That's my aunt Victoria. Vic, why the hell didn't you leave Hiro with his father? You never bring around the good cousin."

"You should know better than to try to take a little girl from her daddy," Victoria remarked with a smile.

"Does the Electra thing just run in your family?" Kim teased Shego.

"I do not have an Electra complex," Shego huffed.

"How about you stop pouting and just introduce us around the group?" Victoria suggested with a teasing smile.

Shego growled and frowned, but she started the introductions anyway. "First off, everybody this is my Aunt Victoria and Hirotaka is her bratty son. Yori, I think you know Hirotaka."

"I do indeed, although he and I never really spoke to each other at school," Yori replied.

"Good. Ron, you can be assured that my cousin didn't try to fuck your girlfriend. If only I could be the same," Shego remarked.

"Shego!" Bonnie and Kim snapped.

"Fine, fine, fine. Hiro and Yori went to the same ninja school, so that's how they sort of know each other. Anyway, on to the rest of the merry lot. The twins are Wes and Wen. It's impossible to tell them apart if you don't share DNA with them, so just call them Wego." The aforementioned baby brothers grinned and shook hands with their sister's group.

"We could kick your school's ass," Wes informed Yori while shaking her hand.

"Which school are you referring to?" Yori asked diplomatically.

"Both!" Wes grinned as if it was obvious.

"Stop being annoying," Shego ordered her brother.

"Oh, so you want him to stop being alive too? I thought I was alone in that," Mego remarked with a teasing smile.

Shego rolled her eyes. "That's Mego or Matteo. Not sure which one he's going by this week."

Mego sneered. "Well, I'm just trying to keep up with you. After all, we don't know if you're Sheshona, Shona, Shego, or little Izzie."

"You're pushing it, Matt," Shego growled and then she turned her attention away from him, knowing that would hurt him more than any insult. She motioned to her big brother for Yori. "That behemoth is my brother Hadrian or Hego."

"Pleased to meet you," Hego said to Yori since she was the only one he did not know in the group.

"Lastly, this is my father, Kane Go," Shego said while motioning to her father. "Daddy, this Kim's best friend Ron Stoppable, but I call him the buffoon. And somehow he got lucky enough to land Yori at a moment where I'm sure she was brain-damaged."

"Shego!" Kim scolded the older woman.

"Anyway! Yori is the other teacher in the school. She handles ninjitsu and monkey kung-fu, so don't try to grab her ass, Daddy," Shego warned her lecherous father. Kane had the nerve to look innocent, as if he would never do such a thing.

"Shona, your lack of faith in me wounds me so!" Kane proclaimed dramatically. His wife and daughter rolled their eyes.

"Uh…Shego…you seem to be forgetting someone," Yori pointed out. She noticed that Shego did not introduce the tall woman standing next to Kane.

"She's not important," Shego said, waving her mother off. For once, she was not being bitchy toward Isabel, but actually trying to avoid Yori embarrassing herself.

"Isabel Go, Shego's mother," Isabel said, extending her hand to the kunoichi.

Yori gulped hard as she reached over to shake Isabel's hand while also suppressing the urge to bow. Her breathing was going out of control and she could not get out the question that she wanted to ask. Ron regarded her strangely, never having seen her react to anything in such a manner. He wondered what was going on with Yori, especially when she did not seem ready to let go of Isabel's hand after a handshake that was clearly over.

"Yori?" Ron said.

"Yori's a fan, Mommy," Shego explained, even though Isabel guessed that from the dazed look in the ninja's face.

"Ah, she's probably seen a few fights with me busting your hubby's ass at her school," Isabel said to Victoria, who growled.

"Watch it, or she'll see me busting your ass," the blonde sister replied.

"Yori, I appreciate your adoration, but I do need the hand back if I'm going to see this tournament you poured all of your energy into," Isabel remarked with a gentle smile.

"Oh, right! I do apologize! It's just…I had never seen a woman fight the way you do, Han-sama," Yori stated as she finally let go of Isabel's hand. She then bowed to the taller woman; she just could not help it.

"Please, call me Isabel. And try not to say 'Han' in front of my husband. He doesn't know I sneak off and go by my family name when he's not around," Isabel quipped, continuing to smile.

"Please, I'm shocked you didn't make me change my family name," Kane joked while putting his arm around his wife.

