Last chapter:

"What's gotten into him, he's normally not that hyper, is he?" Vlad questioned.

"He's like that when he comes back from visiting Sam, usually because he's had candy or something." Vlad gave an understanding look.

"Well, when you're parents get back I'll have to tell them I'll be needing to head back home for a while." Jazz nodded an okay, then turned back to the dinner.


"Ghost, ghost, ghost, ghost." Jack mumbled in his sleep as Danny waked past the room. I'm sure glad that he's a heavy sleeper. Danny thought as he walked by. Danny continued to head past his parent's room, then down the stairs. Once downstairs, he looked around at the living room, seeing that Vlad wasn't there, he continued to the lab.

Down in the lab, he looked until he found the Fenton Ghost Catcher. Pulling it out from the corner he looked at it. His original plan was to separate himself, so that he'd have less ghost work to do, but now he was having second thoughts about it. Vlad did offer to teach me how to ghost fight. And he does have a lot of experience in it. Danny thought.

Sighing he placed it back in the corner. As much as he hated Vlad, he decided he'd rather learn to fight right than take the easy way out. And if he worked hard enough, he might even out do Vlad one day. He ran back upstairs to finish sleeping the rest of the night.

When he woke up the next morning, he found that Vlad had returned, and was ready to teach him to use his powers. Groaning, Danny got dressed, ate breakfast, and headed down to the lab where Vlad waited.

"Are you sure about this?" Danny asked, when Vlad told him how he could use his ectoblast. "I've never used it before even."

"Yes that's how you do it. Now try it."

Danny did what Vlad said, and to his surprise, it worked. He repeated this several times until he could hit a target successfully. Smiling, Danny floated up into the air and turned invisible. Time to play a trick on the teacher. After all, Danny figured it was only fair, considering how hard Vlad was making him work.

"Where are you Daniel?" Danny grinned and shot a blast at him. "Ah, hey watch it boy or else I'll get you."

"Can't catch what you can't see."

"Don't be so sure of that." With that Vlad took a shot in what appeared to be the wall. The shot hit its target, and Danny appeared.

"Not cool man." Danny said before floating down to the lab floor.

"Well, as you say, 'that's just the ancient, uncool me.'"

Danny laughed, remembering when he said that. "Well, I think that's enough of that for now. You can leave to do whatever you wish."

"Sweet." Danny said as he ran up the stairs, while still in the process of changing back.