Star Wars: Jewel Wars

BY Dragonfang33

Synapse: A Star Wars/Sailor Moon/Inuyasha/Onimusha Crossover: Two months after the events of Kim Possible: Dark Trooper, Force Knight Kyle Wolf has begun his quest for the Kyber Crystal. However, when answering a distress call from Onderon, the Force Knight passes through a mysterious portal, and now finds himself trapped in 1577 Japan, at the height of the Age of Warring States.


Distress Call

Location: Jedi Netherworld, soon after the First Earth War

"It has begun," Mace Windu said.

"Indeed," Yoda added, "most troubling this is," Yoda gazed at the entity standing in the center of the room, "think it could have been him do you?" The entity that stood before the Council was essentially solid energy, but unlike Darth Blood, who was solid black, this entity was pure gold. The entity was dressed in a gold cloak and seemed to radiate of the light side. To those who were gathered in the chamber, she was Ashla, Goddess of Creation and the creator of the Light Side of the Force.

"I wouldn't know," Ashla replied, "and even if it is we shouldn't jump to conclusions."

"Conclusions," Kit Fisto shouted, "Plaguies declared war on an entire planet, and attacked nearly every major city. The fact that the primitives of Earth were able to hold there own was a miracle of the Force itself."

"Still," Mace added, "they did have assistance."

"True," Ashla replied, "but it's still against the code to interfere." The council fell silent.

"We're not Ancients," Mace finally said, breaking the silence, "we're Jedi now and for all time."

"That still doesn't mean we have to go to war with him," Ashla shouted, "Look at the Galaxy, it's in ruins, and civil war still rages through out its star systems. The Sol System is among the only systems the wars haven't affected. Even if my brother has risen again, that doesn't mean we have to fight him."

"If we don't," Agen Kolar said, "Darth Blood will carry out his vow of revenge, and lay waste to the entire Galaxy."

"No matter how evil he has become," Ashla replied, "he is still my brother, I can't fight him, not again."

"Heard this before have we," Yoda added, "times there are when turning the other cheek creates a greater disaster."

"Blood only respects force," Mace added, "he's shown his disregard for innocent lives time and time again. It seems we have no choice."

"There is always another choice Master Windu," Ashla replied, "if I only had some time to talk with my brother maybe I could convince him to renounce his ways."

"Unfortunately the time for talk has passed," Plo Koon added, "let's not forget they've resurrected Darth Sidious, and that alone is a horrible threat. I fear we may have no choice but to revive him."

"Skywalker turned from his destiny a long time ago," Mace added, "it seems we'll have no choice but to rely on my former apprentice."

"Are you mad," Ashla shouted, "the dark blood is more of a threat to this Galaxy then my brother, there has to be another way. I mean the Chosen Six," Plo Koon interrupted her there.

"There is no evidence that they have even been reborn," Plo Koon snarled.

"What about the boy," Ki-Adi-Mundi said, "surely what he did on the bridge?"

"He doesn't even know he's Force Sensitive," Mace added

"A just debate this is," Yoda added, "but dangerous times are these. Turned from the Dark Path young Wolf has, but a long way he has to go. But still a Sith he is and trusted he is not to be."

"You will condemn the Galaxy to more war, if you carry out this plan." Ashla said, with a tear forming in her eye.

"There's no other choice," Mace replied. Ashla's attempts to protest were soon silenced by shouts of agreement that something had to be done.

"This is your decision," Ashla said angrily, "and your decision alone; I will have no part in it."

Location: Honoji Temple, Headquarters of Nobunaga Oda's Genma Empire, Japan 1577, soon after the First Earth War.

Japan in the year 1577 lies in ruins, the Ashikaga Shogunite has crumbled plunging the nation into a seemingly endless civil war. From the ashes of this devastation, Demons arose. Taking advantage of the chaos the Demons began carving out their own kingdoms, and began demanding tributes from the Humans within their domains. The most powerful and feared of the various Demon Tribes were the Genma. Billions of years ago they were considered Darth Blood's masterpiece, a fusion of the Dark Side's blackest powers and the corpses of creatures long dead.

