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Beauty and the Beast

Chapter 1

It was one of the coldest nights of her life. It wasn't just because of the harsh the winds blew in the dark alley but she felt frozen inside as well. She was sitting on the ground covering herself as much as possible.

No matter how hard she tried, she could stop the hissing pain all over her body. She painfully lifted her arm and saw it was covered in dark red blood, her blood.

That what you get for being a gullible retard! She thought. She had taken in every lie he said to her just so he could leave her like this! Love is for suckers. That's what he mother used to tell her. If only she had listened to her, maybe she wouldn't be laying here feeling so God damn cold.

Let me die…she thought. Just let me die…

"Hi, may I speak to Alice please?" "I'm sorry but Alice isn't off duty right now. Would you like me to take a message?" "No thank you."

That's strange. Alice is usually on her break around this time. Nagi thought. Maybe she had to take someone else's shift.

"I though she had something important to tell me." Nagi mumbled to herself. "She complains that I always miss out on everything, yet it's because no one has the time to tell me anything!"

Nagi got up from the office chair and made her way to the door. "Nagi, have you finished using the phone?" asked the campus secretary. "Yeah, thank you." Nagi answered and let herself out.

Nagi picked up her back pack outside and checked her watch. It was almost one in the afternoon, her next class wasn't until three today. "Maybe I can study at home." Nagi thought.

Nagi walked to her apartment building two blocks from campus. She lived in small, one bedroom apartment alone. It was difficult paying for it on her own but she liked to be independent.

She was just taking out her key when a voice stopped her. "Hey, Red." Nagi looked up and gave a playful smirk. "Hey, where's Daddy? You know you're not supposed to be wandering the dangerous streets alone." "Says you!" Jeanne laughed and leaned off the door outside Nagi's building. "I'm guessing you're here to tell me what Alice can't? " "I hope you find it convenient that I've bothered to come all this way." "That depends on the news." Nagi smiled.

"You want to come up stairs? I can give you a drink or something." she said, getting serious. "No, I've got to report back to Gado and Cronos." "Cronos?" Nagi frowned. "Is it something serious?" "No, just a few break-ins and raids we need to check out that's all." "I see." Nagi nodded.

"The human haven't been trying anything to hurt anyone in while. A few explosives here, break-ins there. Nothing serious. Still, somebody has to check it out every once in while to make sure nothing's getting out of hand." " I'm guessing Cronos still wants to know every detail even if it's nothing to worry about."

"I think that's a good thing." Jeanne told Nagi. "He has to at least be aware of what's happening." "Even if he never risks his skin?" Nagi rolled her eyes. "You know he's capable of killing over twenty humans in one go." Jeanne reminded Nagi. "We don't call him unless we've got no other choice. As a penguin he's almost useless so we can't summon him to help in that form."

"So, what time do you want me tonight?" Nagi asked. "Come to the base at seven and then you'll be told what to do from there." Jeanne told her. "Cool. Thanks." Nagi patted Jeanne's shoulder. "Sure. I'll see you later then, okay? I have to run. Watch your back." "You too!" Nagi waved as Jeanne walked passed her and jay-walked across the street. Nagi put her key into the lock and let herself in, thinking about what she had to do tonight.

Nagi was searched by the security twice before she entered the common room. When she arrived, she was told to wait until the others arrived.

"It's been a while since I've visit Zoanthrope Kingdom." she said as she sat down on a cushioned chair. The common room looked fancy and formal but it was really one of the most protected and security advanced rooms ever built. The whole Kingdom was actually, seeing how it was home to the Zoanthropes, it had to be very well protected from the humans who didn't understand them. A couple of years ago, Nagi would have sided with the humans, but all of that had changed.

"You're here! I thought you weren't going to make it!" Nagi looked up and laughed. "Well, Little Miss. Rabbit! You're late!" "Yes, I'm late! I'm late!" Alice joked and gave Nagi a small hug.

"I was over worked again today." she explained. "Jeanne was so angry when I had her go on that errand for me." "She didn't take it out on me." Nagi assured her. "Good." Alice told her.

"So, where's everybody else?" "They're talking to Gado and Long." Alice answered. "They're trying to come up with a strategy." "Oh, that's fine then." Nagi said sighing and sitting back down. "Do you not want to wait for them?" Alice asked. "That's not it." Nagi said. "I just don't like to wait a long time for the inevitable to happen. I know they're not, but I feel like they're stalling and I don't like it. I guess I'm impatient tonight." "It's been a while." Alice nodded. "You kind of get used to it when nothing happens for a while and then when we have to go back on the streets... It sucks."