"I am honored to be in your presence," Yori said, still obviously in awe of Isabel.

"I'm the one who's honored. Not only do you work with my daughter and haven't gone insane, but you talked her into doing something I know she was dead set against," Isabel remarked.

"You know, instead of getting on my case, why don't you go wander into the main hall where Grandma is waiting for you?" Shego suggested.

"No, how could you let that devil woman in?" Victoria shouted dramatically while throwing her head back as if she was going to faint. Isabel was quiet, but her entire body tensed for a moment.

Unlike their mothers, the boys rushed off to go see their grandmother. Victoria and Isabel shook their heads, but followed their sons. Kane went along since he had no desire to remove his arm from around Isabel.

"Charming family you got there, Shego," Ron teased.

"Hey, they might be crazy, but they could kick your monkey-ass any day of the week," Shego countered.

"Touché," Bonnie snickered.

"Hey, and don't think either of you is off the hook," Shego said to her girlfriends. "Now, seriously, did either of you fuck Hiro?"

"Um…I wanted to…" Kim admitted. "I was sixteen and he was hot!" she quickly defended herself. "Oh, and I didn't know I was a lesbian!"

"Well, I had the chance and didn't because I was a lesbian," Bonnie said with a smug smile. She was not totally sure at the time, but she was never physically inclined to go that far with any guy.

Shego arched an eyebrow. "You had the chance?"

Ron and Yori decided to disappear because of the personal conversation going on. Besides, it was almost time to get the event started. The trio barely noticed that they were left alone, but they did take advantage of that to continue their conversation.

"I worked my charms and Hirotaka seemed to like me," Bonnie answered. She had to work her charm in overdrive and seem more like a tease than usual, but it kept him away from Kim and that was what was important, not that she had ever revealed that as her motivation.

"Yeah, well, usually when he seems to like a girl, they end up on their backs or with their asses in the air. He didn't try that with either of you?" Shego asked, concern breaking through her angry eyes.

"Shego, love, it was a long time ago. We were sixteen. All the guys hanging around us were trying that," Bonnie pointed out.

"Save Ron," Kim chimed in.

"Hell, if it wasn't for Yori I would think Ron is a gay as we are," Shego remarked.

"I think you're taking this so hard because Hirotaka is your cousin. It was a long time ago and he didn't get anywhere with either of us. So, you should just let it go," Kim said logically.

Before Shego could respond to that, their little discussion was broken up by someone screaming "Shona!" Shego turned, wondering who the hell would be using her nickname. She hoped that nobody else from her family was coming in. And then she saw who was approaching, she could not help smiling.

"Jennifer, what the hell are you doing back in this country, let alone this fucking city?" Shego inquired to one of her oldest and dearest friends.

Brown eyes sparkled as the woman approached Shego. She was the same height that Shego recalled from high school, which she always just put down as "short." Jennifer was a woman of average height. Her hair was bleached blonde and spiked now; it was a new look for her. She was dressed in a cream-colored pant-suit; she would have looked professional if it was not for the hair.

"I had to come and show my favorite evil-doer some love," Jennifer commented with a smile.

Shego rolled her eyes. "No, seriously, tell me what you're doing here."

"That is the truth. Your mother told me about this thing and since I'm not just in the country, but living not too far from here now, I had to come and support you, Shona," Jennifer replied.

"You're back in the country?"

"Yeah, finally got transferred back. It was a little too late for my marriage, but better late than never," Jennifer remarked.

"You're divorced now?" Shego asked incredulously.

"Oh, Pete left me on the first thing with wings after the first year aboard. I think he would've stuck it out if only the company could figure out what country they want me to stay in. He wasn't keen on moving every three months, though." Jennifer shrugged. "But, that's history. We're still good friends and everything. Hell, he introduced me to Julie."

"Wife?" Shego guessed with a smirk.

Jennifer smiled. "She's trying to be. She's stuck around with me for two years and four countries. So, what about you? Married yet?"

Shego laughed. "Twice in a way." She motioned to her girlfriends. "My lovers Bonnie Rockwaller and Kim Possible."

"Oh, two girls at once," Jennifer said with a smile as she turned to the younger women. "Nice to meet you, ladies. I'm Jennifer. I knew Shona before she even knew she was into girls."

