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Before you read this story, you have to read "Strawberry Flavored Blueberries" or else you won't get some of this…I think. This is set three years in to the future after the court room scene. Yami and his friends are out of college. This story starts with Yami's POV.

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Yami POV

I woke up as I heard that stupid Ra, damn alarm clock went off. I smacked it off and got up. I turned and stared at the beautiful blue-eyes that were staring back at me. Seto and I have been dating for three years now today. I moved in with him about five months ago and I even get to sleep in his bed with him.

I love him and he loves me. "Good morning Seto."

"Same to you Yami. I have surprise for you today."

"What is it? Did you get me a gift?" I asked Seto with a happy tone of voice. Yes, I can act happy and cute, but only toward Seto and Yugi. Don't ask. I saw that he gave me a smile.

He told me that his smile was only for me and Mokuba. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and he walked out of the bedroom. I am so glad that I have on boxer shorts under my long T-shirt.

He walked all the way down the stairs with me still over his shoulder. Mokuba was sitting in the kitchen eating a huge bowl of Trix cereal. (A/N: Think mixing bowl size) Seto and I saw him eating like that.

"Mokuba! You are not allowed to eat Yami's cereal. You know that. Don't you have your own?" I snicker at the fact that my boyfriend is over protective over some of my stuff. He knows that Trix is one of my all time favorite foods for some reason.

"Sorry big brother, but I ate all of the Fruti Pebbles yesterday and I wanted some cereal for breakfast."

"It's okay Mokuba. I don't care if you eat some, but don't eat all of it." I said to the raven-haired boy. He looked at me and started to laugh.

"Hey Seto, Why are you carrying Yami like that?" Mokuba said as he continued to laugh.

"Ha-ha. It's our third year anniversary of the day we first started dating. And I'm treating Yami this year. Plus I have a special gift, just for him. It's some thing he will never forget." The last part made me really smile. I love getting gifts from my friends, especially Seto.

Seto put me down. "Yami, I'm going to make you breakfast. What do you want Pharaoh-boy?" Seto said with a smile as he kissed me on the head.

"Bacon and eggs. I like scrambled with a little bit of diced ham." I said as I kissed Seto on the lips. I am so happy to have some one like him. I'm also happy that Mokuba left before we kissed.

We heard someone coming down stairs and we turn to see Ria looking at us. "Am I interrupting some thing here gentleman?" Ria asked as she walked past us toward the fridge. "No." Seto said as he walked over to the fridge as well and pulled out the stuff he needed to make breakfast.

"Alrighty then." Ria said as she put a Toaster Strudel into the toaster. Ria moved in the same time I did. She needed to be close to us to protect us. I think she did so she could mooch of my lover, but I don't care. I do to…sometimes.

I watched as Ria helped Seto with breakfast. She loved to help. She did a lot of the chores here in the mansion because of her shadow powers. Seto was fine with her here, but he got pissed when she called him Kaiba-butt on purpose.

After a while, I began to set the table for us. I'm usually the one who cooks and Seto sets the table but, today we switched. Breakfast was great and Seto told me that he was going to take me to the city, for a Yami-and-Seto only shopping trip. Ria said that she was going to the game shop to do stuff with Yugi and Joey, so that we could be together today.

Regular POV

It was around ten when Yami and Seto left the house. They got into the car that Seto had bought when he was in states during the whole Dartz ordeal. They drove to down town Domino and stopped at their first destination; The Music Store. Yami and Seto walked into the large store and Yami ran to the Americana/Folk Rock section.

"Hey Seto come here." The red-eyed Pharaoh said to his tall lover. Seto walked over and looked at the C.D. that his lover had picked out. The case said the Eric Stuart Band and the C.D. was called "Blue, Dressed in Black."

"Who the hell is Eric Stuart?" Seto asked. Yami looked up at him.

"Eric Stuart is a fantastic Americana/ Folk Rock singer, 4Kids voice actor and voice director. Here, try one of those sample C.D.s that they have here. You listen through the head phones attached to the machine that has the C.D."

Seto did as he was told. He listened to the song "One Good Reason." (A.N: My favorite song!) "What kind of music is this? This guy sounds weird when he sings." Seto said out loud.

The man at the front counter looked over to who just yelled. This man was tan; he had squinty eyes, and spiky black hair. He was dressed like Brock. "Hey! I happen to like the voice of Eric Stuart!" He yelled.

A man who was buying a C.D. looked over his shoulder. This man had green eyes, and blue hair. "Yeah, Eric is a great singer."

Yami looks at his lover, then to the clerk, then to the blue-haired guy, and then back to Seto. "I'm getting it." Yami says as he picks up the C.D. and walks over to the counter.

After leaving the store

Yami and Seto drove to the book store. They come here often, so they know the people who work there. Yami walks over to the novels and spots a book that caught his attention. It was called "the Book of the Dead." He picked it up and flipped through it. "What's a pill-box?" He asked him self.

He put the book back on the shelf and walked toward the manga. He took the newest Shonen Jump of the rack and picked up the new Naruto volume as well. Seto paid for them and the left.

They walked back to the car. "Where are we going for lunch today Seto?" Yami asked as he strapped his seat belt. "I'm taking you to a restaurant that makes German food. You'll like it."

"I don't think I've had German food before."

"You have too. Where do you think hot dogs and burgers come from?"

"Germany? I always thought that the came from pigs and cows."

"That's the animal they come from. They were first created in Germany." Seto said with a laugh. Yami blushed with embarrassment. Seto loved it when Yami blushed, he looked like a cute little child that Seto just wanted to hug, but he couldn't. He was driving.

The lunch was good. They told the people there that the food was fantastic and that made their day.

Yami was happy that Seto was treating him like this, but he wanted his present and he was not going to wait any longer. "Seto, I want my gift." Yami told Seto as the walked back to the mansion after Seto parked the car.

"You want your gift Yami?"


Seto took something out of his coat pocket. He got down on one knee and with is empty hand, grabbed Yami's left hand. "Yami, will you marry me?" Seto said as he put a ring on Yami's left ring finger.

Yami let out a gasp as he saw that the ring was the one that he had in Egypt. Tears were coming down his face as he wrapped his arms around the CEO and knocked him to the ground. "YES! I will marry you!" Yami said with a huge smile on his face. Seto hugged his small Pharaoh. That was all he wanted to hear.

Six months later

Yami stood in front of the large mirror. He was only in his white button up shirt and a pair of boxers. He was nervous. Today he would no longer be Atemu Yami Mouto, but Atemu Yami Kaiba. Yugi walked into the room and say his yami. "Do you need any help Mou hitori no boku?"

Yami turned to see his aibou. "Yeah. I'm just a little nervous. I have not been married in over three-thousand years. But Seto is Seto no matter what millennium." Yami said as he put on his dress pants. Yugi helped him button his shirt.

"You'll do fine Yami. I'm here for you. You are my yami and I'm your hikari. We'll always help each other. There." Yugi said as he fixed Yami's red tie. "You look so hansom. Now go out there and become a Kaiba." Yugi said as he and Yami left the room.



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