By Your Side on Earth and in Heaven

Chapter One of a Wedding Peach Fanfiction


By mew-tsubaki

Note: This is my first Wedding Peach fanfic, so don't get angry with me in case you don't like my portrayal of the characters.

"Will you please calm down, Lily!" Scarlet shouted. She placed her hands on Yuri's shoulders so the angel of precious love wouldn't flail about. "He left because he didn't want you to keep on getting hurt!"

"But we defeated Queen Rain deVilla! There's nothing to protect me from!"


"Look, if you want to know what his reason is, then chase after him! Don't just sit here on your butt and whine about it, though, because doing that is the same thing as showing doubt in his love for you!" Scarlet finished and took her hands off Yuri's shoulders as she turned to face Momoko and Hinagiku. "Care to add anything, Peach, Daisy? You're both married."

Momoko stopped looking at her feet and faced Yuri. "I know we don't always argue with you, Yuri, but…but Scarlet's right. You can't get anything done by just sitting around here, waiting for him to maybe come back. Limone does love you and wouldn't do anything to hurt you, you know that. He must have some good reason for going back to heaven without you." Momoko grabbed her friend's hands and clenched them as she said, "Use the lip liner once more."

Yuri stared into her friend's eyes and surveyed them carefully. Ever since the girls had defeated the greatest evil known, they had sworn to not use their Sacred items again for fear of losing the little power they had left. Defeating Rain deVilla had drained almost everything they had, and they were lucky to even be alive today, but now Momoko was going against what they had swore so long ago, and Yuri knew that she would never do that unless there was some extremely good reason to. Yuri nodded her head slowly as a breath of relief sounded throughout the room. "I hope I have enough power to see you all again," she stated in feigned happiness, but as she exited the room, Hinagiku saw the poor girl's tears streaming beautifully down her face.

"Yuri…," she muttered to herself, but then shook off her feeling. They'll be okay, Hinagiku thought to herself. Even without that rock-n-roll exterior, Yuri's still the strongest person I know, so I know for sure that she and Limone will be okay.

"I can't believe that I'm going to use the last of my power…," Yuri muttered to herself as she slinked behind the house she and Limone had shared; they had received it as a wedding gift from Yuri's parents a while ago. The past… It seems like such a long time ago, Yuri thought. How did this situation of abandoning me start, though?



"Nee, Limone! Where have you been going all the time?" Yuri called as her husband walked in from the entrance to their lovely house.

Limone smiled. "Usually, couples start off with a 'Welcome home!', don't they?" he teased. He placed his hand on Yuri's left shoulder as he bent down to kiss her forehead.

"Just answer my question, Limone!" she stated angrily, pinching the hand on her shoulder.

"I see there's no getting past you," he said, sighing playfully. "If you must know, I've been staying at work late to get that 'promotion' you humans want to receive so badly. Is that okay?"

Yuri eyed him suspiciously. "Really? Anyways, you don't need a promotion; we are pretty well off with your current status at your job, so I would appreciate it if you could come home at the regular time, Limone."

"Yes, yes… Well, I'm beat from all of this fightin- I mean, working, so I think I'll just go straight to bed. I'll see you in the morning, okay, Lily?" He lightly brushed her lips with his and then left her alone in the den.

Something's not quite right… Yuri turned and went into the kitchen to fix herself a cup of coffee. I always thought that you share all your secrets when you're in a relationship, the angel wondered. But…even I know when something's wrong here, and something's definitely fishy. I guess it's up to me to find out what that something fishy is!


(Back in present, not one month ago, but just days before Yuri leaves the house with the lip liner to go up to Heaven)

"Please, you guys! I can't do this alone!" Yuri begged. Scarlet sighed, as did Hinagiku, but Momoko was all for it. "I really don't want to watch him by myself! Please, Hinagiku, Scarlet?"

"Come on! It'll be just like the old days!" Momoko exclaimed, but then quickly followed up with, "Only he's not a demon," when she received an icy glare from Yuri.

