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A/N: These are a bunch of short 1 shots that skip around in time a bunch. The first 2 are around the time when Kitty & Rouge are early 20s. But the 3rd story is supposed to be set around the 2nd movie. Just to let you ya know!


Kitty let out a satisfied moan leaning back into the hot water. It was perfect a ton of candles, rose scented bubble bath, & complete silence. She was too stressed out to be at the mansion any more so Logan deiced to let her stay with him at his apartment for the night. She lied to everyone saying she was going to stay with Rachel for the night knowing she would realize the lie & cover for her. And if worse came to worse Emma could always psyi-track her. Logan said it would be best if maybe she came over & relaxed hinting that he had something she could really use.

He was right this was exactly what she needed to do he even gave her few hints of what he learned works best. It was defiantly something she had never felt before & to be completely honest she was it liking it a lot. Completely ignoring all the thoughts that were stressing her out she just focused on that feeling.

'Must remember to tell Peter this trick.' She thought to herself & then let out a small giggle. She hadn't even realized that she was ticklish there. It was defiantly a lot different experience when you did it yourself. Not that Peter didn't do an awesome job when he did this but she liked having control of it some places just need more attention then other.

'I wonder if him & Ro have done that I bet that's how he knows….' She smirked at that thought. Logan's probably done this to so many women. Kitty couldn't help but smirk at that, Logan sure knew what woman wanted. She then felt her self sink down a little.

'Okie gotta keep focused here last thing I need is to phase through the floor naked into some strangers apartment it's bad enough that happened at the mansion.' Kitty thought her face turning slightly red at the thought. She still couldn't believe she phased while having sex with Pete straight into the living room flashing the rest of her teammates.

She let out one last satisfied moan as she placed her leg back into the tub. She grabbed a towel wrapping it around her to dry off grabbing a couple things of lotion to rub on her feet. Logan being such a father to young girl loved to spoil her with all sorts of presents. Some of which he left at his house for when she was too stressed to stay at the mansion. That was what she was doing today when she came to his house. He suggested she take a bath & use the new foot-care kit (which included 2 types of lotion & 1 awesome foot scrub) he bought her for her dance. Obviously some where along the line he had tried it on himself as well. That was the only reason he would know that trick of rubbing the side of her foot, which felt so awesome.

Who would have thought Logan would be such a masseuses?