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Chapter 25

Three Fronts

It was now well in the afternoon as Sir Kibble entered Dream City. He noticed that there seemed to be quite a commotion at the castle in the distance. Had Waddle Doo's plan failed? He would find out soon enough. Reaching the castle was priority.

"Sir Kibble! Wait!" Sir Kibble turned to see Capsule J limp toward him.

"Capsule J…what happened?"

"I was attacked by Kirby's allies. We must reach the castle…I have no doubt that they are attacking."

Sir Kibble paused before responding. "You've been injured…can you fight?"

"As long as my suit is operational, I can and will fight. We have no time to waste." Capsule J blasted off toward the castle.

Sir Kibble continued toward the castle, but as he reached the city limit, he saw a blue blur rush toward the castle. Sir Kibble stopped for a moment. "…It seems that…for the moment my priority has changed…" He took off after the blur.

Knuckle Joe and Rocky faced off against the Cappies. General Shroom chuckled. "This is what all the commotion is about? Cappies take them out." The Cappies rushed at the two. Knuckle Joe launched a Smash Punch and knocked several of them back.

"Care to try that again?" smirked Joe. General Shroom growled and rushed at Joe. "Fine…Roundhouse!" Joe leapt into the air and kicked out an energy blast. General Shroom braced himself. The shot hit him but he was merely knocked back.

The Cappies then swarmed over Joe, tackling him to the ground. General Shroom then turned his attention to Rocky. "Oh my…well here goes." Rocky leapt above General Shroom and came crashing down. General Shroom dodged him and he hit the ground. General Shroom picked him up and slammed him back into the ground.

"I was humiliated in my last battle. But I will not lose again." General Shroom lifted Rocky over his head and threw him to the nearest wall which collapsesd as he crashed through it. "It looks like I am the victor."

"Says who? Vulcan Jab!" Knuckle Joe knocked away a bunch of Cappies. "I'm just getting started."

"Hmph…fine." General Shroom leapt into the air and dropped kick where Joe was…but since Joe moved out of the way, he didn't make contact. He was instead hit from behind by Rocky.

"…Cappies, restrain at least one of them." General Shroom got back up just in time to block a punch from Joe. He then grabbed his hand and almost effortlessly threw him to the ground.

Rocky was being subdued by the Cappies, but he was still able to jump into the air and crush a few of the Cappies. He tried to tackle General Shroom but was knocked back by Shroom's foot.

Knuckle Joe got up, but he was feeling weaker. He wasn't gonna let his opponent know that. "Heh…that all you got?"

General Shroom smirked, but before he could do anything, Capsule J landed into the center of the room. Shroom laughed. "Things just got a lot more interesting."

Kirby and Poppy Jr. had finally reached their destination: Bubbly Clouds. This place wasn't much different from the rest of Grape Garden. Clouds in every single direction save a single structure. At the top of a huge pillar of cloud stood a massive nearly open room, save a single wall. The Sparkling Star had to be up there. The Warp Star ascended the pillar and when Kirby came to the top, he saw nothing but a pedestal, a chair, and someone sitting in it.

"Welcome Kirby," said Waddle Doo. Kirby and Poppy Jr. got off the Warp Star and walked toward him. "Let's not waste time with small talk. Let's just get right down to business. You have three Sparkling Stars. You will give them to us and surrender to his royal highness, King Dedede."

Kirby smirked before responding. "I hate to disappoint you Waddle Doo, but I don't have the Sparkling Stars anymore. They've been taken back to where they belong. But I know you've got the fourth one, so here's a new deal. You give it to us now, and the two of us will just be on our way. How's that sound?"

"Hmph hmph hmph hmph…Waddle Doo, they don't seem willing or able to meet our demands, do they?" came the same voice Kirby heard from before.

"I'd say they don't boss." replied Waddle Doo.

"I'm not sure if I feel like dealing with these two yet…Waddle Doo, why don't you show them how our organization handles our clients' requests."

Poppy Jr. laughed. "What? Are you kidding? Kirby, does he really expect that guy to take both of us?"