"Oh, so you knew her in the womb?" Kim joked, which got a chuckle from both Jennifer and Bonnie.

Jennifer rolled her eyes. "Oh, please, she was oblivious about her sexuality for years. The stories I can tell you two."

"Yeah, well, you can tell them later. Right now, we have to get this show on the road," Shego declared. Really, she wanted to move Jennifer along before the older female started talking. The last thing she wanted was for Kim and Bonnie to know how she was in high school.

Jennifer laughed, knowing that she was being dismissed. She did promise Kim and Bonnie stories for later on. She also made it a point to give Shego a "we have to talk" look; she was curious how Shego managed to get two girlfriends. She was all right with it, but she had to hear how two people could possibly put up with her dear friend's quirks.

The trio stayed out in the front for a little while longer to greet people. Monique surprised them by showing up; they did not know she was in the state at the time. She just smiled at them.

"Now, you know I have to make time for my favorite kung-fu masters and their kick ass school," Monique remarked with a smile. "I hope this thing gets you guys the notice that you deserve."

Shego rolled her eyes. "I hope all of the photographers don't go to the kids' heads."

"Please, your kids are probably too high to even notice there are cameras," Bonnie quipped.

Shego could not argue that one and did not bother to try. After Monique went to find a seat, the trio decided that they needed to move on. There were plenty of things to do and not enough time to do them in. Kim was not even around to greet her family, but they managed to connect with Shego's family, so it was all right. The Possibles had run behind schedule because they had to get Wade at the last minute.


The weekend event was started off with Bonnie. Shego and Kim thought it was appropriate for their first student to show her skills and open the tournament. Bonnie took a deep breath as she looked around, seeing hundreds of eyes on her. She was surprised to find her heart beating rapidly and breathing was a little difficult. She did not want to embarrass her lovers in front of so many people, especially considering she knew there were a few magazines covering the event.

While waiting for her music to begin, Bonnie brushed imaginary lint from her outfit. Since the school did not insist on uniforms, even for the tournament, she had been left to her own devices. She went with a dark pink tank-top and black shorts that barely went passed the middle of her thigh. The outfit was picked to show off how powerful her body looked from her training and working out.

The music started and Bonnie struck her first fierce pose, holding a long bo out while she was at it. She was working with a staff on her routine, mostly to feel closer to Kim. Kim's main short-range weapon was the bo and she had taken a lot of time to train Bonnie with it.

Bonnie's movements were graceful and sharp. She was much more tense than her teachers would ever be, but it seemed to be more a part of her style than anxiety. She was purposely flexing on each movement, wanting to call attention to her developing muscles. Her motions, deliberate and tight, did go along with the music too. Only when the beat changed did her body do the same.

When the music switched from a hip-hop style to more of a dance mix, Bonnie loosened up. It was clearly part of her routine, but it was smoothly done. Her pace increased and the movement of her staff became wilder, but controlled. She spun the staff often and moved fluidly with it.

"That girl is good," Monique whispered to Ron, who nodded in agreement. He looked rather shocked, not expecting Bonnie to be as neat and precise as she was.

"She's got potential, but she's probably too old to do any real damage now," Isabella commented to no one in general.

"Yes, she probably would be on Kim's level if she trained when she was younger, but Kim and Shego really just want to be sure that she can protect herself. Bonnie is definitely not the fighter in their group," Isabel said to her mother.

Isabella nodded. "She came up with this one her own?"

"I assisted her, but for the most part she did it on her own. Her movements are sometimes forced and you can tell she's thinking each move out, but she's doing good for someone who hasn't been learning martial arts on a consistent basis," Isabel pointed out.

"Who knew little Izzie could actually teach!" Victoria remarked with a teasing grin that earned her a glare from Isabel.

Everyone else was quiet while watching Bonnie move. Her competency caught everyone that knew her by surprise. It was clear that she paid a lot of attention to Kim and Shego whenever she could manage to get a lesson from them; sometimes her schedule did not permit a lesson for weeks at a time.

"I don't think I look that good when working a bo," Ron muttered as Bonnie leaped up, catching a lot of air, twisting, and bringing the bo down with impressive strength.

"Trust me, you don't," Shego remarked.

"You're not even looking at her work. You're watching her ass," the blonde male accused Shego.

