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Last chapter: "Danny." His heart did a backflip. "What you did was nice. And we can be friends, but I think for right now, friends should be all." He sighed. At least they were still friends, but he really hoped for more.

"Okay Sam. But first." He gave her a kiss on the cheek before turning and heading back the other way and walking away. Sam reached up to touch the spot he kissed and blushed. Maybe it would work, to date. She thought to herself.


Danny gave Sam a light kiss on the lips before he quickly ducked into the boys bathroom. "Danny." Sam gave a playful swat at him as he rushed away. They'd been dating for the past two weeks. Sam still couldn't believe she'd actually accepted to date him as soon as she did. She had thought that she'd be mad at him forever when he started dating Paulina. But she just couldn't resist Danny when he offered his affections to her. Sam headed onto class, knowing that at Danny's snails speed she'd never make it to class on time if she waited for him.

At times Sam felt like she seriously treated him unfairly over the whole Paulina issue. But other times she felt it was what he justly deserved for dating her, even though they were best friends. She thought back to the day she decided to accept Danny as her boyfriend.



"Let me think about it."

"I want an answer now." Not the puppy dog face. Sam thought as she looked on at Danny.

"Uh." Deciding quick, Sam kissed him. She enjoyed seeing the dark blush creep over him. "You want an answer, well, here's one. I'll go out with you."


"Yes, but, before yo uget too excited, listen. I will only go out with you if you promise that you really are sure you want to go out with me."

"I'm sure. Really sure." He said as he kissed her.

End flashback

Sam sighed at the memory. Now that she thought about it, she really was glad she was Danny's girlfriend. She sat in class, and looked around at the class, but didn't see Danny yet. Just as she figured, he was so slow. Glancing back to her assignment, she didn't even notice Danny until she heard Mr. Lancer say, "Nice of you to join us Mr. Fenton." She heard a small, 'heh' from him before she noticed him sit next to her. Yeah, Sam was really glad she had forgiven him.