Here is another new story. Are You Happy Now?

Summary: Sam has been very unhappy lately, Danny and Paulina are together. Danny is not happy either, he wants to be with Sam, but it seems like Sam does not want to be with him. So Danny will do anything to make him and Sam happy again, and get them together.

Notes: I am not a Danny/Paulina fan. This is a Danny/Sam fic. But it starts out as Danny/Paulina.

Disclaimer: No I don't own Danny Phantom.



"Rrrrrr." Sam growled as she watched Danny walk by, arm in arm with Paulina. Tucker elbowed her to get her to stop. Tucker didn't like it either, but what could he do. He can't make decisions for Danny.

"Sam you gotta get over it. Just cuz Danny is with her doesn't mean he can't be our friend."

"Sure, whatever you say Tuck. But he'll be sorry when he sees what he's missing."

Tucker sighed. Sam usually never did second best when she was upset about something. He knew whatever she had planned wouldn't be good, for either of them. He just would've never thought that she'd resort to completely ignoring him. She'd been doing that for the past couple of days. Tucker knew it hurt Danny to see Sam do that to him. But once again what could he do about it. He can't make decisions for Sam either.


Danny sighed. Being with Paulina wasn't all he thought it would be. He missed being with his friends. And now Sam giving him the cold shoulder didn't help any. Paulina didn't care a lick about his friends so, most of the time, he couldn't be around them cuz of her. He now wondered why he even wanted to date her in the first place. Stupid teenage hormones is all he could credit it to.

"I uh, gotta go to the restroom." He told her as he pulled away. She nodded, then went back to her friends. He walked out to the restroom. Once inside, he went ghost. He floated around until he spotted Sam and Tucker. He'd tried spying in human mode, but they alway saw him, so now he used his powers. They were talking and laughing like they didn't miss him. Danny wanted to be back with them. And more then that, to be a couple with Sam, not Paulina.

But everytime he tried to go back with them, Sam gave him the cold shoulder. He thought it meant that she didn't like him. That made him sad. If he wanted her, he'd have to try to win her, much in the same way he did Paulina. He went back to the restroom and changed back. He knew what he was gonna do, but first, he'd have to break if off with Paulina.


I'm gonna leave it there as this is an introduction to the story. The next chapters will get longer.