"I think this check up was way overdue." Nagi said standing up. "We should have done something after the third time the humans raided." she said. "What if something huge happened? We could have avoided it by handling any trouble right away!" "We can't always. What if they're after someone else? It's none of our business so we'd be making a mistake." Alice pointed out. "A group of humans frequently breaking to a place or setting off bombs is not okay for anyone. We'd be doing someone a favor." Nagi argued. "You know we can't step into human affairs no matter who's in danger." Alice said. Nagi frowned at her frustrated. Alice shook her head and took Nagi's hand. "I know you still feel like one of them but you're not anymore. They don't trust us, Nagi. I know it's hard to understand but it's something you have accept. They won't thank us if we save them. They'll just reticule us."

Why? Why do they have to assume the worse about us? Nagi thought. They're lucky. They get to live normal lives and not worry about being found out for anything or getting kidnapped and used for science experiments. They should be accepting and sympathetic. Instead they're…

"Nagi, welcome!" Long announced as he walked into the common room followed by Bakuryu, Yugo, Gado and Shenlong. "Hi, Long." Nagi greeted Long. She then nodded at the other saying. "Gado, Shenlong, Yugo, Bakuryu. It's been a while." "Yeah," Bakuryu agreed.

"I trust my daughter has already notified you of the situation?" Gado asked Nagi. "Yes, she's told me." Nagi nodded. "Good, so then you know we're only investigating the area. We're not expecting a fight." Gado said firmly. "What do you mean?" Alice asked. "There is going to be a fight of we run into humans." "We could, but when I say we won't be expecting it means the battle may happen. So, do be on guard but just be extra careful." Long explained. "We're just checking to see what kind of activity has been going on and sealing the building so nobody can get in anymore, alright? Let's not do anything unnecessary." "Sounds fine to me." Shenlong said. "Although, I wouldn't mind a rumble." "So typically of you!" Long rolled his eyes. Nagi grinned a little.

"They look so alike." she thought. "But they are the complete opposite of one another! Even though, one came from the other."

"So, is that all?" Yugo asked. "Cause, I'd like to head out and get this done and over with." "Same here." Long said. "Gado and I will stay behind. You guys can contact us on your communicators and good luck." Long said, bowing.

"Alright Troops!" Shenlong mockingly raise a hand over his forehead. "Let's move out!" "Whatever!" Nagi mumbled. "Just go you big lug!" she pushed him forward as the group made their way out of the common room.

The building they were investigating was an abandoned warehouse. At a first glace, anyone would wonder why somebody would want to break into it. That's what Nagi asked herself when she arrived.

"Don't get it?" Shenlong said as he walked up to one of the broken windows. "It's a dump. There's nothing worth risking your ass, trashing this place." "Maybe there's something we're not seeing." Alice said. "I'll check the other end." "Okay." Yugo nodded. Alice ran off to look at the other side of the building while Yugo and tried to find a way in.

"Okay." Yugo looked at the doors in the front. They were chained together with a rusted lock at the bottom. "Well, let's see how secure this thing really is!" Yugo only had to poke it once before the lock came loose, slipped open and fell to the floor. "Did it rust through?" Bakuryu asked. "Nope, the humans forced it open." Yugo answered shacking the lock. "Picked most likely." "So, we can go in through there?" Nagi asked. "I rather not use the same entrance as the humans." Yugo told her. "Not a good idea. Let's try to find another way in."

"Guys!" Everyone turned and saw Alice running towards them, waving. "You found something?" Yugo asked. "There's a nuclear factory right beside this place." said Alice. "Shit!" Shenlong hissed aloud. "Shit is right!" Yugo began to pace. "They're making a tunnel between two buildings to steal weapons or radioactive substances." "I can't tell from looking on the outside." Alice told him. "We have to go in and check it out." "Let's do that then." Yugo said. He waved at everyone and led them to the other side of the building.

"There's a whole broken window here!" Bakuryu called as he tested the width with his head. "It might be a tight squeeze but we won't have to worry as long as we clean it when we leave. That way, we won't leave any evidence." "Yeah, last thing we need is the human cops to get our pawn prints." Shenlong chuckled. "Ladies first." Bakuryu offered. Nagi gave snort as Alice smiled sweetly at the boy and stepped through the window.

Inside, the warehouse was filled with broken machines and unfinished products. It was incredibility dark. Yugo took out a flash light as he walked around. "Everyone watch you step." he warned. "We don't know what's in here so don't touch anything." "You're suspecting until now that the humans might have left a trap for us?" Bakuryu said, knowing what his brother was implying. " A little late to assume anything, I know." Yugo sighed. "Just be careful anyways."

Nagi walked around staring at all the rusted equipment. She peered at the objects carefully; she didn't want to miss a clue.

"Let's split up." Shenlong suggested. "We'll cover more ground that way. Besides, I think it's a hole or a tunnel we're looking for and this place is kind of big." "Okay," Yugo agreed. "But, it might be hidden so look carefully everyone." Nagi, nodding decided to look upstairs.

