Author's Note: Well, first things first, mature content ahead. Boy-on-boy so proceed at your own risk and all that jazz. Other than that, HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2008 be better than the last.

Before he could react, Neji found himself hoisted up onto the surface of the desk. Figured, really, that Sasuke would merely take enjoyment from pointing out how little time there was while having a plan in mind for all that remained. He watched, curious, as the other boy undid his watch and set the silver piece beside his left thigh. Not that his eyes stayed focused there for long. After all, it was rather hard to dismiss the fact that the Uchiha heir's other hand was now creeping up along his thigh.

He said nothing though, simply cocked an eyebrow and settled himself into a more comfortable position on the desktop. Sasuke, meanwhile, held onto his smirk before breathing out slowly, the hint of laughter (the kind that told you that not all knowledge was openly shared, that secrets were kept and dangled just out of sight) riding easily within.

His other hand now in the picture, Sasuke parted Neji's legs, leaned into the opening to lick shamelessly at the older boy's bellybutton. Tongue flicked just a bit lower, teasing just above the button of Neji's pants.

"But I'll only need three minutes," he murmured. Ego had left the realm of confidence and slipped into cocky without the slightest trace of guilt. Fingers deftly popped the button loose, then moved to pull down the Neji's zipper. "At most."

Neji gave a brief glance to the watch. It was all the time he could afford to spare before that sinfully exquisite sensation overcame him. Warm in a way he didn't necessarily equate with Sasuke. It wasn't about fire, flames that couldn't be quenched no matter what he fed them. Because he knew how to satisfy this, even if the look in Sasuke's eyes said he could burn forever.

Running his tongue along the underside of Neji's cock, the Uchiha heir issued a soft moan. More for Neji than for himself. And the Hyuuga genius knew exactly why. When you heard that sound rumble out from the younger boy's throat. . .Neji shut his eyes and uttered a curse damning every bit of talent Sasuke had.

No sooner had those words flown from Neji's lips than Sasuke had taken the older boy into his mouth. Sucked hard. Confident. His left hand pumped steadily at the base of Neji's cock, and all the while, Sasuke kept his eyes trained on the Hyuuga's face.

People said that Neji was stunning. Cold and untouchable but stunning nonetheless. Or maybe made all the more so because he seemed so far out of reach. But if any of them could have ever seen Neji in these moments, when emotion flitted seamlessly over the planes of his face, through the snowdrift grey of his eyes then they would have known true beauty.

Because beauty wasn't crafted in perfection. It was made in the breakdown. And Neji fell to pieces in the most majestic of ways.

Sasuke teased his lips around the head of Neji's cock, had to rein in the smirk that tried to force an early departure from skin when the older boy's lips parted and a heavy sigh escaped into the air. A flush of pink eased its way over the Hyuuga's cheeks, faint but vivid in Sasuke's eyes. Though he couldn't see it [never would he pull his eyes away from the sight of Neji's face, he could feel the older boy's hands gripping the edge of the desk with undue force. Tight. A final attempt at control.

Giving a low purr, the Uchiha heir slid a little bit more of Neji into his mouth. Tongue touched expertly, knowingly where head met shaft.

Sasuke knew victory when he tasted it.

With a gloating smile, the Uchiha heir gave the older boy one final pump with his hand before pushing up and out of his chair. He licked at the corner of his mouth, taking in the half-hearted glare Neji attempted in response. Though, had this been anyone else (and honestly, it never could be), Sasuke knew that look would have chilled beyond bone and into the very depths of one's conscious existence. But Sasuke knew a battle won when he saw it, and well, Neji looked rather gorgeously deconstructed at the moment.

Placing a hand on either side of the older boy, Sasuke leaned in and brushed his lips against Neji's. "Two minutes, twenty-nine seconds, Hyuuga."

Smirk in place, the Uchiha heir pulled his watch from the desktop and wrapped it around his wrist.

Neji said nothing. Instead, he pushed himself forward, forcing Sasuke to step back. There was only a flash of indignation in his eyes before he set about putting himself back together. Tucked himself carefully back into his pants, not surprised to see that Sasuke had spilled nothing, no tell-tale marks to mar his exterior self. No one would ever know. Even his shirt was relatively intact – no missing buttons this time, no creases that would arouse suspicion but never questions. Only that one mark to his neck, covered easily enough with careful movements.

Already near the door, Sasuke was putting the finishing touches on his own self. Fingers moved to straighten his tie, and mind shifted to. . .other thoughts. There was no denying the fact that this had left him rather hard [how could you not be when Neji just had that look that begged for a fuck?, but nothing that couldn't be conquered. It wasn't as though this was the first time he'd been stuck. . .

"Don't think I'm letting you leave here feeling like I'm indebted to you, Sasuke."

Before he could even collect his thoughts on the matter of banishing his erection, Neji was cupping him through his pants. Not just teasingly either, but a damn near full on caress. And before he could mutter a word of protest, the older boy had his fly undone and was wrapping nimble fingers around the shaft of his cock.

Neji gave one slow pump. An agonizing affair as fingers pulsed along skin, intimately aware of everything they could do in so little time. Breathing out hotly against Sasuke's neck, the Hyuuga genius began to move his hand back up. Fingertips only, skimming lightly along younger boy's shaft until they circled the head of the his cock. Then, without warning, Neji's hand was plunging back down along his length.

"Dammit. . .Neji. . ." Sasuke hissed vehemently. It was the one situation no man wanted to be caught in – wanting to get off and not wanting to get off. Because there was no denying Neji's hands, not when coupled with the images from only moments before. However, this wasn't the place. . .Sasuke could almost see where Neji was going with this, only the vision of that was growing fainter with every skillful stroke. A complete fallout of thought.

The Uchiha heir braced himself against the wall, eyes closing tightly for a moment. "Fuck. . ."

"We've already been over that," Neji murmured with chilled sweetness into his ear.

When he came, it was cursing Neji's name. Cursing everything about him, from the precise movements of his fingers to the wicked streak no one else seemed to know about but made him want the older boy all the more. Hyuuga Neji was a bastard. He was just better at covering it up. Sasuke, on the other hand, simply couldn't be bothered with appearances.

It was why he wouldn't care that his shirt would be wrinkled, that his tie would be skewed when he left this room. Because none of that mattered.

Pulling Sasuke's hand from the wall, Neji made note of the time. He pushed a few stray strands of hair back behind his ear, letting the other boy's hand drop without any sense of consideration. After all, Sasuke could handle himself.

He looked over at the Uchiha heir. Sasuke was still leaning against the wall, lips parted as he tried to steady his breathing and eyes narrowed to mere slits. Not indignant, but pissed off and all the more so because he had gotten precisely what his body had wanted.

"One minute, Uchiha."