Author's Note: I don't own the Babysitter's Club or anything associated with it. I do, however, obsess about it. These stories are the result.

This story takes place a year before The Way Things Were. Read. Enjoy. Review.


"Sam! Get out of the bathroom!" Kristy yelled, pounding her fist against the door. "I need to brush my teeth!" Frustrated, she gave the door a swift kick. It held tight, and she retreated back to her room to get ready for the day.

After getting dressed into jeans and an orange sweatshirt with a pumpkin on it, she threw her hair back into a sloppy ponytail and stole a quick glance into the mirror. Appearance wise, Kristy Thomas at fourteen wasn't that different than whom she had been a year ago, in eighth grade. However, just about everything else about her was different. It was the end of the October of her freshman year at Stoneybrook High School, which was a big adjustment after middle school, eighth grade in particular, which had seemed to last forever. Last year she had been the president of her own business, The Babysitter's Club, but it had since disbanded, and now she only baby-sat occasionally, as she was really busy between her school work and sports schedule.

Kristy also had a new best friend. Abby Stevenson was her next door neighbor, classmate, former business partner and teammate. Though they had been friends since they met about a year ago, it wasn't really a surprise that now they were closer than ever. They were together almost every moment of the day, from riding the bus together in the morning to doing their homework together at night.

Kristy left her bedroom and passed the bathroom on her way downstairs. It appeared that Sam, her older brother was out, but David Michael, her younger brother was now in. Her family lived in an honest to God mansion, but there still were never enough bathrooms.

Walking into the kitchen, Kristy stopped to tickle her little sister, Emily Michelle, who was happily munching on the cereal that she was eating for breakfast.

"Is that you Kristy?"

"It's me mom," Kristy replied. "Why are you down here? I thought Watson said that he was going to make pancakes for everyone this morning."

"He had a long night sweetie, so I decided to let him sleep in. You look nice today. Are your brothers ready for school?"

"I think so."

"This handsome young man is," said Nannie, her grandmother, who walked into the kitchen with David Michael.

"Handsome?" Kristy snickered. "I guess we all know that you're not talking about Sam then."

"Kristy!" Elizabeth admonished.

Sam walked into the kitchen and grabbed a banana, pulling on the end of Kristy's ponytail as he passed. "Where is the love down here?"

"Ow!" Kristy yelled. "Sam!"

David Michael laughed and gave Sam a high five. Sighing, Elizabeth directed him to the kitchen table, and placed a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice in front of him.

"That will teach you to talk badly about your suave and sophisticated older brother," Sam said, smirking.

Kristy rolled her eyes. "You just think that because you went out with Stacey McGill last weekend. It was one date. Trust me, I know Stacey. She's boy-crazy, but she's sensible. You're not going to get anywhere with her. You already tried the dating thing, remember?"

"You just watch Kristy. Stacey will be my girlfriend. It's only a matter of time," Sam said, confidently.

"Charlie has more girlfriends than you. He told me," said David Michael. He was eight, and always wanted to be included in whatever his older siblings were doing.

"Well Charlie is in college," Sam said, giving his brother a soft punch in the arm. "I'm still in high school, where there isn't much of a selection. I mean, you've seen Kristy, right?"

"You take that back Sam!" Kristy yelled, shoving him against the refrigerator. Emily Michelle giggled and threw a cheerio at them in support. Shannon the dog quickly ran from her spot underneath the table and ate it off the floor.

"Why don't you two sit down for a minute," Nannie said gently to Kristy and Sam. "Emily, we don't throw our food, remember?"

"Cherrios!" shouted Emily Michelle

"Settle down everyone," Elizabeth said. "The bus will be here in ten minutes, and I would like you all to eat a proper breakfast."

Kristy munched on an apple, and looked around the kitchen smiling. Her family was crazy and loud, but she loved them. And this wasn't even everyone! Her stepdad Watson was upstairs sleeping, and her oldest brother Charlie was away at college. She also had a stepsister and stepbrother who lived in Chicago with their mom. Her real dad, Patrick, lived in California with his new wife, Zoey. She didn't see them that often.

Looking at the clock Kristy realized that she only had a few minutes before the bus would come. She grabbed her backpack and headed out the door, Sam following close behind.

"Bye Mom!" Kristy shouted. "Don't forget that I have soccer practice after school. I'm taking the late bus home with Abby."

