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"Yeah, it's flat all right," Dave responded to Abby's question as he relaxed on the couch in his grandparent's house, watching Comanche chew on a piece of string he had found somewhere. "So what's up at the ER?"

Abby sighed. "Nothing much. Two GSW's and a trio of food poisoned tourists."

"Slow day then."

"You could say that," although thousands of miles separated them she could see he was smiling. "But I don't mind slow days."

"Yah, well this one's starting to get to me."

"What do you mean? Your grandparents aren't keeping you busy?"

"They're not even here right now. Well, they should be back in a few hours… but there's not much to do beside go on walks and…look at things…"

"Oooh, sounds awful," Abby joked. Then more seriously she changed her tone, "Dave, you are supposed to be relaxing, after all."

"I know…" he tailed off as Comanche bounded over to him, grabbing his leg with his paws and attempting to chew on his jeans.

"So," Abby spoke after a momentary silence. "Did you see her?"

Dave played stupid. "Who?"

"You know, the girl you loved when you were a kid but then she broke your heart when you were sixteen? That one?"

"Oh. Yah, Her," he faked, causing Abby to smile on the other end of the line. "Yah, I ran into her today, almost literally."

"What- were you jogging?"

"No… actually she thought I was trying to kill her dog."

"What?!" Abby laughed. Man, this kid had the worst luck out of anyone she'd ever…

"Well, she was chasing Comanche around and I tried to scare her off. I'm very protective of my puppy," he fake whined.

"So let me get this straight. You meet up with the love of your life whom you haven't seen for 12 years and you attack her dog?" This was too good.

"She's not the love of my life and I wasn't attacking her dog, I was just trying to scare it."

"But I take it she didn't see it that way?"

Dave laughed. "Hey, she invited me in after we recognized each other."

"Oh really?" Abby sat down on the sofa in the lounge.

"Yah. Then she kicked me out."

"She kicked you out?" Abby's eyes grew wide.

"We got in an argument. I dunno, Abby. She's different. She's turned all Indian all the sudden."

"Well, she does live on a reservation, doesn't she?"

"Yeah, but still. I dunno. It's just weird."

"Well, how are your grandparents, then?"

"They're wonderful, as always. Right now they're-" Dave froze as he spotted the fading circle on the carpet where he had sprayed the disinfectant. "Oh shit…" he breathed.

Abby grew worried and sat up straighter. "What is it?"

"The carpet… I think I've killed the carpet…"

Abby laughed. "You what?"

"Look, I've gotta go. I'll call you back later."

"Alright. Just make sure you do."

"No problem."

"Oh. And Dave?"


"It's good to hear your voice."

"Yah. You too. Talk to a later."


And with that the two hung up. Dave rose from the couch and placed his hands on his head in distress. "Oh no, no, no, what did I do? Morning Bird's gonna kill me!" He carefully knelt down next to the stain, panic in his eyes. Comanche bounded over and began liking his hands. "Don't start with me, Cheech. Look what we've got ourselves into now…"

Resigning to the fact that there wasn't anything he could do about it now, Dave decided he definitely didn't want to be there when his grandmother discovered the stain. And she'd be home in two hours or so. Not enough time to do anything drastic to fix it… but enough time to flee the scene of the crime. Scrawling out a note of apology and leaving it on the stain, Dave set out for a walk again. A long walk.

"Snow Hawk?" And older woman's voice called into the small trailer as she set down a few plastic bags of groceries. "You home?"

"I'm out here, Mom!" Snow Hawk called from her seat outside at a small table where she sat, correcting papers.

"You won't believe what I heard today," her mother called from the open window as she began to unload groceries.

"I ran into Annette in town today, and she says her grandson David is staying with them. Remember him, dear?"

Snow Hawk rolled her eyes. "Of course I do, Mom. In fact I ran into him earlier today."

Her mother paused in what she was doing. "Really?" She thought for a moment then began to put away groceries again. "Well, I hear he's very handsome."

Snow Hawk audibly sighed. "Mother, will you please stop trying to set me up, just this once?"

"Well, I'm sorry, dear, I was just telling you what I heard. Seems you two would be a nice match. He's a doctor you know."

"I know. I ran into him this morning."

Now her mother stopped. "You did?"

"Yes," Snow Hawk tucked a strand of hair that the wind was playing with behind her ear. "He was trying to attack Cody."

"Oh that's ridiculous!"

"He though she was eating his puppy or something…" Snow Hawk trailed off, pretending to be more interested in her students' papers than in the conversation.

"Well, that's something to be said. You two both like dogs-"


"All right! All right! I'll let it be! God only knows I try…" she began to mumble as she finished putting away the rest of the groceries.

Snow Hawk, for her part, had pause din her work and was staring off into the distance through her sunglasses, thinking of what her mother had just said before realizing she was and shaking off the thought to return to her grading. What did her mother know, anyway? She'd tried to set her up with old McCoy's boy and look what had happened then! The last thing she needed in her life right now was another, stuck up, self-loving idiot. Although Dave had hardly exhibited any of those qualities, she was sure they must be there, just beneath the surface, just waiting for an excuse to come out. After all, she knew men, and no one was as good as they seemed. No one.

But in her heart she knew that she had wronged Dave with her fiery temper, and she began to formulate a plan of apology. Little did she know that he was doing the very same thing.