Leading this dark empire was a man with a gaze like ice, his blazing red eyes were enough to break even the most fearless warrior, the armor he wore was blacker then night. Most considered Nobunaga Oda a man, but the truth was something far different, at the height of his first campaign to end the blood shed that had plagued Japan since the Onin War over a hundred years previous, Nobunaga was killed by a stray arrow. It was then a dark figure appeared before him, and offered him a deal. In exchange for his soul

Nobunaga would become something more, an abomination of the Force, a fusion of Genma and Human, and a new army to command.

One by one the Daimyos of Japan fell to Nobunaga's hordes, till only a few remained. In those dark days very few rose to challenge Nobunaga's power failed, and though one managed to strike him down, it was only a brief respite, Nobunaga eventually returned and rebuilt his empire.

The moon cast its bright light across Honoji Temple, illuminating only Genma, and a few Demons that the Genma Lord kept as pets. Nobunaga himself was seated upon his throne, his dark mind lost in thought. It was almost at that moment he noticed someone enter his chamber. The creature looked almost like a combination of a skeleton and a machine. Clenched in his right hand was a large staff.

"Guildenstern," Nobunaga shouted, "how dare you enter my personal chambers with out my permission?"

"Forgive me my Lord," Guildenstern replied, a strange man emerged from the shadows behind Guildenstern. He was dressed in jet black robes, which suited his position, and his title, Black Knight of the Sith. His hair was as black as night, his red left eye burned hotter then the rawest fire, while his blue right eye reflected the emptiness of his soul.

Upon his wrist were two black cylinders, which had been latched to his gauntlets.

"Who are you," Nobunaga asked, as he reached for his sword, "how did you get in here?"

"My name is my own," the man replied "and let's just say your retainers were hardly worth my time. But to talk about how I dealt with a bunch of inferiors isn't why I'm here. I have a proposition that you can't refuse Nobunaga Oda. I seek a certain item, a jewel."

"Please," Nobunaga replied, angrily, "I have thousands of jewels. What could you possibly have that I would want?"

"The key to worlds beyond this one," the stranger replied, as he held out a black stone inscribed with a language that hadn't been used in the Galaxy for over three billion years.

Location: Library, Jedi Academy, Yavin IV, two months after the First Earth War.

Kyle Wolf sat at the desk, pouring over the ancient scrolls, searching for any information relating to the Kyber Crystal. Yet even as he sat there, his mind kept racing back to two months ago, thinking back to the dance he'd shared with her, and how for the first time in so many years he had truly felt happy. He remembered holding Kim Possible in his arms, the kiss they had shared before he told her he had to depart. His last words to her still rang in his ears, "I'm sorry, my name is my own, maybe if we meet again, you can finally see me without this cursed mask."

Kyle was still day dreaming, when he spotted something out of the corner of his eye. It was an old legend, dating all the way back to the days of the Silver Millennium, it told that after the Fall of the Moon Kingdom the Knights of the Royal Guard had crafted a jewel, that came to be known as the Shikon no Tama, the Jewel of Four Souls. It told how the Jedi feared the power of the Kyber Crystal, but knew that the day would arise when it would have to be located, it was then they crafted the jewel, which was designed to locate the Crystal where ever it was hidden. However, the jewel had disappeared over four hundred years ago.

Kyle was continuing to pour over the old story, when he heard the alarm begin to blare. Getting up from the desk, Kyle made his way over to the door, just in time to bump into Master Luke Skywalker.

"What's going on?" Kyle asked, as he got back on his feet.

"Trouble on Onderon," Luke replied, "apparently Iziz is under siege by some unknown alien force. We sent Mara Jade and Jaina ahead," Luke's voice suddenly seemed to express concern not just for his niece, but for Mara Jade as well, "we haven't heard back from them."

"Great," Kyle said, to himself, "another boring rescue mission."

"Excuse me," Luke replied, Kyle hadn't realized he'd spoken out loud.

"Nothing Master," Kyle said, "so when do we leave?"

Stay Tuned For Chapter I: Half-Demon.

PS: This is meant to be an intro to the over all story, in terms of our time line, this story takes place two months after the events of Kim Possible: Dark Trooper. PSS: Yes Inuyasha will make an appearance in the next chapter