Pandora's Senshi

A Sailor Moon Spin-off Fanfiction

By mew-tsubaki

Note: Ha-HA! This time, I have copyright power over these characters because their MY OWN! (Woo-hoo!) Anyway, I want to give some credit to Naoko Takeuchi-sensei, though, because I used the original names she had planned for the Sailor Moon characters (Sorano Hikaru, Yoruno Miyabi, Chino Mamoru, and Artemis; only Amano is hers- I came up with Kako), and the original scouts (Moon through Saturn) are hers. By the way, I know that the senshi names (Phlegethon, Colytus, Styx, Acheron, and Lethe) come from rivers in Hades (I read it somewhere) and have nothing to do with Pandora's box, but read on to discover what they're really about. - Don't forget: READ, REVIEW, AND ENJOY! P.S.- the Artemis in this fanfic isn't the same as the cat-turned-human Artemis from the original series. She's someone completely different.

Chapter One: In the Beginning

It was the end of the century, and the people of Earth had received a terrible New Year's Gift. Their great Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion had passed on without notice. Then the Princess Lady Serenity disappeared, and Earth was left without a ruler, so it returned to its ways from before the Crystal Age. It returned to the time when everyone lived life as best they could, with no protection from evil beings and hatred and such.

And so history repeated. At least, that's what the other senshi assumed, but the only senshi left were Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. Saturn had vanished suddenly months before, and no one had bothered to look for Pluto for a while, but when they looked for her, they discovered her post at the Gate of Time to be abandoned. The Time Key, sans the Garnet Orb, had been wedged into the Gate's handles so it could never be opened again. For the most part, the other senshi, now that they had little protection, stayed away from Earth. They knew it would be too dangerous to go down to Earth again without enough power since they had lost most of it from way back when, so they stopped communications and trips to the planet, and, eventually, they forgot about it, as did the people of Earth with them.

Now it's the beginning of the thirty-first century and Earth has once again been led astray from its correct flow of events. But there is no Saturn to drop her Silence Glaive. There is no Pluto to stop time so the queen or princess could fix things. There is no queen and princess to fix things even if Pluto had stopped time. In a world with a history that's gone awry, who can save the planet from sheer and utter destruction? Only the ones who must destroy it first…

The fire blazed fiercely as the violet-haired woman concentrated and threw ash into it. It engulfed the ash hungrily and struck out as if it wanted more.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and frowned. She touched her hair and blew on it as she realized it was singed. "Damn! Not again!" Sighing, she stood up and walked out of the reading room. The woman leaned against the sliding door and stared into the setting sun. It was a blood red sunset, and the woman knew her reading was telling the truth. It would happen…


The woman seemed startled. Rei looked behind her and saw two figures appear, but they were two people she loved dearly. There was the taller, green-eyed brunette who was the tomboy of their group. Then there was the smaller, more fragile blue-eyed, blue-haired fem who was smartest person out there. Both approached Rei and joined her as she turned back to the sunset.

"How did your reading go?" the brunette asked.

"Well, it wasn't foggy at all this time, Mako-chan, but…" Rei hung her head.

"What's the matter?" the blue-haired woman asked of the priestess.

"That's the problem. I got a perfectly clear reading this time, but the outcome wasn't good at all. The end is nearing again for Earth."

Mako-chan looked startled. "But that's impossible!" She turned to the blue-haired woman. "Right, Ami-chan?" Her voice wavered for a moment before she could answer.

Ami-chan looked distraught. "Well… Way back, I read in one of the palace's books about the last senshi."

Rei-chan nodded. "I've only seen or heard of them in my divinations, but they do exist."

"Who?" Mako-chan asked.

"The last senshi. There names are unknown, but their power is unbelievable. It is said that if there is a time when the world is taken off course, and Saturn does not have her powers or is not here, then the last senshi will be awakened."

Mako-chan gulped. "When you say last senshi, do you really mean…?"

"Yes. They are the last senshi. Forever. But their unbelievable power… It rivals even Saturn's Death Reborn Revolution." All three women went quiet. None of them knew what to say. They had ridded themselves of all the troubles and dangers of Earth a long while ago, and so they felt they weren't much connected with the planet anymore.

"So what do we do now?" Mako-chan asked.

"It's not our problem anymore," Rei-chan replied. "Our duty now is be to protect and rule our home kingdoms the way we were meant to. Our calling is to be queen now- nothing more."

Both Ami-chan and Mako-chan hugged Rei and disappeared back to their own palaces. The violet-haired woman leaned against the sliding door to her reading room again and faintly smiled to herself. It's not our problem anymore…