Author's Note: My SasuNeji fixation continues it seems. I'm rather intrigued by the pairing for some reason, which is fine, lol. I rather enjoy trying to write Neji's character, though he's still somewhat out of my grasp. I'm working on that though. And like Better Off This Way, I wrote this rather drunk, haha. Instead of sangria though it was Malibu and Coke. I sincerely apologize. Warngins for language and boy-on-boy. /Author's Note

"Sasuke. . . ."

There had been a reply for that. A very concise, beautifully scripted reply that was shattered when lips touched skin, and everything that meant anything was swallowed whole by the sensation radiating out from that warmth. Instead, the Uchiha heir let loose a low moan, as dictated by want and the very real need that was pressing against his pants.

Seconds spun by, lost in the motion of fingers upon cloth, upon pearly buttons, and forgotten just as easily as those small round captors of the body popped free. What did time matter? Time was binding, it stifled thought and consumed action and was completely insignificant in this context.

"Class. . . .starts in fifteen minutes. . ."

Except for that.


Pale lips pulled back, displayed that callously arrogant smirk he had come to know quite well. "I'd rather not, Uchiha."

Sasuke slid his hands down along Neji's exposed sides, knuckles brushing against the fabric of the shirt he had yet to discard. Not enough time. Just enough for this brief meeting of skin and hips and lips. The younger boy nipped harshly at Neji's collarbone, leaving behind a bright red pinprick of color that left him rather pleased with his efforts. His gaze said as much when he looked upward. Haughty in its satisfaction and wholly unrepentant. As if to say Deny that.

And he knew Neji couldn't. Knew that there was no where else the Hyuuga genius would rather be than right there on his lap. Hands gripped hips, strong in their possession.

"Don't tell me that. . ." he hissed, slipping his right hand around to rub at Neji's own hard-on, ". . . .when it's quite apparent that you want it."

Neji remained unmoved by that gesture of Sasuke's. Not that it didn't feel good, because it did, and it took quite a bit of self-control to keep his lips from parting and letting the smallest breath of betrayal tell the other boy as much. Face remained that pale mask of better-than-you, white eyes nothing more than sheets of ice reflecting what was cast upon them by Sasuke's own burning gaze.

He understood that Sasuke could see beyond the ice-chipped depths of careful control and hardened arrogance. Could understand that what was glittering there was not merely some vapid reflection of the heat in Sasuke's own eyes, but that the other boy had in fact managed to melt down the snow-capped exteriors and expose the truth. Truth as cloudy as the whiteness of his eyes. But, it took talent - true, blood-deep talent – to decipher reality from mirage.

Talent that lay not only in those eyes, but in fingers that crawled over his skin, causing goosebumps to ripple over his arms, his stomach. A reaction that seemed to draw forth a valid smirk of victory from Sasuke. Making Neji betray himself was a hard-won ordeal. Very few had managed to see beyond his intricately crafted exterior of pride. Even fewer had managed to dig deeper into true want and basic drives.

Like this. The Uchiha heir licked playfully at Neji's neck, before settling his lips there firmly and sucking. Just where the collar of his shirt would lay, where the slightest shift of movement would reveal the delicate red-purple bruising. The all too obvious sign of passion indulged, a thing Neji was not known for.

But why end in only fire when ice was just as nice? Sasuke had found the key to both ends, and was quite keen on delving into each. Because when Neji pressed against his mouth, hot and wanting and everything the Hyuuga boy was never known to be, he knew that fire lay beneath ice, and the meltdown was the most exquisite thing he had ever seen.

Cold to the touch and yet warming rapidly. Liquid against his skin, his tongue. Like Neji himself, wanting to give way and yet so rigid. . .Sasuke's hand brushed against the older boy's hardness once more. This time drawing forth a small, half-concealed moan. Better.

"Don't get. . .cocky. . .Uchiha," Neji murmured, a chill frosting the edge of his words. Just enough to tell the other boy that he still had control, that it would take more than well-placed kisses and gliding finger work to make him lose all grip. To emphasize his point, he rolled his hips against Sasuke's erection, precise and confident.

The Uchiha heir answered that little move by issuing a sharp bite to Neji's nipple. And I know you. . .. He licked – hardly apologetic – at the rosy flesh there.

Neji jerked at that gesture. A momentary vision of surprise flitting across his features.

Glancing up through midnight-stained lashes, Sasuke caught the flare of emotion there on the Hyuuga's face, the quick cover-up, and smiled against his chest. "Ten minutes, Neji. ."