"I know sweetie, have a good day!" Elizabeth called out. "You too, Sam!"

Kristy and Sam walked down the long driveway, and to the corner where the bus came to pick them up and bring them to SHS.

"I can't wait until I get my driver's license," Sam muttered.

"You say that every morning," Kristy teased.

"You better watch it Kristy. If you're not nice to me you're never getting a ride to school."

"Like I care," Kristy said, punching him in the shoulder. She ran to the corner where Abby was standing with her twin sister, Anna.

"Good morning ladies," she said.

Abby stared at her. "You have way too much energy, Thomas. You do realize that the sun just came up like ten minutes ago?"

"Actually, it looks like you're the one who got up ten minutes ago," Kristy shot back, smiling.

"Close," said Anna grinning. "It was more like fifteen minutes ago."

Abby shot her a look. "I'm here, aren't I? Ready for the bus, ready for school, and ready for the rest of my life."

"That's the spirit!" shouted Kristy.

"I've been hanging out with you too long," Abby said, shaking her head.

"Here comes the bus," said Anna, picking up her backpack and violin case.

The girls climbed up to the stairs and collapsed themselves into seats near the middle. Sam headed towards the back and pretended like he didn't know them, just like every morning. Kristy and Abby talked about their classes and the soccer team while Anna read her history book. The bus soon arrived at school, and the girls separated, Kristy and Abby going to their homeroom, and Anna catching up with some of her friends and going to another.

Taking their seats next to each other, Kristy and Abby continued talking and laughing as was their habit. Sometimes it seemed like they had been having the same long conversation for months.

Out of the corner of her eye, Kristy saw Mary Anne Spier raise her hand to them in a half hearted wave. Kristy gave her a tight smile but quickly turned back to Abby. She and Mary Anne had been best friends for the longest time, but after the Babysitter's Club broke up they hadn't remained close. Kristy tried not to let herself be that bothered by it; they really didn't have that much in common anyway. Mary Anne was obsessed with Cam Geary, loved watching girly movies, and hated sports. Babysitting was pretty much the only thing that they had in common any more, but they didn't even have that without the club.

But Kristy had Abby. And with her busy schedule, that was all she needed.

The bell soon rang, and the classroom quieted as they listened to the morning announcements. Soon enough homeroom was over, and Kristy and Abby headed to their algebra class.

"Ok everyone, settle down." said Ms. Harris, their teacher. The class paid her no attention, and continued talking amongst themselves. "I mean it," she said, her voice rising. "You need to pay attention!"

Kristy looked around the classroom and saw that the students weren't paying the least bit of attention to their teacher. This happened every morning. Ms. Harris was new to the school district, having just moved there from Illinois. Kristy kind of felt sorry for her; she wasn't very nice looking, and some of the more popular kids made fun of her for it. Needless to say, Ms. Harris had no control over the classroom.

Kristy's thoughts were interrupted by Abby who poked her in the side with a pencil.

"Ow! Abby, that hurt!"

"Sorry, but you need to help me out. I forgot to do my homework last night. Can I copy yours?"

Kristy gave her a confused look. "We started it right before you left last night. Why didn't you finish it when you got home?"

Abby shrugged her shoulders. "I was busy and I forgot about it. Can I see yours?" she asked impatiently.

Kristy sighed. As a general rule, she was opposed to cheating, even if it meant only copying a few problems. But this was Abby. She really didn't have a choice.

Abby started begging. "Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with a pizza toast on top?

Kristy grinned. "Here, take it. But you better do your homework tonight Abigail Stevenson. This is a one time thing."

"Yes ma'am," Abby said reaching for Kristy's notebook. She furiously began to scribble down the problems and answers while Ms. Harris attempted to gain control of the class.

Knowing that it would be a little longer before class actually started, Kristy pulled out her day planner and made sure that, unlike Abby, she had everything ready for the day. And she did, just like always.

After a few minutes Abby lifted her head up with a grin on her face.

"All done," she said.

"I'm so impressed by your diligent work," Kristy replied dryly.

"Thanks," Abby said.

"You owe me one," Kristy said, shaking her head.

"Yes I do. You're the best," Abby replied. She took both of their homework sheets and walked upfront to turn them in.

The class finally settled down, and Kristy started taking notes from the examples on the board. Looking to her right, she caught Abby's eye. They smiled.