The invisible voice now laughed. "You think I'd send in one of my own men if I thought he couldn't handle it? Waddle Doo, take care of them."

"Right boss," said Waddle Doo. "I might not seem very tough to you Kirby, after all you've gone through, you must think that defeating me will be simple, a spring breeze amongst the storms that you've faced so far." Waddle Doo brought out what appeared to be a stun gun. "But, there are two sayings that come to mind now…the first is that pride comes before the fall." Waddle Doo flipped a switch. A wave of electricity shot out and Waddle Doo lashed the ground in front of him. "The other is to never judge a book by its cover."

"I won't," said Kirby. "I would've never guessed that you were so poetic."

"I ain't," said Waddle Doo. He leapt from his position and thrusted the electric whip toward Kirby and Poppy Jr. They both jumped away. Poppy got out a bomb and threw it at Doo. This turned out to be a bad move as Doo lashed his whip at the bomb just after he through it causing it to explode. Poppy was knocked silly and hit the pedestal with a sickening thud. "One down already Kirby. Maybe you ought to surrender. It'd be a lot less painful."

Kirby glared back at Doo. "I'm getting that star, no matter what you do." Kirby ran toward Waddle Doo and ducked under and jumped over Doo's whip as he got closer.

Waddle Doo jumped back before Kirby could reach him. "You got skill, Kirby. But that ain't gonna be enough to defeat me...or my boss. Now I'm gonna have to take you out." Waddle Doo flipped another switch on his weapon. A large surge of energy was forming at the end. Kirby sprinted to behind the pedestal. "Times up!" Waddle Doo released the switch as a powerful blast hit the pedastal causing it to explode. Nothing was there afterwards. Doo quickly lashed his whip behind him hitting the Warp Star that Kirby had jumped onto during Doo's last attack. "Kirby I may have one eye, but it lets me see a lot more than most."

"Yeah but not everything," said Poppy Jr. Waddle Doo turned to see a bomb right next to him about to go off. One could almost see his three hairs drooping as he stared at the bomb which went off before he could do anything about it. Waddle Doo was knocked away. Kirby gave Poppy the thumbs up (how that was possible is a complete mystery).

"Well…it seems I've misjudged the situation again. I suppose I'm going to have to take care of you to myself. It has been a while since I've actually had to take out my clients target...but do not let create the illusion that you will survive. Allow me to introduce myself." A large blue eyeball rose out of the center of the room. Four clouds rotated around him. "I am Kracko."

Meta Knight now stood before Castle Dedede. Taking the Sparkling Star back would be a simple matter of time. Whoever stood in his way would fall. Just like the foolish knight who was trailing him right now. Meta Knight turned to see Sir Kibble. "Why do you follow me? Do you intend to impede me?"

"That depends," said Sir Kibble. "on what I learn within the next few minutes. Ever since I saw Kirby…and what he was capable of, I thought…could he be one of them…even though he calls himself a Star Warrior? And then…you show up…and even more questions are raised. Who are you, what is your interest with Kirby? I have some of the answers. You my friend, are called Meta Knight, leader of the Meta Knights, a supposed mercanery organization which hunts monsters and…rumor has it, majuu…and now that I know that I believe I have the link to you and Kirby."

Meta Knight was somewhat surprised. "You know…much more than I would have expected...Who are you?"

"Me? As I said, I am a loyal servant of King Dedede…but that is not all I am. However…I will say no more about that…if I am correct, you are no ordinary being...and as a result, in the end what I am here for is information…information that cannot be gained through words." Sir Kibble unclipped the blade from the top of his helmet and unsheathed his other sword. "Will you provide it to me?"

Meta Knight almost turned away…but something intrigued him about this soldier. The fact that he knew that the majuu still existed was enough to warrant his attention. The fact that he suspected a connection between them and Kirby was alarming. He pulled out his bladeless hilt. "Very well, however, if I come out the victor," a flash of light came from the sword as a golden spiked blade formed on the edge, "you will tell me what you know about the majuu and what you think their connection to Kirby is..."

Sir Kibble nodded. The two faced each other for less than a second. Then it began.

To be continued

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