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Chappie 9: The Answers (Perfect Groom Has Been Found!)

"If you were to choose who would you rather be with, Sakuragi Hanamichi or Amithi Azcarra?" Martie asked slowly, putting emphasis on the names.

So that's why father keep referring to me as Sakuragi Hanamichi on the questions. Hana mused, but what kind of stupid question is that?? But before he could ponder this thoughtfurther, his father spoke again, tone calm but even.

"I'm giving you five minutes to think and write your answers, and Ayako-san, make sure that they don't cheat."

The five boys downstairs visibly pouted, though Rukawa is more like glaring deaths at Mitsui, who is looking a little sheepish.

"Oi, start now!" Ayako ordered the bunch, making them move.

The crowd, by then was looking apprehensive at the bishounens, who are dutifully scribbling their hearts out, pausing here and there to stare in space before resuming the writing.

On the bedroom

After relaying the last question, Martie folded the paper again and put it in his breast pocket before turning off the intercom.

The boy couldn't take it anymore, so he voiced out his confusion, "Father what kind of question is that?"

But his father's answer to his question is another question, "what do you think of their answer from the last five questions?"

He blinked, then pursing his lips he answered "err... Sweet?"

"Aside from that"?The man tried again.

"Well, from what I deduced, they love me very much,"

"Yes, they do," the man affirmed, nodding slightly, "but do you think that's enough?" the man asked skeptically.

"What are you trying to say father?" he asked in wonderment.

The man looked at him straight in the eye then turned away before saying, "let's just wait for their answers, son."

The boy would have liked to inquire further, but hearing the finality of his father's words, he relented, albeit reluctantly. He just sat there, waiting, mind whirling, heart thumping.

Martie is watching his son from the corner of his eyes, he took out the paper from his breast pocket were the questions he asked earlier was written, then he fished out the list of qualifications he had shown Ayako from his coat's pocket. The questions that he and his wife prepared were inspired by the list, especially the last one.

Looking at his watch, he noticed that ten minutes was almost over, so he just carelessly put the two papers in his coat's pocket and switched on the intercom again, waiting until the manageress announced it was time.

Finally, after long agonizing moments of waiting anxiously, the boy heaved a sigh of relief when Ayako shouted "time's up!"

He heard the papers being passed and waited for his father to ask Akagi the answer, "Eugene, get the papers from them,"

"Uncle??" Yohei asked, stunned.

"I want you to read their answers in no particular order," the man ordered flatly.

Still confused, the boy complied; after all he could not go against the clan leader right? He still values his life, thank you very much. "All right, here's the first answer:

"I choose Sakuragi Hanamichi, because he is the one who changed me. He is the one who taught me how to smile genuinely because everytime he is within the vicinity I could feel smile tugging at my lips and it's not because I want to just impress him or anything. It's like his mere presence is enough to make me happy. Besides his cheerful personality always cheers me on whatever I do."

Hana after listening intently at the first answer, looked at his father who is inclining his head a little, brows furrowed.

"Next answer," the man said.

Yohei read the answer, "For me I'd rather be with Sakuragi Hanamichi after all he is the one whom I loved. He was the one I've been with. We trained hard that made me love basketball not just for sport but for finding friends. He is the one who made me believe that I can still pursue my dream, that whatever had happened past is past and I should go on with my life now. I choose Sakuragi Hanamichi because he is kindhearted, though I know some parts of it was act. But if ever that he won't choose me, I just want to say that I'm always here for him, like he was for me as friends."

The crowd was mildly surprised at the answer. The girls are trying to control the tears that are welling up on their eyes. Jennifer is biting her lips to control her choked sobs. That boy clearly loves my son…

Oh… Arigato, Hana thought affectionately at the teen who wrote it. And he had a fair idea on who it might be.

"Next." The man said softly after a while, he too is moved by the boy's answer.