She walked to a rusted, metal ladder connected to the wall and climbed up it. Everyone else went to another area in the building to search for the tunnel. They all looked on the right, south side of the building since that was the side closes the nuclear plant. When Nagi reached the top, she found a dismantled floor, or at least what used to be a floor. Nagi held onto the ladder for support. There was no floor on this floor, but metal shafts connecting to each other and the walls making squares. The floor and cement was gone, just blacken bits clung onto the metal shafts. "Something happened to this place." Nagi mumbled. She walked onto a shaft and carefully slid on it a little. She then bent down and grabbed on to the shaft so not to fall. She then touched one of the pieces of cement and found charcoal on her fingers. "Was there an explosion here?" she asked herself, blowing the ashes. She started to get up by grabbing onto the shaft tightly and pushing off of it.

When she stood up, looked on front of her and saw a person standing in front of her, with an army gun pointing at her heart. "Zoanthrope." The human snarled under the mask. "Shit!'" Nagi murmured. She then lifted her leg and kicked the gun out of the human's hands. The gun flew and shot two bullets and the human almost lost his balance but grabbed onto the shaft under him. "Everyone! Battle mode!" Nagi screamed as loudly as she could. "There are humans here!" She raised her communicator and let Gado and Long know the same thing.

The Human, slowly began to stand up and Nagi punched him in the face. The human fell but somehow, he managed to hold on to the shaft. He then got up but this time jumped. Nagi, watching him glide over her tried to flip away but he landed and kicked her in the back. Nagi fell. She gasped as she reached above her and grabbed on to the shaft. The Human walked over and cruelly stepped onto her fingers. Nagi bit her tough and wanted to scream but there was no way she would give him the satisfaction of hearing her in pain. Instead she grinned her teeth and pushed off the shaft and flipped on top of the human. Two together fell and Nagi landed on top of him. Once on the ground Nagi sat up and delivered hard punches in the human face. "You son of a Bitch!" she yelled at him. Nagi didn't notice the human reaching into his pocket; she just continued to beat the snot out of him. She suddenly heard two gun shots and fell back as a burning pain hit the side of her stomach. He shot her.

"Don't move!" the human said in a demanding voice. He stood up and held the gun and pointed it towards Nagi. "Damn!" Nagi thought standing up. "I can't handle this, not while he has that gun." The Human step forward, pressing his finger tightly around the gun. Nagi took deep breaths as she tried to think. "I might have to transform." she thought. "I don't want to but what can I do? I'm already too weak with the two bullets he's got in me." The Human began to get closer and closer. Nagi gave a snarl and was about to let herself transform when something dropped behind the human.

The human, keeping the gun at Nagi yelled "Who's there?" Nagi looked behind her but saw nothing but darkness. She heard something fall too. Could it be one of the others? She suddenly saw a flicker in the shadows, someone was definitely there. "Show yourself! Or the girl gets it!" the human threaded.

"Well, that's not very nice!" said a sly voice. "Treating a lady like that who's only doing her job." "So, you're a freak just like her!" the human asked, trebling a little. "Freak is such a harsh word. You could have used comrade, or companion, or friend, or buddy, even pal would have been fine. Sometimes I think you guys like to get your asses kicked because you never learn and just piss us off." The voice continued, but it sounded like it was getting closer.

Nagi didn't recognize the voice. Who was it that was talking? "I'm not fooling around!" the human yelled. "Neither am I. So, I'll ask you to just put the gun down and walk away. She won't do anything if you don't let go of that." "The hell I will." The man said. He had pulled the trigger when someone stepped in front of Nagi. Nagi saw a flash of black leather and bleached blonde hair. "Jenny?" Nagi thought. She closed her eyes when the gun shot was heard but didn't hear any screams following it. When she opened her eyes she was looking at the back of the person who was saving her. "You okay back there?" The sly voice asked. "Yeah." Nagi answered. She looked down at the person's hand and saw they were holding the human's hand with the gun. She looked behind and saw a hole in the wall where the bullet had gone through. The human stared at the person speechless. The person brushed their hair back and threw a single punch. The human went flying and hit the wall hard. He then got up and starting talking in his walkie-talkie "Retreat!" he said. "They've called for back up! Retreat!" Nagi watched the man leave and started to get angry with herself. "Great! I couldn't handle it and now some stranger had to save me!"

"Let's see those bullet holes." The voice said. Nagi looked and saw the face for the first time. She was struck. She had no idea if she was seeing right or not. Maybe she was beginning to pass out. That face couldn't be real!