The former thief did not argue that point. She silently admitted that her mother did a good job coaching Bonnie. Isabel obviously did not take away any points that Bonnie learned or try to add some of her own style into the routine. The whole thing was all Bonnie.

Kim, who was sitting next to Shego, had her eyes transfixed on Bonnie as if she was hypnotized. She was stunned by what she was seeing. She never realized how much they had taught Bonnie because the lessons always came so sporadically. Shego glanced over and noticed how taken in Kim was. She wrapped her arm around the redhead and smiled down at her while turning her attention back to Bonnie. When the lawyer was done, Kim shot to her feet and clapped the loudest in the whole audience, even though it was hard to tell since everyone was applauding.

Bonnie took a bow and trotted out of the ring. Shego, Kim, and Yori then made their way down to the ring to say a few opening words. They made sure to keep it brief, for their students' sake. After that, Ron announced the next routine. The weekend event was underway!


"Shona, when you put together a show, you really put together a show!" Victoria declared as the hall emptied out after the first day of the tournament. The Han and Go families stuck around to talk to the event organizers.

"I didn't do shit for this thing except sign a check and show up for today. You want to praise people…" Shego pointed to Kim and Yori. "Go at them until your throat is sore. This was all their hard work."

"Hey! I helped too!" Ron pointed out.

"You two did one hell of a job. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow when the fighting actually goes down. Those were some kick-ass demos!" Victoria proclaimed.

"They were awesome! Especially the lil guys," Wes chimed in.

"We taught them that stuff!" Wen said.

"The hell you did! You taught them for a little while a lot of months ago! Don't try to take Kimmie's credit!" Shego growled and slapped her little brothers in the backs of their heads.

"You're a good teacher to get so much out of those children," Isabel said to Kim.

"They're very dedicated. To a frightening degree sometimes," the redhead remarked.

"They creep the hell out of me," Shego stated and she shuddered.

"Firefly, you're quite the surprise too. You get a lot out of your sex-addicts and stoners," Isabel teased.

"Firefly," Kim and Bonnie snickered. Ron chimed in with a laugh of his own as he realized that that was Isabel's pet name for Shego. Monique, who was with them, even smiled a little bit. Yori was the only one that controlled herself, but she was chuckling on the inside.

"Mommy!" Shego snarled. Now she was never going to hear the end of that horrible nickname! Ron was going to use it every time they got into a little spat, she was sure of that; she was right in that assumption because he was already mentally making plans for it.

"I never knew that you had it in you to teach, Shona," Isabella commented.

Shego's face scrunched up. "Why'd you say that, Grandma? Hans always teach."

"I suppose I should say I never knew you had it in you to teach a group like that. They seem like they would require a lot of patience," Isabella corrected herself.

"I'm sure you know that a little anger goes a long way," the green-skinned woman quipped.

Isabella nodded. "That would explain it. I think I might have to visit your little school more often. This place has a lot of potential and you need to give it your all."

"I will, Grandma," Shego promised.

"Funny, if your mother told you that, you'd have told her to go fuck herself," Bonnie said to Shego. The earnest observation earned laughs from Isabella's grandsons.

"She knows you well, Shona," Jennifer commented as she strolled over to join the group.

"Oh, don't you come over here and start shit too," Shego snorted.

Jennifer flashed a smile, showing that she was ready to get in on teasing Shego any day of the week. Jennifer and Shego started to go back and forth with each other, like the old friends they were. They were earning laughs from everyone around, including Bonnie, who was having a good time also being complimented by Shego's family members as well as the Possibles. Bonnie happened to glance in the direction of one of the exits and saw someone that she was not ready to deal with—her brother Johnnie. She did not to try interacting with him and she did not want to risk Kim seeing him because the redhead was very likely to wave him over.

"Look, instead of us all hanging out here, attracting attention and tempting people to call the police, how about we go to our house?" Bonnie suggested.

"Party at Shona's place!" the twins howled and they charged off for the door, knowing exactly how to get to their sister's home.

"Damn it, you two better not break anything!" Shego snarled.

"Oh, I haven't seen your place yet," Mego commented with a smile.

"Then let's go," Shego sighed and motioned to the door. "You all keep your mitts to yourselves when you get there, though!"