"Both, I choose both Amithi Azcarra and Sakuragi Hanamichi. They are the same person after all. I think no one can exist without the other. I mean until he went here in Japan he is Amithi, and until then he became Sakuragi Hanamichi. It's like just having a different name but he's still he. Maybe he was growing up that's why he changed or maybe it's just because he found friends so I choose both. Well, that's what I think. "

"The fourth answer?" the man prompted

"I think I choose to be with Amithi Azcarra; after all he is the real Sakuragi right? He is the one whom you raised as a kid. And I really want to know him and to be with him."

Martie, though he isn't showing it, is not satisfied at the answer. It's as if the boys are just trying to butter them up although they almost had a point on their answers especially the second answer but the boy clearly knows that he is not the perfect one. Hope dispersing, he asked for his nephew to read the last answer.


Shocked silence rung in the air. Did I hear it right?? were all their thought.

The man lifted a questioning brow. Well.. well.. well..

Why? I thought… Hana's brows furrowed as he listened intently on the reason.

"I chose neither, because both of them are not true.

He made the identity of Sakuragi Hanamichi to ensure that he'll pass the test, while he made the identity of Amithi Azcarra as someone who is perfect to be the next leader. Both of them are all lies, so I won't choose from any of those two. And I think he just wants to believe that he is all that because he is afraid that if we saw the real him we will not accept him. If I can have a choice, I'd choose the boy who is crying because we lost in Kainan, the boy who said that he liked basketball in the game against Sannoh, the boy who had a face scrunched up because of the pain on his back, and the boy that hugged you when you arrive because I know those were the times when your son showed his true emotions. That's when he felt and showed happiness, sadness, pain, disappointment and love."

Stunned silence filled the hall, fully contemplating the answer.

The man felt a smile tugging at his lips, then breaking the silence he said "There's the answer to your question son," as he watched his son's eyes brimming with years.

"So I guess the perfect groom has been found?" Jennifer asked the two happily.

The boy, eyes starting to go blurry could only nod in agreement. He'd never thought that someone knew him that much. Someone who really knew him, not his façade but his heart.

"Amithi, sweetie," Jennifer called the attention of her only son, and when the aforementioned son turned to look ay her with a happy smile, she give him a suit that one of her bodyguards brought to her upstairs when the answers are still being read, "wear that sweetie."

Hana still trying to hold back the tears asked in a croaked voice, "what for?"

"Because you have to be dressed formally when being engaged," his mother chirped happily.

"E-engaged, n-now?" the teen sputtered.

"Yes, your fiancé is waiting for you downstairs, he's already dressed. Actually the five of them are all dressed, you know, so better get on those suit quickly." The man answered beckoning his wife to go down with him. "We'll wait for you downstairs."

The crowd downstairs is restless. After all the three upstairs didn't tell who is the winner. But they hopes are still up, knowing that their 'bets' can do it. They are talking to each other whom they think has the most perfect answer for the question. Many, of course, choose the last answer but the question is who answered it? Even the Three last remaining members of Sakuragi Gundan don't know which answer was whose.

The five however are very nervous; if they don't think that chewing nails is beneath their coolness they would have done that. But they still have their image to protect, so they just contented themselves in pacing the room, even Rukawa whom in the first time in their lives, they saw raw emotion on his face.

Ayako and Yohei are looking at the five with amusement especially when Mitsui and Sendoh bumped at each other, head first. The five of them are all dressed in black tuxedo and they looked very handsome on it. Haruko is starting to have hearts in her eyes looking at the walking Rukawa.

When the man and wife went downstairs, the people look at them curiously but their face is devoid of any emotions. The man walked straight to Yohei and whispered something in French and the teen answered back happily, pointing discreetly at something or rather someone. The man looked at who he was pointing was and nod slightly a smile tugging at his lips.

After a few minutes, the bedroom door opened to reveal a very handsome red headed young man. The five stopped pacing the room to gaze at their love. Hanamichi is wearing a white tuxedo and a white rose on the button hole and shiny black shoes. His hair is brushed up and he is smiling a little uncertainly, making his face very cute. The boys in the crowd are all preventing themselves from drooling at the redhead who is walking down the stairs and the dimmed lights only added to the effects.

His mother cooed at him for a while saying that 'he'd grown to be a handsome man and had obviously inherited that trait from her,' only when her husband pried her off from Hana's arm did she stopped cooing.

