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LAST TIME! Yami and Seto were making fun of the British. Also they were on their honeymoon. The British are funny people. And there are condoms in the water's of Venice. Just so you know, stop telling me that in your reviews.


Yami and Seto finally found a large enough hotel room in Russia, the European part, and Yami was thrown onto the bed after being carried up the stairs in a bridal style. "Seto, you did not have to throw me like a rag doll… or Joey…" Yami spoke as he sat up, but was pushed back down.

"Hmph! You're a bit heavy Yami, besides… let's forget about that and get ready for some fun in this large queen size bed that we will be having for the next few day love." Seto smirked as he crawled on the bed and on top of Yami. He began to suck on his neck. "Seto… Seto… the doorman is still here…" Yami said as he tried hard not to moan or laugh. But he ended up doing both anyway.

The doorman had a blank face on and was shaking. Seto sighed and rolled his eyes. He dug out his wallet and handed the man two hundred bucks. "Keep the change."

The doorman took it and walked out of the room. Seto turned back to his smaller lover.

"Now… where was I?"

Yami just giggled.

"You were about to grid our hips together."

"Ah yes, that's right Yami." Seto then lay on top of the Pharaoh and continued his actions. He then began to remove his lover's leather pants…

"WHOO! Let's do that again!" Yami yelled with his hands in the air as he grinned at the panting seme next to him. Seto just looked at him. "That was only five minutes ago. You can not be ready for another shot up your ass from me after that long."

"I just enjoy it, that's all. Hey Seto, can I ask you question?" Yami said as he lay back down. Seto turned to face him.

"Sure, what is it? If it's about my credit cards, no, you can not use them." Seto spoke as he poked Yami in the nose.

"No, it's not that… Seto, can I have your baby?" Seto just blinked at him. Yami wanted to have his baby? But he can't, only females make babies unless if they had help from a female. And they knew one that would do anything to help the couple.

Four days later at the Kaiba pad

Yami and Seto walked through that doors and were greeted by a fast moving ball of black, blue, and magenta coming their way.


The two duelists were knocked onto their butts by a very hyper Ria as she glomped the two. "Nice to see you to Ria." Yami smiled as he patted her head. She just smiled and looked at Seto. "Get off me." was his response.

"You are an ass Seto…" Ria said as she smacked his hand as she got off of them.

"Ria, I need to ask you a question." Yami said as he walked over to her. She smiled up at him. "Yes Yami, you can ask me anything."

"Is there a way for me to have Seto's babies?"

" …" She spaced out, her eyes were blank and they were not focused on anything.

"Ria?" Yami asked as he moved his hand in front of her eyes, which went back to normal.

"I'm thinking… I KNOW! I have a spell book in my room! I'll go and get it." Ria ran up the stairs and after a few boring moments and a frat boy party running through the still open front door, around the living room and out the door again, Ria came back down with a heavy old, brown leather book.

How heavy was it?

Let's just say that when she dropped it on the floor, the whole house echoed with a loud BAM!

They all sat on the floor and Ria flipped through it.

"Whiting your brown hair… no, cleaning up blood off of sand… no, to make one's self pregnant. Here we go! It reads:"

"If a male who loves another male would like to have a child of their own to care for and do not have the proper parts, they well need to use this spell.

Step one: Gather a hair from both men.

Step two: Gather the ingredients to make a boy or girl (snips, snails, and a puppy dog tail for boys, and sugar, spice, and everything nice for a girl.)

Step three: If you want more that one of the genders add a second, third… ect. Of each ingredient. For a girl /boy mixture, add both ingredients.

Step four: Keep ingredients in a pot and let it stay in red water for a full two days.

Step five: On the night before you insert the Life-Force ball (the living ball that holds the child or children) have the parents have intercourse.

Step six: Insert the Life-Force ball into the 'mother's' stomach region by gently pushing the ball into the stomach area.

A half-pregnancy only last eighteen to twenty weeks and every two weeks counts as a month. Obey all pregnancy rules and the children will be fine. To remove the child during labor, you must use shadow magic to cover your hand and insert it into the stomach of the mother.

Pull the ball out and allow it to grow in a two minute period. And then the children will age just like normal children. Enjoy them for the next eighteen years, because that's when their out of the house."

After Ria read the last part, Seto and Yami just looked at her as if she was insane. This was going to be hard and confusing to the both of them.

"So, I'll need a hair from each of you, and I will handle the rest. But you two can have the sex. I'll just watch with a camera." Ria smiled as she plucked a hair from each of their heads.

