A/N: Disclaimer: Cars is owned by Disney/Pixar, not me because if I had my way Lightning and Sally would have gotten married and their would already be a Cars 2. Also Lightning and Sally built a house behind the Cozy Cone and that's where they live. This takes place a few months after the movie. Anyone who reviews can have a cookie!

Chapter 1

"Sally. Sally." Lightning rolled up next to his girlfriend, "What are you doing way out here?" He asked as he nudged her bumper.

"Just thinking." She replied.

"About anything in particular?" Lightning asked.

Sally took a deep breath, "I'm fine." Lightning pressed his frame against her side. "I've got to get back to the Cozy Cone." Sally said as she turned to drive off in the distance leaving Lightening confused.


By the time Lightning got back down to the Cozy Cone Sally was already done with the daily paperwork. "You feeling O.K.?" Lightning asked but his only response was a nod then Sally just went back to what she was doing before he got there.

"Lightnin' I reckon' I saw that there ghos' light! I'm goin' ghos' huntin'. Wanna come?" Mater asked

"Not tonight Mater. I don't think Sally feels well." Lightning said as he watched Sally through the office windows.

"Boy I tell ya what I was so sick one time I sneezed so hard my two back tires was spinnin' in circles." Mater said as he tried to show Lightning what he was talking about.

"She's not sick. At least I don't think she is. She's just not herself." Lightning watched Sally pull out of the office and drive over to their house. "I'm going to go home Mater. I'll talk to you later."

"Well alright but yer missin' out on some fun ghos' huntin'." Mater said as Lightning drove off.


When Lightning got home he saw Sally already half-asleep. He pulled up beside her and rested his frame against hers. "I love you." He said softly to her.

"I love you." She whispered back just before falling asleep.

Lightning however could not fall asleep as quickly as his girlfriend, for he was up with thoughts of Sally. Thoughts about what could possibly be wrong with her when everything in his life was so right.