The large group made their way out of the hall through the main entrance. Bonnie glanced back a few times, seeing that her brother was still standing there. She was glad that Johnnie did not approach her. She just was not up to dealing with her family, even if this family was trying to make amends for past crimes.


"Wow, this is a sweet setup," Mego muttered as the group entered the apartment. "Of course, my apartment is way better, but this isn't bad."

Shego rolled her eyes and was glad that her lovers knew to ignore Mego. Everyone made themselves comfortable in the apartment. Cali crept out of one of her hiding places to inspect what was going on around her home. She slowly made her way around, looking for one of her humans—preferably Kim—to feel some safety. She leaped into the redhead's arms as soon as she spotted her on the sofa.

"Since when do you guys have a cat?" Monique inquired curiously.

"A strange cat," Yori chimed in.

"Very strange," Hirotaka concurred as he stared at the feline, who was getting her money's worth reclining in Kim's lap.

"She's our special little kitten," Kim declared, scratching behind Cali's ears and under her chin. Cali almost rolled off of the redhead's lap thanks to the attention. "She's also not very used to crowds, especially at home."

The group continued socializing with each other, going over what happened that day and speculating about the fighting tomorrow. Everyone made it a point to heap praise on Bonnie every now and then, thoroughly impressed with her performance. Bonnie was very happy to accept the praise, but said very little throughout the night. She mostly watched as Kim's family and Shego's family intermingled and enjoyed each other's company. They accepted each other—and they accepted her.

Her thoughts drifted to the Rockwaller family. People that never treated her right, for no reason that she could ever guess or that they ever shared, but they were her relatives by blood. Yet, these people, the Gos and the Possibles, people that had no relation to her other than the fact that she was dating their daughters, treated her with such respect and care. She felt like she was one of them. She never really felt that with the Rockwallers.

Suddenly, she recalled seeing Johnnie at the tournament. She knew what he wanted, but for some reason she just could not bring herself to try to build a relationship with him. He had hurt her as much as her other siblings. His only redeeming quality to her was that Kim liked him. Kim rarely made it a point to like completely immoral, unethical jerks.

With that in mind, Bonnie glanced over at Hego, who was making conversation with Shego and Kim. He seemed like an immoral jerk with the way he messed with Shego's mind, but it seemed like they were both trying to push through that. She wondered if family was worth it.

"You seem to be deep in thought," Ann commented as she took a seat next to Bonnie on the long couch.

"I was just wondering…about family," Bonnie admitted.

"What were you wondering?" Ann asked curiously.

"Well, Shego's trying to patch things up with her brother, who wrecked their relationship and messed with her mind when they were younger. He says he's grown up and wants things to be different between them now and she's giving him that chance."

"Well, from what I've seen family means a lot to Shego, even though she doesn't really admit it," the neurosurgeon pointed out.

"I know that. Sometimes when I see her and Kimmie with all of you guys, I think about how lucky they are and then I realize how lucky I am because I'm part of this too now."

Ann nodded. "But, that wasn't happiness on your face a moment ago."

"I know it wasn't. I was just thinking about my own brother. He was a total ass to me, much like my other siblings and I'm sure just like Hego was to Shego…"

"And you're wondering if you should forgive him like Shego is trying to do with Hego?" Ann guessed.

Bonnie nodded and looked down, so that the doctor could not see the sorrow in her eyes. "I love having you all as my family, but…"

"It's all right, Bonnie." Ann tossed her arm around the younger woman's shoulders. "It's not a bad thing to try to make a new start with your brother. But, is he willing to give it a try?"

"I think so…" Bonnie sniffled.

"Then why punish both of you by not meeting him halfway? It's not like you have to forgive him the moment you see him. You just have to take small steps and one day hopefully you'll be able to look him in the eye and realize that you do forgive him. It's a process. I'm sure Shego would tell you that."

Bonnie nodded. "I know what side of the family Kim gets her smarts from," she remarked with a grin.

"Oh, you." Ann took a moment to hug the lawyer.

From that moment on, Bonnie was able to go back to enjoying the company. She found herself next to Jennifer, who Kim was just egging on to tell all sorts of stories about Shego. Shego had fled the area, retreating into the game room to be spared some embarrassment.

"That girl is always into something," Isabella commented after Jennifer finished yet another tale about Shego.

"I didn't help much. I was always right behind her," Jennifer remarked.

