Hey all, I'm Kracko64. This is my very first fan fiction that I'm going to post. This is something that I had started writing quite a few years ago, but I lost it. Now I want to bring it back. Basically this is a novelization of Kirby's games. I'm going to mix in a few elements from the anime and it will come to play a role in my story. However since Kirby has not been too big when it came to storyline, this will hopefully seem pretty original. This is just the prologue but I'm going to try and update this when I can which is difficult considering I have school. Anyways I hope you enjoy this.

Disclaimer stuff: Kirby and all characters that happen to fall under that franchise are owned by Nintendo and Hal. I don't care if you use any original characters that I make, however, it'd be nice if I get some credit for them. Enough legal junk, let's get on with the story.


Dreams are a mysterious force. Many people believe that they are nothing more than random thoughts occurring in our sleep, having nothing to do with our reality. Some believe that dreams are sometimes prophetic visions of the future. Still others believe that dreams signify our wishes, our desires which we keep hidden from the rest of the world. However, there are some who believe that dreams are an actual force, having ramifications on the physical realm. It comes from an ancient legend.

Thousands of years ago, so the story goes, dreams flew from a spring like water. Back in those times, people did not dream as they do now. People who drank from this spring would have dreams. These dreams were not only projections of the imagination in the subconscious. These dreams would manifest themselves through their dreamers. At first, dreams were pure and good. But even such magnificent light and innocence could not last long before corruption began. One being began to dream dark dreams. At first these dreams stayed in the subconscious of this individual. The individual himself was not inherently evil; however the dreams became darker and overwhelmed him. However, while dreams would usually show themselves through the dreamer, the dream took a hideous form of its own.

This demonic creature was called the Nightmare. As it grew in power it began to consume the world of dreams, both on the physical and subconscious level. However, this was not enough for it. It began to pursue rule over other worlds. Many worlds put up resistance and some were able to thwart the Nightmare. However, the Nightmare began to take the dark dreams of others and turned them into monsters. World after world fell to the power of these fiends.

As the fate of all looked bleak, a legion of warriors rose up. They called themselves the Star Warriors, and began to fight back against the Nightmare. At first their legion included thousands of warriors. The Nightmare's forces, however, were too overwhelming and many Star Warriors fell in battle. Still the damage was being done. Planets, with the help of the Star Warriors, began to rise up against the tyrannical Nightmare. Eventually, the only planet that Nightmare had left was the world of dreams. The Nightmare mustered the most powerful beings from the deepest and darkest dreams. For awhile, it seemed that the army of the Nightmare seemed to be invincible. Though no one knows how, the Star Warriors used the dreams that the Nightmare thought it controlled and sealed the fiend away. On each of the planets, a fountain was built over the spring of dreams as a memorial to the terror that the Nightmare had brought and the bravery of the Star Warriors.

However, this is all just legend. Thousands of years have passed since then. People have either completely forgotten the Nightmare or only believe it to be a piece of ancient folklore. The Star Warriors are also believed to be legend as no one has seen one since the ancient times. But soon, the universe may need the Star Warriors again. The following writing is a chronicle of the journey of one Star Warrior, one who would prove to be the key in the workings of dreams and reality. The following is the chronicle of the Star Warrior: Kirby.

To be Continued

So what did you think? This is only the prologue and the actual story writing is going to be quite a bit different. I only added the whole ancient legend thing to get you guys to read more. There ain't much to review but you can if you want. I accept praise, comments, and constructive criticisms. I will ignore flames as people who flame either have anger issues or care waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much about such minor things. Anyways thanks for reading this and expect more soon (although, the internet at my school really sucks and I had to wait almost a week before I could post this…hopefully that will stop happening…).

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