Title: Finding the Perfect Groom Prologue
Author: Cjalyssa
Disclaimer: I own Nothing except my dog… Hei, where the heck is he?
Warning: Eheheh... one word, CRAP…

Prologue: The Test

5 years ago on AZCARRA VILLA

"Son, it's nearly time" a dignified man, named Martie Azcarra, said to his good-looking son who is currently standing at the balcony of his room, gazing at their vast land.

"Hnh" was the entire boy's reply.

It's the boy's birthday that day but no one in the big villa showed any sign of preparing for a big party, rather all of them are sad.

The man sighed, "You know that you have to do this."

"I know I have to, but it doesn't mean that I have to like it, do I?" the boy said sarcastically without looking back.

"This is inevitable, as the next leader of our clan, you have to take the same test as all the leaders of the clan did in the past and if you fail you will be banished from the clan forever."

"Yes, I know that."

"Your flight will leave at exactly 9 a.m. You have," looking at his watch," roughly an hour to get ready."

"Hnh.." Finally turning around, he walks to his bed where his clothes lay scattered waiting to be packed. The clothes though new, were cheaply bought in a dingy shop in town. His signature clothes have to be left home.

He sat at the end of the bed and began to arrange the clothes, while looking at it with distaste and putting it in a rather battered suitcase.

After some minutes of packing mindlessly, the boy asked, "What country will I be going to?"

"A country in the far east, Japan."


"You've already studied their language, among many others so I know you'll blend in perfectly," the man explained.


"When you arrive at Japan airport, a middle age-man will fetch you. He'll be your father there. He's rather sickly and he doesn't know anything bout this, all he knows is that you're going to stay with him for a few years, so you have to work hard on your own to pass your test."

"You never told me exactly what I have to do to pass this test.' The boy said curiously, looking at his father intently.

The man sat down and explained everything to his son.

After some minutes of explaining the son asked his father, "Who will decide if I succeed or not?"

"The elders" Martie answered.

"And how long before I know the result?"

"The elders too will be the one to decide."

I should have just been a commoner that way I don't have to do this. Those elders are really hard to please. I'm doomed. The boy thought crossly.

Seeing his son's face the man assured, "Don't worry, I want you to pass this test and I don't want anything bad to happen at you, so I asked one of our relatives to accompany you."

"Who is it?"

"I'm sorry, I can't tell you."

"Hnh, all right."

After some more minutes of packing the boy announced "I'm ready."

Calling in their intercom for their butler to carry the suitcase to the waiting car. The rich man gives his son a folder.

"Here are some documents. You will assume a new identity there, being Amithi Azcarra, people will know that you are my son."

"I know, what will be my new name?"

"It's in there," the man said pointing to the folder." You can look at it when you're in the plane."

"Hnh…" the boy nodded, clutching the folder and going out of the door.


"Announcing the departure of flight H721, to Kanagawa, Japan. Last call to passengers of Flight H721, to Kanagawa, Japan. Please proceed to boarding gate now."

Amithi, looking like he was about to cry, turned to his father and murmured "Goodbye, Father."

Martie hugged his son and said "Goodbye, Amithi."

One of the elders of the clan named Henrico Azcarra said "Amithi, board the plane now."

Amithi with one last look on his father and a bow to the elder finally turned away and proceed to the boarding section.

When the boy is out of sight the elder ask the man. "Have you told him what to do?"

Martie nodded "Yes, father." I've already told him that he has to create a name for himself, change or inspire someone's life and learn the ideals of the common people."

The old man looked thoughtful. "Is that all that you told him?'

"Err, yes, I think so. Why?" the man replied, confused.

"Cause he also have to find the perfect mate for him there, if not he'll fail the test."


Meanwhile at the plane, the boy sat comfortably at his first-class seat. Enjoying his last taste of luxury for who-knows-how-long time. He noticed the folder that his father had given to him and leafed through it.

Hmm, new birth certificate, some school documents and school reports. Father really thinks of everything. Amithi thought.

He then began to read the contents of his new Birth certificate which was written in Japanese.

Citizenship: Japanese; Place of Birth: Kanagawa, Japan; Birthday: Hmm, same as mine. And when he read the name, the boy smirked, nice name, it sounds almost like my real name. With that thought he finally drift off to sleep and the certificate fall off his chair, bearing the words

District of Kanagawa
Certificate of Birth

Name: Sakuragi Hanamichi
Date of Birth: April 1, 1989
Sex: Male


T. B. C.

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