"Father?" the teen asked, unsaid questions are clear on his eyes.

The man turned and nod to Yohei, a clear signal for him to walk behind someone and push him to his cousin.

The young man stumbled forward, and straightening himself turned and glared at the one who pushed him.

"Somehow, I know you're the one who answered the last question, after all you are the only one who knows me," Hanamichi said amused making the young man looked at him then blinked wondering what the hell is going on. "You're the perfect groom, baka" the teen said marveling at the dumbfounded look at the audience and the handsome player in front of him. He then turned to Mitsui and whispered gratefully "thank you," eyes showing appreciation.

The smile in Mitsui's face said that yes, he understand what the redhead is talking about.

Getting a blue velvet box from his breast pocket, Martie gave it to the dazed young man to give to his son but the latter refused. Frowning, he was about to asked why when the lad put a hand on his own pocket and took out a red velvet box.

"I was about to propose to him," was the clipped reply. He pulled out a simple but elegant ring on the box and carefully put in the hands of the redhead.

"For a stick-up bastard, you sure are prepared," Hanamichi teased while looking at the ring with awe. His hand still held by the young man.


"Now, is that a way to talk to your future husband huh, Rukawa? Or should I say Kaede?" the teen said playfully.

The raven-head just snorted in reply though his eyes held so much warm and love for his fiancé.

"Kiisss!" the Sakuragi gundan then cheered. The crowd then followed suit except for Hana's parents who are looking amusedly at their son and his newly-found Koi. Soon the whole room is filled with "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"

Hanamichi shifted on his weight uncertainly, the shouts clearly unsettling him. He is after all a virgin, never been touched never been kissed. So, blushing furiously, he kissed Ru on the lips hesitantly. Just a light brushing of lips to lips. But it seems the raven-haired boy have other plans, he tilted the chin of the redhead using his left hand while his right hand snaked Hana's slim waist and give him a long, deep and passionate kiss in front of the cheering (and some sulking) crowd.

Ayako shouted "Go, get him Rukawa!" and Hana could distinctly hear Haruko and her friends giggling while Yohei and the three stooges are currently distributing winnings of the one's who had won from the bet.

When he tried to dislodge Rukawa from him, the boy obliged, but only to whisper a soft "I love you, Hana" to his ear then kissed him again.

Heart swelling, he closed his eyes and draped his arms on the boy's neck then kissed back with equal passion. After all, this was a dream come true, he is kissing his long time crush, though he had denied that fact even with himself.

Cheers erupted again from the crowd. Yohei, smiled happily. Ayako winked at Haruko who is sighing in happiness. Jennifer squealed at the scene in front of her, while Martie rubbed his temples willing himself not to faint again.

But the two kissing boys are oblivious to all that. All that mattered is the two of them, doing what they longed to do. In each other's arms.

Well, let's just let the bishounens do their way with each other, ne?


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"Well then, we better be going." Martie told his son.

"Huh? We are going now?" the boy asked, still dazed from the heart-searing kiss.

"No, sweetie," Jennifer answer shaking her head, "we, that is to mean your father and me, are going to stay in hotel, we know that you want to stay with your friends before we go back to France, so we'll just come back tomorrow to fetch you and Kaede,"

"Ohh, OK," the boy nodded.

The two after bidding the crowd goodbye head to their car when Yohei saw something fall on the ground from his uncle's suit. He picked it up and was about to give it to the man when the heading from one of the papers caught his attention.

Qualifications of the Perfect Groom for Amithi Azcarra:

He noticed that his three friends peeked over his shoulders to see what he is reading but he paid no heed to them as he continued scanning the paper.



Has a good posture

Muscular body



Fit and has a lot of Stamina

Musically inclined (can play musical instruments)




Deeply in love with Amithi

Most important quality: Really knows Amithi (i.e. someone who knows when Amithi shows the world who he really is)


"Looks like our friend really found his perfect mate,"

Yohei just smiled at the comment. As he looked at the figure of his cousin sitting on the sofa and arguing with Rukawa, he knew that Noma was right.


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