"Oww." Seto said as he glared at her. He turned to look at Yami, was he sure about this? "Yami, do you want to do this?"

"Hell yeah! I love children, and I've always wanted to be a mother! Can we have twin boys Seto? Please? It will be great, and you will get to be the father of your own little boys!" Yami smiled as he hugged the taller one.

"TWINS??! Yami, you want to carry that many??!" Seto stared at him in shock. Yami wanted twins?

"Yes Seto. I feel in my heart that I can handle carrying two children for only eighteen weeks. Trust me." Yami smirked as he gave Seto a kiss on the lips. Seto's eyes softened as he looked at the face of the man he loves.

He nodded and Yami hugged him, all the while Ria was taping them for You Tube.

"Do you think she really put cameras in here for tonight Seto?"

"No, I don't see any. She was just messing with us again! Just like last Halloween! Now that was the scariest part of the whole night."

"And yet… it was also the sexiest. Man, I was covered in so much oil; I could have slid down the hall way for hours… oh! Can I do that??!" Kaiba turned and gave his husband a questing look.

"Sometimes I wonder about you Yami… okay, are you ready to do this?" Seto asked as he walked over to Yami and got on the bed. Yami nodded and smiled. "I hope it works. I really want it to."

Seto smiled softly as he laid a hand on Yami's tan stomach. "Soon, there will be babies in here for us to love." With that said Kaiba began to kiss Yami's lips, causing the kiss to get harder as his licked the bottom lip of his Pharaoh so that he could get in.

Yami allowed passage and Seto began to lick the wet cavern, tasting it and have a fight with Yami's tongue.

Yami moaned as Seto climbed on top of him and started to lick his jaw line and down to his neck where he started to suck and nip at the skin. Yami squirmed a little and turned over so he was on his hands and knees.

"Hurry up and do it…"

You didn't have to tell Seto twice.

(I am advised by the state of where-ever-I-am-located that I can not show lemon. To bad, so sad, you're just going to have to live with or go check out some of the 'interesting pictures' that I have links to in my fan fiction profile.)

Yami stared at the ceiling as the rays from the morning sun hit his face, he turned over to get out of their way, but fell of the bed. As Yami rubbed his back, he heard some laughing coming from behind him on the bed.

"What a wake up call huh? How are you from last night?" Seto asked as he rested his head in one hand. Yami smiled and got back under the covers.

"I'm fine, except I'm going to be walking weird for a few days because of the five rounds of sex last night."

Seto just smirked as he kissed Yami on the nose. "You'll be fine; the pain will go away after a bit so…" The door opened and a very happy looking Ria came it with a small blue box. She had a grin on her face as she walked over to a potted plant and grabbed a small video camera from it. Yami and Seto just stared at her.

"What? I have a right to film you two going at it, besides, you two are very loud. I can hear you through my headphones at high volume with my door closed. But, I'm here to show you that the ball is ready!"

Yami jumped out of the bed, but forgot that he was naked. Ria tilted her head to get a good look. "Maybe you should but on some boxers before Kaiba kills me for looking…"

Yami looked down and blushed; he grabbed his boxers and put them on. Kaiba then sat up and found his boxers on the end of the bed and put them on.

The young girl opened the box and inside was a small ball covered in a light glow. Two small objects were inside of it.

"This is what is known as a 'Life-Force Ball' it contains your twin boys. Now Yami, this will tickle." Ria spoke as she lightly pushed the ball into Yami's abdomen. He giggled a little from the touch but calmed as he say it go in. "That is awesome!"

"Now Pharaoh, you have to wait a week so we can check to see if it worked. And to be on the safe side, no drugs, alcohol, lifting anything heavy, and no super hard sex. Go with the soft stuff, it will please you and the babies." Kaiba smacked her in the back of the head.

"Are you sure it really is blue and not red?" Seto asked Ria as she checked the shadow pregnancy test stick again to make sure. It was blue. Yami wanted to know. He had been feeling weird for the past week since Ria put the Life-Force ball inside of him.

"Yami…you're going to be a dad/mom of two baby boys. And Seto, Yami will be fine as long as I watch him because I know what to do." Yami was so happy. He hugged Ria and kissed Seto on the lips.

"Now that you have been half-pregnant for a week now, that means you are about half a month into a real one. You have eighteen week in a half-pregnancy with twins and now you have seventeen weeks left." Ria said as she throw away the stick and washed her hands. Yami was pleased that it worked so well.



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