A/N: Just letting everyone know this movie goes back this is supposed to take place during the 2nd movie. The idea came from when my friend Ria was reading to me out of the book during Strikers attack when they were talking about who rooms with who. That's also where I got the Siren/Madrox.


"No! Lost again!" Bobby complained sitting cross-legged on the floor as he played Xbox with John about the 30th game that night. John threw the controller down.

"I'm sick of this! It's so boring tonight." John complained Jamie Madrox looked up.

"Yeah that's because all the girls all to busy having a 'slumber party'" Jamie joked.

"What do girls do at those things anyways?" Peter asked.

"I bet they just sit around talking about boys, doing their hair, & all that other girly shit." Bobby said with a shrugged.

"That's not what I heard." John said.

"What'd ya hear?" Jamie asked.

"I've heard there is some kinky shit that goes down at those things."

"Where'd you hear that in some porno?" Bobby asked.

"Oh come on everyone knows it. Think about it! You have all these good-looking girls in their little tiny PJs having pillow fights. All of them rolling around on the bed things are bond to happen." John said.

"That is such a lie!" Bobby said.

"I bet if you were to walk up stairs right now they would be making out!" He said.

"Your on!" Bobby said as all the guys got up walking upstairs.

They stopped in front of the door being quiet so the girls wouldn't hear them. They heard some giggling from inside.

"Making out huh?" Jamie said to John.

"Rouge come on it's my turn! Stop being such a whore!" Came Kitty's voice from inside. Which was followed by the sound of the bed bouncing up & down. John held in a laugh.

"And your going to tell me that wasn't dirty?" He said turning to the guys who all looked at him.

"Oh that meant nothing." Bobby said.

"What about the bed hmmm?" John said but before they could argue back they heard something from the door. They all turned & leaned in to the door.

"Woah Jubes didn't know you liked that!" Rouge said then there was some mumbles but soon they heard Jubilee.

"Yes……Yes……oh Yes!" She said.

"Right there oh yeah right there!" Rouge said.

"Ohhhhh……ohhhhh…..oohhhh!" Kitty joined in.

"Faster! Faster! Faster!" Siren said.

"Harder! Faster! Harder!" All the girls were saying along with other miscellaneous sex noises.

All the guys looked at each other their mouths agape.

"You were right John…." Bobby said in disbelief.

"I've got to see this!" John said pushing the door open slightly as all the girls continued the noises. All the guys pushed each other to get a better view. Before they knew it the door had fallen in on itself. All the guys looked up to see all the girls sitting on the bed cross legged except for Rouge who was standing up on the bed something in her hands. They all looked in shock at the boys. The boys looked up.

"Hey!" Rouge yelled from her spot on her bed where she wore a red silk pajama set.

"What are you boys doing?" Kitty said looking down on them as she sat cross-legged wearing baby blue flannel pajamas with her hair in a ponytail.

"Why are you all making out!" Jamie yelled all the girls looked at each other confused.

"What are you talking about?" Jubilee said from her spot on the bed where she had a black tee shirt & yellow shorts on as she looked at Siren who was wearing a long pink pajama shirt.

"I'm still lost…."Siren said.

"John was going on about what girls do at slumber parties & we wanted to see if it was true. Then when we came to the door to see we heard you all making those noises." Bobby explained.

"Yeah why the hell aren't you all naked!" John said angrily.

"Hey John pajama party meaning wearing pajama's!" Kitty said pointing to her pants leg for emphasis.

"What is with guys thinking so dirt about slumber parties?" Rouge asked.

"I have no idea." Jubilee said.

"But you were making the noises!" John said.

"We were joking! We were talking about Logan & Ororo when they have sex thinking no one notices!" Siren said holding back laughter.

"But you were calling Rouge a whore!" John said pointing to Kitty.

"Yeah she is a whore she took my 20 Questions game I wanted it back." Kitty explained.

"That's why I was jumping up & down." Rouge said.

"But-but-but………."John said.

"Sorry ass hole we're all dressed & no ones making out." Jubilee said getting up & giving him a kiss.

"Yeah boys sorry but no boys allowed." Rouge said giving Bobby a quick kiss.

"Good night ya nuts!" Kitty said kissing Peter good night as Siren gave Jamie a kiss as well. The door shut as all the girls looked at each other & bust out laughing hysterically till they couldn't breath anymore.

Who would have known the boys were such detectives?