Hinagiku placed one hand on her hip. "I guess I'm in," she stated, half smiling. "You might as well join the crew, Scarlet," she commented, turning to the angel with the bushiest red hair anyone could ever have.

"Fine," Scarlet finally said-Momoko and Yuri grinned- "but don't expect me to be with you guys the whole day long, got it? I have some place to be this afternoon, so we should make this as quick as possible."

"Some place to be?" Hinagiku echoed. "You mean a hot and heavy date with Dean, right? Who knows? Maybe the boy finally gathered enough courage to propose!" she teased.

Red in the face, Scarlet quickly uttered, "No! It's just a date! He knows I-I…"

"You what?" all three girls inquired, leaning in to hear some juicy details.

"I'm not telling."

"Ugh!" Yuri stuck her head out from behind the house and scanned the area. "There he is! Let's go follow him!"

Why do I have the strange feeling like I'm being followed? Limone wondered as he approached the office building where he worked. He shook his head reassuringly and stepped inside.

"Damn! We can't follow him in there, Yuri!" Hinagiku said. "That would make things a little too obvious."

"What do you want to do now?" Momoko asked, looking at Yuri in a curious way.

Yuri bit her lip. "We'll…wait here until he comes out," she said after a moment. The other angels all turned and looked at Yuri as if she was crazy. "What? He gets out at six and it's only" -Yuri glanced down at her watch- "ten a.m.… Eh-heh-heh… Sorry guys."

Scarlet sighed. "Then we'll just wait here for him to come out."

"You don't think anything's going on here at work, though, do you?" Hinagiku inquired.

"I'm not sure what to think right now…," Yuri mumbled, staring at the building's front doors. "I don't know…"


"Hey! Hey, look!"

Someone shook Yuri's shoulders and she dazedly opened her eyes, but she wished she hadn't.

Least of all things, Yuri wasn't sure she would ever picture what she was seeing now. Out of the building came this slender woman, maybe about eight years on Yuri, who had the most dazzling green eyes and copper-colored hair, and there, holding the door open for her, looking like he was on Cloud Nine, was Limone.

Noticing that Yuri's eyes were glazed over, Momoko shook Yuri's shoulders again. "Yuri! Yuri, snap out of it!"

Tiny tears trickled down her rosy cheeks as she came to. Turning to Momoko, smiling, she managed to choke, "Well, I think that's enough for today. I really must be getting home now. Scarlet, you need to get ready for your date. I'll see you all later," Yuri finished as she waved half-heartedly and started down the street, quick to get away from the sight.

"I hate to admit it," Scarlet started, "but I do have to be on my way. I'll catch up with you guys tomorrow, okay? Bye!" And with that, the girl who doubled as Angel Salvia disappeared into the sunset.

Hinagiku looked at Momoko. "Now what do we do? Yuri obviously jumped to conclusions, so it will be a little hard to convince her otherwise and… Momoko! Hey, Momoko! Are you listening?"

"I don't think he would do this," Momoko quietly stated, not lifting her gaze from her folded hands. Now, staring at Hinagiku, she continued, "There's some other reason; I know there is. Daisy, we've got to trail him for a little while longer."

"What! We've been out here all day! I…" But Hinagiku caught on to some hidden tone in Momoko's voice, and, slowly, nodded her consent.

"Let's go…"

"See you tomorrow, Yanagiba-san!" the woman exclaimed as she parted from her co-worker at her door. Limone smiled and continued down the street for about four more blocks, but then suddenly turned a corner when something caught his eye.

"Look! Look! Hinagiku, come on!" Momoko ushered her friend forward and ran after the angel.

Panting, Hinagiku took a stop to breathe after they had, too, cut the corner. "Momoko, hold on a sec!" she said breathlessly, turning to face the Angel of Love, but when she saw the frozen look on Momoko's face, she followed her gaze and became frozen as well.

There, in the junkyard, was this huge demon versus an angel. But this was no angel that people encounter everyday. The girls knew this angel. Limone had transformed into his angel self.