"Hell, sometimes you were the driving force," Isabel chimed in.

Jennifer grinned proudly. "Shona was so easy to influence! She did some outrageous things for even more outrageous reasons. Hell, she almost got us arrested once when we went out to dinner. I dared her to touch the waitress' ass and this kid slaps her like a fucking horse!"

"Sometimes, I wish you two did normal teenage things, like drink and smoke," Isabel joked while shaking her head.

"That's boring. Going to jail for sexually harassing a waitress, now that's fun!" Jennifer laughed.

Jennifer stuck around the place after everyone else cleared out; it was by request of all three owners. They gathered in the living room, flopping down on various pieces of furniture. Cali came out of nowhere and decided to take a nap in Shego's lap, so she would not be left out.

"I never figured you for a cat person, Shona," Jennifer commented.

"I'm not really. Kim brought home this stray and she just grew on us," Shego replied with a shrug.

"Sort of like I did with you," Jennifer quipped, smiling all the way through. Shego rolled her eyes.

"How did you meet Shego anyway? You guys seem like extremely close friends," Bonnie noted.

"Believe it or not, I was being attacked in a park and was saved by this angry, antisocial malcontent, who beat up I think three guys to save me. Then, I spooked her by kissing her a thank you," Jennifer said, chuckling at the memory.

"You didn't spook me!" Shego growled.

"She ran off like her ass was on fire. After that, we found out that we were in the same math class. She was a smart kid, taking advanced math as a freshman," Jennifer complimented her friend.

"Advanced math?" Kim and Bonnie turned to look at Shego.

"Yeah, Shona was a regular little genius. All of her classes were advanced and she graduated a year early. Knowing her now, I'm sure she doesn't brag about those things," Jennifer said.

"No, she really doesn't," Kim replied. Hell, they would not even know that Shego had a college degree if she had not subbed at Middleton High so many years ago.

"Yeah, well, Shona was brilliant in high school. I can't say she applied those smarts to the right area after college, though," Jennifer said while giving her friend a pointed look. The look earned her a very rude gesture from Shego involving her middle finger.

"No, she didn't, but that is how we met and she's reformed now," Kim said with a smile.

"I'm sure she is. Two hot girlfriends would reform anybody, especially if they bend well," Jennifer teased.

"Oh, shut up, Jen!" Shego snorted, but the grin on her face let them now that she was not being very serious.

"So, you kissed Shego in high school? Is that how you figured out you were into girls?" Bonnie asked Shego curiously.

"No, that's not how I figured it out and, Jennifer, you better not tell that story," Shego ordered.

Jennifer had the nerve to look innocent. "Me? Tell a story to embarrass you? I would never!"

Kim and Bonnie laughed. "If only all exes could be so funny and likable," Bonnie remarked.

"Oh, I'm not an ex. I never dated Shego. That impulsive kiss during our meeting was the only time our lips ever met," Jennifer explained.

"Did you know any of Shego's old girlfriends?" Bonnie asked.

Jennifer shook her head. "As far as I know, Shona didn't get a real girlfriend until I was gone."

"No girl wanted to date me. They thought I was with you," Shego pretended to sneer. She could not believe that she said that. Over the years, she changed from the person that Jennifer knew, but being around her in person and with her girlfriends there brought out a side of Shego that she long thought was dead.

"Well, you only talked to people if I was around and making conversation and you practically went everywhere with me. What were they supposed to think, smartass?" Jennifer pointed out with a good-natured smile.

"That I was too cool to date a loser like you, doy!" Shego countered.

Jennifer rolled her eyes. "Please, I would've been a step up compared to the girls you fooled around with, but who the hell wants to put up with your shit all the time?"

"You did," Shego stated smugly.

Jennifer laughed and turned to Kim and Bonnie. "She's got me there. I harassed Shona for the whole time we were in high school together. I even threatened to transfer to her school for college. She must've taken me seriously because she never did tell me where she graduated from."

"I wasn't trying to chance anything. Knowing you, you would've followed me," Shego sneered.

"I probably would've. You're always loads of fun, Shona." Jennifer's smile was sincere and bright.

"God, I would've run screaming into the night!" Shego declared.

