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This is the first of the "lost episodes," and it is set after "Ghost of a Chance" and before both parts of "Ascension." Wolverine has killed Viper, X-23 is still missing, Xavier and Storm are around, but Magneto and Mystique are gone. Got it?

"Please, Logan? Oh, pretty please?" Amara begged. Her hands were clasped in front of her as she followed Logan about the house, begging him to go the concert. "Come on, Logan. All you have to do is drive us; you don't even have to come inside if you don't want to . Tabby and I: we're the only one's that want to go, and you know Xavier won't let her drive anymore. Please?"

Logan rolled his eyes. "Who was it you wanted to go see again? N'Sync? Or maybe that whiny Britney Spears character?"

Amara made a face, obviously appalled. "No! Why would I want to go see them? Their music sucks. This concert is going to be so much better than anything they could manage."

"Not what you were saying last week, kid," he muttered, picking up the sports section of the newspaper.

Amara harrumphed a bit, but then decided to not get defensive (especially since she had nothing to defend herself with), so she just answered his earlier question. "She calls herself Dazzler, and I hear she puts on the best light show in the business. Better than the lights, she's an amazing singer, and she doesn't lip-sync during her concerts. And she's performing tonight, and I just have to see her!" She smiled at Logan sweetly, trying to win his favor, then added, "Tabitha wants to, too," in hopes that this one fact may sway him.

"Nope, sorry kid," Logan replied, not even looking up from the newspaper. "I'm not letting you two go alone, and I don't want to sit through any bubble gum pop show. Now run along. We can have a training session instead after dinner; I know how you kids always enjoy those."

Glaring, Amara turned, kicking the floor as she walked away. "Great," she muttered, "no concert, and a training session instead. What a gyp." She then proceeded to stomp up the stairs, looking for Tabitha so she could tell her the bad news. Maybe her friend could be more persuasive with Logan.

Logan smiled as he heard the loud clomps of Amara's stomping. Looking around, he put the sports section down and picked up the living section. He knew that is was really no big deal, but he preferred that no one in the mansion know that he read the funnies in the newspaper. It might make him seem soft. Flipping through the pages he came upon a large ad with the word "DAZZLER" printed on the top. Sighing, he decided that the least he could do for the kid was read up a bit on the show. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad...

"'Tonight, live at the amphitheater, the amazing Dazzler makes her first ever Bayville performance. Features a wonderful set that compliments Alison Blaire's...'" Logan stopped here, then went back to make sure he read the name right. He did. Alison Blaire? He knew that name from somewhere. Standing, he went to the answering machine and played back a message he had gotten about a week and a half ago. "- know we haven't spoken much. I doubt if you even remember me. I know things about you though, Logan. Or should I say Wolverine? My name is Alison Blaire, and I used to be-"

The message cut off there, beeping to show that Alison had run out of time. She hadn't called back to finish her message. He thought it was a hoax; someone who put together his codename and his real name and was just trying to get close to a mutant celebrity. But here she was again, and she was a celebrity in her own right. Maybe she was genuine? Maybe-

His thoughts were interrupted, though, as the kitchen door was slammed open, and a perturbed Tabitha came strolling in with Amara not too far behind.

"What do you mean you don't trust us at a concert alone?" Tabitha started immediately. "We can take care of ourselves, you know. We're not normal little girls; we wouldn't let anyone jump us or anything."

"I'm not worried about you two getting hurt," Logan replied, "I'm worried about everyone else. You two can be dangerous." He smirked at them with this, showing he was joking, even though he wasn't too sure about that himself.

Tabitha crossed her arms, and Amara followed suit.

"But," Logan continued, raising his hands defensively, "we're going."

"We are?" Amara squealed, arms no longer crossed and a look of pure delight playing across her features.

"Yes, we are. We all are."

"We all?" Amara repeated, confused. Sure, there were three of them, but that really wasn't enough to constitute a "we all."

"Yeah," Logan went on. "All you new recruits will be coming. I actually scheduled this training session a while ago, and the older students are going to be out with Beast and Ororo and Xavier doing their own training, so I need to keep you all under my own watchful eye."

"Great," Amara muttered. "They'll probably be complaining the whole time, and they'll ruin the whole experience for me!"

Tabitha elbowed her playfully. "What are you talking about? Boys always add more fun to the picture. Just think, other guys see us with our five fellow male team mates, and they immediately see competition, and they immediately see a reason to fight even harder to win our attention!" Tabitha looked away from Amara to find Logan curling his lip at her, a very low growl emitting from his person. "Not that we're interested in boys! Oh no, not us!" she added, then grinned at him in a most unconvincing manner.

"Right, now you two go off and tell the others."

"Thank you!" they both squealed and hugged him. He bore it with a grimace, then watched as they scurried out to tell everyone. As soon as he was sure they were upstairs, he went back to the newspaper; he had to finish the funnies before anyone else got up and saw him.

"Wake up!" Amara yelled, jumping on Roberto's bed.

"Uhn...?" the boy groaned, rubbing his eyes and sitting up. "What's going on?"

