Siblings of Darkness and Light



Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers I just own the plot and the characters that don't exist.

Summary: Andros was kidnapped along with Karone when they were playing in the park. How much will that change their future?

Siblings of Darkness and Light

Chapter 1: Kidnapped

Seven-year-old Andros, was running around the backyard. "KARONE! KARONE WHERE ARE YOU?" He called out. Karone was playing with some of her other toys when she heard her brother calling. She stood up.

"I'M UP HERE!" She called.

Andros ran up to his six-year-old sister with their favorite toy in his hands. "You found it!" She gasped. He grinned.

"Yeah, want to go in the park and play?" He asked.

"Yeah," Karone replied.

Their mother, Kerilsa, came outside. "Andros, Karone, where are you two going?" She asked. The two young children looked at their mother.

"Mommy, can we go play in the park?" Karone asked.

"Can you?" Kerilsa asked.

Karone blushed slightly. "May we go to the park to play?" Karone asked. Kerilsa smiled at them.

"Okay, just be back before dinner okay?" She answered.

"Yeah," Andros agreed.

They ran off towards the park. "KARONE STAY CLOSE TO YOUR BROTHER!" She called out.

"I KNOW!" Karone answered.

Andros and Karone came to their favorite spot by the bushes. They both sat down and Andros opened the telekinesis ball and started their game. Karone giggled slightly when she accidentally pushed the ball past her brother's had. "Hey! No fair," Andros whined as he got up to chase it. Karone giggled as she watched her big brother chase after their telekinesis ball. However, she suddenly felt like she was being watched. She heard rustling in the bushes and stood up. She screamed when she saw an ugly monster come out of the bushes and grabbed her.

"ANDROS! HELP ME!" She screamed.

Andros grabbed his telekinesis ball and heard his sister screaming. "KARONE!" He shouted. He ran back over to their spot to find his sister gone.

"ANDROS! HELP ME!" Karone screamed again.

Andros dropped the telekinesis ball and ran into the trees. "KARONE! HANG ON I'M COMING!" Andros shouted. He saw his sister kicking and hitting the ugly monster that was holding onto her. Andros stopped and picked up a rock. "LET HER GO!" He shouted as he threw the rock. Andros's eyes widened the monster turned and glared at Andros.

"You'll pay for that little brat," he snapped.

Andros cried out in pain when he felt a sword hitting him above his right eye, making him hit the ground. "ANDROS!" Karone shouted. She fought harder against the monster. "Let me go, let me go," she snapped as she fought against him. Andros stood up and pressed his hand against the cut above his eye. He pulled his hand back to see blood.

"Stop following us," the monster snapped.

Andros saw the monster about to disappear and he grabbed onto his leg. "LET MY SISTER GO!" Andros shouted. The monster turned and kicked Andros in the stomach with his other foot making the young boy hit the ground. Andros held his stomach and felt tears falling down his face mixing in with the blood that was already coming from the cut.

"This is the end of you," the monster snapped.

"Darkonda," a voice snapped.

They looked up to see another monster in the sky. "Bring both of those children, they could be of good use to me," the monster ordered.

"This boy is already damaged, Dark Specter" Darkonda informed.

"It doesn't matter, they heal. Bring them to the Dark Fortress," Dark Specter ordered.

Darkonda growled and muttered something under his breath. He walked over to Andros and grabbed the injured boy's arm. "Come on you," he snapped. Andros fought against his grasp and looked at Karone to see tears falling down her face.

Back at home, Kerilsa was crying with her arms wrapped around herself. "I'm sorry, Kerilsa, there's no sign of your children," security informed. Kerilsa placed her hand over her mouth and let out a sob. "All we have is this," he added. Adran sat next to Kerilsa and held onto his wife when they pulled out a disk. "This is a security disk," he informed. He put the disk in and they watched as their two children were playing and the telekinesis going past Andros's head. They watched as their daughter was captured by a monster they couldn't see and Andros going into the woods after them. Then the disk stopped.

"Are you sure you don't know who it was?" Kerilsa asked.

"I'm sorry, we don't," he replied.

Kerilsa lowered her head and she started to cry again. Adran wrapped his arms tightly around his wife as they cried over the loss of their two only children.

(Dark Fortress)

Andros winced when he was thrown to the floor and Karone was thrown next to him. Karone held onto her brother with tears falling down her face as well as his. "I want to go home," she sobbed. Andros held onto his sister, just as scared as she was.

"I want to go home too," he answered.

They gasped when they saw a black and green figure walking by them. The figure looked at Andros and he looked at Darkonda. "Darkonda, you injured the boy," he snapped.

"Not my fault, the brat was following us. I was ordered to only grab one brat," Darkonda answered.

"Silence," Ecliptor snapped.

They looked over at the screen. "What should we do with the extra one?" Darkonda asked.

"Darkonda, you will take the boy and Ecliptor will take the girl," Dark Specter informed.

Karone held onto her brother. "NO!" She shouted. Andros held onto his sister but then Darkonda grabbed onto Andros dragging him away. "ANDROS!" Karone screamed.

"LET ME GO!" Andros shouted.

Andros fought hard against Darkonda trying to get back to his sister. His hope dwindling with each step.