Jennifer rolled her eyes. "Oh, please, you love me, Shona, you know that." Her attention went to Kim and Bonnie and they could tell from the twinkle in her eye that she was about to share more classified information. "When I first left, Shona tried to act like she was glad to see me go, so I let her sweat for a little while. I didn't call her for almost a month. She damn near burst into tears when I finally got in contact with her!"

"You were the one crying!" Shego accused her old friend.

Jennifer smiled, looking quite unashamed of the truth. "I was crying. You made me cry a lot! I missed your insane, antisocial ass! What was I supposed to do without my angry little shadow with me?"

Shego scowled. "You're an idiot."

"I know you love me, Shona. I am the big sister you never had."

"And didn't want," Shego added, but that did not take away Jennifer's smile.

"You can imagine why I missed her so much," Jennifer remarked, looking quite amused. Kim and Bonnie laughed again.

"You two must have been quite the pair," Kim commented with a smile. She could picture them being a crazier, version of herself and Ron.

"We tried. Well, I mostly just encouraged the naughty streak in Shona. I damn sure never tried any of the stuff I dared her to do," Jennifer said. "Poor Shona was just too young to realize I was taking advantage of her."

"Why don't you go home already," Shego suggested with a false huff.

Before Jennifer could respond to that, Bonnie perked up. Her brow furrowed just a little, making it look like a light bulb went off in her head. Shego looked just a little nervous, hoping that whatever hit Bonnie was not going to be too personal.

"Since you've known Shego for so long, have you met her former girlfriend Medea?" Bonnie asked curiously.

"Never had the pleasure, which I'm sure was great. I haven't heard good things about her," Jennifer replied.

"You talked to my parents, didn't you?" Shego inquired.

"Not to mention listened to you bitch about her most of the time you were in the relationship with her. You were so pissed that she was so closeted!" Jennifer reminded her dear friend.

"God, she was! That night Hego found us, she was so fucking out of her mind. I didn't even want to deal with that shit," Shego stated.

"That explains the great resistance you put up when she broke things off with you. Did you even let her break up with you or did you just run off laughing?" Jennifer joked.

"I cursed her out a little bit, but other than that, I felt like the shackles were off. I damn near ran back to school after that. Best Christmas gift ever," Shego said with a smile.

"You would think that," Jennifer said while shaking her head. "Now, you have to tell me how you ended up with two hot girls."

Shego smiled and wasted no time going into that story. Kim and Bonnie did chime in often, giving their perspectives on the story. They stayed up until late that night just talking. Jennifer ended up staying in their guestroom; she was the first person to do so.


The next day at the tournament was similar to the day before. The audience was full and cheering. There were flashes going off for each match; some of them were professional photographers, but they were mostly friends and family taking pictures of the fighters. Shego's family and Kim's family were there. Shego's family did a lot of critiquing and criticizing, but all and all, they had a good time.

At the end of the day, one of Yori's students won the tournament, but she used a "Shego" tactic to do. Shego was ashamed that one of her students actually fell for "look, sensei lost her top." That split second decided the match. Shego wished that she could at least be certain that her student would not be fooled by that trick again, but she highly doubted it.

Just like the day before, the Go and Possible families stood around talking. Bonnie glanced over at a corner and saw him again. She took a deep breath and looked Shego, who was speaking to Hego again. That was all Bonnie needed to see and she marched over to him.

"Hey, Johnnie," Bonnie said with a small smile. "What're you doing here?" Her voice was polite and friendly.

"I wanted to see you. You were amazing yesterday. I thought you might be doing something else today. I was a little disappointed to see you weren't," Johnnie answered with an awkward smile.

"I'm not skilled enough to be in that. They would've mopped the floor with me." Bonnie paused for a moment. "I'm glad you came, though."

Johnnie's bright smile could have put the sun out of business. "Yeah?"

"Yeah." Bonnie smiled too and then glanced over at the large group that she was with. "Look, we're all going to head back to my house. You should come. You can meet Kim's and Shego's families."

Johnnie blinked hard in surprise. "You sure?"

The attorney nodded and took her brother by the hand. She pulled him over to the group and wasted no time in introducing him, making sure everyone knew that he was her brother. Kim smiled when she noticed Johnnie and when she noticed Bonnie's vigor. She hoped that they mended their relationship and she hoped that Shego and Hego could patch things up too. Kim also made it a point to hug her own brothers, who accepted and returned the affection.


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