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Took place during the fight the arrancar no 6. Beware of spoiler!


At first when I saw all the bloods that gushing out from Rukia's body, the first question that arises was, "when was the last time I saw her dying?"

The movement of her falling body gave me the answer. The first time I saw her like that was on the historic day of my life, when she willingly throw away her life to save me and my family, and it is also our first meeting. Since I got to know her, I've never seen her in that state anymore. There were scratches, twisted ankles, small wounds, but never life threatening. Not even a broken bone. Even when I know that she was going to be prosecuted, I went to the moon and back to save her, to protect her, and she's alive.

Then, I saw her falls down, and asked me to run, to save my life. Again. Typically Rukia, even at the brink of her death, she keeps on thinking of protecting others, and more often than not, it happens to be ME. She's like the umbrella; fragile, but protects me from the rain and scorching sun. She is Rukia, the woman whom I unconsciously vowed to protect with all my life, and she's dying, NOW.

My ears are ringing, head spinning, and heart aching with rage. That filthy guy touch her. That filthy guy stabbed her. That filthy guy wants her to die, make her leave this world. Make her leave me. And I will never see her smile again, forever.

Those guys hurt Chad, hurt Orihime and during that time, I hesitated. Afraid of the hollow within me. Afraid of myself. But Rukia is here. Rukia makes me stand on my own again. Rukia made me realized my own strength. Rukia believe in me, and they hurt Rukia too. And she's dying. She's dying. And I'm not going to let them win. I'm not going to let them do what they please.

Come whatever may. I'll save you Rukia. I will.


A/N: So how? it's just drabbles, but in my opinion, the existence of Rukia is deeper to Ichigo than he ever realized. so I hope this fic potrays that too. Feel free to give me your comment on this. first bleach's fic. Thank you.