By Your Side on Earth and in Heaven

Chapter Two of a Wedding Peach fanfiction


By mew-tsubaki

Note: This is my first Wedding Peach fanfic, so don't get angry with me in case you don't like my portrayal of the characters. P.S.- I hadn't intended on it being in chapters, but it would've been a really long one-shot.

"He didn't," Momoko muttered to herself as she and Hinagiku continued to watch the awesome brawl. "He didn't!"

Hinagiku frowned. "Well, he did. Momoko, what do we do now?"

The pink-haired young woman clenched her fists and looked ahead. "We transform and help him fight that thing."

"Momoko! You know we can't do that! If we transform, we'll lose what little power we have. We could possibly die without that power! We don't know what'll happen!"

Momoko faintly smiled. "Yeah, I know, but I hate seeing Yuri without that trademark smile of hers. She has to know that Limone's okay."

Hinagiku bit her lower lip. "And what about Yousuke? He has to know that you're all right! What do you think he'll do without you, Momoko?"

Wedding Peach didn't answer. Inside her jacket pocket, she could feel her fingers closing on the all-too-familiar brooch. She heard Yousuke's voice saying 'Momopi!' in her head as she thought of their wedding day only two years ago and smiled. I'm sorry, Yousuke, she thought, and then she took the Saint Miroir out of her pocket. "WEDDING BEAUTIFUL FLOWER!" In a great flash of light, Momoko turned into Wedding Peach, and she grasped her brooch again. "WEDDING CHANGE! BRIDAL DRESS CHANGE! ANGEL AMOUR PEACH!"

"Peach…," Hinagiku mumbled. "I guess I might as well join you." She pushed up her sleeve to reveal the Saint Pendule. I'm sorry, as well, Takuro, the girl thought. "WEDDING ATTRACTIVE FLOWER!" Hinagiku was now sporting a beautiful pale yellow wedding dress as she waved her watch again. "WEDDING CHANGE! BRIDAL DRESS CHANGE! ANGEL COURAGE DAISY!" Now there were two love angels on the battle field.

"What were the two of you thinking!" Limone shrieked at the girls when they had transformed back into their civilian forms. "I can't believe you guys were so reckless…"

Momoko waved her index finger at him. "We could say the same about you! Coming here and fighting that monster like you have an endless amount of power! Really, Limone! You better go home right now and apologize to Yuri! You're lucky she only saw you with that other woman, but now she thinks that maybe you're having some sort of affair!"

Limone closed his eyes and turned away from the other two. "And that may be just as well…"

Hinagiku blinked. "WHAT!"

"You guys are only screaming at me because you don't know the truth."

"The truth?" Momoko echoed.

He sighed. "I do have that infinite amount of power. I've been an angel all my life, and a high-up one, at that, so I will always have my power. With the four of you, it's different. Because you only tapped into your dormant powers ten years ago, when you each first received your Saint items to transform, you don't have that infinite power and the next time…"

"What are you talking about!" Hinagiku yelled at him. "The next time what!"

Limone's eyed drifted to the ground. "The next time any of you transform, it will be you're last."

Momoko's face was drained of all color. "We'll… actually die the next time we transform?" Her voice was shaky.

"In a way, yes. Your body will have had enough of the holy power and you will have the split-second decision of whether or not you want to live here without powers or join the rest of the angels in Castle Roseberke."

"But if we decide to be here, we won't be able to fight off the monsters anymore, will we?" Momoko asked.

"No, and that's where you're thinking has to come in. Recently, the monsters have been appearing out of nowhere and I've been fighting them for a few months now to keep them at bay. But…there are too many. We need all the help we can get to fend them off." He let it sink in a moment.

Be with Yousuke or save him? Momoko thought. How can I decide! How can someone make me choose!

Limone backed away and, as he exited the junkyard, he said, "Please let Yuri think what she likes, Momoko, Hinagiku. It would let me rest easier if she didn't know about the war right now."

"So, it's gotten so bad that it's another war?" Momoko asked.

"Yes, and I may not be able to come back…" his voice faded into the wind as he jumped into the sky.

"For only a little while, right!" Hinagiku called after him.

"Maybe forever…"

The two girls stood and watched as the small speck of light danced across the sky and faded into the sunset. "And he expects us not to tell Yuri?" Hinagiku thought aloud.

Momoko shook her head. "Daisy, he's never asked us to do anything, so…so I think that we shouldn't tell Yuri."

"You're kidding!"

"No. We should just keep today's events to ourselves, all right? It'll be easier for everyone that way."

"And what about Takuro and Yousuke? They'll be asking where we were. And you know they won't stop bugging us until they've gotten to the cause!"

Momoko was half-way out of the junkyard when she stopped and mumbled, "Then we resist telling them as hard as we can." And then she left.

"Really, Momoko!" Hinagiku stated, stomping her foot on the ground. She, too, left and headed home, but her mind was elsewhere. Not tell Takuro? That'll make me seem suspicious…

"Momoko! Where have you been the whole day?" Yousuke asked as she walked in the front door. He saw her forlorn expression and rushed over to her. "Hey, what happened?"

Immediately, she stiffened. I can't tell him! It'll be too hard! She quickly feigned a smile and said, "Nothing happened! I just went out with the other three girls, but Scarlet had a date and Yuri remembered that she had something else to do, so Hinagiku and I went home." Momoko looked at Yousuke and hoped he was buying it, but his face was determined to get the real answer out of her. "Really! It was just an uneventful girls' day out!"

Even though his brow was furrowed, Yousuke took his hands off her shoulders and placed them on his hips instead. "You're the worst liar in history! How can you expect me to believe what you just said?"

"Really! Everything's fine, Yousuke!" Momoko stomped her foot down and hmphed. "Anyway, I'm tired, so I'm going to bed now."

Yousuke looked amazed. "Momoko's going to bed without food?"

"Yes and good night!" She turned on her heel when she felt Yousuke tap her right shoulder. Momoko turned around. "What now!"

Yousuke kissed her on the lips and smiled. "Good night to you, too, Momopi. I'll be up in a sec." he turned and went back into the living room.

Blushing, Momoko climbed the stairs to their bedroom as she thought of his surprise kiss, but Limone's words still haunted her. I may never see my romantic Yousuke again… Crying now, Momoko closed the bedroom door and fell asleep.

"Yo! Takuro!"

"Eh? Fuuma-kun? How's married life treating you?" Takuro asked over the phone.

"I could ask the same of you. Is Hinagiku acting strange?"

"Strange how?"

"Since she came home, I mean."

There was a long pause. "Now that you mention it, kinda. She won't give me even the simplest of details as to what she did today with Momoko and the other girls. Why? Is Momoko acting the same way?"

"She won't tell me a thing. And here's the kicker, Takuro: she went straight to bed without eating."

Takuro laughed. "That is bad! Momoko lives for two things: you and food." Takuro calmed down a bit. "So what do you think happened?"

"I'm starting to wonder if it has anything to with…well, you know." Yousuke had never really felt like mentioning it since Momoko didn't, so anything love angel-related was off-limits. "What do you think?"

"It's been so long since anything related to that has happened, but it's quite possible. I'll see if I can pry Hinako from the TV long enough to get some answers. Don't worry, Yousuke. I'm sure you'll find out what's up with Momoko soon enough. I'll call if I get anything. 'Night, Yousuke." There was a click and Yousuke knew that Takuro had hung up.

But if it's love angel related, he thought, climbing the stairs to his and Momoko's bedroom, wouldn't Momoko just come out and tell me? He opened the door and gazed at Momoko's face for a minute. Wouldn't she?