It was the most beautiful person she had ever seen in her whole life. Their skin was pure ivory, free of markings, zits, wrinkles or any other imperfections. They had sky blue eyes that were just charming. Their lips were a soft hue, she wondered if it was natural or if they were wearing lipstick. As for the hair, it couldn't be natural, at least not that blonde. Nagi sweated a little. She couldn't tell the person's gender that well. It didn't look like they had breasts so she assumed it was a brilliantly beautiful man. A pretty boy.

The person, watching Nagi stare gave cocky smile. They walked up to her and extended a hand. "You must be a new Zoanthrope. I don't remember seeing you before." They said. "What's your name?" Nagi didn't know whether to answer this person or not. She was going to open her mouth when she heard a squealed.

"There you are, Nagi!" Nagi turned to her right and saw Alice running towards her. Her arm was cut and she had a black eye. It looked like she had to fight too. "We got worried when you were the only one missing. What are you…? YOU!" Alice had reached Nagi and now was pointing at the person next to Nagi. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, greetings Alice." he said. "I suppose you're looking well. Doing well I hope." "Yeah, yeah." Alice said. "Answer the question, Mr. Sly." "Spy, my dear. Spy." he corrected her. "Speaking of which, that's why I'm here. My boss asked me to check out what's been going on in here. There have been several bombings and explosions and no one's been able to find out why. I didn't expect to see you here. We had the same idea, tonight." He stared at Alice and she gave him and unsure glare. "I'm not here hunting, Alice. Its business not pleasure that I'm here, I assure you." "Oh, yeah?" Alice grabbed Nagi and rested a hand on her hip. "So, how come I catch you flirting with the new girl?" "I wasn't flirting. I gave her a hand with a human. As you can see she was in a bit of trouble. That was all. Tell her." he said, at the same time he pointed to the bullet holes in Nagi's leg. "Well, then. Thank you. Now, we'll be leaving so if you want to stay and finish your investigation, by all means." "It was lovely to see you again Alice." he said bowing. He then took Nagi's hand and gave it a kiss. "Forgive me for not introducing myself in the first place. I'm Fox and ex- zoanthrope of the Talons." Nagi turned red but she didn't say anything but just watch his perfect white teeth shine as he spoke. "Perhaps we'll cross paths again." he said. "Stop that!" Alice said annoyed. "Come on, Nagi! Let's get the hell out of here." Alice dragged Nagi away from Fox. Nagi walked behind Alice but was compelled to look back. When she did, she saw that Fox was gone. She then turned back quickly.

"I know what you're thinking." Alice said to her. "And, I'm going to tell you right now not to even think about going after him!" she said. Nagi stared at Alice confused. "Fox is a waste of time!" Alice said, not looking at Nagi as she said this. "He's nothing but an obnoxious sleaze bag! He's a major player and a jerk. The only thing he's got going for him is his fighting skills and his mug but underneath he's yesterdays garbage! The sooner you know that about him and put him behind you the better!" Nagi just rolled her eyes. Alice didn't answer to that. Instead as they were approaching the others, she said. "Look, just don't tell anyone that you met him here. Okay?" Nagi gave her a look saying, "Why?" "I'll let them know but I don't want it to come form you. Just trust me okay? You don't want the attention it will bring you." Alice was one of the few people she had an ounce of trust in so, she just nodded.

When everyone was reunited, Alice began to mend everyone as best as she could. Nagi was having the bullets pulled when she asked. "So… Fuck! Did anyone find the tunnel?" "Yeah," Shenlong answered. "Yugo and I used explosives to destroy it. No body can get through it anymore." "That's-HOLY SHIT! Great!" Nagi groaned as the second bullet came out. "Sorry." Alice said as she started to wrap Nagi's leg with gauze.

"Okay, we did what we set out to do." Yugo said. "Let's get back to the base." "Actually, I'd like to go home." Nagi said, sitting up. "Not with those wounds." Alice said. "I'm staying in the kingdom tonight, maybe you can stay too. At least so I know you'll be okay." "I've been through worse." Nagi said. "I'll be fine." "It's late and you're still a new zoanthrope." Bakuryu said. "It's late in the night and I don't think you should be out alone." "Will you stop worrying?" Nagi exclaimed glaring at everyone. "I took all the tests and passed them. I'll be fine. Tell you what. Give me an explosive, just in case and I'll even call Alice when I get home." "The explosive isn't necessary." Yugo said. "But, just call, okay? You're right. You can take care of yourself." "Oh honey!" Alice said and gave Nagi a hug. "You've had a rough night. You're absolutely right. Go straight home and rest." she let Nagi go and looked at her straight in the eye. "You'd better call me when you get there!" "I will." Nagi promised.

After saying good bye to the others, Nagi went the opposite direction they did. She touched her bandages and felt the stings still. She stared walking down the street. She thought about the person who helped her. "Fox." she mumbled the name. She thought should probably listen and take Alice's advice. She didn't know why but there was something about him that just gave her an eerier feeling.

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