Here is a new story. I Like Good Or Do I?

Summary: What would happen if Vlad never was evil? What about if he never had a huge crush on Maddie? Well, Danny would have one less enemy to worry about. But, what would happen if Vlad and Danny Phantom teamed up but Danny was getting all the credit for their work?

Disclaimer: No I don't own Danny Phantom.


"We should team up Danny. We'd do better together." Vlad told the younger halfa.

"I'm not sure, I mean, I'm not even sure I'd be much of a help. I"m really busy with school and.."

"Exactly with me working with you, we'd be able to keep the ghosts away."

Danny thought about the deal. Vlad had been friends with his dad ever since he could remember. He was often at their house. Doing things from helping by watching him and his sister to helping with the inventions. Now that Danny had ghost powers, Vlad wanted to work with him. He supposed it would be a good thing to have his expertise.

"Okay then." He took Vlad's deal. Vlad smilled then headed down to the basement. Danny sighed. He didn't like being around Vlad. Not that he had ever done anything to make him feel uncomfortable, just, there was something about him that he just didn't like. Deciding to do something to get his mind of all the ghostly stuff, he headed out to see Sam and Tucker. He could do something with them, maybe watch movies at Sam's if her parents were gone. Her parents really didn't like him. Said he was a bad influence or something like that.

He walked to Tucker's first. As usual his mother said he was up in his room. Danny thanked her then headed up to Tuck's room. He knocked on the door, Tucker yelled, "Come in!" He smirked then walked into his friend's room. He sat down on his bed.

"Hey Tuck, wanna go do something?"

"Vlad at your house again?"

Danny nodded. "Dude, I don't get why you've got a problem with him. He's so nice." Danny rolled his eyes. It seemed he was the only one he knew that coudn't stand that guy. "So how's the powers goin'?"

"Don't ask about that!" To Danny these powers were the source of all his problems. Vlad came over more, talked about the Ghost Portal, then offered to team up with him. He wasn't even sure he'd use the powers. Although he figured they could come in handly at times.

"Why not ask?"

"They are the biggest problem!"

"How so? I'd think it be cool to have them. Then, Vlad could teach you things. You'd be the best ghost hunter!" Tucker and Sam knew about Vlad's powers outside of Danny's family. Danny hated his powers with every fiber of his being. It was just one more thing that he and Vlad had in common. Danny explained for what seemed like the 100th time to Tucker why he didn't want the powers. Tucker just rolled his eyes at him.

"You'll grow into them."

"Right, and one day you'll be burnning computers in the parking lot while I fight ghosts!"

"That's never gonna happen."

"Just like I'm never gonna 'grow into these powers'." Tucker sighed. At times Danny could be such a drama queen, or rather king. "So are we gonna go to Sam's?" Danny asked Tucker.

"Sure just as soon as I finish this game."

"Tuck you've been playin' that game for 2 days. If you haven't finished by now, you won't finish." With that Danny pulled the plug on the computer.

"I hate you for that."

"I know. Now c'mon, let's go." Danny whinned as he walked out of Tucker's room. Tucker followed behind him once he made sure he had his PDA.


I'm gonna leave it there cuz chapter 1 is more introducing the story. The next chapters will get longer.