"We're going to see Dazzler today!!" she cried, almost to the point of jumping with delight.

"Right…" Roberto muttered, rolling his eyes. "Why do I have to go? You're the one who likes her. Tabby doesn't even like her that much." He looked across his room to see Tabitha jump on top of Jamie to wake him up, producing a couple of clones that jumped up and ran away, squealing with mock fear.

Amara glared daggers at him before replying. "You have to go because Logan said so, and if you had any taste in music you would like her too!"

"Taste, yeah, you sure have got that," Roberto spat back. "You've been living in the present day for, what, four months? And suddenly you have taste in modern music?" He folded his arms, looking away disdainfully. "Please!"

Amara clenched her fists at her sides and glared even more. "Hmph!" she said, turning on her heel and walking out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Tabitha, giving Jamie a shove and Roberto a weird look, left with Amara.

Roberto smiled. "Yes! I got rid of her!" He then reached for the walkie-talkie next to his bed, and began talking into it.

"This is Silhouette to Country Boy! Can you read me Country Boy?"

"Yeah," a voice replied through the slight static. "I can hear you Roberto. What do you want? You woke me up!"

Roberto sighed, then stifled a laugh as he heard, in the background, Bobby yelling, "Use the code names Sam!"

"Yeah, fine, whatever," the voice yawned. "What the hell is going on, Silhouette?"

"We're going!"

"We're going where?" the voice asked sounding extremely apathetic.

"To the concert, that's where!"

"You're kidding! Yes- Shit! Get out!"

Roberto stared at his walkie-talkie, a look of perplexity across his face. "What's going on over there, Country Boy?"

He heard some muttering, and then: "Ah... I was dancing, and... uh... Tabitha opened the door. Very quickly."


"Dude, I don't sleep with anything on!"

Roberto smirked at this, especially since he was able to clearly hear Bobby guffawing in the background. He heard Amara and Tabitha walking past his door, giggling incessantly. "Bad picture, man. Bad picture. Look, meet me down in the parlor. The girls are probably heading down to tell Ray now."

"Yeah," Sam replied. "I wonder what they're going to do to him. I'd also like to let you know that a few copies of your roommate have made their way over here."

Roberto looked over to see Jamie looking a little lethargic. "Well, better send them back, Country Boy. Jamie looks… incomplete"

"Copy that. Over and out."

"Over and out."

Roberto put down the walkie-talkie, sighed, then fell back onto his bed. They were going to see Dazzler!!

Downstairs, Roberto found Sam and Bobby waiting for him, and one Jamie bouncing around. Every now and then he would purposefully run into something, or into Sam, and a bunch of copies would fall out, laughing. Then Jamie would suck them back in, and start running again. They didn't have to wait much longer before Ray came down, grumbling.

"Girls wake you up?" Bobby asked Ray, a cocky grin on his face.

"Shut up," Ray retorted. Boom Boom seemed to enjoy a different approach to waking him than anyone else. Every morning she was lucky enough to get up before him, she would sneak into his room and explode some of her weaker bombs just inches above his face. It gave him a heart attack every time. When he got angry, though, she only joked that if his heart stopped he could easily resuscitate himself.

"So, is it really true?" Bobby asked, "Are we really going to see her?"

"Yeah," Roberto replied, grinning. All the boys then joined together in a circle, putting their hands in the middle.

"Closet worshippers unite," they said in unison, careful not to get too loud. The rest of the house was still getting ready for the day, and they didn't want to attract any attention.

Bobby cleared his throat. "As president and chairperson of this club, I declare this mission a success. I direct everyone's attention and applause to our key member: Shocker," all heads turned toward Ray, "who successfully slipped a Dazzler CD into Magma's collection."

The group quietly applauded.

"As vice president," Sam continued, "I also must ensure that we recognize Hydra," all heads now turned to Jamie, "who leaked information to Tabitha and Amara about the upcoming concert."

Again, they applauded. Roberto patted him on the back, making a couple of multiples, and Ray said, enthusiastically, "Good job kid."

Jamie had only joined a few weeks ago, so he was ready to prove himself to the others. He smiled his appreciation back at them, knowing they were trying to make him feel more welcome. They usually never did anything to accommodate him.

"Now," Bobby finished, "I must assign you all missions for the rest of the day. Namely: be good. Think you all can handle it?"

"The question, I think," Roberto replied, "is can you, Mister President?"

"Don't be ridiculous. Of course I can. Now, meeting dismissed. Disperse."

With that, Jamie ran upstairs with Roberto and Sam, and Ray and Bobby went into the kitchen to find some breakfast.

When Ray and Bobby reached the kitchen, Wolverine quickly rustled through the papers, leaving them a mess. He could blame the section's disorderliness on Kurt later.

"I can't believe you're making us go see this concert with the girls," Bobby grumbled.

"Would you rather have a training session?" Wolverine asked, looking at the boys slyly.

"That's like comparing eating bugs to eating snails," Ray pointed out. "But I think we'll take the audio torture over the physical torture, thanks."

"Suit yourself," Wolverine said, turning his back to leave so he didn't see the two boys winking at each other.